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7 years of experience in data warehouse development, design, mapping, extraction, migration, data
validation, development of ETL.
Extensive experience in Informatica Power Center with strong business understanding and knowledge of
extraction, transformation and loading of data from heterogeneous source systems like Flat files, Excel,
XML, Oracle, SQL Server.
ETL Data warehousing using Informatica Power Center 7.x/8.x/9 Designer tools like Source Analyzer, Target
Designer, Mapping Designer, Mapplet Designer, Transformation Developer, Workflow Manager and
Workflow Monitor.
Worked with multiple transformations such as Source Qualifier, Joiner, Filter, Router, Expression, Lookup,
Aggregator, Sorter, Normalizer, Update Strategy, Sequence Generator and Stored Procedure
Hands on experience in identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks in various levels like sources,
mappings and sessions. Hands on experience in optimizing SQL scripts and improving performance loading
Familiar with writing SQL Joins, Unions, and Multi-table joins.
Scheduling the batch jobs using Workflow Monitor.
Worked with Dimensional Data warehouses in Star and Snowflake Schemas, and creating slowly changing
dimensions (SCD) Type1/2/3 dimension mappings.
Expertise in using SQL*LOADER to load Data from external files to Oracle Database.
Optimizing the performance of SQL scripts and Oracle database/application tuning.
Coding using SQL, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, Procedures/Functions.
Experience in debugging mappings. Identified bugs in existing mappings by analyzing the data flow and
evaluating transformations.
Experience in using Informatica Data Quality IDQ for Data Profiling, Standardization, Enrichment, Matching,
and Consolidation.
Worked on various databases including Oracle 10g, SQL Server, and Teradata.
Bachelors of Science - University of Michigan
Development Applications: Informatica Power Center 9.5, 9.0.1, 8.x, (Designer, Workflow Manager,
Workflow Monitor, Repository Manager, Repository Server, Administration Console)
Program Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX (Novice), Java (Novice), DB2, Pascal, COBOL, Perl, C, C++,and
Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata
Operating Systems: UNIX (Sun Solaris 2.x, HP/UX), Windows, MVS,IBM AIX 4.2,MAC
Software: Microsoft Suite

Capital One, Dallas, TX
Sr. ETL/Informatica Developer

Feb 2014 - March 2015

Description: Successfully designed and developed ETL mappings to Extract, Transform and Load data from
various data sources to the Enterprise Data warehouse. The data warehouse contained information regarding
credit card and Home loans data. The project aims to help make decisions for credit card and home loan
Job Responsibilities:
Creating the ETL mappings using various Informatica transformations: Source qualifier, Data Quality,
Lookup, Expression, Filter, Router, Sorter, Aggregator etc.
Created and maintained, detailed support documentation for all ETL processes, developed solutions,
including detailed flow designs and drafts.
Worked with the DW architect to prepare the ETL design document.
Developed transformation logic to cleanse the source data of inconsistencies during the source to stage
Creating the sessions, workflows and setting up the dependencies of the tasks in the workflow manager.
Designed and developed an entire Data Mart from scratch.
Designed, developed and automated the Monthly and Weekly refresh of the Datamart.
Developed Informatica mappings, transformation, reusable objects by using mapping designer, and
transformation developer and Mapplet designer in InformaticaPowerCenter.
Created reusable transformations and Mapplets and used them in mappings.
Used InformaticaPowerCenter for extraction, loading and transformation (ETL) of data in the data
Used Informatica Power Center Workflow manager to create sessions, batches to run with the logic
embedded in the mappings.
Created complex mappings in Power Center Designer using Aggregate, Expression, Filter, Sequence
Generator, Lookup, Joiner and Stored procedure transformations.
Experienced in performance tuning of Informatica code.
Developed mappings to load Fact and Dimension tables, SCD Type 1 and SCD Type 2 dimensions and
Incremental loading and unit tested the mappings
Attending SCRUM meetings regularly to discuss the day-to-day progress of the individual teams and the
overall project.
Developed several complex Mappings, Mapplets and Reusable Transformations to facilitate one time,
Weekly, Monthly and daily loading of Data.
Worked with Scheduler to run session on daily basis and send email after the completion of loading.
Preparing the unit test cases for all the mappings to test the code.
Environment: Informatica Power Center 9.1.0/8.6.1 (Repository Manger, Designer, Workflow Monitor,
Workflow Manager), Teradata, Flat files, Microstrategy, DB2, SQL, Erwin.
Independent Health - Buffalo, NY
ETL Developer

