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Submitted to the Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences in Partial
Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of
Masters of Business Administration

Program & Session

MBA(6th Semester)

Date of Submission
27th June 2014

Name of Program Coordinator:

Signature of Program Coordinator

Sir Saqib Farid

In Masters of Business Administration, Internship program is important because it gives the
students an opportunity to have experience of practical field. Unless the student experiences the
uniqueness of practical work his knowledge of what he study in theoretical courses remains
incomplete. The very important point in an Internship Program is that the student spends his
time in a true way and spirit to learn practical orientation of theoretical study framework.
This internship report is on my six weeks practical training at Habib Bank Limited Saadat Pur
Branch District Gujrat. In this internship report I have tried to give details about Habib Bank
limited, working and function of different departments.

This report is dedicated to my loving parents, teachers and friends whose consistent support and
encouragement enabled me to make perpetual efforts for my dream accomplishment.

Start with the name of ALLAH Most Gracious and Most merciful and the Holy Prophet
(P.B.U.H) who gave us the real way to live. It is just the blessing of God that I am here now and
able to accomplish my objective
I acknowledge my teachers who provided me with comprehensive knowledge about Business
Administration Courses and by providing an opportunity to complete my internship in HBL. I
am really thankful to the HBL Saadatpur Branch management because without their guidance I
would not have been able to complete my internship.
The acknowledgement is also to my parents who supported me and enabled me to fulfill my
requirement in such a crucial time just for my best future.

Table of content:



Executive summary
Origin of term bank
Introduction of organization
History of HBL
Nature of organization
Financial highlights of 2013
Corporate information
Services offered by bank
Accounts offered by bank
Competitors of organization
Pest analysis
Organization hierarchy chart
Main office
Introduction of departments
Introduction of branch
Hierarchy of branch
Weekly timetable
Description of departments
Work performed by me
Summary of learning
SWOT analysis



Chapter 01
1.1Executive Summary:
HBL established operations in Pakistan in 1947 and moved its head office to Karachi. Its first
international branch was established in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1951 and Habib Bank Plaza was built in
1972 to commemorate the banks 25th Anniversary. HBL has the largest Corporate Banking portfolio in
the country with an active Investment Banking arm. It encompasses product offerings and services in
Retail Banking and, in recent years, Consumer Banking as well.
Satisfying customers are the only way to stay competitive in today's Market Place. The balancing act
between what customers want and what the HBL can provide must be optimized in order to maximize
HBLs long-term profits.

HBL is expanding its presence in principal international markets including the UK, UAE, South and
Central Asia, Africa and the Far East.
With a domestic market share of over 40%, HBL was nationalized in 1974 and it continued to dominate
the commercial banking sector with a major market share in inward foreign remittances (55%) and loans
to small industries, traders and farmers. International operations were expanded to include the USA,
Singapore, Oman, Belgium, Seychelles and Maldives and the Netherlands etc.

1.2Origin Of Term BANK:

It has not so far been decided as to how the word Bank originated. Some authors says that
word is derived from the words Bancus or Banque which mean a bench. Other authors
disagree and they opinion that the word Bank is derived from the German word Back which
means joint stock fund. It is therefore, not possible to decide as to which of the opinion is
correct, for no record is available to ascertain the validity of any of the opinions.
"A financial institution, deals with money and credit. It accepts Deposits from individuals,
firms and companies at a lower rate of Interest and gives at higher rate of interest to those who
need them.
A financial establishment which uses money deposited by customers for investment, pays it
out when required, makes loan at interest, exchanges currency, etc.

1.3Introduction of Organization:
Habib Bank Limited was established by Mr. Ismail Habib (Late) on August 25, 1942 at Bombay. It was
the first Muslim Bank of the sub-continent. It was established with a Paid up capital of Rs. 2.5millon.
HBL has a headquarter in Habib Bank Plaza, Karachi is the largest bank in Pakistan. The bank has a
network of over 1500 branches and over 1000 ATM(S) in Pakistan and round about 112 branches in 25
different countries of world in 5 different subcontinent. It has a domestic market share of over 40%. It
continues to dominate the commercial banking sector with a major market share in inward foreign
remittances (55%) and loans to small industries, traders and farmers.

Habib Bank Ltd is engaged in Commercial & Retail Banking and related services domestically and
overseas. Today HBL is truly the bank of the people Providing its customers convenience and Satisfaction
all Over the world. Habib Bank Plaza, the tallest building in Pakistan, is the proud symbol of HBL
This report is consisting on Habib Bank of Pakistan. The purpose of banks is to provide some services to
general public in order to gain profit and for this purpose different banks provide different services in
different forms. HBL is a commercial bank in modern time. Commercial banks play a very important role
in economy of Pakistan.
HBL performs the different types of function and provides different services to its customers i.e.
Advances, collection of utility Bills, Remittances, Pensions, Transfer of money from place to place,
Open different account among the general public etc.
HBL plays a very important role in Pakistan. The Habib Bank of Pakistan has its headquarters in
Karachi, Pakistan. The bank operates 1300(2011) branches in Pakistan and 23(2011) overseas branches.
Habib Bank of Pakistan is today a progressive, efficient, and customer focused institution. It has
developed a wide range of consumer products, to enhance business and furnish to the different segments
of society. Some schemes have been specifically designed for the low to middle income segments of the
population. These include HBL Freedom Account and credit card facility featuring affordability( Buy
Now, Pay Later & pay as much as you can).The Habib Bank of Pakistan has implemented special
credit schemes like small finance for agriculture, business and industries, administrator to Qarz-e-Hasna
loans to students, self employment scheme for unemployed persons, public transport scheme. Habib
Bank Pakistan is also providing car loans , debit cards, deposits accounts and phone banking facility to
its customers.
The Bank is also the largest sponsor of sports in Pakistan. The bank also advertises its banking network
by undertaking services of different famous cricketers like Shahid Afridi and Umer Gul etc. It has
provided generously to giving causes whenever the need arose.

To enhance the profitability and Maximization of HBL share through increasing leverage of existing
customer base and diversified range of products.

The main purpose of a bank is to lower transaction costs, lower information costs and create liquidity.
The other objectives are:

Advancing loan
Accept deposits
Remitting of fund
Sale of promissory note

1.4.1Advancing loan:
Habib Bank of Pakistan gives the loan to general public and industrialist on the behalf of security stocks
and other securities.

1.4.2Accept deposit:
Habib Bank of Pakistan provides the deposit facilities to its customers. Customers deposit as in current,
Fixed and PLS accounts.

1.4.3Remitting of fund:
The Habib Bank of Pakistan also provides the facility of transferring the money through bank draft,
telegraph transfer, Mail transfer, wherever the customer wants.

