Positions in Blue are easy to do from home – great for parents who work outside the home or have small children at home! Positions in Red are great for folks new to volunteering for the PTO

Positions for those who have been involved in the PTO and are willing to attend one Executive Board and one General Board meeting per month President – Runs the PTO meetings, acts as primary contact with the school, represents the PTO at outside meetings including attending monthly PTO Presidents’ meeting with Superintendent, oversees the entire PTO Vice President – Assists the President, acts as Parliamentarian, maintains and updates the bylaws (as necessary), oversees PTO Operations (which includes landscaping, audit, membership, directory) and chairs the nominating committee VP – Disbursements – Oversees the process of soliciting disbursement requests, making recommendations to the board and voting on the requests VP – Fundraising – Oversees, coordinates, and organizes all fundraising events. Specific events have included fall fundraiser, giftwrap sales, online auction, etc. Also oversees fundraising committees such as spirit shop and community partners VP – Programs – Oversees student programs, parent programs, yearbook, math masters, library buddies, Dragons Giving Back, and any committees/programs benefitting OUES students and/or parents. VP – Volunteers – recruits and coordinates parent volunteers and oversees Care Committee, homeroom parent coordinators, teacher lunches, teacher snacks, and special events. Secretary -Prepares agenda and records minutes of all PTO meetings, sends out communications relating to PTO, assists with PTO Bulletin Boards at OUES to promote communication. Treasurer – Keeps records of all the expenses and income of the PTO, prepares financial reports and pays out monies as needed.

Helping the PTO fund school programs and needs Fundraiser Chairs - Help plan the school’s special fundraising events. You can help with committees specific to each fundraising event. Committees will be organized by event. Committees may include Online Auction, Grade Level Special Party events, Fall fundraiser, Gift Wrap or other sales event. Sub-committees could be established to include: event (finding the location, entertainment, etc.), operations (financial matters related to the event) or donations (soliciting for donations to be auctioned at the event). Community Partners- Help establish, communicate, and sign up reward programs in our community, including scheduling restaurant nights. Community Partners – Organize and coordinate special fundraising projects available through partners in our community. For Example, Staples, Kroger, Spirit Halloween, etc. Spirit Shop – Help run the school’s spirit shop by organizing volunteers, ordering merchandise and keeping financial records

Keeping PTO members informed OUES PTO Website/Electronic Communication – Help write, edit and publish the PTO Website. Marquee – Post messages on the marquee outside the school Directory – Advertising – Contact advertisers for the PTO directory using lists from previous advertisers Directory – Database – Generate the annual PTO Directory using the previous format with updates with new information Audit – Review monthly bank statements to ensure the PTO is keeping accurate financial records

Help keep OUES programs running smoothly Library Buddies – Work with the librarian to coordinate the Library Buddy program Student Programs – Research and coordinate programs for the students of OUES and seek grants to subsidize the costs of these programs

Parent Programs – Research and coordinate programs of interest to parents of OUES students Yearbook – Help prepare the OUES yearbook including sales of yearbooks, photography, proofing, layout, and distribution Math Masters - Coordinate the Math Masters Program including setting up files, coordinating with Teachers and Coordinating Parent Volunteers for the day to day running of the program. The program is designed to encourage students to learn and master their math facts through timed drills. The drills are administered by the teachers in the classroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. Parent Volunteers grade the drills. Dragons Giving Back – Organize charitable activities for OUES parents and students, including Christmas is for Children

Homeroom Parent Coordinator – Make sure each teacher has a homeroom parent, help “train” homeroom parents (one time presentation), work with grade level coordinators to plan parties, assist in scheduling volunteers for classrooms Care Committee – Extend hospitality/care to families new to OUES or families/teachers in need Special Events - Help plan “boo-hoo breakfast” for incoming kindergarten parents, donuts for dads, volunteer appreciation breakfast and Teacher Appreciation Week (which is in May 2012) Teacher Luncheons – Help plan menu, decorations, and coordinate volunteers providing food for monthly teacher lunches. Teacher Snacks – Coordinate snack/snack volunteers for monthly afterschool teacher’s meetings

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