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University of Gujrat


All gratitude and thanks to almighty ALLAH the gracious, the most merciful and beneficent
who gave me courage to undertake and complete this task
First of all I thank my almighty ALLAH. Who give me knowledge and strength and able me to
do my MBA (finance). I am very much obliged to my ever caring and loving parents whose
prayers have enabled to reach this stage.
I am grateful to almighty ALLAH who made me able to complete the work presented in this
report. It is due to HIS unending mercy that this work moved towards success.
I am highly indebted to my manager Mr. Muhammad Adnan for providing me an opportunity to
learn about the MCB which is vital ingredient of MBA program. It is my privilege and honors
to my express my deep gratitude and in calculating thanks to the all members of MCB Mr.
Muhammad Asjid Rafeeq Mr.Irfan Sadeeq, Mr.Sahzada Mahmood Butt who provided me an
opportunity to work in their Branch.


Executive Summary ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1

Section A -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2
Introduction of MCB--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2
History of MCB--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3
COUE VALUES--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4
Strategic Objectives----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5
Corporate Information------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6
Organizational structure----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8
Products & services Of MCB----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9
Savings Account-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9
Current Account----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9
Term Deposit-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9
MCB online Banking---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10
MCB home Remittances-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------11
MCB Rupee Traveler cheque-----------------------------------------------------------------------------14
MCB ATMs--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14
MCB Call Centre-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15
Hierarchy chart-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------16
Departments of MCB------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17
Customer services dept. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------17
Clearing Dept. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------22
Inter city clearing----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------22
Inward return --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------23
Outward return-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------23
Clearing Process------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------23
Cash Department-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------24
Accounts Department-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------25
Operation Department----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------26
Section B ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------29
My Experience--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------30
SWOT Analysis-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------32
Summary of Learning----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------34
Recommendations and suggestions-------------------------------------------------------------------------------36
Bibliography ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------38

MCB Bank Limited was incorporated by the Adamjee Group on July 9, 1947, under the Indian
Companies Act, VII of 1913 as a limited company. The Muslim commercial bank bank was
established with a view to provide banking facilities to the business society of the whole South
Muslim commercial bank is one of the leading banks of Pakistan due to a a deposit base of Rs.
431 Billion and total assets over Rs. 550 Billion. The Bank has a customer base of approximately
4 million, a nationwide distribution network of over 1,000 branches and over 550 ATMs in the
market of Pakistan. The Muslim commercial bank with a winning combination of leading
professionals and best in service practices, we create teams that are geared towards valuecreation and value-growth that driven by time-tested partnership
This internship report will highlight that the company profile, some of the most important
working areas, and detail description of my internship program. This report consist of two
sections (A and B), section A consists of the company profile, which includes the company
mission, vision and different departments and its analysis. Section B is about my internship in
Mcb. This section contains the information about the tasks which I did in the 6 weeks of my
internship program in bank.

After that, I gave my internship experience, comments and

suggestions in the organization.

MUSLIM COMMERCIAL BANK is one of the leading banks of Pakistan with a deposit base of
Rs. 431 Billion and total assets over Rs. 550 Billion. Incorporated in 1947, MCB soon in earned
the standing of a solid and conservative financial institution that managed by expatriate
executives. In 1974, MUSLIM COMMERCIAL BANK was nationalized along with all other
private sector and banks.
The Bank has a customer base of approximately 4 million, a nationwide distribution network of
over 1,000 branches and over 550 ATMs in the market.
During in the last fifteen years, the Bank has rigorous on growth through improving service
quality, investment in technology and people, utilizing its extensive branch network, developing
a large and stable deposit base.
The MCB is one of the oldest bank of Pakistan, integrated in 1947. The MCB was privatized in
1991 to the Nishat Group. To grant to international capital markets, the bank launched Global
Depositary Receipts (GDRs) in 2006. It was the first Pakistani bank that was got listed its shares
on the London Stock Exchange. In the 2008, the Bank entered into a strategic partnership with
Mybank and Malaysia, which is owns 20% stake in it.

To be the leading financial services provider, partnering with our customers for a more
prosperous and secure future.


We are a team of committed professionals, providing innovative and efficient financial solutions
to create and nurture long-term relationships with our customers. In doing so, we ensure that our
shareholders can invest with confidence in us.

MCB Bank Limited was incorporated by the Adamjee Group on July 9, 1947, under the Indian
Companies Act, VII of 1913 as a limited company. The bank was established with a view to
provide banking facilities to the business community of the South Asia. The bank was
nationalized in 1974 during the government of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. This was the first bank to be
privatized in 1991 and the bank was purchased by a consortium of Pakistani corporate groups led
by Nishat Group. As of June 2008, the Nishat Group owns a majority stake in the bank. The
president of the bank is M.U.A Usmani.
Founded in 1948, Nishat Group is one of the leading and most diversified business groups in
Pakistan. The group has strong presence in the most important business sectors of the country
such as banking, textile, cement and insurance.
Mian Mohammad Mansha is the Chairman of the group (and also MCB) and has played
instrumental role in its success. In recognition of Mr. Manshas contribution, the Government of
Pakistan has conferred him with "Sitara-e-Imtiaz", one of the most prestigious civil awards of the

MCB are the trustees of funds and serve our community with reliability. We believe in being that
the best at always doing with right things. We convey on our responsibilities or commitments to
our client as well as colleges and university.

