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Oneness - Removing The Separation Pt 2

Many of the things written are extensions of other writings, and one
may not understand writings unless they are familiar with the degrees
and revelations previously written that causes us to arrive at the
present day revelation. So be sure and read and or reread previous
writings to stay caught up.
Oneness is that God is all things and all things are God. Even when we
say it as to utter forth a explanation, it still causes us to have to
explain or interject something as to a shadow of separation, such as I
said above God is all things, then I have separated in the sentence
God and then I said things. SO I am separating them so I can convey
to your own mind those two things are but one thing and the same
thing which is God. Suppose I just wrote or typed on a paper and said
but one word, God. You would not know what I was meaning. So if I
wanted to tell you that God and things are the same thing, then I
would have to use what you know as things and as God and then
combine them in a way to say to you they are One and the same. All
that truly exist is God.
There is nothing that exist that is not Him.
Now lets continue to look into the Oneness of God and see again
where this leads us.
Jesus is God, was God and eternally shall be God. He had no
beginning, no ending and existed before the world ever was. So lets
move away the veil of His flesh and see the Spirit inside. So even as
we say remove his flesh, we still for comprehensions sake have to
say to as such for defining and understanding. Once we understand,
we do not need the defining any further.
Now as we have previously in the past wrote concerning this, lets see
the origin of the dark shadow that has caused the separation. There
was a purpose for a veil to come into play, because the veil is what
cast the shadow and caused the darkness needed.
So lets walk this trail, and see the shadow that caused the separation
and why it was needed and how it was done away with.
Jesus as to the Son though born as to a body, He was not a body but
was spirit as to His Mind of Faith that was in Him and the Word did not
become flesh until it partook of the darkness, or the Tree of

Knowledge within Him.

He was not counted as to having Iniquity in Him till He partook of it.
Then when He partook, then He was or became flesh and darkness
and had to die.
He was healing and passing through walls and walking on water.
Till iniquity was found in Him.
The innocent spotless white paper of spirit hiding underneath the
darkness of the soul, or the ink of the soul. Faith sense was what He
was and He never had tasted of carnality, or death, He never leaned
to his own understanding before.
His faith struck his soul and cast forth 5 shadows of human senses or
When Word became Flesh, as to Him being the inner innocent Adam,
then God revealed to Him His beautiful outer Eve and he did eat. Then
Eve came to life.
When the Eve partook, it was not in iniquity, till His Adam partook
then it was counted against Him. He was walking in the Faith Realm.
Then He partook of the Flesh and did eat and this was the change
over and the Midnight hour where He was to be made sin. It was a
changing over as to a mind, a world.
One sense of Faith, is Oneness, refracted as to 5 human senses, as
white light refracts the rainbow shows of colors.
One Light Jesus as Calvary refracted unto 7 Lights, 7 Seals, of
We see Jesus as to the Christ or Adam, being in the realm of faith,
faith was his nature.
He had never "tasted of death". However when God separated or
revealed to Him the darkness of the flesh to Him, it was so beautiful.
We say he partook of his Eve. He was not aware of His Eve, He was
blinded to his Eve, just like spirit is veiled from flesh, this flesh is
veiled and hidden from spirit. So spirit as to the Christ, He had never
seen the flesh as to within himself. When the veil of his mind was rent
in twain, not the body, then it revealed another mind, a mind of carnal
beauty and definement.
Here stood Adam, beholding the Tree of Knowledge, the flesh. Do not
touch this Adam or eat from it, for when you do, it will cause your
outer eve to come to life. In the day you eat of it Adam or Christ, you

