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The Hawthorn

The Hawthorn
Spring 2015

Annual Plant Sale Expanded To Three Days
This year’s Merryspring Plant Sale has been expanded to three days over the Memorial
Day Weekend to give midcoast gardeners more opportunity to find those perfect plants
for their flower gardens and vegetable plots.
As usual, the Members Only Sale will take place on Friday, May 22, from 3:00 p.m. to
6:00 p.m. The Plant Sale is then open to all garden enthusiasts on Saturday, May 23,
from 9:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. and again on Sunday, May 24, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you’re
not a Merryspring member but want to take advantage of Friday’s early-bird special, you
can become a member by calling 236-2239 or by signing up at the sale on Friday.
Preparing Your Vegetable Garden? This year’s Plant Sale will definitely appeal to your
taste buds. We have a great selection of special tomatoes from FEDCO: Soldacki, Cosmonaut Volkov, Amish Paste, Sungold, Brandywine, and several other varieties. We also
have a wide selection of basils to spice up your salads, make tea and pesto, or just for
sprinkling on pasta for a simply delicious entrée. These basil varieties include Mammoth, Frontenac rose by Glenn Jenks
Genovese, Sweet, Sacred, Anise, and Dani Lemon. We have squash, cucumbers, pumpkins, and many other vegetables and herbs
ready for planting.
Looking For Special Roses? After all the crazy weather and damage this past winter, you may be in the market for new roses. Or
you may want to add some roses to an existing garden. Glenn Jenks, Merryspring’s own master rosarian, has selected a wonderful
array of Canada-grown roses for this year’s Plant Sale. Chosen for their beauty and hardiness, the roses being offered include Graham Thomas, Heritage, Frontenac, Gemini, and Julia Child. Many of these beauties already reside in Merryspring’s Rose Garden.
Searching For New Flowers? Of course, the Merryspring Plant
Sale always features a diverse selection of annuals and perennials
Friday, May 22: 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Members Only
for your flower gardens. This year we have beautiful Heuchera
Saturday, May 23: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Everyone Welcome
and Dianthus as well as hostas, daylilies, grasses, and some subdiSunday, May 23: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Everyone Welcome
visions from our own gardens and from some of our members.
We also offer an abundance of dahlias from Endless Summer
Flower Farm and the private gardens of Bart Wood. In addition, we have a variety of small trees and shrubs, some native and some
uncommon for your landscape, including Buddleia, Forsythia, white oak, white cedar, redbud, and pussy willow.
Need Some Advice? Throughout the sale, Merryspring volunteers will be on hand to help you make selections and get advice on
growing your plants. Volunteers from the Maine Daylily Society, which has a display garden of colorful, beautiful daylilies at Merryspring, will also be available to sell some of their daylilies. So come join the fun and make your garden grow.

Looking for Volunteers, Plants, Garden-Related Items
Do you have time to volunteer at the Plant Sale on May 22, 23 or 24? Can you help set up or take down garden displays that week? Do you have perennials that need division? How about extra seedlings? Any unused
garden books or duplicate tools?
If you would like to donate your time, plants or garden-related items to our Annual Plant Sale, please call
236-2239 or stop by the Ross Center for more information. Pots, tools and plants may be left by the garage
attached to the greenhouse. Seedlings should be left on the potting bench in the main greenhouse. Books
should be dropped off at the Ross Center. Donated plants should include a note stating type and color.

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The Hawthorn

Nature Center

President’s Message

P.O. Box 893, Camden, ME 04843
Tel: (207) 236-2239
Fax: (207) 230-0663

Spring is here — FINALLY! — and with the bright skies,
green grass, and colorful buds on trees comes the sense
of new beginnings, especially here at Merryspring.

By Ray Andresen

2015 promises to be another exciting year at your Nature
Center. Already, our popular Tuesday Talk Series, weekMission Statement
Merryspring’s mission is to practice, end workshops, art classes, and other educational proteach, and advocate sound principles grams are running full tilt and drawing lots of particiof ecology, conservation, and hortipants. Attendance at the Tuesday Talk Series, in particuculture in order to protect our
lar, has grown steadily, and twice this year we’ve already
natural environment and to provide
had standing-room-only crowds at the Ross Center.
natural landscapes and cultivated
areas for public enjoyment.

Hours of Operation
The park is open free of charge from
dawn to dusk every day of the year.
Our offices and library are open
Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m.
to 2 p.m., or by appointment.

