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29 March 2015

Last Supper of Our Lord Parish

Manila Times Village, Pamplona, Las Pinas City

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Gods peace be with you!
We, the members of the CFC Singles for Christ, a family ministry of the Couples for Christ,
have been serving our communities for the past twenty years all over the country and
internationally. We have been conducting series of Christian Life Programs (CLPs) to
evangelize single men and women 20 to 40 years of age to help them discover Gods love and
their purpose in life. The pastoral care offered by the ministry though, is not limited to these
who are called for marriage, but includes those who may be considering either single
blessedness or religious vocations as state of life.
The CLP initially aims to provide a Christian support environment for single men and women
who want to follow Christ. However, SFC has taken a more pro-active stance with regard to
providing that environment, by making sure that it brings Christ to wherever single men and
women are the corporate settings, campuses, government institutions, parishes and even in
prisons and other developing communities. We therefore, work for total human liberation in
order to build up the kingdom of God here on earth.
It is in this light that we would like to request that our invitation for the Christian Life
Program be announced in all the Masses in the Parish Church and Chapels from March 29, 2015
up to April 19, 2015 to encourage our Parishioners to join Singles for Christ. Attached is the
sample of the announcement/ invitation.
We would also like to request to have an evangelization this April 5, 2015, easter Sunday.
We'll be setting up a booth giving out freebies and inviting parishioners to attend the said CLP.
We are looking forward to a favorable response from you regarding our request. Thank you
very much in advance for your support to a much blessed service for the community.
Yours in Christ,

Ejae Magno/ Benilyn Saguid

CFC-SFC South A1B CLP Team Heads


FOR MARCH 22, 2015 TO APRIL 19, 2015 :
CFC Singles for Christ South A6 would like to invite all single men and women 20 to 40 years of
age to their Christian Life Program. The Orientation
will be on April 18 (Saturday), 5 PM at CFC South A Mission Office, 2nd
Floor City State Bldg. Las Pinas. The program will run for 12 Saturday evenings
starting April 18, 2015 from 5 10 PM in the same venue.
For details, refer to the Parish bulletin board.
PARA SA MARCH 22, 2015 TO APRIL 19, 2015:
Malugod na inaanyayahan ng CFC Singles for Christ South A6 ang lahat ng binata at dalaga, na
may edad na dalawampu hanggang apatnapu para sa kanilang Christian Life Program. Ang
Orientation ay magaganap sa ika-labing walo ng Abril 2015, Sabado sa ikalima ng hapon sa CFC South A Mission Office, 2nd Floor City State Bldg.
Las Pinas. Ang programa ay magaganap sa labingdalawang Sabado na magsisimula sa ikalabing walo ng Abril 2015 sa ganap na ika- lima ng hanggang ika-sampu ng gabi sa
parehong lugar.
Para sa ibang detalye maaring makita ang detalye sa bulletin board ng parokya.