shall die, you shall taste death. By tasting of that tree you will cause a
shadow to exist. You will awaken a false image to life.
Now, lets break this down. We are born in Sin and we have to travail
till we come to the Calvary of our Life, then we rend the darkness and
receive the Light. With Christ He was not born in sin, He was born of
the Will of God. He was born with the nature of Faith and of believing
God. He did not WAR with His flesh, because His flesh had not come
to light or life. Just like Adam and Eve in the Garden, before the
partaking of the Tree. Their flesh had not come to life. They were in
a world of Light. See Jesus was the True Adam and the True Eve. Inside
of Him, which is The Garden of Eden, was two Trees. Spirit and Flesh.
Grace and Law. Remember now this we speak of, though we say is The
Man Christ Jesus, we dare not forget, He was the Fullness of God, in a
Human Body. The Head. All that took place in Him, is reflected in the
lives of the many members or the tail. As the head goes left the tail
goes left as it follows the head, as it goes right, the same. If the head
eats of the tree, are not all of the members counted as to eating from
the tree? There is no separating the head from the body, the body is
One with the tail. We do not say as to our body, you know, my body
has a hand, or a foot etc. No, we know the foot and the hand is what
makes up, The Body, they are the Body.
So Lets see the separation of the Light from the Darkness. Why? Why
did they have to be separated? So we could comprehend them. God
needed the Darkness to form the Light of His Image. So He had to
create the darkness and then separate it from the Light so it could be
Now bear with me a moment, as we make a statement that might
shock you to some degree. God as to Him being a Spirit, did He break
His own Laws by making Creation? Did He transgress Himself, sin
against His own Body? Did put the body away from Him as to a
divorce because He placed it in the darkness, He subjected it to the
darkness. Being HE, subjected the Body or Eve, the Jesus side of Him
ti the Darkness, then He sinned against His own Body. More on this
The Bible tells us there are things, Unlawful for a man to utter. We
have seen that God commanded us to Do Not Kill, yet He admitted
that He Himself, Kills and Wounds and binds up.

Now lets say something again that we will further explain next, and
that is, God did not know anything, until He created all things! We say
Jesus was the Ink needed to define God, or He was the Pen to the
paper, He was the One to walk in between both worlds and that
caused both sides of Light and Darkness to be defined. He was the
single defining point of all creation, of all things, of God Himself. God
was as to a White Sheet of Paper and nothing was known by God
because there was no darkness to define Himself as to Light.
So God needed The Darkness, yet there was no Darkness. So How
does a Being that is Omnipresent and is Good and Light, How does it
create Darkness, when everywhere there is, is nothing but Light? We
could say an Object was needed, and when this object was created,
then it would cast a shadow and the shadow would be the darkness
needed. So God would have to be the Object and He would have to
be the Shadow.
So we say God is Light, or Spirit, then it creates an Object, or God
forming Himself from the Ground. Making Himself a Body. Inside this
Body was Light and when it became a Body or this Object, then it
automatically cast a Shadow over the Sovereignty of God because for
God to comprehend His Creation or that which He created, then He
was not interested so to speak in seeing Himself, at that point, He was
interested in seeing this which would seemingly appear, outside
Himself. He wanted to define the Tree and to define the Heavens and
the Sun and Moon and Oceans and Man! God could NOT comprehend
this which He had made unless He had a shadow to define it and to
define revealed it so it could be comprehended. Light and Darkness
work TOGETHER to define and reveal the Object or the Image. So God
needed the Shadow, so He, like an innocent pure baby, could begin to
comprehend Himself through the eyes of His Creation. He needed the
darkness to see! We as Humans we are in darkness and we need
Light to see, but God was at the other end of the spectrum, He
needed Darkness to see. Remember how we put our hand above our
head to cause a shadow over our face, when the sun is in our eyes?
We cannot see anything when the sun is shining in our eyes, but as
soon as we pull the sun visor or veil down, then it blocks the Light with
the shadow and suddenly the world around us is made manifest!
So God we say as to Himself in Spirit form was the Tree of Life and The