Membership Levels





$100– 249









Of course, the upcoming Plant Sale on May 22, 23 and 24
is always an exciting harbinger of summer’s bountiful
harvest of flowers and vegetables, so be sure to stop by
and pick out the plants you want for your gardens. All
proceeds from the Plant Sale benefit Merryspring and
help us provide educational programs as well as maintain
the gardens and grounds.
Speaking of gardens and grounds, we are planning to
make some changes in what you’ll see this summer. We
are moving the Children’s Garden from its previous location near the perennial beds to a new area adjacent to
the Rose Cottage and Rose Garden. The long-range goal is
to create a more exciting, attractive, useful area for our
children’s programs and to utilize the Rose Cottage as an
educational resource instead of using it as a storage shed.

Where the Children’s Garden had been will be an exciting
$5,000 or more
and different garden for Merryspring: a seed-growing
Keeping in Touch
plot for Beedy’s Camden Kale, named after Camden’s
You can sign up for our eUpdates at own Beedy Parker. Over the winter, we had been to receive the tacted by FEDCO, which had been growing its seed plants
latest news on programs and events. in the Northwest but was now looking for a new seedOr you can visit Merryspring’s Facegrowing area here in Maine. We hope this will become a
book page, where you can check on
successful, long-term cooperative project between
upcoming events. Please go to
FEDCO and Merryspring.

Board of Trustees
Ray Andresen, President
Glenn Jenks, Vice President
Richard Ailes, Treasurer
Karin Rector, Secretary
Kathleen Kull
Sarah Rheault
Susan Shaw
Jeannine Smith
Matthew Speno

Toni Goodridge, Managing Director
Brett Willard, Program Director
Cindy Gerry, Garden Manager
©2015—All Rights Reserved

Three other new things to look forward to later this year:
we will be unveiling an exciting new website to better
serve all of our constituents; we will be installing a new
“Welcome to Merryspring” sign at the entrance to the
Nature Center; and, after the busy summer season, we
will be putting new shingles on the Rose Cottage and

Spring 2015

Inside this issue:
Plant Sale


President’s Message


Emerald Ash Borer


New Trail Stewards


2015 Education Calendar


Summer Ecology Camps


We Love Our Volunteers


List of 2014 Contributors


Merryspring Reservations


Park Etiquette
Merryspring Nature Center is a private, member-supported non-profit
nature park and education center
that is open free daily to the general
public. For your own enjoyment and
safety, and to protect and preserve
the park, please follow these simple
• Stay on the paths or lawns and
do not step in the flower beds.
• Leave all plants, flowers, and
wildlife undisturbed.
• Dispose of trash properly.
• Park in designated areas only.
• Enjoy your picnic, but no cooking please.
• Footwear must be worn at all
• No admittance from dusk to
• No smoking in the buildings or
on the grounds.
• No bicycles, ATVs, snowmobiles,
or other recreational vehicles
are allowed on trails, lawns, or
• No hunting or trapping is permitted.
• No dogs, except service dogs,
are allowed anywhere in the

How to Leave a Lasting Legacy at Merryspring
Merryspring has a permanent Endowment Fund to ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy the wonders of nature being exhibited and taught at your Nature Center. If you
would like to make a bequest that will increase this fund, please consult your financial and
legal advisors on what method would be in your best interest and would fulfill your wishes.
For more information, please contact us at (207) 236-2239 or send an email to