1.4.4Sale of promissory note:

It also helps in selling any type of promissory note i.e. Debenture, shares, stock receipts, bonds etc.

1.5 Scope:
Six week time is not sufficient to cover all the aspect of the organization. Therefore I just focus on more
important aspects of the organization. In this report, I would like to mention that I have learned about the
general banking in the organization where I completed my internship.

Chapter 2
Overview of Organization:

2.1History of HBL:
Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan's founding father, realized the importance of financial intermediation
while he was campaigning for the creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims of India. He
persuaded the Habib family to establish a commercial bank that could serve the Indian
Muslim community. His initiative resulted in the creation of Habib Bank in 1941, with HO
in Bombay (now Mumbai), and fixed capital of 25,000 rupees. The bank played an important role in
mobilizing funds from the Muslim community to finance the All-India Muslim League's campaign for
the establishment of Pakistan. Habib Bank also played an important role in channeling relief funds to
Muslims hurt in the communal riots and violence that preceded the departure of the British from India.
Habib Bank Limited was established in Bombay in 1941 by the sons of Habib Ismail. The bank had over
30 branches operating in India at the time of partition. Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah reposed
confidence in the bank by opening his personal account. On the creation of Pakistan in 1947, and
following the advice of the Quaid-e-Azam, Habib Family shifted all of its businesses including Habib
Bank to Pakistan. The bank played a vital role in meeting the financial and banking needs of Pakistan. It
continued to record tremendous growth and progress and emerged as the leading private-sector
commercial bank in Pakistan when it was taken over by the Government of Pakistan along with all other
Pakistani banks on January 1, 1974.
After the formation of Pakistan in 1947, Habib Bank moved its headquarters to Karachi. This gave
Karachi its first commercial bank of the newly formed Pakistan. The Habib family would own and
manage the bank until the Pakistan government nationalized it on 1 January 1974.

In the 1950s, the HBL started its international expansion. In 1951 it opened the first of what would
become three branches in Sri Lanka. The next year HBL established Habib Bank (Overseas). Then in
1956 HBL opened the first of five branches in Kenya.

1957 or 1958 HBL opened a branch in Aden.

1961 HBL opened the first of what would become 6 branches in the UK.

1964 HBL opened the first of 4 branches in Mauritius and a branch in Beirut.

1966 HBL opened the first of 8 branches in the UAE.

1969 HBL opened the first of 3 branches and an OBU in Bahrain. However, HBLs branch in
Aden was nationalized.

1971 HBL opened an OBU in Singapore and a branch in New York.

1972 HBL opened the first of 11 branches in Oman. HBL constructed Habib Bank Plaza in
Karachi to commemorate the banks 25th Anniversary.

1974 The government of Pakistan nationalized HBL and HBL merged with Habib Bank

1975 HBL opened a branch in Belgium. HBL also merged with Standard Bank, a Pakistani

1976 HBL opened a branch in the Seychelles, the first of two branches in Bangladesh, and a
branch in the Maldives.

1979 HBL opened a branch in the Netherlands.

1980 HBL opened a branch in Paris and another in Hong Kong.

1981 HBL established Nigeria Habib Bank with 40% ownership. HBL also opened a
representative office in Teheran.

1982 HBL opened a branch in Khartoum.

1983 HBL opened branch in the Karachi EPZ and a branch in Istanbul.

1984 HBL established Habib American Bank in New York with a branch each
in Manhattan and Queens, and a US International Banking Facility. HBL also opened a branch
in California.

1987 HBL opened in Australia.

1991 The Habib Group established a separate private bank, the Bank AL Habib, after private
banking was re-established in Pakistan. HBL opened a branch in the Fiji Islands, and took over
the branches in Pakistan of failed bank, BCCI.

1992 In Nepal HBL acquired 20% of Himalayan Bank.

1995 HBL established a representative office in Cairo.

1990s HBL established Habib Finance (Australia), and Habib Finance International Limited,
Hong Kong.

On 13 June 2002, Pakistan's Privatization Commission announced that the Government of Pakistan
would grant the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED), a subsidiary of the Aga Khan
Development Network, majority ownership of HBL against an AKFED's investment in the bank.
During 2002, HBL's UK operation came close to being shut down due to regulatory issues with the
Financial Services Authority. The issue was resolved by converting the operations to a subsidiary. Then
Habib Bank Limited and Allied Bank of Pakistan merged their operations (Habib contributed its 6
branches and Allied its 4), into a new bank, called Habib-Allied International Bank, in which Habib

Bank has a 90.5% shareholding, while Allied Bank has 9.5%. Simultaneously with the transfer of
business to the new bank, both Allied and Habib Bank closed down all independent operations in the
In 2003, HBL received permission to open a branch in Afghanistan.
On 29 December 2003, Government of Pakistan granted AKFED rights to 51% of the shareholding in
the bank against an investment of PKR 22.409 billion (USD 389 million). The next year, on 26
February, the government of Pakistan handed over management control of Habib Bank to AKFED. The
Board of Directors was reconstituted to have four AKFED nominees, including the Chairman and the
President/CEO and three Government of Pakistan nominees. The bank's owners now comprise the Aga
Khan Fund for Economic Development (51%), Government of Pakistan (42.5%), and the general public
Habib Bank has long been scrutinized by intelligence officials monitoring terrorist money flows. On 18
July 2007, Mariane Pearl, the widow of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, filed a lawsuit against
Habib Bank Ltd over the 2002 abduction, torture and murder of her husband. The pending lawsuit
alleges the bank and its subsidiaries knowingly conducted financial transactions and provided account
services on behalf of Al Akhtar Trust, a Pakistani-based charity trust. Al Akhtar Trusts accounts have
been used to provide financial support to terrorists. However, HBL claims to have frozen Al Akhtar
Trusts accounts several years before Daniel Pearls abduction.
On 24 October 2007, Pearl's lawsuit against HBL was formally dropped. Lawyers for Mariane Pearl
noted that Habib Bank Limited and the other defendants in the case had not answered the lawsuit filed in
July (although Habib Bank Limited had denied ever supporting terrorism), but they otherwise did not
explain their reason for dropping the action.
The U.S. Federal Reserve Board and the New York State Banking Department criticized Habib Bank
Limited for failing to address deficiencies in its compliance with U.S. anti-money laundering laws. After
the U.S. Federal Reserve Board threatened formal charges, though none were filed, Habib Bank Limited
agreed to strengthen the bank's compliance. More specifically, the Fed ordered HBL to strengthen its
transaction monitoring systems and the filing of "suspicious activity reports" on transactions that do not
fit the routine business patterns of the bank's customer base.

