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The ExtraTerrestrial
William Kotzwinkle
Stage 2

Beril Gnay

9-B 2871
One night, a spaceship came down to earth. The ExtraTerrestrials were looking for plants to take them their planet.
But some of the scientists heard the spaceship and wanted to
find it.
One Extra terrestrial was million years old and he knew the
plants well but he wanted to have information about humans
too. This book tells the story of him.
Because it was his last night on Earth, he tried to learn . If
he learned something about the Earth people, he could tell it to
his friends in his own planet.
Unfortunately, when it was time to leave, the ExtraTerrestrial was gone too far because of his curiosity about
humans. He couldnt make it to spaceship on time. He was
stuck in Earth with himself.
Then he found Elliotts house. Elliott sensed that something
was in his houses garden. The Extra-Terrestrial hid in the dark
until Elliott found him.
At first he was scared of Elliott, he ran away from Elliott but
Elliott convinced him that he was a friend. Elliott named him
Elliott hid E.T. in his bedroom closet and made a bed for
him. E.T. couldnt speak English so it was a bit troubled times
for them.
In time, E.T. found some pieces for his transmitter to
communicate with his friends. Elliott felt that he had to tell
about E.T. to his brother. So he showed E.T. to his brother but
accidentally his little sister saw E.T. too. They promised to each
other that they wouldnt tell about E.T. to their mother.
When Elliott was off for the school. his little sister Gertie
tried to play with E.T. She gave him a computer and said It

helps me to learn better English. and because E.T. was relly

intelligent, he learned a few words from it.
When Elliott came back, E.T. talked to him. Elliott was very
surprised. E.T. told him some words meant that he had to
communicate with his friends.
Elliott and his siblings brought E.T. some stuff to help him
to build his transmitter. Days past and he built it.
It was Halloween so E.T. could go outside. Elliott and E.T.
rode a bike into the forest. To continue their way easier, E.T. did
something that made bike fly.
When they were on the ground again, E.T. started the
transmitter. He told Elliott that it was working and signals were
on their way. By the way, the scientists were trying to find E.T
because they knew he was there, on the Earth.
E.T. got sick and he was sad because he wasnt replied. He
got grayer day by day. Elliott was sad too because there was a
connection between them.
Michael -Elliotts brother- saw Elliott and noticed he got a
fever, and E.T. was sick too, so Michael took them to bathroom
but their mother saw E.T.
She couldnt say anything bacause the scientists had
located E.T. and they were surrounding their house. Scientists
broke into their house and didnt let them go outside.
Scientists took E.T. and tried to find his heart but -of
course- they hurt him. Elliott came out against scientists but
they didnt listen him.
Unfortunately, they killed E.T. Elliott got frustrated. But
suddenly a light came into the room, right onto E.T. He was
alive again! Fortunately scientists didnt notice that, so Elliott
and Michael took him to forest with scientists van. But
scientists followed them.
They got out of the van and flied with bikes again. They
saw the lights of the spaceship. Extra-Terrestrials have heard
the call of E.T.!

E.T. was incredibly happy, asked Elliott if he wanted to

come but Elliott chose to stay. They were sad. E.T. told Elliott
that he would always be with him, in his head then he left with
his plants.
Elliott: The boy who found E.T. and helped him. He is clever,
friendly and brave.
E.T. : An Extra-Terrestrial. He is wise and curious.
Michael: Brother of Elliott. Helpful and brave.
Scientists: They wanted to experiment on E.T. Evil people.
Mary: Elliotts mother
Gertie: Elliots sister. Helpful and friendly.
Most liked character:
Elliott because he tried to help E.T. and never thought bad
about him. he never left E.T. alone.
Most disliked character:
Scientists because they killed E.T.
Favourite Part:
It is the ending because E.T. tells Elliott that he will be always
with him. I think knowing that youre not alone is the best
Changing the ending:
If I wrote the ending, E.T. would copy himself. His copy would
stay on Earth, himself would go to his planet.

The Hound of
the Baskervilles
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Stage 4

Beril Gnay
9-B 2871
It tells the story of an old-aged family curse of Baskervilles.
Place of the story is real. Dartmoor, south-west of England.
One day someone knocks the door of Sherlock Holmes and
John Watson. The visitor is Charles Baskervilles doctor, Dr.
Mortimer. He tells them it seems that Charles died because of a
heart attack. Reason of heart attack is an extreme fear of a
myth, a huge hound that comes from hell.
Because doctor is a science man, he doesnt believe
supernatural things. Since this event contains supernatural
things, he wants Sherlock Holmes to solve it.
And this is the story of how Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
solved this case.
Sherlock Holmes: A very talented, intelligent and patient
detective who always solves cases even if theyre unbelievably
hard. He lives with his friend and colleague, John Watson.

Dr. John Watson: Colleague of Sherlock Holmes, helps him to

solve his cases.
Dr. Mortimer: Family friend and doctor to the Baskervilles
Charles Baskerville: The head of the Baskerville estate.
Because he could easily get frightened, he died from a heart
attack. Reason was fear.
Henry Baskerville: Charless nephew and he is brave.
Mr. Stapleton: An evil man. He is the main reason of The
Mrs. Stapleton: Wife of Mr. Stapleton.
Laura Lyons: A typewriter. She helps Sherlock and John to
solve the case.
Mr. Frankland: Lauras father.
Mr. Barrymore: Loyal servant to Baskerville family.
Mrs. Barrymore: Mr. Barrymores wife.
Selden: A prisoner who escaped from jail. Mrs. Barrymores

Most liked character:

Sherlock Holmes. Because his intelligence and patience helps
him while solving the cases. He sees that nobody sees and
thats the way how he solves the cases. I like his difference.
Most disliked character:
The Hound. If he didnt exist, none of the events would happen.
Favourite Part:
I liked the relief moment when Dr. Watson got terrified in the
hut and then realised the man out there was Sherlock Holmes.
That relief was so realistic that even I could feel it.
Changing the ending:
If I wrote the ending, I would asuure readers that Mr. Stapleton
definitely died. Because in the book Sherlock thinks so but
theres no evidence.