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San Francisco Performances and Omni Foundation for the Performing Arts present Marcin Dylla in his San Francisco Performances
recital debut.
Photo: Dario Griffin



Saturday, April 25, 2015 | 7:30pm
St. Marks Lutheran Church
Theme, Variations and Fugue
on Folia de Espaa

The Sonata of Loneliness

Con dolore


Sonata in F Major

Allegro Moderato
Andante Sostenuto
Finale (Adagio; Presto)


Valse romantique


from Sonata para guitarra

Con passion
Expressivo, casi religioso

Marcin Dylla is represented by Aranjuez Artistic Services

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Hailed by The Washington Post as among

the most gifted guitarists on the planet
Polish guitarist, Marcin Dylla is a rare phenomenon in recent history of classical guitar.
Many music critics, connoisseurs and music
lovers certify that he is among the worlds
elite of classical guitar players. He has
earned this position through an unparalleled
number of awards including 19 First Prizes
from 19962007 at the most prestigious international music competitions around the
world, culminating with the Gold Medal of
the 2007 Guitar Foundation of America International Competition in Los Angeles. Also
known as the most prestigious guitar contest, this victory led to a tour of over 50 cities
in North America, Mexico and Canada during
the 20082009 season; a live recital video recording for Mel Bay Publications; and a CD
recording for Naxos that reached the Naxos
Top 10 Bestselling Albums in September
2008. His live recital DVD Wawel Royal
Castle at Dusk was nominated for the 2010
Fryderyk Award (the Polish equivalent to the
American Grammy) in the category of Solo
Classical Music Album of the Year.
Mr. Dyllas recent tour highlights include his
Carnegie Hall debut during his two-month long
tour of North America, with recitals covering
both coasts including the opening recital for
the 2013 Guitar Foundation of America Festival.
Apart from his guest performances at virtually
every major North American guitar festival, in
Europe he returned to Konzerthaus in Vienna
and he has been regularly invited to appear at
the Koblenz International Guitar Festival and


Competition where he is a beloved regular.

Mr. Dyllas recent orchestral engagements
include subscription concerts with the Warsaw Philharmonic conducted by Christian
Arming performing two concerti (Ponces
Concierto del Sur and Rodrigos Concierto de
Aranjuez) on two consecutive nights, in addition to recitals throughout Europe every year.
This season he will perform as soloist with
the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra during
their new music director search.
Furthermore, he has appeared as soloist with Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra,
Orquesta Sinfnica de Radio Television
Espanola, St. Petersburg Philharmonia Orchestra, Orchestra Filharmonica di Torino
and the Essen Chamber Orchestra under the
baton of JoAnn Falletta, Alexander Rahbari
and Mariusz Smolij.
In 2006, Cecilia Rodrigo, daughter of the legendary Spanish composer, Joaqun Rodrigo,
chose Mr. Dylla to perform the world premiere
of a lately discovered new guitar work by her
father entitled Toccata (1933) at Reina Sofia
Museum of Modern Art in Madrid. In 2002, at
the 7th International Guitar Convent in Alessandria, he was granted a gold guitar musical critics award for the best emerging artist.
Marcin Dylla was born in Chorzw, Poland
in 1976 and received his first guitar lessons at
the Ruda Slaska Music Conservatory in his
native Poland. From 1995 to 2000 he studied
at the Music Academy of Katowice with Adi
Wanda Palacz and later completed his studies with Oscar Ghiglia, Sonja Prunnbauer
and Carlo Marchione at the Music Academies
of Basel, Freiburg and Maastricht, respectively. He is currently a Professor at the Music
Academy in Krakw and Katowice.


Paul Wonner, Studio:
Two Tables, Popover
and Coffee, 2000,
acrylic on paper; 381/2
X 27"

Several works by California abstract

expressionist Paul Wonner were donated to
our organization by the William Brown and
Paul Wonner Foundation and are available
for sale, the proceeds of which directly
benefit SF Performances.

For more information and to view

the works online visit:


Sonata No. 3 in F Major is the most technically

difficult and musically rewarding, reminiscent of the early piano sonatas of Beethoven.

Theme, Variations and Fugue

on Folia de Espaa
Hommage Chopin
Born December 8, 1882, Fresnillo
Died April 24, 1948, Mexico City

Born June 12, 1897, d
Died November 15, 1986, Paris

Manuel Ponce was a close friend and frequent collaborator with the great Spanish
guitarist Andrs Segovia. His primary musical style blends classical European structures, the vital musical ideas of twentieth
century modernism, and an earthy reliance
on Mexican folk roots. The Variations sur Folia de Espaa et Fugue was composed in Paris
between 19281931. It is one of the longest
works in the guitar repertoire and greatly
expanded the range of writing considered
possible for the guitar with music that is harmonically daring, alternately intimate and
flamboyant, and consistently rewarding.

Alexandre Tansman was, like Frdric Chopin, a Polish composer much influenced by
the music of France. He lived in Paris for most
of his life, though as a Jew he had to flee the
Nazis during World War II and emigrated to
Los Angeles with the help of Charlie Chaplin.
Tansman shared with Ravel and the neoclassical Stravinsky an interest in clarity and simplicity but he always maintained an interest
in the emotionalism and lyrical expression of
Chopin. In Hommage Chopin (1969), written
for and dedicated to Andrs Segovia, Tansman creates a distinctive suite in the style
of Chopin. It is unabashed Romanticism and
a look back to Tansmans musical roots.

The Sonata of Loneliness

Born April 16, 1946,Aizput
Peteris Vasks is a Latvian composer. During the Soviet period, Vasks suffered due to
his beliefs and artistic convictions, but his
works have swiftly achieved widespread recognition since 1989. Vaskss compositions
incorporate archaic, folkloric elements from
Latvian music and place them within the
language of contemporary music. Frequent
reference is made to his personal biography
and the recent history of suffering on the part
of the Latvian people. The composer writes:
Most people today no longer possess
beliefs, love and ideals. The spiritual
dimension has been lost. My intention
is to provide food for the soul and this is
what I preach in my works.

Sonata in F Major
Born September 5, 1781, Mattsee
Died April 7, 1858, Vienna
Anton Diabelli was an important composer
and publisher in Vienna during the lifetime
of Beethoven, Schubert and Giuliani. Best
known as a publisher and the composer of the
theme that formed the basis of Beethovens
monumental Diabelli Variations for piano,
Diabelli wrote three sonatas for guitar. The

Sonata para guitarra

Born October 9, 1953, Vega Baja
For more than three decades the works of
American composer Roberto Sierra have been
part of the repertoire of many of the leading
orchestras, ensembles and festivals in the US
and Europe. He was born in Vega Baja, Puerto
Rico, and studied composition both in Puerto
Rico and Europe, where one of his teachers
was Gyrgy Ligeti at the Hochschule fr Musik
in Hamburg, Germany. Roberto Sierra has
written many works for guitar including Trptico for guitar and string quartet dedicated to
David Tanenbaum, as well as several guitar
concerti and works for guitar and flute. The
Sonata para guitarra was written in 2010 for
Manuel Barrueco to whom it is dedicated. A
note by the composer follows.
The first movement of the sonata follows
the traditional structure of expositions-development-recapitulation. Although the harmonies are not functionally tonal, a strong
sense of E minor permeates the whole work;
each movement clearly ends and gravitates
towards this tone. The second movement
is built on a simple passacaglia motive that
builds to a climax, and then ends in the quiet
manner in which it started. A wild scherzo
precedes the ending movement, which is
built on Caribbean inspired rhythms.
Program Notes by Scott Cmiel

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