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Internship Report

University Of Gujrat
MBA(6Th Smester)


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Executive Summary 1
Introduction 1


Scope 2
Vision 3

Core values 3
Introduction of Firm 3
Range of Products 4
Job References

Company Personal Information


Competitive Construction firm


Weekly Timetable


SWOT Analysis of MB


Internship experience


Summary of learning


References 17

Executive Summary
It is the requirement of the MBA program that all the students of MBA have to spend
6-8 weeks in any organization to get practical knowledge about organization and to
get familiarized with the ways to live in the organizational environment which is
significantly different from the educational environment. That 6-8 weeks period called
Internship Period, if spent sincerely enables the students to be more confident,
more knowledgeable, and more responsible.
I did my internship in Mughal Brothers, Sialkot to interpret my skills and educational
knowledge that I learned during my class room activity and to know how well I can
work in firm and among various types of people who have different attitude. The
objective of this Internship was to explore the issues related to Finance and to find
out the relation of theoretical concepts with practical experience work in an
organization during the internship and study the system of company. Class room
studied knowledge which practically I practiced and learn. I learned about
documentation requirements and record keeping for different activities and
processes performed by the organization. Firm introduce a number of innovative
products and services. Computerization and latest technology has enhanced the
efficiency of the organization. In this report I have explain all the things which I have
learned during internship. I gave mention all the working of Mughal Brothers and also
about its product and services.

Internship is essential and necessary requirement for the completion of MBA degree.
For this purpose each student of this particular course has to get training in the
relevant organizations. Organizations are selected by them for a period of 6-8
weeks. Internship is basically a practical training for students where they gain
knowledge about the organizations in which they are doing their internships just and
work with the permanent staff.
I am really very thankful to Owner of the firm, Tariq Mahmood that provides me a
learning environment in the company. This report is about products, fields of
activities and management style of Mughal Brothers.

I actually love to join the firm sector after my MBA thats why I choose company for
my internship to gain the knowledge of companys work procedure. This type of
training also enhances the inner capabilities of ones elves.

Main objectives behind a six weeks internship program were:

To relate theory with put into practice.

To relate managerial skills in real place of work.
To integrate and use my class room knowledge and skills.
To expand my interpersonal skills as a student.
To acquire managerial competence.
To diversify career portfolio.
To get experience in professional working style of well reputed organization.
To gain the knowledge about the professional environment of the firm.
To understand how to deal and manage with the situation of stress.

Purpose of the Studies:

The main purpose of internship was

To get relevant information to build internship report on Mughal Brothers.

To observe, analyze and interpret the relevant data competently in a useful
To get practical work experience in an organization.
To develop interpersonal communication.
To enhance my practical experience and exposure
To learn about myself how much learning abilities I have
I want to enhance my knowledge about the discipline of company.

Scope of my study is that I can now understand the way to perform activities in
firm. My six week internship program provides me a good chance to work and
understand the working of company. Main focus of my study research was on

general procedures of the company of Mughal Brothers, Sialkot. Scope of

internship is to tell the newcomers the way to perform the job in a better way.
Benchmark of Excellence in Construction business, Pakistan..

To be the leader in Construction business, trusted by customers for accessibility,
service & innovation.

Core values

Customer Focus






We are proud to claim our very long association (since 1988) with FEB, MBT,
DEGUSSA and BASF as distributor and approved applicators known as Mughal
Brothers. Our outstanding contribution in developing Construction Chemicals in
Pakistan through our earnest efforts, highest dedication, versatile experience and
remarkable achievements is based on an ultimate satisfaction of our valued clients in
all sectors.

We, M/s Mughal Brothers have an aim, to extend our services and experience, to
keep searching and providing ultimate solutions of the construction problems
inclusive of repairs and renovation with better quality products and services to the
entire satisfaction of our clients and consultants this is in fact our strong commitment
with the construction industry.
M/s Mughal Brothers have at their disposal a pool of highly skilled technical
applicators / manpower fully equipped with relevant tools and machinery to back up
their specified fields, who can effectively undertake the job of any scale to the entire
satisfaction of the clients and consultants.