We admiration our customers values, beliefs, culture and history. We value the equality of
gender and diversity of experience and education that our employees bring with them. We create
an environment where each individual is enabled to succeed.

We take personal responsibility for our role as leaders in the pursuit of excellence. We are a
performance driven, result oriented organization where merit is the only criterion for reward.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We thrive on the challenge of understanding
their needs and aspirations, both realized and unrealized. We make every effort to exceed
customer expectations through superior services and solutions.


We encourage and reward people who challenge the status quo and think beyond the boundaries
of the conventional. Our teams work together for the smooth and efficient implementation of
ideas and initiatives.

Strategic Objectives:

Delivering remarkable returns to stakeholders, sustainable performance, exceeding

market and shareholder expectations.

Providing value added services through operational expansion, geography and upgraded


Building a corporate culture of equality, trust and team spirit as we remain dedicated to

be a socially responsible organization.

With a winning combination of leading professionals and best operating practices, we create
teams that are geared towards value-creation and value-growth driven by time-tested

Our alliances help us gain strategic advantage across all markets helping us to secure and
sustain our leadership and foster a spirit of partnership

Our integrity and transparency in all aspects of our business, across the country, demand that we
build relationships on trust, confidence and the full measure of discretion for both our internal
and external customers.

With the right combination of insight, foresight and hindsight, we can focus on a variety of
strategic and leadership goals to help bring our vision to life in ways that add more perspective to
the business.

Relationships that are built on trust prove to be an important and sustainable competitive
advantage. We believe that winning our customers trust is the way to benefit from an investment
in their hearts and minds.

Corporate Information
Board of Directors:
Mian Mohammad Mansha

Chairman (Non-Executive Director)

S.M. Muneer Vice

Chairman (Non-Executive Director)

Tariq Rafi

(Non-Executive Director)

Shahzad Saleem

(Non-Executive Director)

Sarmad Amin

(Non-Executive Director)

Dr. Muhammad Yaqub

(Non-Executive Director)

Dato Mohammed Hussein

(Non-Executive Director)

Mian Raza Mansha

(Non-Executive Director)

Aftab Ahmad Khan

(Non-Executive Director)

Mian Umer Mansha

(Non-Executive Director)

Muhammad Ali Zeb

(Non-Executive Director)

Dato Seri Ismail Shahudin

M.U.A. Usmani

(Non-Executive Director)

President & Chief Executive Officer (Executive Director)

Audit Committee
Tariq Rafi Chairman (Non-Executive Director)
Dr. Muhammad Yaqub (Non-Executive Director)
Dato Mohammed Hussein (Non-Executive Director)
Aftab Ahmad Khan (Non-Executive Director)
Muhammad Ali Zeb (Non-Executive Director)
Chief Financial Officer
Salman Zafar Siddiqi

Company Secretary
Abdus S. Sami

KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co.
Chartered Accountants
Legal Advisors
Khalid Anwer & Co.
Advocates & Legal Consultants
Registered Office
MCB Building, F-6/G-6, Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad.
Principal Office
MCB 15 Main Gulberg, Lahore.
UAN: (042) 111-000-111
PABX: (042) 36041998-9
Shares Registrar
M/s. THK Associates (Pvt.) Ltd., State Life Building No. 3,
Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Karachi

Organizational Structure:
Recognition at home & Abroad:
MCB at home(country)is recognized as a successful model of the privatization. The MCB has
completed almost nineteen successful years of privatization in the 2010 and its growth and
stability is a case study for prospective government institutions waiting to be privatized. The
reliability in growth and the flexibility MCB has shown during the past few years, especially at
unsure economic times is by all the means outstanding. The acknowledgements do not end at
home (country). MCB Bank Limited received for Euro money Award for Excellence seven times
in the last eight years, which comprise Best Bank in Asia in 2008; four times The Best Bank
in Pakistan award and one time The Best Domestic Bank award besides being declared the
The Best Domestic Bank in Pakistan by Asia Money for the last two years. MCB Bank also
received the The Strongest Bank 2010 award by The Asian Banker for being Pakistans bestperforming financial institution in 2010. President and CEO MCB Bank, Atif Bajwa, has been
awarded The Qatar Financial Centre Asian Banker Leadership Achievement Award 2010.

1. 2012

Domestic Bank Pakistan .Best CSR Business Excellence Award Best

Media Coverage

2. 2nd Best Corporate Report Award 2011- Banking Sector

3. 2011Best Bank in Pakistan CFA Association Pakistan
4. 2011 CFA Association Pakistan Most Stable Bank of the Year
5. 2010 The Asian Banker: Strongest Bank in Pakistan
6. 42010 The Asian Banker: Leadership Achievement Award
7. 2010 MMT: Best Bank Led MMT Service
8. 2010 ICAP / ICMAP: BCR Award 2009-Banking Sector
9. 2010 SAFA: Certificate of Merit Award
10. 2009 Asia money: Best Domestic Bank in Pakistan

11. 2009 The Asset: Best Domestic Bank in Pakistan

12. 2008 Euromoney: Best Bank in Asia
13. 2008 Euromoney: Best Bank in Pakistan
14. 2008 Asiamoney: Best Domestic Bank in Pakistan
15. 2006 Asiamoney: Best Domestic Bank in Pakistan
16. 2006 Euromoney: Best Bank in Pakistan
17. 2005 Asiamoney: Best Domestic Bank in Pakistan
18. 2005 Euromoney: Best Bank in Pakistan
19. 2004 Euromoney: Best Bank in Pakistan
20. 2004 Asiamoney: Best Domestic Bank in Pakistan
21. 2003 Euromoney: Best Bank in Pakistan
22. 2001 Euromoney: Best Bank in Pakistan
23. 2000 Euromoney: Best Bank in Pakistan


1. Current Account:
Muslim commercial Bank offers a diversity of current accounts to provide to the everyday
transactional needs of various clients. These accounts make sure ease and freedom to bank from
any of the 1100+ branches across the in country.

