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L3K 2G7


I recently retired, early, from AbitibiBowater Thorold Division.

My interest is to work 5 7 years to coincide with my wife s retirement plans.

My career was extensively industrial / operations, I have considerable experience dealing

with all types of big customers and suppliers. As well I managed an extensive shipping
operation both at Thorold and in the woodlands division in Hornepayne and
Manitouwadge Ontario.

Locations in the Niagara area preferred, however, all opportunities are of interest.

Thank you,
Scott Mathieson
905 834 9505
307 Clarke St 905 834 9505
Port Colborne, On L3K 2G7


30 years experience in wholesale distribution, manufacturing, logistics and service

organizations. Broad knowledge of supply chain management, specifically inventory
management, supplier management, purchasing and project management. Proven
ability to achieve complex corporate objectives through continuous improvement


ABITIBI BOWATER, (Ont Paper Co / Donohue / QUNO / Abitibi) 1981 - 2008

Leader in the Pulp and Paper industry. Producing newsprint for all the leading newspapers
throughout North America.

Finishing & Shipping Superintendent, 2002 2008 Thorold

Directed a team of three salary and over 70 wage employees ensuring the daily packaging and
shipping requirements were executed according to production schedule and customer

Consistently met the daily shipping requirements of newsprint for over 200 locations by
engaging and motivating my team. Requirements were met 100% of time and always within
Adopted a JIT scheduling system for many customers including the Toronto Sun. By
reducing inventories from 15 days supply to 1 day. Generating a savings to the company
and customers of approximately $430,000 per year
Led my department team into the ISO9002 and 14000 leading to improvements in our
quality and environmental results. The annual audit results were achieved with no major
Reorganized my department structure and re-enforced safety awareness, resulting in an
improvement in Lost Time Injuries by 50%. Drove Medical Aid claims to almost 0% in 2006.
Managed a transition to high capacity railcars in 2003 2004. Increased load weights by
20+ metric tonnes per car. Developed new loading patterns to maximize tonnage. Annual
cost savings of $100,000.
Superintendent, Fiber Deliveries, 1992 2001 Thorold
Led a team of 2 salary and 12 wage employees to guarantee the required incoming shipping
quantities and product quality. (Wood chips / logs / recycled paper) Total 450,000 metric t
(ODT) annually. Requirements were achieved 100% of time and within budgeted cost.

Managed a 115 railcar fleet. Allocated fleet to sawmills in Northern Ontario and Quebec.
Analyzed the quality auditing process and proved that the current 100% auditing process
could be reduced to approximately 10% significantly resulting in labour and quality control
costs of approximately $200,000 per year.
Created a system using statistical analysis that would identify customers who were
delinquent poor quality suppliers. (Recycled paper) Enabled us to cut off poor suppliers
permanently or until they showed improvement. Leading to major cost reductions and quality
improvements. That system now in place at all company recycled paper mills.

Woodlands Superintendant (Ontario Paper Company), 1982 1990

Managed all aspects of Forest Management operations in Hornepayne, ON. Forest
management planning, logging, road building and forest regeneration. Rail shipments to
Thorold, ON. and market locations in Northern Ontario.

Managed a team of 6 Professional Foresters and Technologists, 12 seasonal staff and 2
contract logging operations.
Annual Production 400,000 500,000 cubic meters wood fiber.
Tree planting 4 million to 6 million seedlings per year
Aerial Spraying up to 8000 hectares per year. (Plantation tending app)
Logging road construction 40 miles to 100 miles/year.
Led the team and required outside contractors to construct up to 100 miles of access roads
including project planning, excavation and working with Provincial, Federal, and local
governments to guarantee project complied with environmental requirements.
Designed and built a series of sight offices and area headquarters. Overseeing many
contractors of all construction trades. Ensuring compliance to building codes, costs and
timeline requirements.
Recruited the entire staff including interviewing and hiring of the entire team of forestry
personnel from many areas throughout Canada.
Designed an automatic Stumpage Scale weighing system which automated the wood
measurement process for stumpage payment at the sawmill in Hornepayne. Eliminated a
manual system saving $100,000 per year in labour. This was the first time this system was
used in practice in the forestry industry in Ontario.
Organized a joint (Company / Ministry of Natural Resources) project to recalculate the
volumes of wood being loaded on railcars for delivery to the paper mill. Historical data wa
in error, and the new information resulted in substantial annual savings in stumpage fees
paid to the government for many years. Savings = $275,000 / year. I was personally
recognized for this proposal with a large monetary award (1995)

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources 1975 1980

Forest Mgt, Hearst Ontario.
Forestry Technologist. Silviculture, Fire Fighting
Hornepayne Community Hospital Board of Directors, 1986 - 1990
Finance Chairman, 1989 1990
Port Colborne Minor Baseball Association 1993 - Present


Diploma, Forestry Technology 1975

Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ont

Quality, Productivity & Competitive Position Edwards Demming

George Washington University, 1992

Standard First Aid, semi-annually.

CPR, semi annually.

References available on request