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Oil and Gas Engineering

OE692- Production optimization, control and

Operational Safety (10 - 21 May 2015, Dubai)


OE692- Production optimization, control and Operational Safety

(10 - 21 May 2015, Dubai)

Course Description
This course introduces the different topics for production systems optimization technology, and control safety along with
operational safety. Among the topics discussed are reservoir
performance, lift systems, beam pumping and other topics. This
course will be an intensive course that will be over the span of
10 days. Many case studies will be introduced and discussed.

Course Objectives

n Introduction to Production Systems

By the end of this course, attendees will be able to:

n Understand the importance of operational safety, and what

are the best safety practices.

n Understand the issues of production optimization, and the


optimization of the performance of the different components

in the oil industry.
Gain knowledge about the different control system and elements in the oil and gas industry.
Understand international oil companies HSEMS standard
and be able to comply with them.
Understand the reasons for well production decline, be able
to review and monitor it, and be able to diagnose it and provide solutions for it.
Understand how to operate and use the different control systems such as DCS, PLC, UPS, SCADA, etc.

Who Should Attend?

Senior production operation staff, control engineers and production engineers.

Course Outline


The course presents interactive instruction covering the following topical areas:

n Operational Safety

Roles and Responsibilities, Routine Operations, Operating

within Process and Equipment Limits, Written Procedures,
Communication, Communication during Shift Changes, Special Safety Considerations of Batch Processes, Process Control Software, Nonroutine Operations, Abnormal Operations,
Standby Operations, Emergency Operations, Management
of Change, Safety Protective Systems, Safety Shutdown
Systems, Pressure Relief Equipment, Operator Training,
Refresher Training, Playing What-if Games, Incident Investigation, Recognizing and Reporting Incidents, The Investigation, Investigation Results and Follow-up, Human Factors,
Human-process Interfaces , Behavioral Issues, Spontaneous
Response, Audits, Inspections, Compliance Reviews, Accident Investigation.


Properties of produced fluids, Production Surface Facilities,

Pressure and Head, Bernoullis Theorem, Flow of Liquids,
Reynolds number, pressure drop in pipes, Compressible
flow, Introduction to Thermodynamics, Two-phase and Multiphase Flow, Sizing of Liquid Lines, Sizing of Gas Lines
Sizing of Gas/Liquid Two-or Multi-Phase Lines
Reservoir Performance
Well performance equations, Drive mechanisms, Draw down
or producing rate, IPR behavior of gas wells, Predicting present time IPR,s for oil wells, IPR contraction for special cases,
Water flood wells, Stratified formations, Inflow performance
summary, Oil wells, Gas wells
Introduction of Artificial Lift Systems
Purpose of artificial lift, Utilization of multiphase flow correlations for artificial lift systems, Beam Pumping: Design and
Analysis, General considerations, Subsurface pumps, The
sucker rod string-general considerations, Pumping motion,
The effect of crank-to-pitman ratio on class I and class II geometries, Effective plunger stroke, Calculations for surface
Electric submersible centrifugal pumps
Basic fundamentals, Components of the submergible pumping system, Types of installations, Design of electrical pumping installations, Installation and operation of electrical centrifugal pumping systems, Analysis and troubleshooting.
Hydraulic pumping-piston type
Power fluid systems, Individual well site power plant,
Surface pumps, Control manifolds, Well heads, Tubing arrangements.
Jet pumping
Types of jet pumps, Jet pump theory, Design of jet pump installations.
Plunger lift
Well installation & mechanical equipment required, Types of
plunger installations, Identifying subsurface plunger applications and example problems
Other methods of artificial lift
Ball pump, The gas pump, The winch-type pumping, The T
and C oil field pump, Hydrogas-lift system, Chamber pump
for steam flood wells (ELFARR chamber pump).
Gas lift
Gas lift valve characteristics, Types of gas lift installations.
Separation / treating:
Two and three phase separation, Free water removal
Fluid measurement and instrumentation:
Liquid and gas metering using positive displacement meters,
Control systems
Introduction, Main process variables in the refinery, Control
of refinery process, Open loop system, Description of key
points in the operation of control systems like: DCS, PLC,
UPS, SCADA, etc, Advanced control techniques, Fail safe

OE692- Production optimization, control and Operational Safety

(10 - 21 May 2015, Dubai)

Terms & Conditions

n TV Middle East Certificate will be issued to all attendees.
n Course Fee mentioned is per delegate.
n Avail an attractive 10% discount on course fee if you
register 30 days before course start date.
n Courses will be conducted during the designated
dates at a 4 star or 5 star hotel in the designated city.
n Payments to be made in advance. Exact venue of the
training will be notified two weeks prior to course start
n This rate includes course notes, buffet lunch, coffee/
tea on arrival, morning and afternoon of each day.
n Accomodation is not included in course fees. However, any accomodation required can be arranged by
TV Middle East at time of booking.
For further details and up to date terms and conditions,
10 days - 08:00am until 03:30pm daily
Location & Date
Dubai, 10 - 21 May 2015
Participation Fee
US$ 6,750 per participant

Your Contact
Ms. Rana Hussein Sayed
Tel: +971 2 4411148

About the Instructor

Eng. Mohamed El-Hagar is a process and flow assurance
engineer in an Offshore major company in Egypt. He is also
qualified as an HSE engineer, and has been a training consultant and instructor in the field of Oil & gas for the past 5
years. He has delivered courses in over 10 different countries. Eng. Mohamed is the owner of one of the main petroleum forum websites with more than 180,000 registered users. His practical experience, and exposure as a trainer, and
consultant has led him to be an excellent trainer with great
expertise to in delivering knowledge.

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OE692- Production optimization, control and Operational Safety



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