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for Patients of Burleson Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry / May 2015


Ask One of
the Specialists

Patient & Parent

Appreciation Event

Q. What should I expect

Join us for the upcoming Disney movie

Cinderella with free
tickets, snacks and fun
prizes. Watch our
Facebook Page for dates

A. The benefits of

Summer Movie
Nights Start Soon
Starting at the end of May,
the Summer Movie Night
series starts again
throughout the summer.
Join us at Mulberry Lake,
across from the Briarcliff
office and bring a friend!

Flex Spending
Accounts & Taxes
Did you know? Up to $2,500
can be dedicated to
orthodontic treatment for you
or your child. Talk with your
company Flex Spending
Account manager for details.

after jaw surgery?

orthognathic surgery are

unlimited- both in terms of
form and function. Patients
will only need to experience

What Causes a Bad Bite to


this life-changing experience

A bad bite, or malocclusion leads to future problems in the health of

your mouth. Mal (Latin: bad) occlusion (Latin: bite).

study of 170 subjects, Phillips,

But what is malocclusion, and what causes it? Commonly referred to

as overbite or underbite, malocclusion is the condition of having
poorly aligned teeth, in which the upper and lower teeth dont fit
together properly. There are a number of risk factors that can lead to
malocclusion, and fortunately, some of them are preventable. Read on
to find out what causes this condition:
Family History Most often malocclusion is hereditary problem. Jaw
and tooth size are inherited traits that can produce a mismatched
proportion, such as teeth too large for a small jaw or small teeth that
dont fill the space available in a larger jaw.
Oral Habits In children, habits such as thumb sucking or tongue
thrusting (placing the tongue against or between the teeth while
swallowing), or the prolonged use of a pacifier or bottle may cause
Dental Health Poor dental hygiene can lead to gum disease and
tooth decay, which in turn can lead to tooth loss or require extraction
(removal by a dentist). The loss of a tooth may cause bordering teeth to
drift out of place.


once, thankfully, as the

recovery process is often
relatively long-lived. In a
et al found that discomfort
following surgery that
required the use of analgesics
persisted approximately two
weeks. In addition, oral
function returned to maximal
levels approximately 6 to 8
weeks post-surgery. Whether
you are considering surgical
intervention for cosmetic
reasons or to correct inherited
jaw growth issues, the
realization of this recovery
process is paramount.
For more resources on all
types of retainers, visit and
search for the article
Braces and Jaw Surgery.


Smart Tips for Sensitive Teeth

From the
Doctors Desk
How do I play a musical
instrument with braces?
If you play a woodwind or brass
instrument, there may be a short
adjustment period after getting
braces. The inner part of your
lips or cheeks may get sore from
the friction caused by the braces.
Use relief wax on the areas that
are uncomfortable to help with
discomfort and for faster healing.
Also, your embouchure (or facial
muscle positioning) may change
slightly during this time. As with
anything new, practice makes
perfect! Just keep at it, and
soon enough you wont
remember what it was like to
play before braces!

Tooth sensitivity is common in many of our patients, and can usually be identified by pain or discomfort when
consuming foods or beverages that are hot, cold, sweet, or sour.
Sensitivity can be felt when brushing or flossing, and can also be
experienced after routine dental procedures such as the placement
of a filling or crown, tooth restoration, or even teeth cleaning.
Such sensitivity is usually temporary; if it does not cease after four
to six weeks please consult with your dentist.
Tooth sensitivity is often due to the breakdown of tooth enamel
or a receding gum line, which can occur from: Teeth grinding,
Tooth Decay, Gum disease, Vigorous brushing, Cracked or
chipped teeth
In most instances, tooth sensitivity is treatable. Here are a few
remedies you can take advantage of at home: Try a desensitizing toothpaste which contains chemicals that block
sensations like hot and cold from reaching the nerves in your teeth. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush that will be
gentler on both your teeth and gums. Maintain good oral hygiene by brushing twice every day and flossing once
daily. Switch to a fluoride mouthwash. When possible, avoid acidic foods such as tea, tomatoes, and citrus fruits.
Depending on the cause and severity of your sensitivity, you may benefit from professional treatment. If you
suer from sensitive teeth, please be sure to contact us. We can set up an appointment to discuss your unique
situation and determine the best way to address the problem.


What Happens if My Childs Braces Break?

One question that frequently comes up in our
oce is what to do if a part of your appliance or
braces breaks or is uncomfortable and you are
unavailable to come into the oce.

Home Care Tips

for Healthy Smiles

The good news is there are a few easy ways to

manage discomfort or broken appliances on the go.
Many orthodontic discomforts can be relieved by
the use of over-the-counter analgesics like
acetaminophen or ibuprofen or with the use of
relief wax.

