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iPhone trivia

1. When the first iPhone was released in 2007, the Apple CEO, Steve Jobs
used it to make a public prank call, ordering 4,000 lattes from a nearby
Starbucks. This prank is still repeated by Apple fans.
2. The iPhone was originally called codenamed Purple and the iPhone
development wing in the Apple headquarters is called the Purple Dorm.
3. Cisco Systems had originally patented the name iPhone and when Apple
released their smartphone with the same name, Cisco had sued Apple
before both companies reached a settlement.
4. In iPhone ads, the time on the phone is always either 9:41 or 9:42; this is
because at the product launch presentation they always time the keynote
addresses to wind up around 40 minutes from start-time so that when the
product is revealed the time shown is close to the time on the audiences
5. The silhouette of a musician that appears on the Artists icon of the
Music function is the actual silhouette of U2s lead singer Bono.
6. Back in 1983, an Apple developer conceptualised a landline phone that
could be operated with a stylus and had features that reflected those of
the iPhone and iPad of today. It was never developed, but proves how old
the iPhone ideas are.
7. The horizontal presentation of the keypad introduced by Apple
revolutionised the way people look at SMSes. People now find it more
convenient to send a text message than make a phone call.
8. When the iPhone was first released in markets on 29 June, 2007, it sold 1
million pieces in a mere 74 days.
9. Since the release of the first iPhone in 2007, Apple has acquired more than
200 patents relating to the iPhones technology.
10.The fervour that Apple fans display before the release of the latest Apple
product reaches a near-religious pitch sometimes, earning iPhones the
moniker Jesus phone.
11.The iPhone 4 came with a new metal design which was discovered to
constantly disconnect calls when held in a certain way. It became a serious
enough issue for it to receive the name Antennagate.
12.The iPhone turns off the display screen automatically when you lift it to
your ear.
13.Although iPhones have had cameras since their inception, it was with the
iPhone 4 model that the accompanying flash was introduced.
14.After announcing that Siri would be included in the iPhone 4S, Apple
removed Siri from all existing models. The voice of Siri is provided by a
voice-over artist called Susan Bennett.
15.The iPhone 6 allows you to respond to text messages without unlocking
your phone or when another app is still open.
16.You can send audio messages and videos on the iPhone 6 that selfdestruct.
17.The iPhone 5 added an interesting feature that allows users to find out
which flights are flying overhead the iPhone user at that moment Siri
would pull up a chart with information pertaining to each planes flight
number, altitude and angle.

18.The iPhone 5S denoted an advancement of the iPhone from the usual

colours of slat grey and white. This phone became available in gold, silver
and space grey.
19.AppStore was the first place to legally download an app and people leave
$1 million a day in AppStore.
20.Cydia is a jailbreaking software used to hack into iPhones and expand its
capabilities. This software is named after the worm cydia pomonella, which
is thought to be the most common apple worm.