Aug 2012 - Jan 2014

Description: Independent Health is a health insurance company headquartered in Buffalo, NY. It is the largest
publicly traded company focused exclusively on meeting the needs of those enrolled in publicly funded
healthcare programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. A data warehouse has been built for cash reserve
calculations, customer information sales tracking.The architecture involved moving data from legacy systems to

relational tables in the staging area, moving staging data to the Data Mart and finally moving data to the MultiDimensional Data Warehouse which is stored in Oracle 10g.
Job Responsibilities:
Involved in business requirement and involved in analyzing the sources to load in Oracle warehouse.
Designed Sources to Targets mappings from SQL Server, Excel/Flat files to Oracle using Informatica Power
Responsible for working with DBA and Data Modelers for project coordination.
Responsible for developing complex Informatica mappings using different types of transformations like
UNION transformation, Connected and Unconnected LOOKUP transformations, Router, Filter, Aggregator,
Expression and Update Strategy transformations for large volumes of Data.
Implemented slowly changing dimension Type 1 and Type 2 for Change data capture using Version control.
Responsible for creating Workflows and sessions using Informatica workflow manager and monitor the
workflow run and statistic properties on Informatica Workflow Monitor.
Responsible for Defining Mapping parameters and variables and Session parameters according to the
requirements and performance related issues.
Created various tasks like Event Wait, Event Raise and E-mail etc.
Created Shell scripts for Automating of Worklets, batch processes and Session schedule using PMCMD
Created various Oracle database SQL, PL/SQL objects like Indexes, stored procedures, views and functions
for Data Import/Export.
Tuning the Informatica mappings to increase the performance.
Wrote test plans and executed it at UNIT testing and also supported for system testing, volume testing and
User testing. Also provided production support by monitoring the processes running daily
Extracted Data from FACETS Database.
Worked on creating HIPAA files from SQL Server database.
Environment: Informatica Power Center 9.1/8.6, MS SQL server 2005, Oracle 10g, Data quality, Toad,
PL/SQL (Stored Procedures), Erwin, Windows XP
T-Mobile - Seattle, WA
ETL Developer

Apr 2011- July 2012

Description: Globally, T-Mobile has some 130 million subscribers, making it the world's tenth largest mobile
phone service provider by subscribers and the third largest multinational after the United
Kingdom's Vodafone. The Data arrives from different source systems daily, which is sent into the tables of the
staging area where it is transformed according to the business logic and finally loaded into the CDW. The data
from the CDW is extracted for analysis and renewals by the marketing team.
Job Responsibilities:
Involved in Requirement Analysis, ETL Design and Development for extracting the data, which is stored in
different sources like Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2.
Analyzed, designed and developed an environment that would facilitate the use of Informatica to transform
data coming from OLTP into Admin datamarts.
Developed complex Informatica Mappings with transformations like lookup, router, aggregator, expression,
update strategy, joiner and etc.
Created Connected, Unconnected and Dynamic Lookup transformations for better performance.
Created sessions, worklets, workflows for the mapping to run daily, biweekly based on the business