2.2Nature of the organization:

2.2.1Accepting Deposits:

The primary function of HBL is to accept and receive surplus money from the people, which they
willingly deposit with the Bank. Like all other Banks, HBL also take incitation to attract as much
depositors as it can. They offer different deposit schemes to its customers, which includes the following
types. These schemes are as follows.

Current Deposits:
This type of account is often maintained by the business. Current deposits are those deposits on which
Bank offers no interest but it allows the account holders to withdraw their money at any time they want
without giving any prior notice to the community, which requires large sums of money very often for
their business transaction.

Profit and loss sharing account (Saving):

Saving deposits or PLS is those accounts on which Bank offers a lower rate of interest. After the Islamic
banking system in the country it has been given the name of PLS saving account. The Bank undertakes
to repay deposits on demand up to a certain amount.

Fixed deposits:
Fixed deposits are those which can be withdrawn only after the maturity period. In this type of deposits
the Bank allows high rates of interest depending on the time period of deposits. The shorter the period of
deposits, the less will be the interest and vice versa.

2.2.2Making Loans and advances:

The second most important function of HBL is to provide financing facility to its customers. These loans
and advances are usually made against document of title to goods, marketable securities, and personal
securities. HBL charges different interest rates on these loans and advances depending on the terms and
conditions settled with the customers. Following types of loans and advances are made available to the

Demand Finances:
Demand finances are those finances which are given to the borrowers for specified period and can be
called back without any prior notice. It is a single transaction finance. It can be long term, medium term

and short term. Mark up is also charge. Here the amount can be withdrawn once at the time of

Running Finance:
HBL provides these finances against the security of current assets like shares, bond, cash crops like
cotton and other cashable commodities. The borrowers account is opened with the Bank with the
amount of the total loan provided or allowed to the borrower. The borrower is allowed to withdraw any
amount from his account within the specified limit and interest is charged only on the amount actually

Over Draft:
This type of facility is usually given to very loyal clients. This allows them to withdraw over and above
the amount held by them in their account, and interest is charged only on the amount, which is
withdrawn in excess of the amount actually held in their account.

Discounting bills of exchange:

Discounting bills of exchange can also be considered as a form of loan because it allows the holder to
get the bill encased before the maturity period. A bill of exchange is usually issued by the importer of
goods to the exporters, which allows them to be paid in their own currency after three months time. If
the exporter needs the money before the maturity of the bill of exchange, he can get his money from the
Bank by discounting the bill of exchange. The Bank utilizes their surplus funds by discounting the bills
of exchange at their market worth i.e. Bank pay to the holders of the bill on amount equal to their face
value after deducting interest at the current rate for the maturity period of the bill. Our stated objective
of being a premier emerging market bank.

2.3Financial Highlights of 2012:

(Rupees In 000)
Total Assets




Pre-Tax Profit
After Tax Profit
Number of
Number Of
Branches(in pak.)


In 2008 HBL got following awards:

Best banking in Pakistan

Most innovative global trade finance
Busiest brands

In 2009 HBL has been recognized as:

The best emerging market bank in Pakistan

HBL among top 500 global financial brands

In 2010 HBL won:

Best emerging market banks award in Pakistan

Enabling people to advance with confidence and success.

To make our customers prosper, our staff excel and create value for shareholders.

2.4.3Core values:

Highest standard of integrity

Institutionalizing a teamwork and performance culture
Advancement of skills for tomorrows challenges
Excellence in services
Awareness of social and community responsibility
Value creation for all stakeholders

2.5 Corporate information:

Sultan Ali Allana


Nauman k. Dar

Moez Jamal
Sajid Zahid
R. Zakir Mahmood
Ahmed Jawad
Sikander Mustafa khan
Agha Sher Shah

Audit Committee:
Mr. Sikandar Mustafa Khan


Mr. Ebrahim Sidat


Mr. Ansar Hussain Shamsi


Management Forum:
Nauman k Dar (President and CEO)

Sima Kamil (Hear retail & Banking)

Ayaz Ahmed (CFO)

Abid Sattar (Head global operations)

Rizwan Haider (Chief Risk Officer)

Aman Aziz ( Head strategic Planning )

Jamil Iqbal (Chief compliance officer)

Salim Amlani (Chief Internal Auditor)

Salahuddin Manzoor (Global treasurer)

Mudassir H Khan (Chief Info. Officer)

Faiq Sadiq (Head payment services)

Hassan Raza (Head structured credits)

Mirza Saleem baig (Head Islamic banking)

Amir Kureshi (Head consumer

Wajahat Rasool khan (G.M network Management international) Farhan talib (Head Investment

Head office:
Habib Bank Plaza
I.I. Chundrigar Road
Karachi 75650 Pakistan.
Phone: 021-32418000 [50 Lines]
Fax: 021-39217511

Registered office:
Habib Bank Limited 4th Floor, Habib Bank Tower
Jinnah Avenue Islamabad, Pakistan.
Phone: 051-2872203 &051-2821183

Fax: 051-2872205

Like other business organization the core desire of Habib Bank is to maximize the profit through saving
& loaning money to the life of the common people. The Objectives of the Habib Bank are given below:

2.6.1.Broad Goal:
As a privatized commercial organization, Habib Bank belongs to the people. It implies that it stands for
meeting the banking needs of the mass people of the society.

2.6.2Operating Goal:
In compliance with the very nature of the organization, the objective in mind the bank aims at excelling
quality and diversified services. To fulfill its mission Habib Bank has its main objectives as followings:

To provide banking services to people.

To earn profit.

Act as a media of exchange.

To contribute to gross domestic product (GDP).

Maintain a satisfactory deposit mix.

To promote and boost up business sector inside the country.

To help to grow entrepreneurship.

Increase loan portfolio diversification and geographical coverage.

To mitigate unemployment problem.

Provide finance specialized services to the export.

To help to boost economic development.

To help in development and industrialization of the country

2.7 Service Attitudes:

Habib Bank is a service organization. It will live and prosper on the quality of service it
provides. Hence quality of service must be maintained at all levels.

Banks image with people should be identified on the quality and diversity of services
that the people aspire to receive.

As a dynamic bank it will remain in search of new field of activity in line with people
economic need. Suggestions by customers and other people shall receive proper
attention so as to help identify new activity or improve upon present activities.

The bank shall maintain healthy competition with other banks aiming at excelling
services in meeting economic needs of the people.