Spring 2015

The Hawthorn

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What’s That On the Ash Trees?
By Brett Willard
Visitors to Merryspring may notice something new along some of the more welltraveled trails. Purple signs hang on white ash trees, each with their own number.
These signs were hung as part of an Emerald Ash Borer Awareness & Tree Tagging
event that took place on Friday, April 24 in conjunction with the Maine Department of
Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry.
The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an invasive beetle that has ravaged ash tree populations across North America. Native to
Eastern Asia, the small, metallic green beetle was first discovered in Michigan in 2002. The Emerald Ash Borer lays its eggs in
the bark of the tree. When the larvae hatch, they begin to chew s-shaped galleries through the outer layers of wood, girdling
the tree and cutting off supply of water and food through the trunk. Without any significant native biological control, spread
of the borer has gone unchecked and has ravaged populations of all species of native ash trees, including green, brown, and
white ash across the United States.
While the EAB has not yet been spotted in Maine, it has been found in neighboring New Hampshire. To raise awareness
about this economical and ecological threat, Merryspring teamed up with the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. After a short presentation on the implications of the EAB and how to prevent its spread, a group of concerned community members took to the Merryspring trails to mark ash trees. Twenty trees were marked with purple signs
and tape. Each sign displays the estimated environmental worth of the tree, stating how much in dollars worth of environmental benefits each tree gives back to the ecosystem.
Preventing the EAB from invading Maine relies on public education programs like this one. Learning how to identify our different species of ash, the Emerald Ash Borer, and signs of infestation are extremely important for early detection. An easy
thing to do to stop its spread is to stop moving firewood—especially across state lines. Insects like the Emerald Ash Borer and
another pest, the Asian Long-horned Beetle, hitch rides on downed wood. With so many of Maine’s forests composed of ash
trees, and such an active outdoor tourism industry, Maine is at high risk of harboring this dangerous invader.
Knowing the signs of this pest and how to prevent it are immensely important. To get involved, learn more, and find out how
you can help, contact the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry at 287-3200 or

Meet Our New Trail Stewards - Boy Scout Troop 200
On Saturday, May 9, a group of more than 20 Boy Scouts, troop leaders, parents, and
siblings from Troop 200 took to the trails for their first day as Merryspring’s new Trail
After a short safety review, the scouts split into two groups and traveled along the perimeter trail #1. Along the way they picked up trash, moved large fallen logs and
branches, cut back last year’s growth, and generally neatened up the loop. Over the
course of the afternoon, the crew racked up more than 40 volunteer hours at Merryspring.
Troop 200, based in Camden, plans to regularly work with Merryspring for the rest of
the summer and fall seasons. Many new scouts have joined Troop 200, recently crossing over from Webelos rank Cub
Scouts from Pack 200.
A significant part of a young Boy Scout’s career is based on volunteer hours. WIth the new Trail Stewards partnership, the
boys will be able to easily accumulate volunteer hours while having fun, getting outdoors, and providing a much needed
service to the Nature Center.
WIth more than four miles of trails, regular monitoring and cleanup is needed to keep them safe and clear. Coupled with
the harsh winter we had, considerable work still needs to be done to clear some of the larger trees and storm damage.
However, with the help of the new Trail Stewards, keeping up with regular trail maintenance will be much easier.
We are thrilled to have the boys of Troop 200 and their families involved. Community partnerships like this are what keeps
Merryspring going, and we certainly couldn’t do all that we do without them. If you're reading this and would like to become involved in trail cleanup projects or other volunteer opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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The Hawthorn

Spring 2015

2015 Events Calendar
SPRING Tuesday Talks
Co-Sponsored by The

First and Jackson Landscape Services

May 12

Alewives’ Upstream Journey — Lisa Kerr

May 19

H.D. Thoreau’s Evolving View of Nature — Kristen Case

May 26

Beekeeping at Merryspring — Holly & David Edwards

June 2

Tending the Perennial Garden in Early June — Wendy Andresen

June 9

Designing and Using Root Cellars — Jim Merkel

June 16

Beneficial Bugs in Your Garden— Amy Campbell

June 23

Tending the Perennial Garden in Late June — Wendy Andresen

June 30

Rose Day — Glenn Jenks

May 16, 10 a.m.– noon
Walk with Tom Seymour to
learn about the edible plants
growing in your own back yard.
Members $10/Non-members $15

SUMMER Tuesday Talks
Co-Sponsored by Camden

National Bank and Goodridge-Lermond Tree Service

July 7

Essential Oils and Aromatherapy — Nancy Lubin

July 14

Tending the Perennial Garden in Mid July — Wendy Andresen

July 21

NO TALK (Ecology Camp Week)

July 28

Growing Giant Pumpkins — Buzz Pinkham and Robin Mayer

August 4

Tending the Perennial Garden in Early August — Wendy Andresen

August 11

NO TALK (Ecology Camp Week)

August 18
August 25

Whales of Maine — Rosemary Seton
Tending the Perennial Garden in Late August — Wendy Andresen

September 1
September 8

Wild Turkeys & Microbiology — Peter Milligan
Maine's Sea Vegetables — Micah Woodcock

Spring Bird Walk
May 30, 8 a.m.
Learn to look, listen and
identify migrating warblers
and local songbirds
with Glenn Jenks
Members free/Non-members $5

September 15 Tending the Perennial Garden in Mid September — Wendy Andresen
September 22 Maine's Biggest Environmental Issues —Lisa Pohlmann
September 29 Maine Beer from Plant to Pint — David Carlson
October 6

Tending the Perennial Garden in October — Wendy Andresen

October 13

Buckminster Fuller in Maine & Dymaxion Design — Sean O’Brien
All Tuesday Talks begin at 12 noon and generally last about one hour.

