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Walter and Lana do represent the frustration of the Chinese American intellectuals. (By
the way, Lana is from Taiwan and Walter is from Hong Kong, not from China. Both
lived in America as scientists for over 30 years and been to China many times). They try
hard to explain to the world about China. Because in America media, only the Chinese
dissidents and American views on China are presented. Chinese leaders are almost never
interviewed to present the counter view.

I recommend you read Mr. Zhao Qizheng's article in my attached essay again. Mr. Zhao
does speak for the Chinese government. After he stepped down as Director of
Development for Shanghai he was Director of Office of Information for China. He met
with thousands of foreign dignitaries during 20 years of his career. He published two
books titled "Explain to the World about China I and II", both are best sellers in China.
Notice the title is not "Explain China to the world”. There is a difference in his style. In
his collected essays and interviews by foreign reports as well as foreign experts in China,
there is a very harmonious and humble attitude in his presentation.

Lana has brought Leo and Rene to China and explained to many Westerners about
China. She did a great job. Both Walter and Lana have contributed significantly to U.S.
China understanding I respect them greatly. I strongly recommend you visit China by
joining the tour she is organizing.

Here is an interesting story for you. Remember Professor Williams of Brown University,
International Relation Department?. His wife is Chinese, he was considered an expert on
China. You recall I helped to arrange a forum for the American Catholic priest who
defied the U.S State Department and took a group of American students to China during
1958? Professor Williams happened to sit behind me during the forum and puffed
heavily on his pipe. I do not recall you sat next to me or not. After the talk was finished,
I asked Prof. Williams why he was puffing on his pipe so heavily. He snapped back
"Propaganda, absolute propaganda!" I was shocked because I thought father Mcginnis
was informative and objective (Name not sure, it was 50 years ago, but it can be checked)

Guess what Prof. Williams is doing these days? Last I heard, he is a tour director of
China Group tours offered by Brown University. How times and people's mind can
change when more information is available. Let us learn from Prof. Williams, by now he
must be pretty old and wise.

Up until 1980, no books or music are allowed to come from China. I was so starved for
information from China, the French recording of Butterfly Violin Concerto that I loaned
from the library became my favorite music. I played the concerto to my new born son,
Daniel, whenever he cried. Today he is practicing medicine at UCLA hospital. By
listening to the concerto must do him some good. 1982, I decided to visit China by
Chinese Academy of Sciences invitation for the first time in 26 years. China is not at all
like the Western media would like people to believe!
China was closed for 30 years partly because of U.S. embargo. This is what happened to
North Korea for the last 60 years. That is why I fervently hope current criticisms from
U.S on China do not flare up into another cold war like 60 years ago. That may lead to
catastrophe for both great nations this time. I hope President Obama will continue his
harmony diplomacy in response to President Hu and Premier Wen. Both nations need to
respect each others leaders.

Francis C W Fung, Ph.D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization
San Farncisco