Range of Products



1. Power Station & Fas Oil Field
Liberty Power Station,

Gudo Power Station, Gudo

Thermal Power Station 6 Nos. Unit Muzaffargarh
Saba Power Plant, Sheikhupura
Power Grid Station, Kot Addu
Quetta Power Plant, Quetta.
Ghazi Brotha Hydro Power Plant
UCH Power Station, Balochistan
Steam Power Station, Faisalabad
Malakand Hydro Power Station, Malakand
Sui Oil Gas Field, Sui
Dodak Oil & Gas Field, Dodak
AES Power Gen. / Muzaffargarh

Under Ground Construction

Kohat Tunnel, Kohat
Pakistan Atomic Energy


Dams / Links
Mirani Dam
Satpara Dam
Cacchi Canal
Warsak Dam II
Mangala Dam


Highway / Bridges / Airports

Kotri Bridge
Ghotki Ubaura Bridge, Ghotki
Kurram Bridge, NHA Karak
Main Mir Bridge, Lahore
Lahore Islamabad Motorway Project
Turbat Gawader Road, Turbat
Passani Gawader Raod, Passani
Islamabad Airport, Islamabad
Lahore Airport New Terminal, Lahore
Passani Airport, Lahore
Duel Carriageway, Islamabad
Kohat Tunnel (under Extraction for Repair Works / Crack Sealing)

5. Pharmaceuticals
Glaxo Pharmaceutical
Naeter Pharmaceuticals
Swiss Pharmaceuticals
Medipak Pharmaceutical
Wyeth Laboratory
Dawood Hercules, Sheikhupura

Fertilizer / Refinery
Engro Chemicals, Dharki
Pak American Fertilizer
Fuji Fertilizer
Pak Saudi Fertilizer
Attack Refinery
Pakistan National Refinery
Parco Mid Country Refinery, Muzaffargarh
Kohat Cement Factory, Kohat

7. Hotels / Hospitals
Avari Hotel, (Islamabad, Lahore)
Pearl Continental Hotel , Bhorban, Peshawar
Marriot Hotel, Islamabad
Serina Hotel, Islamabad
Holiday Inn Hotel, Lahore
Amar Hotel, Lahore
Shaukat Khanam Cancer Hospital, Lahore
Sheikh Zaid Hospital, Lahore
Mission Hospital, Sialkot
Hamza Trust,
Al Shafa Eye Trust, Rawalpindi
8. Others
Karachi Ship Yard, Karachi
Creek Vista Project, Karachi
ESEA Cement
ICI Chemical Plant Ext.,
Kings Food Group of Companies
Hub Treatment Plant
Engro WAPAK Port Wasim
MCB Tower, Karachi, Lahore

Railway Station, Lahore

Packages Limited., Lahore
Nishat Textile Mills, Faisalabad
Primer Minister House, Islamabad
Lever Brothers Projects, Bhaipheru
Awan-e-Iqbal, Lahore
Nestle Milkpak, Sheikhupura
Rafhan Bestflood, Faisalabad
Iranian Consulate, Lahore
LUMS University, Lahore
State Bank, Lahore, Multan
Vision Technologies, Sialkot
National Hockey Stadium, Lahore
Pakistan Cricket Academy, Lahore
Pepsi Cola International, Lahore
PAF Air Complex, Islamabad
D.G Khan Cement Factory, Kalarkhar
Pakistan Saudi Royal Embassy, Islamabad
Coca Cola International, Lahore
Engro Chemicals, Darki
Pak American Fertilizer
Liberty Power Station
Kotri Bridge
Pumping Station, Karachi
Overhead Water Tank, Karachi
Globe Textile Mills, Karachi
Fuji Fertilizer
Karachi Ship Yard
Mirani Dam
Satpara Dam
Creek Vista Project
Gudo Power Station
Attack Cement Factory
ESEA Cement
Glaxo Pharmaceutical
Pakistan National Refinery
Plup Water Supply
Ghotki Ubaura Bridge, Ghotki
ICI Chemical Plant Ext.