Free Family Workshops
On Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 12 noon

July 9, Guided Nature Walk: Learn how to identify the trees and plants in your back yard on this guided
tour of the Merryspring grounds.

July 16, Terrariums and Herbariums: Bring your own 2-litre plastic bottle to create a terrarium with
plants and recycled materials. Learn how to press plants and flowers for your very own herbarium.

July 30, Bug Safari: What’s the buzz? Bugs! Search the meadows and gardens of Merryspring for insects
and spiders. Learn to identify your finds.

August 6, Build a Nature Journal: Create your own nature journal. Learn about your surroundings
through observation and art.

Worm Harvest Party
June 13, 1– 3 p.m.
Learn how to harvest castings
and make fertilizer from
worm bins. Free program.

The Hawthorn

Spring 2015

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Summer Ecology Camps Open
for Registration Now
This summer Merryspring is once again teaming up with KnoxLincoln Soil & Water Conservation District (KLSWCD) to present
two weeks of summer day camp programming for kids. Last
year’s Eco-Explorers program was a full success, with 9 children
attending from the Camden-Rockport area. This year, we have
expanded the program to cover two weeks of camp.
The first session of camp, Eco-Explorers, runs from July 20-24
from 9 am to 12 pm for children ages 7 to 9. Eco-Explorers focuses on getting kids outside to learn about the world around
them. The week’s activities include hands-on outdoor science
activities, nature walks, gardening, a beehive demonstration,
nature journaling, and the daily bug.
New this year is a program for younger children, ages 4 to 6.
Brett Willard and Rebecca Jacobs with Eco Campers
Little Sprouts runs from August 10-14 from 9:30 am to 11:30
am. Little Sprouts acts as introduction to nature and ecology, with activities like daily songs, nature walks, nature art, and
science games.
Merryspring is thrilled to be able to offer these two weeks of camp. This programming would not be possible without a productive and beneficial collaboration with Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District. KLSWCD’s mission is to provide
assistance in the conservation of soil and water resources for our community through proactive efforts, actions, and education. The District’s office is on Route 90 in West Rockport.
The cost of these week-long programs is $95 for the Eco-Explorers camp, with a discounted rate of $85 for Merryspring
member families, and $75 for Little Sprouts, with a discounted rate of $65 for Merryspring member families. Both weeks of
camp take place outside as much as possible, so students should be prepared for being in the sun, insects, and allergies.
Themed snacks and water will be provided each day.
To learn more and to sign up, contact us at 236-2239 or You can also stop by Merryspring to
pick up a registration form or sign up online at See you at camp!

We Love Our Volunteers!
By Cindy Gerry
Retiree Andrea Norfleet of Lincolnville completed her Master Gardener requirements through work in our gardens and
greenhouse. Already a knowledgeable gardener (and a wonderful baker), Andrea created an herb combo pack that will be
available at the Merryspring Plant Sale on May 22-24. To find our more about the Master Gardener program, go to
Teenager Erika Bramhall
from Friendship has been a
volunteer at Merryspring
since the fall, helping out in
the greenhouse and gardens. Erika plans to pursue a
career in health care after
she graduates from The
Wayfinder School in a few
Andrea Norfleet, Erika Bramhall, Avery Hackett, Jasper Hackett, Hattie Moss and Charlie Moss
Our youngest volunteers — Avery Hackett, Hattie Moss, Jasper Hackett and Charlie Moss — take advantage of their early
dismissal from Rockport Elementary School by helping around the gardens and potting sedum to take home. Thanks to
these helpers and their parents, we were able to clean up and add compost to the flower beds.

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The Hawthorn

Spring 2015

Merryspring Gratefully Acknowledges Your 2014 Contributions
PATRON ($5,000 or more): Doris Salzman.

