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Bicov Ana

Anul I (ID), Tulcea

Facultatea: Drept

1. The SWOT analysis of Judicial Sciences and your career prospects.
a) Who knows the laws, leads.
b) You never get bored because each day represents a new challenge and you will always find yourself
in a different situation with each case.
c) Judicial Sciences are like the Rubik cube: you can rotate all the pieces from your case until you find
the right combination (the right way to win).
d) Judicial Sciences are very creative. Once you own the basic elements, daily life puts you in front of
huge puzzles with infinite possibilities for solving.
a) You are sentenced to depend on your client and you can`t have more information than your client
wants to give you.
b) You are sentenced to respect all the laws and put away your feelings. You must be a rational person.
c) You must face with enormous egos of the profession.
d) You must study continuously for the rest of your life if you want a solid career in this field.
e) You must be always up to date with all the laws.
a) Legal training is an excellent start for a lot of career options.
b) Law teaches you to think, talk and convince.
c) Everyone needs a lawyer, prosecutor, judge as his friend.
d) Judicial Sciences will die with the last two human beings.
a) The choice of the profession for reasons not related to it (for example: money and fame ).
b) The lack of self-esteem, given that the person who studies Judicial Sciences is sentenced to study
c) The lack of career experience is a real problem. People search only lawyers with proven experience
not only a young man/woman with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

I don`t really have a well-defined scheme for my career prospects but I can say that I want a
solid career built in time. So, no matter how long it takes, I will have it .I am an ambitious person who
want to learn and develop under the guidance of those who are at the top of their field and then use
those skills to became an expert myself. All that I know in this moment is that I want to practice the
law. I also know how hard is to work in this field but I like the challenges and I am certain that I can
do it!
2. Which are your professional aims, goals and purposes?
My professional aims are to find a stimulating and challenging position which builds on my
university skills and knowledge.
For now, I have only one well defined purpose: a solid career based on my hard work. Like I
said before (subject 1) I want to study the law so, my higher goal is to be the best in my field, but if I
am sincere, I think we all want this but very few of us really reach at this position. So I am certain that
I must work hard to fulfil my goal.
3. Which are your ways of action, means to apply competencies and knowledge?
If I follow the right way, first of all I must graduate. Then I must choose a path to follow. In
this moment I really dont know if I will choose to be a lawyer or a prosecutor but no matter what I
choose, I must study very hard. For the beginning I will have only my university competencies and
knowledge but with the pass of time I will develop them. In this field, if you want to improve yourself
you must practice a lot. You may have some defeats on your way but you can always win the war.
4. Which are your targets, practical outcomes and results?
I must recognize that I have a lot of dreams about my future job so, for now, is very hard to
distinguish my future practical outcomes and results. I know for sure that I want a beautiful career
with a lot of good results and to be known for my professionalism and my rational judgment. I also
want to build my career with my own strengths and not to be helped by someone to do this.