Kings Food Group of companies

TIPRI C 15 projects
Hub Treatment Plant
Naeter Pharmaceuticals
Swiss Pharmaceuticals
Engro WAPAK Port Qasim
MCB Tower, Karachi
Escort House Lahore
Saga Sports Sialkot
Mission Hospital, Sialkot
Railway Station, Lahore
Packages Limited, Lahore
Attack Refinery
Nishat Textile, Faisalabad
Ittefaq Sugar Mills
Wapda Complex, Lahore
Dawood Hercules, Lahore
Pak Saudi Fertilizers
AES Lalpir, Muzzafargar
Muzzafaghar Thurmal Unit
Saba Power Plant, Sheikhupura
Parco Mid-Countary Refinery, Muzzafarghar
Prime Minester House, Islamabad
Power Grid Satation, Kot Addu
ICI Polyester Fiber, Sheikhupura
Al-Shafa Trust Hospital, Rawalpindi
Lever Brothers Projects
Awan-e-Iqbal, Lahore
Sheikh Zaid Palace
Nestle Milkpak
Faisalabad Power Station
Medipak Pharmaceutical
American Consulate, Lahore
Iranian Consulate, Lahore
Middle East Bank, Lahore
Prime Bank, Lahore
T & T Projects
Habib Bank R. Office Building, Lahore
Islamabad Airport

Lahore Airport New Terminal

Deacon House, Gujranwala
Lums University
Mian Mir Bridge, Lahore
Lahore Islamabad Motorway Project
Escort Group
Sparco, Lahore
Rahfan Bestfood, Faisalabad
New Origa Shopping Mall, Lahore
Pakistan Water & Power Development Authority Spillway Division
Atomic Energy, Islamabad
Atomic Energy, Joharabad
Cresent Texile Mills
Millat Tractors
State Bank, Multan
State Bank , Lahore
Umer Fabrics
National Highway Complex
Vision Technology, Sialkot
Model Town Club, Lahore
Gym Khana Club, Lahore
Shaukat Khannam Hospital, Lahore
Av ari Hotel, Lahore
Nat ional Hockey Stadium, Lahore
Kacchi Canal
Pepsi Cola International, Lahore
Coca Cola, Lahore
Pakistan PWD Development
Fuji Sugar Mills
PAF Air Complex, Islamabad
PAF Air Complex, Lahore
Khana Bridge
Saddiqe Trade Center,
MCB Tower, Lahore
D.G Khan Cement Factory
Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore
Al-Hamara Art Council
Pak Saudi Royal Embassy, Islamabad
Coca Cola International, Gujranwala
Haleeb Milk, (CDL)
Bank Al-Falah, Lahore

Pakistan Railway Station, Lahore

SOAN Bridge
Kurang River Bridge
Gulshan Texile Mills,
Marriot Hotel, Islamabad
M-2 Motorway
M-3 Motorway
Sui Oil Gas Field
Quetta Power Plant
Quaid-e-Azam Residence
Dodak Oil & Gas Fields
Turbat Gawader Road,
Passani Gawader Road,
UCH Power Station
Peshawar University Hostel
Pepsi Cola International, Hattar
Pearl Continental Hotel, Bhorban
Chashma Hydro Power
Chashma Right Bank Canal
Kohat Tunnel
Kohat Cement Factory
Atomic Energy, Texila
AWC Hasanabdal
Atomic Energy, Chashma
Turbat Hoshab Road,
Maple Leaf Cement Factory
Ghazi Brotha Project
China Water & Electric, Malakand Dargai
FWO Project , Warsak II
Takhta Baig Bridge
Kurram Bridge, NHA Karak


Branch Information

Branch name

Sialkot office,


Imam Building church road, Sialkot.

Contact No.


Other Branches
Head Office Lahore
Regional offices
Organizational Structure

The Organization Structure shows the internal operations and reporting lines of the
MB In Mughal Brothers, the head is called Chairman or CEO of the Firm, and after
CEO there is Directors, of every branch

Branch Directors

Branch Managers


Competitive Construction firm:Ultra Construction Chemicals.