Plaque-fighting foods that are

healthy for your teeth:

For minor tooth discomfort, use whatever pain

reliever works best for you when you have a
headache. If a wire or bracket is causing your
cheeks or gums discomfort, relief wax can be found at our oce or at major chains and just
needs to be applied to the area to make the uncomfortable appliance smooth to the touch. If a
wire is too long, you can often use new nail clippers to clip the wire until you can make it into
our oce.
Some patients who drive long distances have asked if we can provide an Orthodontic
Emergency Kit so they can clip a wire that has become irritating or remove a damaged piece
of the braces. These kits are available and have a pack of wax, a handy mouth mirror and
simple wire cutter so that you dont have to use finger-nail clippers in your mouth. If you drive
a long distance and have an interest in this resource, just ask at your next appointment.

Out with friends? On the road?

Sometimes, carrying around a
toothbrush to keep your pearly
whites pearly white isnt so easy.
When brushing and flossing isnt
a convenient option, you can still
keep your teeth and mouth clean
and feeling fresh, simply by eating
delicious, healthy food.
Sugar-free gum after a meal
Apples, carrots and celery
Dairy products (cheese, milk)
Green tea
Lots of water (no sugary drinks)


Burleson Orthodontics & Pediatric

Dentistry Expanding with More Hours
Due to the number of patients and parents
who have requested late appointments in
our Briarcli, Liberty and Raymore oce
locations, Kevin Choe (Director of
Operations) and our specialists have agreed
to expand more late hours leading up to the
summer months.

Popular Questions
from Patients
Q. Can you explain why my
child should have her wisdom
teeth removed?
Wisdom teeth are frequently
impacted, which means they
either do not fully come in, or
they come in misaligned.
Impacted wisdom teeth can
cause a number of problems,
the most common:

The most-popular requested appointment

times are those right after school and were
trying to accommodate with more
appointment slots during those times, said
Choe. Its especially hard for parents who
have children in standardized testing during
the end of the school year to find time to
bring the kids to the orthodontist or
pediatric dentist.

Infection:When a wisdom tooth

only partially erupts, it leaves an
opening that bacteria can enter,
leading to infection.
Tooth damage:If a wisdom
tooth erupts at an odd angle, it
can cause damage to nearby
teeth. Some wisdom teeth erupt
at angles toward or away from
second molars, or toward the
inside or the outside of the

Youll see more late night and Saturday

appointments leading up until the summer
time when parents can finally stop worrying
about orthodontic and dental appointments
during school hours. During summer, we
will oer early hours for those families who
have busy sports practice schedules and
prefer to get an early jump start to their day.

Cyst formation:In some cases, a

cyst, or fluid-filled sac, forms,
and can cause pain as well as
damage to the jawbone and
tooth roots.

Pictured here are several patients who have

recently finished their orthodontic
treatment and are now spending their days
smiling at everyone they meet! Remember
to brush and floss diligently after getting
your braces removed and be certain to
schedule an appointment with your dentist
for a thorough cleaning and exam, then we
will see you for regular retainer checks.

Our Favorite Books &

Business Resources

A few recent Braces Off photos with excited patients who have
transformed their smiles with orthodontic treatment. More photos
can be seen on our Facebook Fan Page.


Top Grading. Brad Smart reviews

some simple but powerful methods
to hiring and motivating top
employees. Praised by former CEO
of GE, Jack Welch used Smarts
techniques to recruit, hire and grow
the best teams in business. One of
your most powerful skills as a
manager is the ability to hire and
motivate highly productive teams of
employees. Smarts book can help
you reduce turnover and improve
the efficiency of your office systems.


Parenting Tips
for Dental Health
Pregnancy and Oral Health,
What You Need to Know
Maintaining your oral health is
an important part of keeping
your entire body well, and
never more so than when you
are pregnant. If you are
pregnant or considering
pregnancy, make a check-up
appointment with your dentist,
and remember to raise the
issue of your oral health at
prenatal appointments with
your physician. Here are a few
oral health issues you should
be aware of during pregnancy.
Gingivitis & Gum Disease
The primary issue to avoid
during pregnancy is gum
disease, due to its link to
premature birth. The precursor
to gum disease is gingivitis, a
condition in which plaque
buildup on teeth irritates the
gums, making them red,
swollen, and sensitive. The
high levels of hormones in the
bloodstream brought on by
pregnancy exaggerate your
gums reaction to irritation
from plaque.
Tooth Decay - Excessive
morning sickness can also
contribute to tooth decay, as
the stomach acids introduced
to the mouth during vomiting
wear away the protective
enamel coating on the teeth.
Loose Teeth - Another risk
faced during pregnancy is
loosening teeth. The large
amounts of hormones in your
bloodstream can have an
adverse affect on the bones
and ligaments that create the
foundation of your teeth,
weakening them to the point
that teeth may loosen.