Body of Jesus whom He dwelt in and made was the Object of Creation,
thus this cast a Shadow upon the Soul and veiled God from the Body
by the shadow of the Soul. So the Soul was counted as to the
darkness. SO the Darkness or the Soul would be where the defining
would take place, the battle between the Spirit Mind of Divine
Comprehension and Carnal Human Comprehension. The Soul would be
the Tree of Knowledge, the place where Knowledge for BOTH man and
God would come from. As the darkness would define with carnal
intellect, it would also cause a spiritual revelation to be made known.
Wisdom reveals foolishness and vice versa. As One is defined it
automatically is defining the other. As man defines, God is being
revealed and as God is being revealed man is being created or
defined. A mind of Light, needed a mind of Darkness, to birth Wisdom
and Knowledge and Understanding to BOTH. Because BOTH were
blank paper. God we say was White spotless paper, man was dark or
black spotless paper. But when they were separated then by them
BOTH using the Object or The Body as a recorder, then this recorder
would record BOTH The Darkness and The Light. We see it as the Dark
Film or negative needed for the Light to strike, then place the film in
the Body or the red blood life for development. So though we can see
all of this is an extension of God, it is still God.
So how does God See? Though Man is as to the darkness and God
dwells in the darkness behind the veil, so the only way for God to
Taste, and to Feel and to See etc would be, He would have to subject
this Body to the darkness. The Bible says He hath subjected in hope.
Like a space ship to explore another world, we have to put a man in
the ship and a space suit, so He can still live and then send that ship
into that world.
So God did exactly the same thing. For Him to enter the World of
Darkness He would as we say need a Body to dwell in, a space suit
and then to awaken that Body to the darkness, for it to See the
darkness, He would have to separate it from Himself via the Veil or the
Shadow then cause the Body or this Outer Eve, the Eve of Creation,
The Eve of Knowledge, to partake of that darkness. So God had to
partake of that darkness, he had to partake of that Tree of Knowledge
to begin the Calvary Like process of Defining! To define Himself, would
also cause man to define himself. So when Light and Darkness met so
to speak, they begin defining the other. One was being defined as to
the Light as Christ, the other was as to the darkness was Satan. The

Inseparable twins of Light and darkness. The Law reveals both good
and evil.
So God was Adam and He created a Body we call Eve. This Eve had its
own mind, though it was not aware it did, till God used the
concupiscence and weakness of fleshly human desire and by using the
serpent beastly body and its needs, it tempted this outer Eve to
partake of that darkness within it, the same as the wooing of the Spirit
causes us to desire the inward Light. God suffered the darkness of
sensual life and passions and all that is unlike Him to tempt and draw
and woo, this Outer Eve to partake, and she did eat. Jesus said I
beheld Satan as lightning falling, so we know by this is the time of God
separating the darkness from the light. See how the darkness or Satan
was cast out, into the Earth, and that is exactly where God needed
the darkness, so it could begin the defining of creation.
Is it not strange to us these varied sayings from the Word of God.
Satan was as Lightning cast out of heaven into the Earth, yet the
Coming of The Lord is also as Lightning shining from the East (Spirit),
as even unto the West (Body). Also it says Satan goes about at that
time as a roaring lion seeking whom He may devour, at the same
time it speaks of the 7th Angel sounding forth the Thunders, and says
it sounds as a Lion when it roars. We say Christ is the Lion of The
Tribe of Judah, yet Satan is also as a roaring Lion. The inseparable
twins have been separated. When separated, one stays at Home and
does the Will of the Father as an obedient Son, the Twin brother
however has gone out to the hog pens of the world and awaits to be
received of the Father. The Black Sheep of the Family. He that was
made Sin. The Outer Eve the woman side of us, who had to have an
issue of blood for her cleansing because she was to be made sin or
evil itself, being subjected to the darkness, then we see the War in
Heaven inside of her, with the man overpowering her as to her
passions to mate with her, a glorious experience and a promise of a
beautiful life, suddenly weeks later we find she has conceived of
something from the man, he has left a part of himself in her and it has
reached her inner most parts and now she is suddenly feeling sick and
having weird desires for certain foods, her belly as we say is
growing as she is put on her belly typically speaking and all of a
sudden her whole world revolves around her belly, as to the child
because the belly or child craves it of her to live. She is becoming
totally out of shape and her emotions are all over the place and she

feels out of control.