2. Savings Account:
The MCB Bank performs a wide collection of savings products that are suit short term growth &
transactional needs of bank. MCB was savings accounts offer attractive profit rates as well as
flexibility to manage. Savings Extra is targeted for clients having
Rs. 1 million + deposit, 365 Gold offers profit rates on daily basis balance while the PLS savings
has a lower minimum balance needs. In addition, that two unique products: Smart Savings and
Savings Maximized are special saving accounts run exclusively via debit cards and other remote
banking channels, contribution a very competitive rate to both high and low end savers.

3. Term Deposit:
MCB Term of Deposit offer attractive short to mid-term investment options with the flexibility,
expediency and security. With various intention options available, clients can choose one that
suits their needs. This is combined with the different profit payout options and the added facility

of being able to advantage credit facility against their deposits.

4. MCB Online Banking:

MCB has a fast growing network of 1100+ online branches in the country providing customers
real-time online transaction facilities.

MNET is an electronic inter-bank connectivity platform for online transactions on ATM and
other remote banking channels. It offers other value added services that include a portfolio of ebanking and payment system products as well as management and day-to-day operations of the
same. Members include 10 local and foreign financial institutions enjoying ATM sharing and
value added services.

6. MCB Cash Management:

MCB Cash Management provides a wide range of value added services to large corporations
through its vast network of online branches. Our prearranged and customized products enable
our customers to realize their sales proceeds quickly from all over the country, supported by realtime MCB Cash Management also provides payment solutions through MCB network and
through third parties and customized solutions for dividend payouts of that.

7. MCB Channel Financing:

MCB Channel Financing provides that working capital services to dealers and vendors of
selected companies under a structured product program. This product enables our customers
dealers to leverage themselves and increase their business capacity with their respective business

8. MCB Local Rupee Drawing Arrangement:

Transaction Banking Department at MCB, provides Local Rupee representation Arrangement, a
product for small banks and financial institutions to use our vast branch network platform to

make payments in areas where their own

Branch network does not exist, thus extending their reach nationwide.

9. MCB Home Remittance:

MCB country Remittance provides a seamless inflow of foreign remittances credited in the
beneficiarys account within few minutes. Cash payments can also be made at our nominated
branches on behalf of XpressMoney
(Speed Cash Now), Money Gram and May bank Money Express Malaysia, along with cash
payments from other correspondents from all over the world under the brand name of MCB Fast
& Easy.

10. MCB Corporate Financing:

MCB Corporate Financing provides access to diversified financing options, including working
capital loans, term loans, trade finance services and investment banking.

11. MCB Project & Structured Finance:

MCB Project & Structured Finance involves to financing compound projects, usually in an SPV
structure, where the loan is firmly structured around the cash flows, risks are allocated amongst
various stakeholders, and there is limited or no recourse to the sponsors.

12. MCB Syndicated Loans and Debt Capital Markets:

MCB Syndicated Loans and Debt Capital Markets involve arrangement, underwriting and
placement services for significant financing requirements by large corporate and institutional
clients to other financial institutions or through the debt capital markets.

13. MCB Quasi Equity/Hybrid Instruments:

MCB Quasi Equity/Hybrid Instruments structure and place a category of debt that has some
characteristics of equity such as being unsecured, subordinated or with a potential equity upside.

14. MCB Equity Capital Raising:

MCB Equity Capital Raising relates to raising capital for our clients by offering common or
preferred equity to pMCBic or private investors, through initial pMCBic offers, offers for sale,
rights issues and private equity placements.

15. MCB Advisory Services:

Financial and Capital Raising Advisory provides our clients with financial advisory services,
commercial structuring support and access to capital resources to help companies successfully
finance their business/project.

16. MCB Islamic Banking:

With the help of Shariah specialists, lawyers and professional commercial bankers, MCB Islamic
Banking provides Riba Free and Shariah Compliant products and services both on the liability
and asset side of the statement of financial position to various customers of all demographic
segments with its presence in a growing number of cities. MCBs Islamic Banking products are
available to cater the need of Working Capital, Capital Expenditures, International/Local trade
and consumers requirements.

17. MCB Agri Products:

MCB is committed to the farming community to support their national objectives of self
sufficiency & food security to the people of Pakistan. Dedicated and specialized staff, supervised
by the Agri Credit Division, is posted in lending branches to cater for strong business
relationships & facilitation. The banks extensive branch network in all the provinces and
diversified product range extends our reach of Agri credit facilities to farmers engaged in any
type of activity, encompassing both crop & non crop sectors.
We overwhelmingly cherish and stay committed to support the farmers in view of unparallel
significance of Agri sector in our national life aligned with economic priorities of the country
and role of our bank as a responsible corporate citizen.