Grobe, Greta Z. & Gary Gulezian, Faith E. & David C. Hague, Mrs. Arthur
Hathway, Sara & Arthur Hayes, Tim & Debbie Hefner, Elizabeth Henry,
PARTNER (2,500–$4,999): Mrs. Sally Cartwright, Joseph D. Messler,Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. David Jackson, Ralph & Earlene Kelley, Kendel H. Kennedy,
CONSERVATOR ($1,000–$2,499): Wendy & Ray Andresen, Mrs.
Gregory & Donna Knowlton, Hope K. & Raymond L. Kocian, Mr. & Mrs.
Robert Black Jr., Amy & Robert Campbell, Susan & Kennedy Crane III, Harold Lamb, Steven P. Lary, Richard W. & Lisa Ledwith, Jr., Katherine H.
Dorothea & Charlie Graham, Edie Kyle, Hilliard Lubin, Sarah B.
& James R. Ledwith, Mr. & Mrs. Ed Libby, Cynthia Lovecchio, Cynthia &
Rheault, Meg Barclay & John Scholz.
Michael E. Lucas, Lisa & Kit Lyons, Edith K. Manns, Cynthia D. Margeson,
Sally A. Marki, Helen Hubbard Marr, Michael & Stephanie Mathews,
STEWARD ($500–$999): Mary Ann Carey, Brinkley Thorne & Mazie
Marjorie E. & Brud Maxcy, Richard & Irene Maxcy, Keith & Carolyn May,
Cox, Mr. & Mrs. Charles W.H. Dodge, Rev. & Mrs. Dewey Fagerburg,
Thomas & Giovanna McCarthy, Ann H. & Richard A. McKittrick, Ellen &
James & Marilyn Rockefeller, Barton & Priscilla Wood.
Bob McMullen, Barbara J. & Stephen J. Melchiskey, Eunice R. Michaels,
DONOR ($250–$499): Anonymous (), Robert E. & Pauline Anderson, Adnan & Sunshine Mohammadbhoy Family, Barbara & Robert Nichols,
III, Ann B. Bixler, David & Susan Colson, Mr. & Mrs. Allen Fernald, Joan Judith H. & Douglas O’Dell, Dianne & Kenneth Oelberger, Rosemary PeaFoxwell, Stephanie A. & Alan S. Kumble, Linsey Low, Wayne & Carocock, Conie & Etienne Perret, Robert & Jean Poole, Linda & Douglas Posline Morong, B. Kay Ouradnik, Diana Rigg, James L. Schlagheck, Mison, Harriet Potter, Bob & Mary Rackmales, Ray & Dorri Raposa, Margachael Voncannon, Thomas & Dennie Wolf.
ret Rauenhorst, Jean Hutchins & Roger Rittmaster, Diane & James Rose,
Paul & Linda Satkowski, Rebecca Sawyer-Fay, Melody & Warren SchuFRIEND: ($100–$249): Anonymous (2), Laurie Adams, Tom & Mary
bert, Naomi Howe & Steve Seekins, Nancy Seibert, Allan & Sally SeyAmory, Paula &, Alexander Armentrout, JoAnne & Michael Bander,
mour, Pat & Jeff Shaw, Estelle B. Shevis, Anita Siegenthaler, Jean S. Silva,
Ellyn Katie & Jon Chip Bauer, Steven A. & Margaret E. Case, Mary J. &
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Kendrick Smith, Lois Sprague, John Sanford, William
Peter A. Chamberlain, Mary P. Chatfield, Charlotte Cook, Jock & Day
Behrens & Molly Stone, Shirley Burnell & Emmett Sutton, Ann & Edward
Cowperthwaite, Stephen V. & Sylvia Crane, Carol & Dan Daigneault,
Sziklas, Judith Tarbox, Brian & Marilyn Trask, Barry & Judith Valentine,
Richard J. & Barbara Ann Dubocq, , Michael & Pamela Dufour, Sally M.
Judith Van Lunen, Mary & Graham Waltz, Merritt &
& Peter M. Enggass, Rebecca Sawyer-Fay & Joe Fay,
Helen Webster, Nancy & David Weill, Nina Lynn WoolJim & Marlene Groves, Terry & Ned Gruener, Sandy
ston & Tracy Wheeler, Alan & Cindy White, Ian Collins &
Millar & Frances Hitchcock, Jack Brown & Marilyn
Mariah Williams, John G. & Lucille A. Williams.
Hotch, Renee Hotchkiss, Mary Joe Hughes, Barbara
& Matthew Janicki, E. Daniel Johnson, Marty Jones,
INDIVIDUAL ($35–$49): Lozina Ames, Michelle Babbitt,
Burt & Carol Keenan, Elaine S. & Ronald C. Kennedy,
Susan H. Barbour, Tom Barksdale, Susan Beebe, Barbara
Ed & Ruth Kenney, Ann Kilham, Mr. & Mrs. James
Bell, Lena Bengtsson, Elizabeth Kononen Berry, MargaKinsella, Kathleen Kull, Jim & Judith Kunkel, Mr. &
ret Boyajian, Dale Bruce, Sari R. Bunker, Deborah ChapMrs. R Chase Lasbury, Mrs. Emily L. Lewis, Terry R. &
man, Barbara Charters, Sherry Cobb, Marlene Cohn,