See, while she is carrying the child, she is typical of Satan, a darkness
that veils a seed of life, she is given grace to rule and reign because of
the child she holds typically speaking in captivity. Then when she
comes to her Calvary and the veil is rent, then things begin to change
for her. She had to partake of the Law of her husband to receive His
seed, else the husband could not reveal himself or he could not
reproduce himself. There is no hope for the woman as to her
redemption if she does not reproduce the image of her husband. We
as Christ we have no hope of bodily redemption unless we reproduce
Christ in our lives. We see Eve had to partake of the Tree of Knowledge
or the Law, else the seed could not enter her heart to come forth as a
Jesus to end Sin as the mighty Man Child.
So back to the darkness in Jesus. He is Adam in this sense. Now lets
say He was the Second Man Adam, however if we go back and see
Adam first then we see a second Adam coming forth from his side as
Eve. She being a type, we see Jesus being the true second Adam or
the Eve. So we see that when he partook of the darkness, not knowing
it was darkness, as to the Law, then it awoke or revealed the darkness
in Him. It revealed and brought to Life His Flesh as to His Fleshly Mind.
When it happened it was so distasteful and so ugly as to the motives,
desires and beastly passions of Self that it made Him sick to His
stomach and it caused Him to immediately REPENT for ever partaking
of it. He suffered it so to speak because he allowed it and made it but
He had never seen it as to the awakening of it. So he despised that
image he had awoken not only in Himself as to God, but He seen it
had awoken all flesh to life in darkness and sin. This was when
Iniquity was found in Him. Not that he had sinned for God cannot
Sin, but a part of God that He had made subject to the darkness was
now under control of this darkness doing deeds of evil and wickedness
that God had never known or seen before, He was pure. When he seen
all of this as to the sinfulness and ugliness that He had begun by
innocently partaking of the Tree of Knowledge or the Cross or the Law
as to becoming flesh, it grieved Him and He immediately set out to kill
out and crucify this flesh and despised its image! He hated this flesh
he had awoken in himself and in all humanity and seen all it would do
as to the horrors and He repented. He was baptized and he died and
was then raised to prove He was not guilty but did what was done in
innocency and in Love. Like a child trying to start a fire in a fireplace

on a cold day to help dad along and catches the house on fire, see He
was innocent and His intentions were in the right place. But when the
child seen the great fire He had started and how it ruined everything
and destroyed and killed and maimed and stole and burned and
smelled etc, it cried, and it repented what it had even done as to the
good or the bad. Hope was the good He seen as to God in humanity,
that the good and the Christ He seen in those who would accept Him
was so beautiful that it outshine all of the ugliness and He proposed to
do away with the darkness and the evil of the flesh once and for all
and had hope once more by those who would receive Him.
He seen that humanity was as He was, they were now as mixture of
both good and evil and He could not justifiably destroy the good with
the evil, so he gave Grace to all humanity to give them all a chance to
repent and do good even as He himself was given that chance by
Himself. He repented, he was baptized and He was crucified and was
born again, God Himself was. He had to be, for when he partook of the
darkness it made Him the darkness, it caused in Him own self exactly
as it does to you, because you are Him! It caused all manner of
concupiscence and fleshly desires and awoke selfishness etc in Him
and when it did as to the dark image of the beast, it was so unlike Him
and who He truly was, that He vomited it up, He tasted of that dark
death of flesh and he despised it! He immediately after He came to
this revelation, set out on a ministry of 3 years and set out a path and
a plan to quickly kill that thing out.
If you want to see what took place in the Mind of God, then look into
yourself and see what you do and think and what battles you and how
it got there etc and what your feelings and emotions and intents are.
God is the same way. He was a Spirit that became flesh and when He
became flesh He awoke the darkness in that flesh that caused the
Image of the beast to come to Life, His presence in the Human Body
caused the Shadow of Satan to come to Life. He would suffer Satan to
remain in the body till the Eve or Body had reproduced the Man Child
which was His intent, So we can say when He looked into the flesh to
see Himself He saw but the opposite of Himself, a mirror reflection and
it was everything he hated and despised! Yet the Man Child was so
beautiful as to Christ in you, that He would suffer it to be so for its
So yes Jesus was God, His Body was the veil in this sense, that caused