18. MCB Privilege:

A first from a local bank, MCB Privilege through its devoted, world class Privilege Centers
offers a higher level of modified services, more rewarding in-branch experiences and a wide
collection of deposit and investment products that are customized to meet the financial
expectations of our affluent customers. As members of the MCB Privilege, customers experience
unmatched advantages that put them in front of others.

19. MCB Salary Club:

MCB Salary Club to payroll solution designed to make life easy; it simplifies all the monthly
payroll related banking needs of employer and employees and opens the entrance to a world of
special offers for employees. Salary Club provides the ease of having an extensive range of
financial services available to employees at their place of work.

20. MCB Investment Services:

Make the most of your wealth with investment opportunities that match your unique financial
aspirations. MCB Investment Services offer distribution of mutual funds managed by the leading
fund managers of Pakistan. We can
suggest the products most suited for your needs, or work with you to create a personalized
solution completely focused on your expectations of the capital markets.

21. MCB Visa Credit Card:

MCB offers a complete suite of Classic, Gold and Platinum Visa Credit Cards focusing on
providing, superior services, travel privileges & shopping pleasure. It also offers comprehensive
insurance & installment plans, reward points and SMS alerts that give a different feel to the
world of credit cards. These unique features include i-revolve, which makes variable mark-up
rate available to customers allowing them to repay at affordable rates.

22. MCB Car4U:


MCB Car4U not only gets customer a car of customer own choice but is also affordable with
competitive mark-up, flexible conditions, easy processing and above all, no hidden costs.

23. MCB Instant Finance:

With MCB Instant Finance, customer can get a loan instantly at any MCB branch against liquid
collateral at competitive pricing.

24. MCB Smart Card:

MCB Smart Card opens the opportunity to have access to customer funds via multiple banking
channels. It enables you to withdraw cash from ATMs across Pakistan and around the world,
transfer funds, pay usefulness and mobile bills and register for mobile and virtual banking

25. MCB Rupee Travelers Cheque:

MCB Rupee Travelers Cheque is the best alternate way of carrying cash. It can be used by
travelers, businessmen or by the general in meeting their day to day cash requirements while they
travel. It is a protected and secure way to make payments because it gives the buyer security that
even if the cheque is lost it can be refunded. Unlike other modes of fund and remittance transfer
which can only be drawn at a particular branch and can be cashed only at that branch, MCB
Rupee Travelers Cheque can be cashed at any of our branches across the nation.

26. MCB ATMs:

MCB has one of the nations largest ATM networks with 500 ATMs covering 110 cities across
the country and still growing. MCB ATMs give you a 24-hours convenience of cash withdrawal,
mini-statement, utility bill payments, mobile top-ups, funds transfer services and much more.

27. MCB Mobile ATM:

Through our MCB Mobile ATM we allow for convenient world class banking services. Our
innovative MCB Mobile ATM van ensures that we offer our services wherever you are, be it
concerts, fairs or any other occasion/special event.

28. MCB Lockers:

MCB Lockers are the best protection for your valuables. Lockers of different capacities are
available nationwide.

29. MCB SMS Banking:

With MCB SMS Banking, you can bank on your fingertips. Once youre registered onto the
service you can SMS anytime to get account information.

30. MCB Full-Day Banking:

Enjoy the convenience of extended banking hours from 9am to 5pm, including Saturdays at
MCB Full-Day Banking branches across the country

31. MCB Bancassurance:

Combining the best of banking and insurance solutions, MCB Bancassurance has created a onestop shop for all your financial and insurance needs. Whether you want to save for your childs
education or marriage, for the security of dignity after retirement or gaining maximum return on
savings, MCB Bancassurance has a plan for you. You can also buy instant insurance coverage
through your mobile without any medical assessment.

32. MCB Call Centre:

The simplest technique to bank is with the new enhanced 24/7 MCB Call Centre, which blends
modernization and convenience to provide banking services that go beyond expectations. MCB
Call Centre enables you to manage your VISA Credit & ATM/Debit Cards, confirm account
balances & view last 5 transactions, pay utility/mobile phone & MCB Visa Credit Card bills, top
up your mobile, transfer money within MCB network accounts and register complaints. Most
importantly it provides you with our very own banking consultant to discuss your financial needs
and requirements. Simply call at 111-000-622 and well do the rest.

33. MCB Mobile:

MCB Mobile is a quick, easy and secure way to recharge mobile phones, transfer money, pay
bills and do much more through MCB Mobile. Visit the nearest MCB ATM or call 111-000-622
to register and logon to using your Mobile phone to start transacting.

34. MCB Virtual Banking:


MCB effective Banking Service is a convenient way to admittance your account(s) 24/7. It is
secure, free of cost and lets you do your banking whenever and wherever. This service allows
you to transfer funds, pay utility/mobile bills, set up standing order instruction, download
account statement and much more.