Dental Insurance Tips for Patients of All Ages

Many patients have new dental insurance
benefits that start this year. To help you
maximize your benefits and reduce your stress,
here are some helpful tips for you and your
Know Your Benefits and Options most
patients are unaware of their dental plans
specific benefits and limitations. Knowing
these important areas of your plan can help
prevent unwanted insurance hassles after your
treatment is started. It sounds simple, but when
you take some time to read through your
member benefit handbook, you can quickly
discover your co-insurance amount, your annual
deductible amount, the number of cleanings
covered per year, how often X-rays are allowed and the annual maximum benefit. Other
areas of importance are whether or not your dependents are covered and when their
benefits begin.
Circle any areas that are confusing to you and
write down specific questions you have then call
your dental benefits manager and get answers to
your questions. When you take time on the front
end, you wont be surprised with a large dental
insurance bill after your treatment.
Be clear on your expectations before starting
dental treatment for yourself or your child. Most
dental plans cover diagnostic and preventive care
at 80-100%. As treatments increase in cost and
complexity, your plan will typically pay a lower
percentage of the total cost.
Work with Your Dentist or Orthodontic Specialist when you have major dental work
or orthodontic treatment planned, ask your doctor for a pre-treatment estimate. Many
doctors are willing to work out a payment plan or oer third-party financing so that you
can split the total cost into convenient monthly payments.
The Annual Maximum most plans have an annual maximum that refreshes at the
beginning of the new year. The new year might be an excellent time to schedule a dental
procedure that youve been putting o or has been causing you problems with pain,
sensitivity, discomfort or chewing function. Remember to avoid delaying any
recommended treatment by your dentist or orthodontic specialist as the condition will
likely worsen and become more expensive to treat later.



Delicious Braces-Friendly Recipes

Chicken Soup with Coconut
Milk and Chunky Vegetables
4 cups low-sodium chicken broth
Two 8-ounce boneless, skinless chicken breasts
One 2-pound squash seeded and cut into wedges
1 large sweet potato (about 1 pound), cut into chunks
1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger
One 1-inch strip lime zest, plus lime wedges for serving
1 stalk lemongrass, crushed (optional)
One 14-ounce can coconut milk
1 tablespoon Asian fish sauce
Asian chili oil
Fresh cilantro, for serving

Directions: Combine the broth, chicken, squash, sweet potato, ginger, lime zest, and lemongrass
(if desired) in a large pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and gently simmer until an instant-read
thermometer inserted in the thickest breast registers 165 F and the vegetables are tender, 18 to 22
Transfer the chicken to a plate and let rest for 5 minutes. Using 2 forks, shred the chicken into
large pieces. Add the coconut milk, fish sauce, and shredded chicken to the pot. Cook until warm,
3 to 5 minutes. Discard the lemongrass. Serve topped with the chili oil and cilantro and with the
lime wedges on the side.

Practice Events
and Raes Photos
When you attend one of the
Burleson Orthodontics &
Pediatric Dentistry patient
appreciation events, you
might notice one of our
professional photographers
or news stations covering
the activities. If you want to
download one of the photos
from our events, simply visit
our Facebook page at
BurlesonOrthodotics and be
sure to tag yourself in our
photos for a chance to win
more fun prizes!


Spectacular Smiles Amazing

Hunter Schmitt Hunter is a champion swimmer who has been swimming
for 11 years. He is a member of the Northland United Swim Team and
recently qualified for sectionals in his division. He practices two hours per day
and five days per week to hone his skill
When Hunter is not in the pool, he is an excellent student. He hopes to
major in biology in chemistry in college and one day go to medical school.
Hunter also spends time bettering his community. Most recently, he spent
time volunteering for the Bob Hiatt Beautification Day in North Kansas City.

Do You Know Someone Accomplishing Amazing Things?

Send Your Story to the Burleson Orthodontics Newsletter at: or visit our website at and click on Providers That Care to see what
local charities and non-profit organizations are looking for volunteers in the Kansas City area. When you choose
Burleson youre choosing an oce that makes a dierence in our community.


Your Pediatric Dental Specialists in Kansas City

Are you looking for a pediatric dental specialist for your family? The specialists at Burleson Orthodontics
& Pediatric Dentistry are trained to help your child feel at ease during dental appointments. With more
early morning and after-school appointments than any other dental office in Kansas City, our time is not
more important than your time. Guaranteed.

(816) 929-6916