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Model elements: stairs, walls, windows, doors, etc.

View elements
Datum elements
Annotation elements: wall tag, door tag, dimensions, bar scale, etc.
o View-specific, belongs to the view in question.

Three step hierarchy (for annotation and model elements)

o Category (ex: doors, walls, stairs, door tags): behavior defined, we use
objects from those categories
Family type (ex: double doors, revolving doors, etc.): system
families and component families (we can modify these). A more
specific version of object in category
Type (ex: size)

Zoom to sheet size to get accurate view

Commands to know:
- Shift+click subtracts selection
- Tab alternates selection
- Tab and click again to select both options
- Two chains possible if you can move mouse without going to blank space
- Filter select too much and deselect what you dont want
- Modify -> decheck something, you cant select it.
- Pinned locked
Revit tab
- Options default view discipline (architectural), username
Crop region
- orthographic views. By default, rectangular in shape.
- Call Outsketch, sketch viewright click, go to view, it creates a view in
project boundary called Callout to____
To enable crop region: PropertiesextentsCrop view
Work sharing
- Each user creates a local copy of the file that day to day work happens in.
- When opening work share--create new local checked. It should add your
name to the end of workshare if its a local copy.
- Synchronize with central will send changes to work share and receive
changes to local copy.
ManageProject information (title blocks with address, etc.)
Project LocationProject location
Save optionsMaximum backups (about 3 is enough)

Levels are controlled in elevations

LL to add a new level
Under Datum. If you delete a grid, it will continue numbering system so beware! If
you edit it, it will continue numbering and lettering system.
To edit, drag circle. Snap them to same line and it will edit together.
Temporary Dimensions
Start controlling things in a precise way.
Drag witness line point to associate dimension with grid line instead of line in wall.
Architectural and structural columns
Check Moves with grid
Structural columns multiple, at columns, make selection, which will only sense
location of architectural columns
To change orientation of columns, tap space bar while selecting them.
WA wall shortcut
Course, medium and fine: display level of detail
ZF Zoom to fit
Object snaps
Length dimension snap increments
Override snap (valid for one click only): SM snap to midpoint
Instance properties
Type properties
Type level modification: Edit type edits all in that type, even if theyre not
all selected.
Manageadditional settingstemporary dimension properties
Temporary dimensions measure from faces and openings
MV move
CO move
TR trim
OF offset
SL split
Tap space bar to change orientation of doors
DI permanent dimension marker

EQ equality constraint (an ongoing live constraint)will center

Modifywall joints to change joints of walls

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