Hierarchy chart:
General Manager
Regional Manager
Branch Manager
Branch Credit Committee

Credit Department

Internal Auditor

Customer Service Department

General Banking

Account Opening Department

Cash Deposit Department

Foreign Exchange Department

Bills Remittances Department

Clearing Department

Departments of MCB:

The MCB is concerned it is one of the most important banks of Pakistan. The fast increase in
branch network shows the Banks performance. However, this branch works with mostly all
banking operations, which are normally performed by every commercial bank. It has basically
following departments under which it operates all functions of bank diligently. These are mainly:
Customer Service Department
2. Clearing Department
3. Cash Department
4. Accounts Department
5. Trade department
6. Operations Department

1. Customer Service Department:

Customer Services, Account Opening is the department which is accountable for opening and
closing an account understood immense significance and holds a central place in the basic
banking operations. Maximum customer communication is held in this department.
Account Opening Form is essentially a Relationship Contract that requires excessive care during
the completion of the account opening form and other documents. In consideration of BAL-IBG,
opening and continuing to maintain any account, the Account Holder would be bound by the
terms and conditions written on the account opening form.

Kinds of Accounts at MCB:


(BBA)Basic Banking account

Current account

Savings account

Foreign currency account

Smart dollar account

Saving 365 Gold

Khushali Bichat Account (KBA)



Basic Banking Account is opened in MCB. The minimum amount deposit in this account is very
small as compared to other accounts. Basically this account is for salary purpose.


Open the Basic Banking Account with as little as Rs.1000/- only.

No minimum balance maintenance requirement to customer.

No monthly account protection charges.

(including cash and clearing) two free deposits per month

Two free withdrawals per month (including cash and clearing).

The current account is the most common account and the most preferred amongst business
concerns. There is no restriction on the amount of withdrawal. Current account enables the client
to do cash transactions in a more efficient manner.


Current Accounts can be opened in MCB with the sum not less than Rs.10, 000/-

No Profit for customer

No deduction of Zakat to customer.

Customer Account can be dormant if no transactions are to be made in the period of six


The minimum balance requirement for opening the customer account is Rs.10000/-

Deduction of Zakat to customer

Profit paid into customer account every six months.




Open customer account in US Dollar, UK Pound Sterling, or Euro

Open for as small as US$ 500 or equivalent.

For customer Free Foreign Currency cash deposit and withdrawal facility.

Profit paid into customer account every six months.



USD Current, Savings and Term Deposit accounts.

Competitive profit rates.

Attractive incentives being offered, if you maintain the minimum amount of USD
10,000/- or above.


Open customer account with Rs. 100,000/- only.

The higher your balance then the higher your rate.

Profit are calculated on the daily basis.

Profit paid into customer account every month

Types of Account Holders:

In MCB following are the Types of Accounts:
2. Individual Account& Joint Account
3. Partnership Company Account
4. Sole Proprietorship Account
5. Private Limited Company Account


Required Documents for Account Opening:

The account-opening officer must maintain a checklist for different types of accounts. The
checklist for Individual Account Holder is:
1. Copy of original N.I.C card
2. Employment Letter / Pension proof / Business proof in case of self employment.

Customer Passport copy in case of living in abroad

4. NTN on the name of Individual

5. NADRA online verification attached that

Procedure of opening an account:

The Account Opening Form:When a customer comes to the bank, and makes a demand for opening of an A/C. The officer
says that first fill up a given application form.

Completion of the Form:The name, occupation, and complete address of the person opening the account are written in the
columns that are provided in the form. Signatures are obtained from the customer where it is
required. These signatures should be usual signatures and he would operate the account with
them. If the person signature is shaky then two photos of customer is required.

Specimen Signature Card:

The signatures of the client are obtained on a specimen Signature card .These specimen signature
cards are obtained in duplicate with two signatures on each card from the customer. Every time a
Cheque is received for a payment from the client, the signature on the Cheque are verified by

comparing them with the Specimen Signature Card.

Signature Difference Form:

The signatures of the customer are obtained on a signature difference form if his / her signatures
differ from the computerized National Identity Card

Account Number:
When all the official procedure are completed that then the final approval of account has to be
taken from the Branch Manager. After obtaining approval or signature of the branch manager
AOF send to the main office of MCB

Allocating the Account Number:

When the form is approved that the two or three days account has been opened. The account
number is allocated to the customer and all the information is entered into the computer data.
Record is also maintained that in the account opening register. Then that account number is
written on the Cheque Book, Specimen Signature cards.

Initial Deposit
The applicant is asked to deposit original amount in the account when account is opened and
amount is deposited after satisfying the deposit slip. The initial deposit amount requirement
varies with in the nature of account.

Cheque Book Requisition:

After fulfill the entire requirement of that and when account is opened the customer deposited
ininitial amount. After initial deposit cheque book request send to the HEAD OFFICE
KARACHI and they issue the printed cheque books of customer.

Letter of Thanks:
Upon successful completion of all account opening procedures, a letter of thanks is
dispatched at the corresponding address of the customer. He has to present this letter to the
operation manager in order to get his cheque book issued.
The MCB Normally issues a Cheque book having 25 leaves for Saving Account and 50 leaves

Cheque Book to Current Account Holder.

2. Clearing Department:
By clearing means sometimes the account holder of MCB present a cheque, which is not drawn
on MCB but the person, has an account in MCB. In this case bank accepts this cheque in clearing
department and later on collets the amount from bank on which cheques is drawn through
clearing house. This function is called clearing.

Clearing House:
NIFT acts as a clearinghouse. Different banks are the members of the clearinghouse. A
representative of each bank represents his bank in the clearinghouse.

