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2015 005

15 May 2015
All university and college student councils
SUBJECT: 40th General Assembly of Student Councils
Warm greetings of solidarity!
Pursuant to Section 21(a) of Republic Act Numbered 9500, otherwise known as the
University of the Philippines Charter of 2008, the OFFICE OF THE STUDENT REGENT shall
convene the 40th General Assembly of Student Councils on 20-21 June 2015 at the
University of the Philippines Visayas Miagao campus, Iloilo.
The GASC has consistently served as a venue in which student leaders across the
University discuss pressing issues and concerns of the students and the Filipino nation, at
large, forging unities through campaigns and initiatives for the general welfare of our
society. Above all, the next GASC will select the 33rd Student Regent to serve for the next
academic year. For more information on the on-going selection process, please see
Memorandum No. NJGM 2015-004.
The Office shall release the provisional agenda on 9 June, including the vision paper and
mission statements of the system-level nominees for the next UP Student Regent.
Proposals for additional matters on the agenda, including all proposed resolutions, shall
be submitted on or before 5 June.
Further details are available on the subsequent pages. Please confirm your attendance on
or before 1 June, 5:00 PM through electronic mail ( Acknowledgment
letters containing the list of confirmed delegates shall be sent to student councils starting
2 June. Late submissions will not be entertained.
Final advisory and further details will be released as soon as possible. Should you have
any inquiries, please reach us through Prince Eduard Ragasa at 0917 830 7274 or
through our electronic mail. See you all in Iloilo!
For the students and the people,


Student Regent



20-21 June 2015


University of the Philippines Visayas Miagao campus, Iloilo


Php 1,360 per delegate


Php 60/head/meal
Php 250/head/night
Php 500/delegate

6 meals
2 nights

Php 360
Php 500
Php 500
Php 1,360

Transportation: Travel advisory will be made available on 12 June 2015. Kindly coordinate
your travel details for coordination purposes. Inform us of your travel details no later than
10 June. We shall also provide some general information on the rules and regulations of
Iloilo in order to prevent any untoward incident to happen.
Dates to Remember:
Deadline of confirmation of attendance
Release of acknowledgement letter
Deadline for inclusions in the agenda
Release of provisional agenda, including vision papers
and mission statements of system-wide Student Regent
Katipunan ng mga Sangguniang Magaaral sa UP
National Congress
40th GASC

1 June, 5 PM
2 June
5 June, 5 PM
9 June
17-19 June
20-21 June

In sending your confirmation of attendance, please make sure to indicate your (1) UP unit,
(2) name of student council, (3) point person of delegation, and (4) pertinent information
such as full name, nickname, position (indicate whether outgoing or incoming), gender,
contact details, dietary restrictions, and other special circumstances, such as separate
accommodation arrangements, that the Secretariat needs to be aware of. No changes
may be allowed on said details after 5 June.
Proposed Resolutions: As a practice during GASCs, we forge our unities through
resolutions, thereby, in order to give ample time to our fellow student leaders, please
submit your proposed resolutions on the deadline set above.

Registration: The Office Secretariat will need printed copies of your student council
constitution, charter or by-laws and your acknowledgment of confirmation of attendance
sent through e-mail, and full payment for the registration. Please likewise bring your
validated UP ID cards or Form 5 and any other valid ID for verification purposes.
Further information will be published as soon as they are available.