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The Black Mans Plight Is Not The White Mans Blame

Re: Andre M. Davis (Corrupt Federal

Judge Should Be Impeached)
Incontrovertible evidence of corruption has recently emerged against a
Black Federal Judge (Andre M. Davis) regarding his decision to dismiss
EEOC-determined, racially motivated wrongful termination of a Black
Physician from Liberia (Pylord P. Doe, M.D.) at the NIH Neurology Institute
years ago. Dr. Doe began the pursuit of his career at Duke University
Department of Surgery at the invitation of world-renown Professors David C.
Sabiston, Jr. and Robert H. Wilkins.
The Judge's decision to dismiss was based on a blatant, inexcusable,
egregious lie that I was not an applicant for federal employment although
my Application for Federal Employment SF-171 was glaring evidence.
Because this case was not determined on its merits, NIH/DHHS officials have
continued to wrongfully make those same allegations blocking my every
effort to take advantage of federal grants and other federal opportunities
available at the NIH and non-NIH medical institutions receiving federal
grants. Related matters are currently being heard on appeal by the Fourth
Circuit [No. 15-1471 Pylord Doe v. US (8:14-CV-01441-TDC)] where
Judge Davis is expected to recuse himself.
Judge Andre M. Davis's egregious decision left Dr. Pylord Does
promising career illegally stigmatized and derailed, as well as his children
destitute and suffering without support and medical care, at the
behest of DHHSs Elizabeth Gianturco and the DOJs Attorney Allen Lousck.
All this in support of a federal scientist [Milton W. Brightman, Ph.D.] whose
laboratory employees referred to Dr. Doe as an intelligent nigger, and
baselessly lied that Pylord Doe "sexually harassed and assaulted White
women, and disrupted research" in laboratories at the NIH. I demanded an
investigation, but NIH authorities (including the then NIH Director Harold
Varmus, M.D., Erwin Kopin, M.D., and Roger Porter, M.D.) refused to
investigate but terminated my Fellowship based on these uninvestigated lies
which continue to follow me everywhere, blocking/impeding my career
progress (!).
After Milton W. Brightman successfully orchestrated Dr. Does expulsion
from the NIH, Brightman published/plagiarized Dr. Does original research
works [methods & data] verbatim (with TWO Japanese scientists as principal
investigators of Research devised and performed by Dr. Doe) in a foremost
scientific Journal [Progress In Brain Research Vol.91, pages 357 to 365).
What was Judge Daviss motivation to dismiss based on a lie and in the
face of such a blatant documented discrimination? Why would a United
States Federal Judge lie just to support a White racist male? Judge
Davis views Dr. Doe as a descendant of native born Liberians who overthrew
the oppressive regime of descendants of free slaves who ruled Liberia for

nearly a century; this was a ripe moment for a bitter revenge. As a matter of
fact, Milton admitted under oath to have done wronghe wanted to be
forgiven and the wrong he did to be corrected. Yes he did! But Andre
Davis saw something else. Has Judge Davis told similar lies
throughout his career? Corruption at its bestcraftily hidden!
Black leaders instead of building constructive bridges between Blacks
and Whites would blame White people for our woes while some secretly
support racism and other illegal acts done against Blacks worldwide. [Andre
M. Daviss legacy is prime example!]. Some true bridge builders that
shall forever be remembered throughout history are President Bill Clinton,
Martin Luther King, Jr., President Barack H. Obama, and Secretary Hilary

Pylord P. Doe, M.D.

May 14, 2015