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Chagrien=Vexation from humiliation or disappointment.

Chandlier=Candle maker = Merchant = Dealer in supplies and provisions.

Charlatan = One who deceives others by claiming to be an expert

Chauvinism = One who has unreasoning enthusiasm for the glorification of ones country

Chemotherapy=Controls of infections by chemicals.

Chiarascuro=Distribution of light and shade in a picture.

Chiromanchy=Fortune telling through palm reading = palmistry.

Chronologer=One who writes the details of transactions which made in a country.

Cinematograph=It contains a series of lenses arranged to throw on screen an enlarged

image of photography

Circumlocution=A round about way of speaking.

Claustrophobia = A morbid fear of confined spaces

Clinophobia = Fear of going to bed

Clio=Greek muse of history.

Cloak Room = A place for luggage at railway station

Coagulate = Change from liquid into solid by chemical reaction

Coalesce=Grow into one = Blend = unite = fuse.

Coercion=Intimidation by threat or duress = forceful = compulsion.

Coeval=Of the same age or duration = Contemporary with.

Cognomen=Surname or nickname.

Colleiny=Complete with buildings and work = Caolmines.

Colloquial = Suitable for ordinary informal conversation

Comatose=In a coma = Lacking energy = Lethargic.

combustible = That which can catch fire and burn easily

Comedian = One who plays funny parts in plays or films

Comely=Pleasing in appearance = fair = pretty.

Commodity = An article of trade or commerce

Commutator=Device for reversing direction of electrical current.

Compatriot = A person belonging to ones own country

Complexion = The natural colour and appearance of skin

Compulsory = That which must be done

Concatinate=Linked together

concubinage = Living together of a man and woman without being married each other

Condominium = A country ruled by two country

Conductor = That which acts as a path for electricity, heat etc

Conflagrative=Combustible = flammable = inflammable

Connoisseur = Critical judge of any art and craft

Conscript = A person who is compelled by law to serve in the armed forces

Consortium = A combination of several businesses for a common purpose

Contagious = Disease which is spread by contact

Contemporary = At the same time

Continent=Restrained in regard to desires or passion = especially to sexual desires.

Contretemps = An unlucky event, an unexpected set=back

Controversial = That which causes debate or argument

Convalescence=The gradual recovery from illness.

Convention = A formal assembly or conference of people of the same business to discuss


Cooper=Maker of casks or barrels.

Corrigendum = Something to be corrected in a printed book

Cosmopolitan = Person who regards the whole world as his country


Cosmopolitan=One who is free from national limitations.

Cosmopolite=A citizen of the world

Costegate=Correct by punishing.

Counterfeit = Copy something exactly in order to deceive

Coup Dtat = Sudden overthrow of a government, especially by force

Credulity=Trust without proper evidence readiness to believe.

Credulous=Too ready to believe

Crescograph=Instrument used for measuring the growth of plants.

Cresendo=Gradual increase in force = volume = loudness.

Crisis=Turning point of danger or disease.

Cruise = A sea voyage for pleasure

Cryogenies=Branch of physics dealing with very low temparature.

Cryptograph=Secret writing.

Crystallography=Science of crystallization.

Cuckold = Man whose wife has been unfaithful to him

Cul=De=Sac=Dead end

Custodian = Care taker of a public building

Cygnet = A young swan

Cynic = One who has little faith in human sincerity or honesty

Cynophobia = Fear of dogs

Cynosore=Centre of interest = something that strongly attracts attention by its brilliance.

Cytogenetics=Cell formation.

Cytology=Dealing with cells.

Dandy = One who pays too much attention to his clothes and appearance

Debacle = A sudden complete failure

Decalogue=Ten commandments.

Decelerate=Slow down.

Decidophobia = Fear of making decisions

Defendant=One who is sued by the plaintiff.

Deism=Got birth and followed principles in a particular caste but telling, he is not god.

Deist=One who believes in the existence of god.

Delegate=To transfer one's authority to another

Delettante=An admirer by the people

Deliquisic=Become liquide by absorbing moisture from the air = Melt away.

Delittante=One who takes up an art = dabbler = a lover of fine arts.

Deluge=Anything that overwhelms like a flood = great flood = rain.

Demography = Study of statistics of birth, death and diseases

Demography=Science of vital and social statistics.

Demonology=Ralating to devils = ghost and other terror things.

Dendrophobia = Fear of trees

Denical = Statement that something is not true

Denouement = The last part of a play, book etc where all the complications of the plot are

Dentophobia = Fear of dentist

Depilate=Remove hair from.

Deploy = To spread troops for battle

Deponent = Person who makes a written statement for use in a law court

Deport = Send unwanted person out of the country

Depreciate=To go down in value

Derisory = Not to be considered seriously


Desperado = Man who commits dangerous especially criminal acts

Despondent=High = Spirited = Overflowing with enthusiasm = boiling up.

Despotism=Is a form of government in which a single entity rules with absolute power.

Detenu=One who detained in custody.

Deteriorate=To go from bad to worse

Deterrent = Something to discourage people from doing wrong

Dilemna=Situation requiring a choice between equally undesirable alternatives =

perplexing problem.

Dillettante = An admirer of art

Diminuendo=Gradual increase in force.

Dipsomania=Irristible craving for alcoholic drinks.

Dirge = Song sung at burial

Disarmament = Reduction of weapons by governments

Disciple = One who works in return for being taught the trade

Disenfranchisement=To take away some one

Disinformation = False information spread intentionally to spread propaganda

Dislectical (s)=Logical argumentation.

Dissuade=Persuade not to do something.

Dorsal=Situated on bank.

Dotage = Old age when a man behaves like a fool

Dragnet = A system of connected actions and methods for catching criminals

Drinker's apparatus=Instrument used to help breathing in infantile paralysis.

Dromomania = Mania for travel

Drought = Dry weather with no rainfall

Drudgery = Hard, uninteresting work

Duffer = Slow witted person

Dynamo=The origin of electricity in a dynamo is the transformation of machanical energy

into energy.

Dystychiphobia = Fear of accidents

Ebullient = High=spirited, exuberant

Ebullient=Situated on the abdominal side.

Eccentric = A man of odd habits

Eccentric=One who has strange habits

Ecclisiologist=One who studies the science relating to the church.

Eclectric=Persons with unusual or odd personality.

Eclogue=A pastoral poem.

Ecophobia = Fear of home surroundings

Edible = A thing to eat

Effeminate = Man having the qualities of woman

Effiminate=One who possess the quantities of woman.

Egoeism=Selfishness = opposed to altruism.

Egoism=Speaking too much of one self.

Egoist=One who speaks using I and me always.

Elastic=One which rescemes its normal shape and size after the stress is releases.

Elegiac=Expressing sorrow or lamentation.

Elegy = Poem written on the death of someone loved and lost

Elegy=A lament for the dead.

Eligible=One who is qualifies for election.

Elixir=Not clerical.


Ellipsis=The ommission from a sentence of a work or words that would comple the

Eloquence = Persuasive and fluent speech

Elucidate=To explain something mysterious or difficult

Elymology=Science relating to the formation and development of words.

Embeyyle=Divert money fraudulently to one's own use.

Embezzlement=Misappropriation of money

Emeritus=Honourably discharged from service.

Emetic=Inducing vomiting = something that induces vomiting.