Sika Construction Chemicals.
Weekly time table (20 July 2013 to 25 August)



First week

Second Week

Third Week

Fourth Week

Fifth Week

Introduction with the office

staff and knows about the
companies work, and get
organization and try to
understand their work.
After introduction in the
second week I starts work
with the cash dep of the
handle the daily basis
cash and also monthly.
In the third week I works
department, under the
supervision of accountant
and knows about all the
reports maintained on the
monthly basis by the
organization and their
reports to head office too.
In the fourth week I also
department to learn all the
financial statement of the
In the last and the fifth
week I work with the
marketing department how
products and also how to
handle and supervise their

All Departments

Cash Department

Accounts Department

Accounts Department

Marketing Department

SWOT Analysis of MB
MB is one of the oldest experienced construction chemicals firm of Pakistan.
Another plus point is that, customers have more confidence in this firm and
this is the additional value services as the privilege for the firm.
The MB performs additional services for its customers.
MB is relatively more competence because its having more products than the
other competitive firms.
Another competency of is i.e. it has wide network of branches throughout the
country also more than one branch in high productive cities. The customers
are provided services at their nearest possible place to confirm customer
The employers are satisfied from their monetary benefits because MB is
offered reasonable monetary benefit to their employees. Normally two
bonuses are given Eid-Ul-Fitar & Eid-Ul-Azha. This is an additional benefit
and competency for the firm and a source of motivation for the employees.
MB employees strictly follow the rule & regulation which are imposed by firm..
NBP employees are very much loyal towards their jobs. Employees turnover
is good in MB.

Firm has lacks of modern Equipment that is note counting machine
The workload in MB is not equally distributed between employees; some
employees are doing less work and some employees performing above
average work.
MB employees have lack of professionalism.
There is also another weak point for MB lack of staff and more staff is required
to meet the needs of the branch work but still they are not working to fulfill the
shortage of employees.
Nowadays this sector is growing quickly so MB have opportunities to improve
the standard and get the more share in the market.
The economic activities are increase nowadays, so banks are contributes
more in economic activities. Firm are played role in trade and commerce.
The firm is facing threats because a lot of new firms are entering as a

The instability of political arena in the country effects the performance of the
Increased Dollar day by day is also a threat for firm, because the products of
this firm are imported.

Internship Experience
I started my internship in Mughal Brother on 20 July 2013 to 25 August.

Mughal Brothers
During my internship, I learned the following things:
Discipline, Punctuality and Professional Attitude:
I learned How to maintained Files, How to maintained things in proper order,
discipline. How greet to people. How be courteous. How to maintain time.
I learned about taxation system of the firm, how to file return every month, I also
learned about the management of accounts and proper record of all the files and the
monthly arrangement of bills. I learned a lot about the finance department specially
and other department as well.

Internship influence on the Future career plans:

A lot of things I learned during my internship which can influence my future
career plan.
Internship taught me that how managerial skills use at workplace in a
professional environment.
Internship taught me the practical experience that how to work in a
professional environment.
In future when I will apply for a new job, this internship will be more useful &
beneficial for me.
In future it helps me that how to work in stress environment.

This experience had been add in my CV and in future when I will apply in any
this sector then this experience will be very helpful for interview and also will
be helpful for professional life.
This practical knowledge would supports in dealing with people will also help
to understand the behavior of customer and how much good relationship with
their subordinates.

Correlation of activities with classroom work:

Basic purpose of internship was to apply the knowledge practically that we have
learnt in class rooms. Classroom knowledge is related with practical knowledge but
very few parts of practical knowledge are related with class room activities which we
have done and studied. Teachers provide us theoretical knowledge but practical
work is little bit different. Class room Lectures dont give us real view of the practical
work but this internship helped us to understand the reality of what we study in
classrooms. As a student of business administration internship was the very helping
tool for me to learn whatever I have studied in class room and how we can relate this
practical work with class room theoretical knowledge.

Learning summary

It was such a great experience for me to work with Mughal Brothers, the internship
proves very valuable for me as it not only enhances my skills and qualifications but
also gives me experience and brings clarity in my future plans. When I started my
Internship I was a little bit confused as it was my first chance to do practical work in
any organization. But with the help and cooperation of the staff of the firms Sialkot

branch, I learnt a lot about the banking field and tried my level best to get the
maximum output from the time available to me.
I gained a number of skills that will be beneficial for me in my future career some of
these are

Enhanced my confidence level.

Strengthen my interpersonal and communication skills.
Improve my abilities how to deal with the customer and how to behave with

the staff members.

Helped to improve team work and leadership skills.
It gave me a lot of confidence and manners to behave in the working

Improved time management skills and made me punctual.
It helps me to understand how to behave in different situations professionally.
It made me think critically in difficult situations and act accordingly.
Improved my decision making capability.
After doing internship I acquired good work habits

Companys profile.