Extensively used Parameter files, mapping variables in the process of development of the mappings for all
the dimension tables.
Implemented Slowly Changing Dimension type2 methodology in Informatica.
Worked on handling performance issues of Informatica Mappings, evaluating current logic for tuning
Involved in unit testing and fixing the bugs identified, provided data to the reporting team for their daily,
weekly and monthly reports.
Involved in team weekly and by monthly status meetings.
Environment: Informatica Power Center 8.6, Oracle10g, Toad, SQL, PL/SQL (Stored Procedure), Erwin,
MS Visio, Windows 2000, UNIX
Country Insurance and Financial Services - Bloomington, IL
ETL Developer,

Feb 2009 - March2011

Description:Country Insurance and Financial Services is a corporate firm broadly engaged in providing
solutions for Financial and Insurance applications. A temporary Financial Security Office (FSO) was established
in 2005 to coordinate various projects throughout the organization. In November 2007, the FSO was replaced
with a new structure of five financial security committees to guide projects.
Job Responsibilities:
Interacting with the end users to get all the incomplete requirements and developed client satisfied code.
Performed Source System Data analysis as per the Business Requirement. Distributed data residing in
heterogeneous data sources is consolidated onto target.
Developed Mappings, Sessions, Workflows and Shell Scripts to extract, validate, and transform data
according to the business rules.
Building the necessary staging tables and worktables on oracle development environment.
Used PowerExchange to extract data and to load data from and to existing mainframe systems.
Sourced the data from XML files, flat files, SQL server tables and Oracle tables.
Performed data cleansing and cache optimization.
Change Data Capture for Incremental Aggregation.
Developed Mappings that extract data to UNIX server and monitored the Daily, Weekly, Monthly and
Quarterly Loads.
Worked in Business Objects environment to test reports generated in BO.
Created dummy data for BO reports generation and testing using Oracle Toad by analyzing various business
logics and data standards.
Involved in review of the mappings and enhancements for better optimization of the Informatica mappings,
sessions and workflows.
Extensively worked in performance tuning of programs, ETL procedures and processes.
Performed Unit Testing of the mappings. Involved in writing the Test Cases and also assisted the users in
performing UAT.
Extensively used UNIX shell scripts to create the parameter files dynamically and scheduling jobs using
TWS scheduler.
Created integration services, repository services and migrated the repository objects.
Used heterogeneous data sources Oracle, DB2, and XML Files, Flat Files as source also imported stored
procedures from Oracle for transformations.
Environment: Informatica Power Center V8.6.1, Power Exchange 8.1, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 11g/10g,
DB2, Flat files, Shell Scripting, UNIX, Mainframes, Windows.
United Components, Evansville, IN
ETL Developer

March 2008 Jan 2009

Description: The project was to build a data warehouse for operational and strategic reporting. The objective is
to integrate different source systems into homogeneous environment to build Enterprise Data Warehouse. The
four subject areas Membership, Claims, Capitation and Provider. This project implemented ETL process in two
layers, ODS and Enterprise Data Warehouse.
Job Responsibilities:
Designed and developed ETL Processes based on business rules using InformaticaPowerCenter 7.1.1
Worked extensively on complex mappings using source qualifier, joiner, expressions, aggregators, filters,
lookup and update strategy transformations
Was part of scripting team for shell script to automate and migrate data from ODS to Data warehouse
Compared actual results to expected results and suggested changes to mappings owned by others
Developed PL/SQL procedures oracle(9i) for processing business logic in the database and use them as a
Stored Procedure Transformation
Involved in designing the mappings between sources and targets and also tuned them for better
Worked on performance tuning by identifying the bottlenecks in sources, targets, mappings and
Enhanced performance for Informatica session using large data files by using partitions, Increasing block
size, data cache size, sequence buffer length and target based commit interval
Developed a number of Complex Informatica Mappings, Mapplets and Reusable Transformations for other
Informatica workflow manager was used to do the loading of the transformed data on to the multidimensional schema
Environment: Informatica PowerCenter 7.1.1, Oracle 9i, SQL, PL/SQL, Windows, UNIX, Toad