the Spirit to be conformed to an Image, to personify it as a

recognizable Holy Ghost. Now in the Soul realm we see it was the
darkness of the soul that was causing this as the ink to the paper. We
see the entire Bible story is God, the story of God and How God a
Spirit, became Flesh and how the flesh partook of the Tree of
Knowledge, else there could be no flesh or darkness. Faith had to have
Unbelief to form itself, Good had to have Evil to define itself, Christ
had to have a Jesus, Adam had to have an Eve, God had to have a
Satan. In the end however we see, the shadow is the only thing that
ultimately gets destroyed, the Body the Soul and the Spirit are all
saved in the end. Only the shadow that was needed for refinement
and revealing purposes is destroyed. Because the Body is subject to
the Mind within it, then some bodies are One with Light and that Light
is Heaven to them. Those still in darkness, their bodies are still
darkness and if they do not rend the veil and become one with the
light, then when the great light is revealed to them, it will destroy
BOTH them as to their soul and their bodies in the Light of Fire or lake
of Fire. Lake is the Water or the mass of people known as the Saints of
God and the evil will be destroyed in their presence eternally. This is
also true even now as the evil do things knowing the good and the
good as to the Law in them tortures and condemns them already, they
are already perishing inwardly in the presence of the Law, because
they fail to live up to it. The Law demands they receive it in
themselves and die and carry its seed to full term but they will not.
When they live in and by sin they are giving life and power and
sovereignty to Satan and they are forming His Image and Not Christ
So Christ or Adam and Jesus or Eve, we see one as the Tree of Life and
One is the Tree of Knowledge. We find this Jesus partaking of the Law
of God, fulfilling every jot and tittle of it, to become God, yet we find
God saying NO Flesh can be justified by the Law. It is not about works,
works was only seen because of the Faith being formed within it. Once
Faith was formed, I had no need of the works anymore, I am not
works, I am faith, I am not flesh I am spirit, my works is my Faith. I am
not a man as like you in the sense of your fallen condition and you do
good deeds to ease your conscience. I am a Spirit, without a Body till
Jesus comes so to speak, and as a Spirit when I command and it is
done, as to Light or creation to come forth, that is my works, my
works is my words, they do not return to me void, they are spirit and
life. I by my Faith stretched out the heavens and made all things then I

rested from my works. My work was not as a man works however, as a

back pain or the sweat of the brow, as a Spirit Faith is my works, when
I command, it goes to work and accomplishes what I desire, that is the
world of a Spirit and of Faith.
God as in the Body of Jesus, seeing the darkness in Him, by the veil,
had to work out His own Salvation. God needed Salvation from the
darkness He had created. He said, I God, I form the Light, and I
create the darkness, and Can evil even come to a city unless I sent
it saith the Lord. So He was both Light and Darkness, and He had to
rend that darkness from Himself and then He despised that darkness
and took it to the Cross and repented of every creating it and killed it
and killed out that part of Himself once and for all. He removed the
shadow of separation once and for all, because the shadow was in Him
and it existed by Him, he was responsible for it all. God working out
His Salvation and His plan worked, he killed it out by death on the
Cross took the darkness to hell, so to speak and redeemed the body
by blood and filled it now with Light. He is saved to the uttermost, you
are saved to the uttermost.
When did the darkness appear? When He became Flesh, The Body
was the Object spiritually speaking that caused a shadow to appear.
So the Word was made Flesh and it revealed the weaker or woman
side of God and by doing so, upon it entering the flesh, its presence
caused a shadow to appear.
Jesus existed before the world came into view. Once the dark world
came into view, He entered that darkness. He hated the way His wife
began looking and acting because she was carrying His seed, but He
gave her grace and knew once the child was born, she would be
alright. We say while the child is in her, it is a type of Satan causing all
of creation to be in a tempest, the child or God within the Veil,
however when the child comes forth and rends the veil, it is no longer
in the upside down perverted form in the flesh, it has rent the flesh in
two, parted the heavens, standing between Moses and Elijah and the
Unveiled Man Child of Christ is seen!
Now Light as a seed has to have a space to grow in, a womb so to
speak. It has to have a darkness to grow. So it does. The Soul. The
Soul being the womb of the Spirit. So while in the soul, the seed of
light being surrounded by the darkness, makes a being of both Light