Inward Clearing:
MCB receive cheques of our own branch from NIFT which are sent by other banks. After
having all the stamps and dates of cheque confirmed, the concerned drawers accounts

Outward Clearing:
When cheques of other banks like City Bank, Alfalah bank, ABN-AMRO or
Askari Bank of the same city (gujrat) are presented in MCB G.T ROAD GUJRAT BRANCH to
deposit them in the respective payees accounts, these instruments are lodged in outward clearing

Inter City Clearing:

The cheques that are presented in inter city clearing are of another
city. In this type of clearing the bank confirm at that time that the
cheques are clear or not and give to the rider.


Same Day Clearing or Transfer:

The cheques that are presented in same day clearing are the local
cheques and these cheques are clear in same day.

Inward Return:
Return may be of any reason:

Presentation Flaw e.g. clearing stamp not affixed etc.

Defect in the Cheques i.e. Post dated cheques, unauthorized cutting.

Insufficient Balance

Outward Return:

Cheques return will be treated as inward cheques.

In case the cheques is returned because of wrong presentation e.g. clearing stamp not
affixed or wrong discharge given on the cheques etc. it should be relodged in the next day
clearing after rectification of the mistake.

If the cheques is returned for any other reason then


Enter the cheques in cheques return register, mentioning the reason as appearing on the
cheques return memo received from the paying bank.

Advice the customer about fate.

Return the cheques to the customer after getting sign on the register.

Clearing process:
1. Stamps Put On the Cheques:
When the cheques are presented MCB to be deposited in their respective payees accounts,
different stamps are put on cheques before their lodgment in outward clearing.


2. Crossing the cheques:

Crossing means two similar lines, drawn across the face of the cheques with or without words
written in between them. Crossing may be general or particular. In clearing, cheques are crossed
specially. Cheques are stamped with banks name. After the cheques have been crossed specially,
the holder cannot receive payment except through the banker named on the cheques crossing
saves the instrument to go it in illegal hands. If, crossed cheques is lost or stolen, there is no risk
involved. So it is an effective means of minimizing the risk of loss.

3. Clearing Stamp:
After the cheques have been crossed particularly, clearing stamp is put on the cheques and other
instruments, with the next date, so these cheques would have to be accessible in their concerned
drawee banks on the following day.

4. Endorsement Stamp:
The word endorsement means anything written or printed on the back of an tool. So endorsement
stamp has to put with words Payees account Credited in Muslim commercial bank. G.T ROAD

5. National Institutional Facilitation Authority:

After the putting these three stamps on the cheques. They are sent to NIFT. NIFT after segregate
the cheques of different banks deliver them to their apprehensive banks.

3. Cash Department:
The cash department is the most important department of the any bank. It receives cash from
clients and then deposits it into the accounts of the customers and maintained their balances.
The officers in this department are called cashier

Deposit Cash in Customers Account:

When the customer wants to deposit amount in his account at opening of the account or after that

then he has to fill up a deposit slip that shows the amount and the account in which the cash will
be deposited. Then cashier will receive amount and credit the customers account that shows
increase in customers bank account.

Make Payments from Customers Account:

When the customer draws a cheque in the bank to pay a certain amount then cashier will debit
the customers account that shows decrease in his account balance.
There are two main types of cheques that are
1. Open Cheques
2. Crossed Cheques

Open Cheques:
Open Cheques are those cheques, which are paid across the counter of the bank and not transfer
to account.

Crossed Cheque:
The Crossed Cheque amount of this cheque is not paid at the counter. The amount of this cheque
is transferred to the persons account whose name is specified on the cheque. Two similar
transverse lines are drained across the face of the cheque.

4. Accounts Department:
The Accounts Department is accountable to keep the record of each and every transaction of
bank and arrange reports about the amount of deposits ,advances and sent to Head office or State
Bank of Pakistan on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

The accounts department deals with various type of routine activities for the bank. The main
activities performed by it are:1. Budgeting
2. Reporting

3. depreciation of fixed assets& Maintenance

Accounts department of a MCB bank, for a year makes a budget of every branch. Fiscal year of
bank starts from the January 01 and ends on the December 31. The accounts department starts
prepare budget from October for the next year.

The accounts department, in the form of reports the details of various departments jointly. Each
and every minute detail is providing that in weekly, monthly and annual reports of bank. The
reports are submitted to head office, SBP and to the government of Pakistan .

Maintaining of Fixed Assets & their Depreciation:

Maintaining of Fixed Assets & their Depreciation maintains the record of all the assets and
charges depreciation on them. The bank usually uses the straight-line method to compute the
It is calculated on monthly base and charged by yearly. The Bank not only depreciates the
existing assets but also the assets transferred in and transferred out.

5. Operations Department:
Operations department deals with the taken as a whole operations of the bank as well as
particular problems with regard to the consumer banking. The operational working of the
clearing department and cash are also handled by the Operations Manager of MCB. In case of
any difficulty, the Operations Manager along with the employees of branch of the each
department is answerable to the Branch Manager.
The main functions of this department are to collect the cheques. Which are drawn by the some
other banks? The clients can get many cheques in his account at MCB from the cheques drawn
by the on other banks. The MCB bank accepts these cheques and collects the amount from other

bank. Bank charge some commission of these facilities.