Geoffrey W. Lewis, Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Linder, Edith
Ruth Cole, Terry Cook, Sally Cooper, M.D., Jean N. CrawKing & Linda Lockhart, Richard & Wanda Macnair,
ford, Leslie Curtis, Phyllis Daggett, Susan F. Davis, Arlene
Steven & Ursula McAllister, Marion & James G. McCully, Pat Whitney Day, Mary Ellen Decato, Kathy Deupree, Valerie Donham, Cathy DowneyMessler, Carolyn P. Miller, Audrey R. & Roger Moody, Taylor Mudge,
RisPoli, Julianne J. Edmondson, Maureen Egan, Sarah A. Ellis, Heather
Barbara Nashner, Edward J. & Shirley O’Keefe, Sue & Bud Oliveira,
Ellsworth, Jean E. English, Cheryl L. Evangelos, Charlotte W. Faller, Amy
Thomas & Gray Payne, William S. Petrini, Lys McLaughlin & Thomas
Faunce, Jenny Ferguson, Abby Fitzgerald, Sue Fleming, Michelle Fong,
Pike, Karin & Frederick P. Rector, Marjorie F. & Lloyd Roberts, M.D.,
Blanche Foss, Judith F. Getman, Pamela Gleason, Janet Gold, Carol GoodLucy Ross, Stephen & Pamela Ross, Ann P. Rutherford, Dr. Joanne M. ridge, Mary Anderson Griffin, Claudia Griffith, Heather Halsey, Jonette
Sharpe, John & Judy Sherman, Mrs. Sally Shure, Susan & Robert
Hardester, Jean Heilman, Kristen Heller, Carol Ann Hendricks, Carol
Snead, Irwin & Sonia Spalding, Susan St. John, Dimitri Stancioff,
Heyer, Claudia B. Hill, Dorothy Hokkanen, Katherine Holland, Deborah
Sharon A. Staz, John F. Steele, Enid W. Stone, Lorraine & Philip Streat, Ann Hopper, Thomas D. Hopps, Charlotte & Nicholas Horovitz, Carol
Clair Leach Tomlin, Peg & John Way, Clifford H. & Ruth B. Wells.
Howe, N. Rebekah Huckle, Liga Jahnke, Dorothy K. Jordan, Kristin Kalajian, Karen Keller, John Kennedy, Aleta M. Kilborn, Marcia Kimpton, June
FAMILY ($50–$99): Susan Junge & Richard A. Ailes, Joanne Alderman,
Kincade, Kathryn Z. Klaber, Barbara Klapprodt, Barbara Klie, Loel Kline,
Kathleen M. Allain, William & Cynthia Anderson, Kerry K. Andresen,
Elinor Klivans, Regina Knight, Sharon Landry, Judith B. Laurence, JacqueJane & Tom Babbitt, Maurice Moroze & Veronica Beason, Irmalene
line Lee, Colleen Lowe, Kathleen Ludman, Mary Lou Lundy, Barbara
Clark & Joan Bennett, Barbara & William Bentley, Henriette
Malone, Leesa Mann, Kathe J. Marion-Gallant, Karen Martin, Jean Y.
Binswanger, Carole C. & F. William Black, Martha M. & Sidney Block,
Matlack, Marian F. McAleenan, Patty McDonald, Ann McKendry, Lana
Alexandra Degenhardt & John Blystone, Carol Rohl & Gordon Bok,
McPherson, Janis McQuade, Lanita Medina, Maura L. Melley, Carol
Mary Bok, Carol H. Bosken, Ruben S. & Mary K. Brown, Steve & Jean
Melquist, Erica Merrill, Barbara Michelena, Howard Miller, Marion
Burleson, Helen Burlingame, Chris Carlton, Jane & Alan Carr, Mrs.
Mitchell, Alison N. Montgomery, Susan Moore, Erica Morton, Judith
James Clayton, Carlie Cloyd, Neil & Patricia Courtney, Richard & Sara
Moses, Patricia Moss, Judy Mullins, Virginia E. Noble, Jana Norris, Tricia
Cowan, Donna & Tillman Crane, Greg & Pam Currier, Harriet & John
O’Brien, Barbara Ohland, Robert F. Olfenbuttel, Sandra Overlock, Gail
DeHoff, Ruth & Robert Dreher, Laurie & Paul Duffy, Jim & Cindy
Palmer, Elizabeth C. Parker, Bonnie Percival, Christina M. Perugini, Sheri
Dunham, Jerry Fales, Alexandra Wolf Fogel, Kevin & Susan Frewert,
Peters, Sue Pfau, Madeline S. Pitney, Martha M. Porter, Leecia Price,
Barbara Furey, Bart Furey, Dr. & Mrs. Robert Furman, Christopher &
Bridget Qualey, Marietta Raneri, Penelope Ray, Lois D. Rice, Paula
Rosalee Glass, George & Mary Graner, Maurice F. & Janet K. Granville,
Salerno, Marina Schauffler, Dorothea R. Schmitt, Kris, Jim & Alex Schuld,
F. William Gray, Nancy L. Duncan & Byron F. Greatorex, Donna A.
(continued on page 7)
Busch & John R. Green, Donna & Bill Griffith, Donna Maritato & Bob