2.8Services / Products Offered by the bank:

Credit Cards

Car Loan

Phone Banking

Deposit Accounts

Debit Card
HBL Freedom Account
Internet Banking

2.8.1.Credit Cards:
Welcome to a world of convenience, flexibility and opportunity. The HBL Credit Card will add
simplicity and excitement to your life. Accepted at over 24 million merchants worldwide, HBL Credit
Card makes shopping fun and paying simple. Make the most out of your shopping experience with your
very own HBL Credit Card. Credit card provides the following benefits:

It is convenient in a sense that Instead of paying with cash, simply present your HBL Credit

Card to the shopkeeper and pay for anything you want.

You can pay your bills on your behalf and charge the amount to your HBL Credit Card. You can
give one-time standing instructions to pay your monthly bills. Check the amount in your
monthly card statement and make the payment with your regular card payment.

For all transactions, an SMS alert will be sent to you on your mobile phone to confirm that the

transactions have been conducted by you. A nominal fee will be charged for this service.
You can enroll for an e-statement with a simple call. An e-statement with details of all your
transactions will be sent to your specified email address every month. You wont have to wait

for your paper statement any more or have to worry about storing it.
HBL Credit Card also offers the facility of receiving your card statement by fax. Just give us a

call and your last card statement will be faxed to you at the fax number specified by you.
Your HBL Credit Card ensures your money stays completely secure. You cannot lose cash if you
dont carry it. In the unlikely event that your card is stolen, call us at HBL Phone Banking and

your card will be blocked immediately.

Credit card is affordable in a sense that it gives you the opportunity to buy what you want, when
you want and pay for it later. A credit card statement will be sent to you every month with
details of all your purchases. You will have 21 credit free days to make the payment from the
statement date. Please pay at least 3 days in advance if you make your payment by cheques to

allow enough time for clearance.

You have the freedom to pay the entire outstanding amount on your card statement or as little as
5% of the outstanding balance in your statement. The remaining amount will be transferred to
next months statement. A nominal service charge will be applied to the unpaid amount each

Just make sure all your HBL Credit Card payments are made before the due date and you will

benefit from a reduction in the rate of service charges at the end of each year.
With your HBL Credit Card Balance Transfer Facility, you have the opportunity to pay off

balances you owe to other banks through your HBL Credit Card at lower service charges.
With Hbl credit card enjoy a hassle free shopping experience and shop from a choice of online
merchants, all from the comfort of your home.

2.8.2.HBL Car Loan:

HBL Car Loan helps you get your preferred car through a simple and hassle-free process, backed by
superior service and support. Now you can drive a car you always wanted.

Choice of either a new local/imported car or a reconditioned imported car.

Repayment options ranging unto 7 years.

Upton 85% of financing for the car of your choice.

Insurance at all times for complete peace of mind and security.

Round the clock support available through

2.8.3. HBL Phone Banking:

Your bank is just a phone call away. You can now call HBL Phone Banking and save a trip to the branch.
Your query will be resolved in a single telephone call from anywhere and at anytime.
You can place your requests and queries, track the status of your repayment/loan account and avail other
value-added services through HBL Phone Banking.

Eligibility Criteria:


Business persons/Professionals





22-60 years

22-65 years

Rs. 20,000

Rs. 25,000

monthly income

Salaried Individuals

Copy of CNIC

2 recent passport size photographs

Latest original salary slip and personal bank statement for last 3 months

Self-Employed Business persons/Professionals:

Copy of CNIC

2 recent passport size photographs

Bank statement for last 6 months and bank letter confirming details of account

Proof of business

2.8.4.Deposit Accounts:
The bank accepts deposit from its customers and pays them interest on it. Bank also makes
advances which have more interest on them than those which he takes as deposit and by this
difference earns its profit.

2.8.5.Debit Card:
The HBL debit card empower you to do much more than just cash withdrawal. HBL Visa Debit
Card allows you to pay for your purchases directly from your bank account. You dont have to carry
cash and your monthly statement provides you with a complete record of all your transactions so you
can manage your expenses with ease.

No Interest
Ease & Security

Global Customer Assistance Service

No Liability
International Recognition& Acceptability
Spending Limits
Free Account Statement
24 hour Customer Service

HBL provides the facility of ATM. Almost 1000 ATMs are working in this regard by HBL.
Through ATM people can easily withdraw their money.

2.8.7.Internet Banking:
HBL is also providing internet banking facility. Now you dont need to go to bank physically,
you can manage all the transactions of bank while staying at home.

2.8.8.HBL Freedom Account:

Free accidental insurance

Free cash withdrawals
Free online funds transfer transaction
Free bankers cheques
Free check book
Free ATM transaction
Free debit card issuance
Free HBL duplicate account statement

2.9Types of accounts offered by the bank:

2.9.1Term Accounts:
HBLs Term Accounts are offered in a variety of tenure with deposits as low as Rs.10, 000.

2.9.2HBL Advantage Account:



10 year
5 year
3 year
1 Year


Multiple options for tenure and profit payout

Loan facility up to 90% of deposit

Minimum required investment as low as Rs. 25,000

2.9.3Special Notice Time Deposit:

7 days or 30 days (and over) notice

Minimum deposit of Rs. 10,000

Balances less than Rs. 1 million

Balances equal to and greater than Rs. 1 million

Returns range from 0.75% to 4% depending on notice period and amount


Deposit Receipts:

3 month term deposit

Minimum balance of Rs. 10 million

Returns range from 0.75% to 2.25%

2.9.5Remittance Munafa plus Deposit (Certificates):

Available in 1 year, 3 year and 5 year certificates
Profit disbursement is monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually and on maturity
Profit paid on maturity
Returns range from 7.8% to 11%

2.9.6 Current Account:

Non-profit bearing

No transaction limits

Minimum balance of Rs. 10,000. If the average balance falls below this
amount, then service charges will be deducted
No restriction on anyone opening a Current Account (as long as regulatory
guidelines are met)

2.9.7 Basic Banking Account (BBA):

No minimum balance

No service charges

2.9.8 Savings Account:

Profit paid bi-annually

Minimum average balance of Rs. 10,000

5% profit per annum

2.9.9 HBL Value Account:

7% profit per annum*

Profit credited every 3 months

Deposit ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 100,000

Flexibility of withdrawals

2.9.10 HBL Super value Account:

7.25% profit per annum*

Profit credited every 3 months

Deposit ranges from Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 500, 00

Flexibility of withdrawals

2.9.11 Remittance Munafa Plus Saving Account:

Remittance Based (no credit allowed except remittance)

Daily Basis Product


Monthly profit

Minimum average balance of Rs. 10,000

Less than Rs. 20,000 earns 0.10% profit

Rs. 1 million and above earns 5% profit

2.9.12 Special Saving Bank Deposit Scheme:

Daily Basis Product

Monthly profit
Minimum balance of Rs. 20,000
Returns unto 8%

2.9.13 Daily Munafa plus Deposit Account:

Daily Basis Product


Monthly profit

Minimum balance of Rs. 50,000

Returns unto 8%

2.9.14 HYFFD (High Yield Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit):

Available in 1 month, 2 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 Month in USD(US dollar),

EUR(Euros) and GBP(UK pound)

Tiered product, with rates depending on choice of currency and term

Profit paid on maturity only. No interim interest is payable.