In short, this Department deals in following:
1. Collections
2. Remittances

All the cheques which are under collection are called cheques under Collection in muslim
commercial bank there are two types of bills for collection:
1. (OBC) Outward Bills for Collection
2. (LBC) Local Bills for collection

Out ward bill for collection:

Meaning of OBC:
When an tool is drawn on a bank, which is located external the city, its proceeds can be
collected through a mechanism called Outward Bills for Collection (OBC).

Local bill for collection:

If the any other bank sends a cheque of Muslim commerical bank ,that is Inward collection of
Bill for Collection. MCB remits money after checking the balance of the client account.
The procedure of gathering starts when the cheques of Muslim commerical bank are received
from other banks. Then these cheques are sent to the MAIN BRANCH, which sends the cheques
to State Bank of Pakistan for clearing and get the confirmation of cheque and credit advice. Main
action of clearing is perform by Head Office, which contacts other banks through SBP.


Meanings of Remittances:
Remittance is transmit of finances from one place to another or from one person to another
A Remittance is an significant service provided by banks to clients as well as non-customers.
Since it is not a free service it is also a source of income for the bank.

Kind of remittances:
1. The branch Transfer
2. Transfer from one branch to another branch
3. Transfer from one bank to another bank in the same city
4. Transfers from one bank to another bank in two different cities.

Instruments used in remittances:


(DD)Demand Draft

(PO)Pay Order

Pay Slip

(CDR)Call Deposit Receipt

Demand draft:
Demand Draft is a negotiable mechanism, which is pinched by one branch to another branch of
the same bank. In case of group arrangement Demand Draft can also be issued by one branch of
the bank payable to other branch of the other bank e.g. DD issued by the MCB allocated by

Pay order:
Pay order is a negotiable instrument made by the bank, on account of a customer, to pay on order
the specified amount to the directed person (payee).

Pay slip:

Pay slip is a negotiable instrument like cheque issued by the bank on its own account to pay a
particular amount to the heading for person.

Call Deposit Receipt (CDR):

This is a tool like Cheque issued by the bank on account of a client & in favor of a person, to pay
the particular amount.
CDRs are issued to make payments, especially when a company goes for some tenders or for
purchase of government securities. The bank enjoys the benefit of keeping funds deposited until
the payment is not made.


Section B:
Learning as an Internee:
Introduction of MCB G.T Road Gujrat Branch
My internship duration was 6weeks at MCB G.T ROAD BRANCH (1410). This branch around
about 14 employees manger to peon the branch situated in G.T road Gujrat the branch manger
Muhmmad Adnan lead the all activates. The branch situated in industrial area of gujrat there are
many employees work in the branch the name are following



Sahzada MahmoodButt

Oprational Manger: Irfan Sadeed Malik

Three casher:
Cash satar:

Kamran Ali ,Asjid Rafeeq,Shezad Ali

Saleem Iqbal, Akeel Rezvan

Clearing deportment: Mam Kubra Shareef


Mam Sadaf Aslam

File maintaining: Abdual Azia Chohan

Some other deportment are handled by other person CSO Sir Marokh ,TSO ATM and marketing
handled Sir Asjid ,Mirza Mahmood Imran work as a credit officer, Muhammad Usman handled
life insurance deportment.

Learning as an Internee:
My internship duration was 6weeks at MCB G.T ROAD BRANCH (1410).
I was rotated in three departments.

The Customer Service Department

The Clearing Department

The Cash Department


In these departments I have performed different type of tasks and duties and learned following

Customer Service Department:

In this department I worked with, Mr. Muhammad Marokh they teach me the whole procedure of
Account Opening, types of Accounts, Procedure of Balance Inquiry, and learn to create an
account myself by using their module.

In this department I was given the following tasks to perform;
In this department my duties were as follows:

client dealing regarding new Account Opening process

To fill Deposit slips for clients

To fill up Account Opening Forms

To make stamping of Account Opening Forms

Balance question to clients

To confirmation of Customers CNICs by using NADRA

To make Letter of Thanks to Customer

To receive daily mails from different things

10 Apply cheque book requisition

11 Apply for ATM
12 activationof ATM

Clearing Department:
In this department I worked with Mam Kubra Shareef who teaches me about procedure of

Inward and Outward Clearing. I make entries of Clearing by using their Module.

In this department I was given the following tasks to perform;

To receive cheques from clients

Enter the data in Module for Outward Clearing

Posting of cheques, which is the outward clearing of all other Branches of MCB in other
cities, and they sent us those cheques which were of no centralized banks, and were
having their particular braches in Lahore.

In this department I worked with MR. Asjid Rafeeq.


Deposit cash into the client account

compose payment from the client account

makes of clearing slips


makes of cash received slips

makes of transfer slips

Make cash book

SWOT Analysis:
The SWOT analysis of organization is as follows.

MCB is among the largest private banks of Pakistan with a deposit base of millions this
shows the constant increase in its growth from 1947 to now.

Through its online system MCB provides the fast and easy services to customers.

MCB provides lot of services better then its competitors like, cash over counter, western
union, online remittance etc.

MCB employees are well trained.

The working environment is very good and efficient.

Well educated and New employees are hired.

employees are increasing its reputation MCB quality management, products and services.

Online system is very good in MCB thats why it sells online baking software and earns

Lots of branches of MCB are placed at good location and have good buildings.

MCB has also on track ATM in its different branches and the helpline works 24 hours
with the ATM.

Domestic branches as well as MCB abroad branches are working very well.


There is low level of advertising of products and services in the MCB.

