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Grahovo, Niki
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Not to be confused with Grahovac.

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Grahovo (pronounced[rxoo]) is a settlement in western Montenegro .



In the early 17th century, during the

Sanjak of Scutari , Grahovo was commanded by Mile Perin. There

were 90 houses of which:

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70 - Orthodox

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20 - Muslim

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The town had 200 men in arms.

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Grand Duke of Grahovo

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The title "Grand Duke of Grahovo", which refers to this settlement, is an honorary title held by the titular

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rulers of Montenegro, currently held by HRH Boris, Hereditary Prince of Montenegro



The holders of the title included:


Grand Duke Mirko Petrovi-Njego


Prince Mirko Dimitri of Montenegro

/ srpski
Srpskohrvatski /

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Prince/King Nikola I of Montenegro

Prince Mihailo of Montenegro
Prince Nikola of Montenegro

Notable members of the Grahovo clan

Sava Kovaevi
Vladimir Kovaevi,_Niki[5/15/2015 6:50:33 PM]


Grahovo, Niki - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Filip Kovacevic
Sasha Vujai
Branko Grahovac
Veljko Bulaji
arko Bulaji
ivko Andrijaevi

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