2.9.15 Tabeer Children Education:

An insurance plan that enables parents to cover education and marriage costs.

2.10 Competitors:
2.10.1 Local Private Banks in Pakistan:

Allied Bank of Pakistan Limited

Arif Habib Rupali Bank Limited

Askari Commercial Bank Limited

Bank Al Habib

Bank Al Falah Limited

Faysal Bank Limited

MCB Bank

United Bank Limited

2.10.2Foreign Banks in Pakistan:

Citibank NA



American Express Bank Limited

Emirates Bank

Doha Bank

Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi Limited

However Habib Bank feels that its major competitors are as follows:

United Bank Limited (UBL)

MCB Bank


Askari Bank etc

As far as UBL is concerned, Habib Bank feels that it is a competitor because UBL itself is a sister HBL
of Habib Bank as the Abu Dhabi Group has stake in UBL and so there is always a comparison between
Furthermore, Askari Bank is a competitor because of the fact that the product and services that it offers
is fairly similar to that of Habib Bank and its markup rates are similar as well. MCB, after being
privatized has also introduced a wide variety of services and with its large number of account holders, it
is also a big competitor.
Citibank is a foreign bank that has been established in Pakistan for a long period of time and has
introduced a number of first class services and as Habib Bank is also competing in the services industry,
it needs to benchmark its product and services to a bank with a stature to that of Citibank


At present the Bank operates through one central and 23 Regional Offices and 1500 branches inside and
112 branches in 25 different countries of the world in 5 different subcontinent.. The president and
Executives Committee look after the affairs of the Bank. Each Regional Head Quarter is headed by a
Chief Executive and assisted by General Manager Operations and General Manager Support Services.
The Regional Head Quarter controls the branches in their area. Overseas operations consist of 65 main
branches, two affiliates, two representative offices and two subsidiaries. President, from Head Office at
Karachi controls the officers of the Bank with the help of the senior management. Functional
responsibilities of the Banks are broken into seven groups known as 1) International Operations Group2)
Corporate Banking and Treasury Investment Group3) Retail Banking and Operation Group Finance,
Audit and Administration Group5) Assets Remedial Management Group6) Credit Policy
Group7)Corporate Bank, Financial Institutions and Project Finance Group. In addition to the overall
controlling authority, president also manages the International Operations Group individually. While the
Senior Executive Vice Presidents supervise rest of the functional groups. Each Senior Executive Vice
President is individually responsible for the group which is assigned to him. At the level of provinces
there are Regional Head Quarters headed by Regional Chief Executives (RCE). Each RCE is assisted by
GM operations and GM Support Services. Branches are also controlled by the RCEs. Circle Offices of
the past times have been removed to reduce Managerial Layers, which were working under the control
of Zonal Offices. This happened as a result of policy of beginning new changes in the organizational

2.12Pest analysis:
Pest analysis includes political, economical, social and cultural & technological analysis of
National bank of Pakistan.


Impact of subsidized credit affecting &NCBs

Employment practices, unions association
Political interference and harassment
Incidents of high taxation in banking industry


Restraint in public saving because of inflation

Operating cost
Bad debts

Savings of people are low

Social &cultural:

Inadequate human resources

Cultural constraints to saving
Defaulters lobby
Declining education & work ethics
Inadequate accountability
Adequate empowerment


Inadequate communication infrastructure

Inadequate computer facilities
Inadequate IT training

Chapter 3
3.1Organizational Hierarchy chart



Board of Directors

SEVP International Operation

SEVP Finance, Audit & Administration

SEVP Corporate Banking & Treasury

SEVP Asset Remedial Management

SEVP Retail Banking & Information Technology

SEVP Credit Policy

SEVP Corporate Banking, financial institute & Project finance

The lower level of Habib Bank Limited is consist of Clerical & non- clerical staff.

3.2Main Office:
HBL Building is on Habib Bank Plaza I.I. Chandigarh Road Karachi 75650 Pakistan and regional
office of HBL is in Sara e Alamghir.

3.3Introduction of all Departments:

1. Account Opening Department
2. Deposits Department
3. Advances Department
4. Accounts Department
5. Cash Department
6. Remittance Department

3.3.1)Account Opening Department:

This department performs the duty of opening accounts for customers. It also issues checkbooks to
customers. Two or more individuals may open an account jointly. Similarly, business organizations such
as sole proprietary concerns, partnership firms, and limited liability companies as well as non-profit
organizations like clubs, trusts, societies, associations etc may open their accounts.
The following requirements are necessary for opening an account.
Identification of customer.
occupation of customer
A customer opening a account for what purpose
Determining the correct residential and permanent address.
Proper completion of documentation

Functions of Account Opening Department:

Providing account opening form to customer

Guide the customer about the requirements of the account opening and form filling
Check the forms whether they are correctly completed or not
Verification of signature with CNIC
Stamping on the form
Maintaining account opening register
Pasting of forms in register after release from general banking in charge
Issuance of cheque books
Issuance of accounts maintenance certificate

3.3.2)Deposit Department:
The primary function of Habib Bank of Pakistan is to accept and receive surplus money from the people,
which they willing to deposit with the Bank. The deposit department accepts/collects deposit from

accountholders. The Habib Bank of Pakistan offer different deposit schemes to its customers, which
includes the following:

Current Deposits
PLS Saving Deposits
Fixed Deposit Account ( Time Deposits)
Foreign Currency Account

3.3. 3)Advances Department:

The bank is profit seeking institution. It takes deposits from the customer at low rate of interest and
makes advances at a higher rate of interest to the individuals and business firms for make profit. Credit
extensions are the most important activity of all the financial institutions, because it is the main source
of earnings. Advances department is one of the most sensitive and important department of the bank.
The major portion of the profit is usually earned through this department. The job of this department is
to make proposals about the loans; the credit management division of head office directly controls all the
The advances Department receive application from proposing borrowers. After receiving application the
advance department processes it further. After analyzing and detailed investigation, they decide whether
to approve the loan or not. Some loan approvals are made by the Manager of the branch within his
powers as prescribed, while some loan applications are submit to higher authorities for their approval.
Some advances are given by Habib Bank of Pakistan:

Loan against Gold

Staff Loan
Cash Finance
Students Loan Scheme

The Advances department deals in following transactions:

Submission of proposals of Running finance, Cash finance, Demand finance, Export finance,
Staff finance, Finance against imported merchandise etc for sanction of finance limit from the
hire authority.
Preparation and posting of vouchering of all type of finance.
Accruals & recovering of Markup on finances on periodical basis.
Preparation of weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually statement to the hire authority.
Transfer of funds from one account to another account of the party taking the authority letter.

