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Open Circle Peru News

May 2015


McEuen Family News

May 2015

Whats been happening in 2015

Audras womens Bible Study
has turned into a very
supportive prayer team

Positive affirmations from parents

at Colegio Andino of improvement
and growth in the school

We are 13,000 dollars in debt with
The Mission Society and we need
more partners to help us financially

Thank you, thank you faithful partners for walking

with us all of these years! God is working with us and
through us still in Huancayo, Peru. Hope you find
some good tidbits about our lives and ministries in
this newsletter and feel free to contact us with any
questions you may have! Love and Blessings!

The power structure in the school

where Ash is director is messed up.

An Overview
Ash started his second year as director of the school where he was teaching Christian
Education and was Chaplain. It has been a giant challenge since there are 900 students plus
teachers and staff. He definiitely considers this group as his parish and it keeps him busy. The
former director was in the position for 18 years and had let lots of things slide or be done in a
less than straight forward way, so Ash has been doing triage essentially to bring health to the
institution and is now aiming them towards excellence. He is also helping with preaching at
the Methodist Church in Concepcion (about 45 from Huancayo). The Pastor has needed
some assistance since his wife is recovering from brain surgery. It is wonderful to be in a small
congregation and watch God working in all of us.

Open Circle Peru News

May 2015

Audra is teaching English in the same school (Colegio

Andino) to 3, 4 and 5 year olds. She is enjoying the
challenge of being the first basis of the kids English
journey and getting to know them and their parents.
The English teaching staff are writing and putting in
place a scope and sequence for 3 years to graduation
to bring the students to a high level of learning. She
is also leading a womens Bible Studyon Wed.
mornings in English. We are coming together as a
prayer group to support one another in the spiritual
battles we have seen more and more of in recent
months. She is helping our kids in their various life
routines and helping them transition into adult roles for
two of them. This past week we provided time, food,
housing to friends from Tarma (two hours away) as their
14 year old daughter was brought to Huancayo with
pneumonia but the major complication ended up
being Type 1 Diabetes, so it has been a very long
week. The good news is that they are getting trained
for their new lifestyle and are settling back in at their
home. Helping others succeed in their ministries is one
of the places where God is putting us to use.

The Kiddos
Kia is getting married to her 5 year
boyfriend Joel on June 11 this year. She is 20
and teaching English and is an aide at a
local preschool dedicated to help change
primary education here. She is also
developing her skills in photography. Joel
did an internship at Ashs school and he
was hired this year after completing a
degree in Administration. They are making
their plans for the wedding and their life
afterward which in the short term is living in
Huancayo, but with future plans of being in
the United States and possibly Brazil.

Open Circle Peru News

May 2015

Aylis has been back in the US over a year now

working towards finishing High School and preparing
for College. She has been staying with her
Godparents in Ringgold and applying to colleges,
getting a drivers license, working and even got to go
to prom in Texas with her boyfriend Caleb (a
missionary kid who grew up in Costa Rica and is now
back in the States with his family). She will be visiting
for wedding preparations and aftermath starting in

Todd is studying his High School

subjects, biking around Huancayo,
running as well. He has grown both
in body and maturity and has his
own way of looking at life. He
hangs out with friends when
possible and translates for groups
when needed and is very helpful
with all of the details of life like
picking up, dropping off Soraya,
running errands and even has
stepped into vital cooking assistant
making about half of the food
during the week. Realizing how
fleeting time is, we are making the
most of the time we have left with
him at home.

Open Circle Peru News

May 2015

Soraya has grown up so much! She is a second grader who is

learning to function in both English and Spanish. She started
school in March at Colegio Andino (where Dad and Mom
work). She took the year last year after visiting the United
States to do some homeschooling, but now is enjoying being
with kids her age. The system of teaching in Peru is a bit
different so they start writing cursive first instead of print, so she
has had some catching up to do in that area, but the
teachers have been very gracious in helping her work on that
skill. It has been a challenge figuring out all of the uniform
details as well as how homework is managed...we are
supposed to keep her notebooks for subjects at home unless
it is the particular day for that subject and we are working on
wrapping our minds around that. She is super verbal, always
curious and wanting to do projects and experiments. Her best
friend is a 5 year old whose Mom is from Germany and Dad is
from Peru. They have been trading English and German for
almost three years and have such a good time. Its good to
know someone who is a little bit different as well.

So, yes, we are alive and God is working as He will through us just as I
imagine he is working through you there! We would love to hear what is
going on with you! Thanks so much for sticking with us all of these years.
We are thankful to be serving here in Peru.

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