The Hawthorn

Spring 2015

Maryann Sedlack, Steven Seidell, Steven Shaw, Susan Shaw, Meg
Sideris, Susan Sinclair, Jeannine Smith, Mrs. Donna Ward Smith, Lynn
Snider, David Spahr, Brenda Squibb, Valerie Stevens, Alicia Stevenson,
Marje Stickler, Bell Stone, Jane M. Strauss, Nancy Sullivan, Barbara
Sweitzer, Jan B. Taft, Susan G. Taylor, Michelle Terry, Rebecca L.
Thompson, Giedra J. Troncone, Marcia T. Turner, Zella Walker, Liza
Walsh, Denis Wang, Richard D. Warren, Priscilla Weatherwax, Dee
Webster, Judith E. Webster, Adele M. Welch, Christine West, Marjorie
R. Wester, Mary Wheelwright, Katrinka Wilder, Katrine McCollum
Willey, Joan Wright, Laura Zalewski.

Brace, Nance & Jim Brown, Susan Morrissey & Frank Callanan, Roz
Gilbert Family, Betsy Henshaw, Richard & Patricia Judd, Sue & Mike
Kandziolka, Heather Bilodeau & Robert Laite, Rene Mathews & Dan
Neumann, Jean & Ken Nolan, Elizabeth Stanley.
GIFT MEMBERSHIPS: Ellen Began Family, Nora Hattman Michaels,
Catherine Reising-Jones.
GIFTS IN KIND: Ray & Wendy Andresen, Paula & Alex Armentrout,
Susan Morrissey & Frank Callanan, Susan & Kennedy Crane III, Dr. &
Mrs. Robert Furman, Faith Getchell, Mary & David Holster, Anne Kilham, Kathleen Kull, Edie Kyle, David L. Landry, Elizabeth Parker, Jean
Hutchins & Roger Rittmaster, Estell Shevis, Debby Smith, Lynette
Walther, Joan Wright.
BLANCHE FOSS MEMORIAL GIFTS: Helen Burlingame, Edith King &
Linda Lockhart, Mrs. Arthur Hathway, Adnan & Sunshine Mohammadbhoy Family, Barbara W. McCarthy.
OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS: Elizabeth Osborne, Arthur Poulos, Gail &
Fred Ribeck, Thomas Wenckus, Jean & Donald White.
programs received crucial financial support from a variety of organizations, municipalities, private foundations, and family trusts. We
thank the following institutional supporters for their help during the
past year: Camden Garden Club, Cascade Foundation, The Kendel
Kennedy Fund of the Ethel & W. George Kennedy Family Foundation,
Kenneth C. and Prudence F. Dickey Charitable Remainder Unitrust,
Town of Camden.