and darkness , Good and Evil. A Satan. A Warfare. The mixture of

darkness and light, hath brought a false image to life, by faith in
reverse. Faith the power of creation, in perverted form creates
perversion. Faith creates Gods will and desires, faith in reverse is
Satans will and desire. The woman being out of source and extreme in
her desires and image because she is going through the
developmental stages of the birth. God gives her grace. Why?
because he is responsible for her being out of source. It is His seed
and His Light she carries in her that has caused such a warfare and
the flesh to come to life. His seed in her is the promise of Life and
Hope, He subjected her to pregnancy in hope so to speak. So the man
has promised her if she produces His life by the state of ecstasy or
heaven he has brought her too, then she can be saved, but what he
did not tell her was the following months of hell and vomiting and
sickness and pain and death she would have to endure to get it.
So Jesus promises us life if we will partake of his flesh, his darkness as
to the law, so we do, we come to calvary and we believe. We then
receive. We have joy for a while. We realize however that when we
received that seed that promised us life, we find it torments us and
has caused a great warfare in us and my what a battle, now we do not
have a choice. See this through and birth the child or die in our sins
and be lost eternally. That which we thought was the way of life we
found to be unto death, the Law working by being in me awakened
and revealed my sinful flesh and caused all manner of concupiscence
in me, it deceived me and slew me.
You as a person do not see the evil or the good in you until you come
to the knowledge of the truth, which is the Law or Word of God.
So we say God is Light and from His Side came Darkness or Creation.
To reveal the Light to itself, it will have to reveal the Darkness to itself
as well. To reveal is to cause to come to life. So you are responsible for
both the dark and the light. The Light brought Jesus to Life, the
revealing of it, as well as when the darkness was revealed it took Him
to death.
He was the Soul that sinned and had to die, but it was not His Sins,
because God cannot Sin. However because God held Himself to the
same rule He did and does to us then for our sake, He had to come
and die. He could have simply said, away with it, I forgive it or
He did hold Himself responsible for the darkness or the shadow.