MCB is short-staffed. Numbers of employees are short.

MCB is not centralized in decision making. Manger cannot take idea decision as regards
different situations like for giving finance.

Most of clients are not well know about the products and services of MCB, it is due to
very low level of service and promotional activity.

Mismanagement of time is another large mistake in MCB branches, the bank official time
of closing is 5:30pm but due unprofessional conduct of time allocation staff is normally
on their seats till 7:00 or 8:00o clock.

MCB has well experienced IT programmers. MCB can train their old well
experienced employees to give support.

MCB has biggest network, due to this it can take benefit from restructuring.

MCB has biggest network but not its all branches are online if they become on line
then its business can improve up.

Government of UAE has declared free industrial estate, MCB has already branch
there and it can get benefit and open one more that location.

MCB adjoining with competition it can have to take powerful marketing to increase
its business and compete with the competitors.

Mobile banking is the concept that has been started to final its extraction in the
banking sector so MCB can gain this chance.

New client friendly products and services can be introduced.


Threats are exterior factors in the environment, which are not in favor of the company,
which can seriously damage the companys ability to serve its clients in the right way and
slower down its progress.

Due to unbalanced economic and market situation like inflation and job loss, saving
are declining it can be a threat for banking business.

The lots of competitors are increasing day by day.

Good experienced employees leave because they receive good offer from others.

There are lots of competitions due to privatized banks which are available with new

Political volatility is also another threat. Government policies rule and regulation
change with the change of government.

Competitors come with more in market products and services which attracts the

Environment is quickly shifting and competitors react it very fast.

Due to changing in the activities of clients must understand that what they want. And
what they face is difficult.

Summary of Learning:
MCB constantly have been educating its employees. It has trained so many staff members with
the latest IT programs that provide participant with the skills and knowledge of the constantly
changing IT world. I have learned so many skills and knowledge during my internship in MCB.
Being a student of master in Business Administration in University of Gujrat, I got a chance to
work in challenging environment of MCB as an prisoner. It was a great chance for me to learn

more skills and shine my skills which I have learned from UOG.
What skills and qualifications you think that you have gained from internship?
In the six weeks of my internship I gain many skills and experience. I have learned sagacious
skills of working. I also grow such information about job in banking sector and found that job is
much related to my business administration study. In other skills I got the skills like
communication in which I have learnt how to communicate with clients, and with the boss of
organization. I also got skills like dealing with the clients and I think it will be very favorable for
me in my future association. I also get more information about financial study and issue in our
state. It is a enormous experience for me to work in a financial organization. There I also got
information that how financial institutions work and how they are linked with the central bank of
country like state bank of Pakistan. I also got information and knowledge about different
products and services presented to clients and their remuneration. The basic skills are as follows
which I have learned:
Communication skills:
I have improved my communication skills up to high level. In daily routine of bank, I had met a
number of people as well as with high professional. So discussion with all these increases my
communication skills. In bank I prepared reports, met with clients so all these improved my
learning at communication level.
Team work skills:
A single person can not do every thing better but a group of people can do it in an easier way
with a group effort. As banking system is group work procedure so I learned how to work in a
supportive manner with the other members of group.
Technical skills:
I also learned lots of technological skills particularly the computer knowledge during my
internship as the whole banking system has been computerized so working on computer gave me
this knowledge.
Management skills:
Working with management team in MCB made me learn about managing things and clash,

problems in a daily schedule. All the four principles I saw in banking system.
Other then this I learned lot of skills and work during my internship.

Recommendations and suggestions:

Recommendations and suggestions are very important for any organization. When someone
studied organization deeply it will be considered as useless work without giving suggestions and
recommendations that can finally benefit the organization.
I suggest the following things should be made better in order to make better in order to make
MCB more progressive.

MCB should focus on its marketing tricks and improve the performance of this

MCB should increase its promotional activities like advertise its products on TV, news
paper, radio, magazines and broachers etc.

Managers should have authority to make decision

MCB should make that strategy which can be helpful in days of inflation and job loss.

MCB should take plan steps to compete their competitor in the market.

The customer service department should be made more efficient.

MCB should inspire its employees through rewards and benefits.

MCB should train its employees when required so they can learn the about the new

MCB should raise its products and services.

Management should be decentralized.


MCB is one of the leading banks of Pakistan. MCB soon earned the reputation of a solid and
conservative financial institution managed by expatriate executives During the last fifteen years,
the Bank has concentrated on growth through improving service quality, investment in
technology and people utilizing its extensive branch network, developing a large and stable
deposit base.
My basic purpose of this internship was to learn about the working of bank. During my
internship I got knowledge about general banking. Staff member of MCB is cooperative with me
and really help me to achieve my objective.
My experience of internship at MCB was interesting. MCB is a really good bank as everyone
respects each other which is in my point of view is a good quality of good organization. The
environment is really cooperative and comfortable but it is bit strict as they believe that little
strictness must be there for success otherwise employees will not work properly. MCB is a good
bank for long-term career. Overall working environment is comfortable. Behavior of Manager is
very polite and caring towards their employees. Employees are given the benefits like bonus, and

Bibliography :
Mr. M.Adnan (Manager of GT road Gujrat branch)

Mr. Irfan Sadeed Malik (Operation Manager)

Mr. Kamran Ali (In Cash Department)
Mr. Marokh (Customer Service Officer)