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2014 Business Support
Merryspring is very grateful for the support the local business community gave us in 2014. If you appreciate Merryspring, we hope you
will extend your thanks to these businesses that help fund our work
and provide valuable goods and services to our community.
BUSINESS SPONSOR ($1,000 or more): Camden Real Estate, EBS Style
BUSINESS DONOR ($250–$499): Allen Insurance and Financial,
Camden National Bank.
BUSINESS FRIENDS ($100–$249): 17-90 Lighting Showroom, Agren
Appliance, Bench Dogs, Inc., Brad Daggett Plumbing & Heating Inc.,
Camden Riverhouse Hotel, Carol A. Witham Advanced Health & Fitness,
Cedar Crest Motel, Chatfield Design, Christopher Glass Architect, Cold
Mountain Builders, Cornerstone Kitchens, Country Inn at Camden/Rockport,, David C. Olivas DDS, Distinctive Tile & Design, Dominic
Paul Mercadante Architecture, Dream Kitchen Studio, Freshwater
Stone, Greg Day Lighting, Hammond Lumber Company, Handle It!, Interiors By Janis Stone, J W Custom Woodworking, John Edward Gillespie,
Architect, Kelsey's Appliance & Sleep Center, Inc., Lee Schneller Fine
Gardens, Lighting Concepts, Margo Moore, Inc., McCormick & Associates Builders, Morningstar Stone and Tile, New View Studio, O B &
Sons, Inc., Ober & Barrett Builders, Inc., Omni Construction, Inc., Peter
T. Gross, Architects, P.A., PHI Home Designs, Priestley & Associates
Architecture, Rockport Steel, Silverio - Architecture + Design, Smith &
May, Inc. - Hearth & Patio Showroom, The Good Table, TREEKEEPERS
LLC - Johnson's Arboriculture, Union Hall, Viking Lumber, Inc., Village
Cabinet & Remodeling Co.
BUSINESS SUPPORTER ($50–$99) Lincolnville Family Dentistry, Welte
& Welte, P.A.
BUSINESS GIFTS IN KIND: Endless Summer Flower Farm, Farley & Son,
Inc., Fernwood Nursery & Gardens, Francine Bistro, GoodridgeLermond Tree Service, Hannaford Super Market, Jackson Landscape
Services, Johnny's Select Seeds, Lily, Lupine, & Fern, Moose Crossing
Garden Center, Once a Tree, Owl & Turtle Bookshop, Pinetree Garden
Seeds, Plants Unlimited, Seabright Pizza, Seasons Downeast Designs,
Seed Savers Exchange, Shepherd’s Pie, Stonewall Kitchen, The Green
House, Comida Latin Kitchen, Delvino's Grill & Pasta House, Inn at Sunrise Point, Laugh Loud, Plants Unlimited, Smile Big Cupcakes, Laura
Cabot Catering, Salt Water Farm, The Lobster Pound, The Market Basket, The Whale's Tooth Pub & Restaurant, Vincent’s at the Whitehall
MATCHING GIFTS: GE Foundation, Northern Trust.

Dear Members and Friends of Merryspring
We are very fortunate to have so many friends and members of Merryspring who, year-in and year-out, support their Nature Center with gifts
of time and money. You are the reason Merryspring exists and continues to serve our Midcoast community.
Merryspring has an annual operating budget of almost $140,000 to cover salaries, educational programs, supplies, utilities, maintenance, etc.
The major sources of our income are fundraisers — such as the Plant Sale on May 22-24 and Kitchen Tour on August 5 — and our annual appeal for memberships and extra donations. Other income comes from park usage, programs, grants, local businesses, and dividends on our
So, as we continue moving ahead in 2015, we wish to thank all of you on these pages for your contributions in 2014, and we hope that you will
continue to support Merryspring in the future. On behalf of the Merryspring trustees and staff, THANK YOU.
Ray Andresen

P.O. Box 893
Camden, ME 04843

Reserve Merryspring for Your Event
Remember to think of Merryspring when you or your friends
are planning a wedding, memorial service, meeting, or other
special event. Each year several weddings, receptions, and
meetings take place at Merryspring. Conveniently located yet
away from the noise and bustle of the towns of Camden and
Rockport, Merryspring offers stunning gardens and an outdoor
hexagon perfect for small ceremonies. A well-tended lawn bordered by flower beds filled with spectacular color from June
through September will accommodate a tent for up to 200
guests. And the meeting room inside the Ross Center is spacious and airy.