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17 May 2015

MEMO NO. EDG 2015-003

ALL Student Councils
Convention of the 34th National Congress
Dear fellow student leaders,
Maalab na pagbati!
The Katipunan ng mga Sangguniang Mag-aaral sa UP (KASAMA sa UP) will be
holding its 34th National Congress this coming 17-19 June 2015 at the University of
the Philippines Visayas, Iloilo City and Miag-ao campuses. This three-day activity
aims to 1) unify the student councils across the system in relation to distinct issues
happening in our respective campuses, 2) acquaint its membership to the historic
role of our student-leaders in the formation of a formidable front, and 3)
formulate viable solutions that will be carried system-wide for the upcoming
academic year.
In this light, the National Executive Council has incorporated the following in our
program of activities for the upcoming National Congress:

Issue-Based Discussions and Community Integration

The Alliance contributes in the promotion of a nationalist and pro-people
consciousness with the continuous political education of members from the
various student councils across the system. These platforms have become
effective means by which theory and practice synergize; transforming into our
brand of uncompromising, principled leadership. Pressing issues of the days will be
tackled as we will once again immerse in communities populated by fisher folks,
indigenous people, and urban poor.

Annual Unit Reporting

Article V Section 4 of the KASAMA sa UP Constitution states that: [Student
Councils must] submit annual reports during the National Congress. With this, we
encourage member student councils to convene as one unit (AU and RU), prior
to the National Congress, in crafting the unit report. The NEC shall provide a
template for the contents of the unit report.

Reaffirmation of Membership
The General Assembly which will convene at the National Congress shall tackle
the application for membership of student councils who wish to join the Alliance.
Please refer to Article IV of the KASAMA sa UP Constitution for the specificities on
Membership. We shall also approve these applications for membership at the
National Congress.

Election of the National Executive Council

Article VIII Section 4: The seat of the National Executive Council shall be decided
by the General Assembly during the National Congress at which it is convened.
In line with this, the National Executive Council requests the member student
councils to forward nominations for the following positions: National Chairperson,
Executive Vice Chairperson, Secretary General, Vice Chairpersons for Luzon,
Visayas, and Mindanao, Deputy Secretaries for Education and Research,
Finance, Membership, and Publicity, as well as the next Editor-in-Chief of
Sanggunian, the Alliances newsletter. A separate memorandum will be released
regarding the procedure and mechanics of nomination in accordance with the
election process.
As mandated by our constitution, we expect ALL member student councils to
send delegates to our upcoming National Congress. Likewise, this activity shall
be open to student councils who wish to sit as observers and those who are
applying for membership. Should you have further questions and/or concerns,
you may communicate with any member of the National Executive Council.
Maraming salamat at magkita-kita tayo sa Iloilo!
For a united student movement,
National Chairperson
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