Preparation of advances record.

Timely submission of returns/reports, daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly.
Checking of computer outputs of the department on daily basis.
Balancing of all financing heads.

3.3.4)Accounts Department:
Accounts Department of the bank can be considered the most important department. This department is
basically concerned with processes and activities of recovering, sorting, summarizing and reporting data
resulting from the whole day transactions of all the departments. Actually the process of this activity
starts from the preparation of all the required vouchers by different related departments. When these
vouchers are prepared, these are posted into respective computer terminals by the relevant departments.
Before merging, a batch list is printed out by Computer Department and duly checked by the respective
departments. After this, merging stage comes, after which a proof list is printed out. This is the stage,
where Accounts Department starts performing its function. Proof list is checked by the Accounts
Department. The account department prepare following vouchers and reports

Monthly Profit & Loss account- F48

General Ledger
Check Book Issue Register
Western Union payments Register
Demand Notices
Miscellaneous Book
Bank Transfer scroll
Daily Statement
General Ledger- Head wise
Hash Value Register
End of Day register
Monthly return register
Charges A/c register
P-L-S Profit
Cash Remittance IN
Cash Remittance OUT

Utilities register
Statement of affairs
Closing entries

3.3.5)Remittance Department:
All those money, thats receive as foreign currency from other countries that is known as western union
or E-Remittances. Remittances received through cash by CNIC # and through account. Remittances
through banking channels save time, costs less and eliminate the risks involved in physical
transportation of money from one place to another.
This Department also deals with the followings:

Pay Order
Demand Draft
Mail Transfer
Telegraphic Transfer
Pay Slip
Call Deposit Receipt
Letter of Credit
Travelers Cheque

3.3.6)Cash Department:
All physical movement of cash in the bank is made through the cash department. As bank is borrowing
and lending institution, therefore cash is the top most priority of Bank. Another aspect is that cash
department is for the security purpose, security in a sense that there should be no embezzlement of funds
or in money leaded to bank by any party or person. The efficiency of bank is also related to this
department the more efficient the bank is the stronger and busy is the cash department.
Cash department owes its important to the fact that it is a major point of contract between the bank and
the customer, the banks most valued relationships. This department is the showcase of the bank and
conveys the first impressions about the banks commitment to professionalism in its systems and
procedures and to courteous and efficient customer service. Normally cash department performs
following functions

Collection of funds
Acceptance of deposits
Collection of utility bills
Payment of checks
Act according to any standing instructions

Transfer of funds from one account to another

Verification of signatures
Handling of Prize bond

The two main activities of cash department are as follows:

Cash deposit by customer:

When the customer wants to deposit amount in his account at opening of account or after that he has to
fill a deposit slip. Then cashier will receive amount and credit the customers account that shows
increase in customers bank account.

Make a payment to customer:

When the customer draws a cheque on the bank, BBO Operator will debit the customers account that
shows reduction in his account balance.

3.4Cheque Encashment procedure:

3.4.1Receiving of Cheque:
The cash is paid against the cheques of the client. The following points are important. Cheque is drawn
on same branch Cheque is not post dated. Amount in words and figure are same. It should be bearer
cheques so the word bearer should not cross.

3.4.2Verification of signature:
After receiving the cheques the cheques the operation manager verify the signature of the account holder
and the signature on the cheques. If the signature is not same it is returned back otherwise forward to
BBO Operator for posting.

3.4.4Computer terminal process:

The cheque is received in computer terminal, where BBO operator checks the balance of the account
holder. The BBO operator also sees the stop payment instructions, whether received from account holder
or not. After considering these points BBO Operator posts the cheque in BBO (Branch back office
system) and forward to operation manager.

3.4.5Payment of cash:

After posting the cheque the operation manager cancelled the cheque and returned back to cashier. The
cashier enters the cheque in cash paid registered and pays against the second signature of receiver on the
back of the cheque.

Chapter No.4
4.1. Introduction of Branch:
The branch where I complete my internship is Habib Bank Limited at Saadat Pur Branch. This
branch has not all the departments of HBL, some most important departments are maintaining
by this branch i.e. Account Department, Credited Department, Account opening Department,
Western union, foreign remittance, etc.
Branch Code Number


Branch Telephone Number


HBL Saadat Pur Branch 1173 has a tight competition among the different banks. Bank policy is
efficiently work done in order to satisfy the customer, providing better services to them as
compare to other banks and also to maintain the profits of the branch. This Branch of HBL does
not takes any type of risk.

Computer system:
The system has not totally shifted on computer. Manual procedure is still there hence computer
facility is not fully availed. There should be a system at each counter for quick processing.

Right person for right job:

During my internship I have observed the person who has came as customer Relationship
Officer was acting as Cashier. It should not be like this. The person should be posted according
to his qualification, profession skills and experience.

Customer problem:

People have to wait for en-cashing their cheques for about 10-20 minutes, which is not good for
the reputation of bank; the delay is due to manual work. Therefore I suggest that computers and
other electronic machines should be installed in bank so that time could be saved.

Deficiency in management:
I felt at some places the HBL Saadat Pur Branch need to have more employees, because a lot of
work is to be done by a single employee that will result in work overload and employee might
not perform his/her job with full devotion.

Physical Facilities:
Facilities like rooms are wider in size, there is no ventilation, furniture and separate room
facilities for officers are available in HBL Sadat Pur Branch (1173).

Performances of the employees are checked on the basis of customer stratification and also in
terms of quality through number of accounts and budgets achieved by the employees.

4.2. Hierarchy of Branch:

Branch Manager
Shamas Ali

Altaf Ahmad

Cash Deptt.
Cash Incharge
Clerical Deptt.

M.Yaqoob Sajid

Safder Butt



4.3. Weekly Time Table:



Activities Performed in the Department


1st day the branch manager introduce me with all


the employees and then under the supervision of

Week 1

Sir Rizwan I learned about the Gold loan and

Week 2

Week 3


students loan scheme etc.

Observed the activities of the department and filled


up the account opening form. I fill up the new


account opening form of the customer and also


learnt about the cheque book issuance procedure.