Now have you ever considered the fact that An Absolute Just and
Holy Law, does not allow an innocent person to pay for a guilty
person? The Law must punish the guilty for their sins and its job is to
protect the innocent and punish the guilty, so how did it come to be
that Jesus paid for all sins when he was not guilty, or was He? He was
guilty as to the parent paying for the broken glass we the child broke
by throwing the ball.
So He was guilty, God was guilty in that sense. Yet He is not the one
who broke the window, but His child did. Oh my the beauty of the
Wisdom of God. This branches off into so much more incredible
God is Adam, plain and simple, Eve was Jesus, or the Flesh of God. The
Light of The Tree of Life shined into the Body of Jesus as the Law does
to you and I this day, and it cast a Shadow known as The Tree of
Knowledge onto a Soul. We could say the Tree of Life is Real but its
shadow is a Tree of Knowledge. The Seed of God or God, HAD TO EAT
when you read the Words of Jesus, you will see He is glorifying God,
but He is also lifting up His own self and His own flesh, causing that
shadow to come to life and think while it tabernacles in that body that
it is God as well. Him being the fullness of the Darkness and the Light,
desiring to get us to come to the Light, would have to tempt us with
His Flesh so we would partake and eat and become the darkness, else
we could never travail to see the Light as well and eat of it and live
forever. The Eve of God did partake of Flesh and Blood, as Jesus said,
to us and to God, for God to come to Life or be revealed He would
have to eat His Flesh and drink His Blood. God did exactly that. We are
what we eat and for God to become Flesh, He had to eat Flesh. The
Marriage Supper of The Lamb. A sacrifice for God to eat. A Body thou
hast prepared me to eat, that I may become Flesh. God had to partake
and become darkness to see or reveal Himself. However in a catch 22
so to speak it would mean He would have to bring that darkness to
Life as well and He did. There in Jesus Body was God coming to Life or
present in this world, and also Satan in His Body had come to Life as
well in this Word. Inner God, Outer Satan. This is why the inner Adam
was not found in the Transgression, but the outer Satan or Eve was, so
God crucified it. My goodness this opens up so very much more much
deeper revelations.

Just like when a shadow is cast by the Earth over the moon as to the
Eclipse, it turns the moon Red. The shadow is faith in reverse causing
a veil of perversion and interpretation to come over the Law or the
Stones. This puts God or the Law in the Veil, causing a Red Dragon or
a Satan to come to Life. The Sun is the Head, the Moon is the Tail,
during the day of the Sun we see only the Sun as to God, the heavenly
perspective. When Night comes the Sun is hidden and We the tail are
revealed as the darkness holds us the stars in its grasp, we see the
Moon shining and we see the stars. The Woman side or the moon side
rules the night, Eve the mother of all living bears the children or the
stars. The Jesus side or flesh side from which we all came from. We are
His or Jesus, the flesh side or Eve side, we are His Offspring. We came
forth from His pierced side, blood and water. Spirits came forth from
His Side also, but they were invisible, but they came forth anyway,
covered in Blood and Water or made Flesh!
See how during the Day time or the Light of Faith we have a Oneness,
Just One Light, One Star, One God. Light covers and shines upon
everything. However at night, we see many stars or gods many as
to the darkness of defining causes dark shadows of separation so we
have many minds or many ideas and such. However in God only One!
In the darkness of the carnal mind, we have shadows that reveal
many gods or sons, bringing them unto perfection. This can go on and
on. Read or reread my writing called Bringing In The Law, and
maybe the Mystery of Unbelief as they may help, also much of the
writings I have written since the one called Something about the
Blood, as that revelation is what has opened the door to all of these
revelations since.
The Transfiguration
This is revealing the shadows, so they can pass away, unveiling the
shadow of darkness over Calvary, over My Sinai, over Sunset
Mountain. This brings back to a Oneness the 3 men of Moses, Jesus,
the prophet like unto Moses and William Branham as to the Prophet
Elijah, thus we see as this Light is shining unveiling these Mysteries of
the Mountain, we suddenly realize, we are standing on the One Mount
of Transfiguration, as that was Glory, where we are, bringing all 3
Thunders together in One Place! The only Place they ever sounded.
Here we stand with Jesus and Moses and Elijah transfiguring or
changing the Body, pulling it from the shadows into His Glorious Light!

The Oneness of Body, Soul and Spirit.

Much of this has already been covered in previous writings. So we will
stop here for now. I hope you see this in yourself as Jesus did within
Him own self. He was God and God seen the Light and The darkness
and he partook of the darkness and when he did, He despised it and
vomited it and repented he had eaten from that Tree of Darkness,
thinking its fruit was good because He had made it, he found it to be
like a sour apple. It was a necessity, or a necessary Evil. When
finished with it, was tossed into the eternal flames. God Bless You!
Patrick Henry Nichols I
May 17 2015
Hilton Head Island