In 3rd week I learned about the procedure of


western union, and also worked on computer for


the payment that the customers receive from the


Week 4

Week 5


In this department I learned about the clearing


procedure and enter the data in clearing register

Gold Loan

Complete the Assignments that credit officer gave

me, have done Gold loan entry on ledger books of
Gold Loan.

Week 6

4.4. Description of Departments:

4.4.1. Cash Department:
The main purpose of cash department is to deal with money. As bank is borrowing and lending
institution, therefore cash is the top most main concern of Bank. Another aspect is that cash
department is keep an eye on the cash matters and security, in a sense that there should be no
appropriation of funds or in money lending and borrowing matters to bank by any party or
person. The efficiency of bank related to this department the more efficient this department
wills the bank be in the stronger position. Cash department divided into two categories i.e.

The receipts side deals in
Collection of funds.
Acceptance of deposits.
Collection of utility bills.

The payments side deals with

Payments of check

4.4.2. Deposits Department:

It refers to the money received by bank from people, parties, institutions etc. The Bank keeps
these funds. People stay these funds with bank because of following purposes:



Proper usage of funds

Mostly the bank keeps these funds into Current Deposit A/C, Profit & Loss A/C and Fixed
The Accounts will be opened upon submission of duly filled-in Banks prescribed Account
Opening Form properly introduced in the manner provided and on submitting all such
documents as may be revised by the Bank. The Bank reserves the right to demand relevant
documents even after opening of account as deemed necessary.
The Bank has the right to refuse to open an Account without assigning any reason. The
Accounts shall be opened with an initial deposit as predetermined by the Bank from time to
time unless specifically excused.
Where any account is not according to the agreement of the Bank, the account be closed
without any notice and the balance will be remitted to the depositor at the address given by the
Account Holders.

4.4.3. Account opening Department:

Account opening department is the most important department of the bank. The banking field
accounts are work as blood of the organization. Account opening perform different types of
activities related to account opening. These activities are inspiring the customer to open the

account in the bank and investigate the persons etc. It is very important for the bank the
customer has some financial worth he wants to open account in the bank.

Account opening method:

The procedure of account opening is a very easy in HBL. The person come for the account
opening, come to department and gets the account opening form. This form is containing all the
necessary information that required for opening the account. The customers fill the required
information. After the completion of the initial requirements, applicant submits the form to
account opening department. The information includes

Account title
Full name of the applicant
Telephone number
Signature of the applicant
Initial deposit
Business nature

Required documents:
NADRA verification obtained by the bank
Copy of service card of the employee or any proof of service.
In case of minor account the copy of B-Form and CNIC copy of guardian
In case of blind applicant only the joint account is opened with the normal person
In case of joint account copy of CNIC required of all the member of the account
In case sole proprietor the copy of business registration
The account opening of the company is very complicated procedure and required

large number of documents like financial statements copies, copy of memorandum

of association and the CNIC copy of all the directors.

4.4.4. Advance Department:

Credit extensions are the most important activity of all the financial institutions, because it is
the main source of earnings. Advances department is one of the most sensitive and important
department of the bank. The major portion of the profit is usually earned through this

department. The job of this department is to make proposals about the loans; the credit
management division of head office directly controls all the advances.
The advances Department receive application from proposing borrowers. After receiving
application the advance department processes it further. After analyzing and detailed
investigation, they decide whether to approve the loan or not. Some loan approvals are made by
the Manager of the branch within his powers as prescribed, while some loan applications are
submit to higher authorities for their approval.
The bank where I complete internship, issues different loans or advances like cash loan,
students loan scheme and Gold loan.

4.5. Work that is performed by me:

In this section of the report, I mention the activities that I performed during the internship in
Habib Bank Limited Sadat Pur Branch. I already mention that I perform all the duties of the
department in which I worked.

4.5.1. Advance Department:

In the 1st week of internship I worked in credit department. Mr.Rizwan handles the activities of
credit department. He tells me about credit department. In credit department I fill the form of
Gold loan and entries on ledger book of Gold loan. He told me to check the application form of
the customers. Check the documents required for the gold loan. I spend the 1st week of
internship in credit department which is very productive for me to build up my interest in
banking sector.

4.5.2. Remittance Department:

During my internship I work in remittance department. In this department my supervisor is Mr.
Rizwan. He is the very cooperative person and told me that remittance department plays a very
vital role in general banking. The general purpose of remittance department is to transfer the
fund from one place to another place and for this purpose different types of tools are used i.e.
Demand draft, Mail transfer, Pay order.

During my internship I make all these tools under supervision of Mr.Rizwan. He told me the
procedure of foreign remittance. And I gave money to people through western union. My
internship training in remittance department is very Productive to develop my interest during
the whole internship.

4.5.3. Account opening department:

I also learned about the activities of the account opening department. After working in credit
Department, I was transferred in Account opening department to learn more. In this department
I work under Mr.Ilyas Butt, my supervisor told me that now I will learn about account opening
department. He provides me brief introduction of account opening department and the
procedure of opening the account. In this department my supervisor told me to fill the account
opening form and guides the customer about the procedure of account opening. I fill up the
account opening form under the supervision of Mr.Ilyas Butt. During this work be trained
because it is very necessary for opening an account to verify all the documents of the person
who want to open an account and also verify the information by the NADRA.
I open the account of customers. I collect all the necessary documents related to the account
opening procedure. I acquire the signature of the customer on account opening form. Finally I
open the account of the customer and record in account opening register.
In this department I also gain knowledge of about the procedure of cheque book issuance. My
supervisor Mr.Ilyas Butt told me to receive the application from the customer and fill it. Check
the signature on it and issue the cheque book to the customer and maintain the record of the
customer. In account opening department Mr.Ilyas Butt was very cooperative and provides the
detailed information about the account opening department.

4.5.4. Clearing department:

During the internship I worked in clearing department as well with Mr.Imran. He deals with the
clearing department and operates the online computer of the branch. Mr.Imran told me about
clearing department that deals with the cheques those are other than HBL. He told me clearing
are of two types, the first one is outward clearing and second is inward clearing. The 1 st step of
inward clearing is to collect the cheques from the customer and enter into the clearing register.

My supervisor told me the method to enter the cheque in register. In clearing register cheque
was entered with the date. It contain all the information about the cheques like title of the
account, bank name on whose behalf clearing is made, name of the drawee, account number,
cheque number and the amount of the cheque.
The second was outward clearing; cheques receive by NIFT of other banks, If this branch have
the balance in account of that cheques then bank debit his account and credit the bank account.

4.6. Summary:
HBL Sadat Pur Branchs policy is to do efficient work in order to satisfy the customer,
providing better services to them as compare to other banks and also maintain the profits of the
branch. Strategies are a way to achieve goals of the organization. HBL Sadat Pur Branch has
not all the departments but have the essential departments like cash and remittance department.
Successes of the organization are based on the success of the strategies made by the top level
The marketing department of the Habib Bank Limited is doing good job. Because of
competition in market there are many other Banks are exiting in the market at the same time
with the Habib Bank Limited. Keeping in view the difficulties faced by the general public. HBL
has taken the initiative to provide service for collection /receipt of utility bills on behalf of
WAPDA, Sui Gas, PTCL from 9.00am 4.00 p.m. all the branches throughout the country is
observing this practice to ease the long queues lined up at the counters of banks. The Habib
Bank Limited avails a rich and diverse human resource potential. In addressing the need for
upgrading the academic and professional expertise of staff up to the current days requirements,
the Banks training institute has played an important role.

4.7. Summary of Learning:

During the internship in HBL I try to improve my skills. Internship plays a very vital role to
improve my skills and qualification. Internship provides me a plate form to learn about the
practical life how to manage the difficulties during the work. I have gained the different skills
during the internship in HBL like time management, how to deal with different customers, work
on computer, communication skills, decision making skills and most important how to work

with different people in an organization. In the banking sector the most important thing is time
management. How much time you spend to complete the transaction and satisfy the customer in
limited time.
I also leaned about complete the task individually as well as team work. It is very helpful to
boost up my confidence level. I learned to manage myself according to situation.
Internship will play very important role in the development of my future. Being a student of
commerce, internship in banking sector has great influence on my career. The skills that I have
gained from the internship will very helpful in practical life. Internship provides me great
opportunity to increase my abilities for future plans and requirements. It also helps me to
improve my personality which is key element of today commercial life. Through the internship
I gained the decision making ability in stress situation which is very helpful throughout the
whole career. And also plays a very important role to increase the ability of communication
skills which will be very helpful in job interviews.
In credit department I fill the form of Gold loan and entries on ledger book of Gold loan. It is
very wonderful experience for me.
I open the account of customers. I collect all the necessary documents related to the account
opening procedure. I acquire the signature of the customer on account opening form. Finally I
open the account of the customer and record in account opening register. It help in my future.
During my internship I make all these tools under supervision of Mr.Rizwan. He told me the
procedure of foreign remittance. And I gave money to people through western union. My
internship training in remittance department is very Productive to develop my interest during
the whole internship.

From my internship in THE HABIB BANK LIMITED, I know clearly about the atmosphere in
the bank. It helps me a lot in job after doing my master. While doing my internship I came to
know that the banks have positive points but it also has some negative aspects. Besides this
thing, I learned lot of things, which help me in my practical life.

Chapter No.5
5.1. SWOT Analysis:
HBL is considered to be a very sound bank in the financial circles. The bank where the
customers can safely keep their money as long as they want. In SWOT analysis the best
strategies accomplish in organizations mission by: 1.Exploiting opportunities and
strengths.2.Neutralizing its threats and3.Avoiding its weaknesses. Following is a list of SWOT
of HBL


A skill or capability that enables HBL to conceive and implement its strategies.

The officers of HBL are considered as one of the most able professionals in the
banking world.

I observed that HBL employees interact with their clients as if they are their
personal friends and discuss about their problems as their own.

HBL has got a reliable and easy to use internal computer system. Every information
regarding the transactions in customers deposits has been computerized.

HBL maintained its data properly.

HBL has very good security system.

HBL is the larger commercial bank in Pakistan with the network of over 1439
domestic and international branches.

Being the pioneer of banking in Pakistan, HBL is the oldest and is the richest in

HBL focuses on consumer banking by lucrative schemes, products and services

suiting best to the wants and demands of the customers.

HBL has opened all its branches at commercial areas so that the customers or clients
face no problems in reaching to the bank.

The band is always on the look to improve its services both to the domestic as well
as overseas customers.

Human resources development and introduction of new technology towards modern


24 hours cash access and safe payment products for high value transaction.

Having potential to encounter the competitive environment in the market.

Veteran and experience private management group also involved in other interests
like, textile and cement industry.

Customer enjoys the services at the residential localities.


Highest number of branches effecting the proper maintenance and difficulty in

providing same working environment at the each branch

Poorer system of recovery of the system is a threat to bankruptcy.

Lack of customer feed back.

Low job satisfaction.

Poor ATMs Service

Inconsistency in efficiency and working atmosphere due to the largest of branches.

Sense of insecurity in the employees serving at low profitable branches due to the
down sizing.

Females feel uneasy in an environment among the male workers.

Victim of political, legal and socio-cultural pressures.

Lack of professionalism in the branch employees mostly.


Huge untapped market potential in consumer banking

In opportunity exist, in form of opening of ladies banking section within the branch
which is entirely a new idea and it will attract customer.

Opportunity for developing value added services combined with corporate banking
relationships, cash management services to large and medium sized corporate clients.

Growing policies of government on business and commerce sector provide HBL

opportunities to take advantages of these policies to meet efficiently with the business
people to solve their problems with the instant cash and financing facilities.

Govt. is taking very bold steps to promote IT in Pakistan. HBL has an opportunity to
improve in technology.

Large international network which principally focuses on trade finance with

Pakistan can be utilized to tap trade activities in other markets. In addition, services such
as cross border / offshore financing for corporate customers can be enhanced.

Customer feedback on different products and accounts has really improved the bank
performance and encourage the atmosphere for other future policies.

HBL also has an opportunity to expand its new technological advancement like; tele
banking and internet banking facilities in order to serve the customer more efficiently,

E-banking facility is also a new opportunity which is a flourishing business in

foreign countries and can also be here, if HBL takes the initiatives.

Further reduction in intermediation costs possible, with improving technology.

Due to efficient and veteran management group, HBL can also improve Ill and
expand its foreign operation successfully.

Habib Bank Limited provides opportunity to utilize its skills and efficiencies in
leasing business.


An area in the environment that increases the difficulties the organizations

achieving high performance.

Consolidation in the banking sector resulting in increased competition.

Shortage of trained and specialized staff at lower executive and officer levels

The threat of inconsistency and government policy regarding to business and

economics sectors, specially political and regional situation which makes the environment

Growing global technological advancement.

Strict regulation by government over credit facilities to the customers as Ill as to

meet the prudential.

Loss of confidence of overseas customers due to freezing of accounts.

Facing more competition by foreign banks in the market.

Foreign banks are flourishing in field of consumer financing.

Also the increasing operation of private banks.

Highly attractive and advance services by foreign banks to their customers.

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