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Common issues and resolution-->>


Power supply fault
Enclosure x cpu module A AC fault
HIB issue
Connectivity issue
DM Panic , DM Reboot (sev1)

Power Supply
---------1.>>Dial in to the box
>> RUn /nas/sbin/enclosure_status -e 0 -v
Check for FRU Status
------------------FRU STATUS------------------Pass
FRU CPU Module
NAS Personality Card Pass
FRU Enclosure
FRU Coldfire
FRU Power Supply B Pass
FRU Power Supply A Pass
Check for power supplies. If power supply is not faulted - Close the SR after ba
sic healthcheck.
If power supply is faultedCheck part no. generally it is 071-000-508
To confirm part number follow this cd /nas/log
Dispatch the case with the following action plan to fieldCE needs to check with customer regarding following dial home alert:
1.Enclosure 0 power supply A AC Fault.
And if Enclosure 0 power supply A AC is faulted then CE needs to replace it.
Location-Enclosure 0 power supply A AC.
part no- 071-000-508.

com SYR > Celerra >> Serial Number >> Connect home info Dial in and investigate for the alerts you noticed in SYR logs.eng. If any part is faulted then send it for replacement. it will give a idea about faults.HIB issue ----------This alert generates when there are multiple faults. Steps to follow -------------->>Check SYR logs.0. >> Also perform the complete healthcheck.Primus:emc213435 ->If the alert had occurred due to power outage then CE can close the case after checking with customer.1) If the Dial Home Template is confirmed and upgraded.0. Ask CE to refer Primus:emc212726 . recommend upgrade to NAS Code 6. Check for the alerts.6 or later (this code v ersion includes HIB patch) . (latest version is 7. recommend the following upg rades: FOR CELERRA HIBs.32. Enclosure x cpu module A fault -----------------------------------Resolution --------->> Check the current state of the Data Mover (Blade) nas_server -l /nas/sbin/getreason -e >>Check CPU Hardware status for errors with the following command: /nas/sbin/enclosure_status -e 0 -v If any fault is noticed then send that part for replacement with correct part n o. If there is no hardware fault then close the SR. >>Include below mentioned action plan in final action plan for CE: UPGRADE CALL HOME TEMPLATE : *Once the array is working fine then CE need to following below mentioned Steps to stop the HIB storming For CLARiiON arrays.emc.51. to check SYR logs go to http://omega. 2. Also check Clariions on the back end of Celerra and DL HIBs check the version of DH Template being used and load a new one where applicable . 3.

please let SYR know via omega syr fee dback (syrfeedback@emc. Management switch reset command : /nas/sbin/setup_enclosure resetMgmtswitches 5. 4.F0R Clariion HIBs. 1.30.Identify number of enclosure available and their MgmtSwitch IP address. Email with serial number of array to unblock.Connectivity issue ------------------Case -1 ========== server_3 failed to ping resond to server_3b use following commands: ping -c4 (server_3 ip) ping -c4 (server_3b ip) server_ping server_3 (server3b ip) case -2: ============ Enclosure 0 both management switches failed to respond to "ping".Check the cable connectivity between the enclosures by issuing the command /nas/sbin/setup_enclosure checkCable this will give status of c able connectivity. DM Panic .523 or later (this code ver sion includes HIB patch) Next Action Owner: CE When it is OK to resume normal .000. Run th e command /nas/sbin/setup_enclosure readConfig 2. recommend upgrade to 04.If management switch is not pingable then only use below command.Now ping the IP address of the MgmtSwitches from the Control Station ping -c 4 <ipaddress of mgmnt switches> 3.5. Primus# emc210386 4. Refer primus emc210386. DM Reboot (sev1) -----------------------------Resolution ---------This alert comes under sev1 category.

>Raise code red >Contact SME > Check sys logs. > Perform complete healthcheck > Gather SP collects and send it for NAS collab >>Customer may ask the reason of panic To answer check panic header and refer relavent KB Article. > Check the Panick Header serch Knowledge based article for that panic header. it will show some "loc k" error. Any onsite activity that might have caused it While talking to the customer note his mood. > Check the Panick Header serch Knowledge based article for that panic header.Steps to follow: >> Check nas_server -l See if there is any DM failover >>Check /nas/sbin/getreason All slots should be in contacted state >> Check uptime >> Check if all file systems are mounted server_mount ALL | grep -i unmount >>If any file system is unmounted > Call customer and ask the following 1. Do not failback LUNs untill the array is not operating normally 3. Duration of impact 3. No. Some times the command nas_storage -c -a will not run. If back end is clean then schedule the DM Failback according to customer's co nvinient time. . Do not Failback DM if back end is not clean. server logs (grep for panic) >Check if autocollected dumps are available. It is due to multiple process running togather. If nas_storage -c -a doesn't come clean and /nas/sbin/navicli -h spa faults -list shows Array is operating normally then Failback the LUNs using "nas_storage -f id=1" and check if nas_storage -c -a comes clean. NOTE ---1. >> If no file system is unmounted > Check sys logs. > Perform complete healthcheck > Gather SP Collects and send it for NAS collab. of users being affected 2. server logs (grep for panic) >Check if autocollected dumps are available. This activity will have down time of 5-7 minutes 2.

Do not ask him to send it via email. Rebooting control station will not have any down time but we need customer's permission to perform this activity. Do not ask box credentials via Email. Do not dial into the box if customer's permission is needed for remote connec tion. Do not call customer during off business hours (if site time is not between 8 . 8. 5. . 4. 7. 6.30 Am .It will work.Either kill process or wait for some time. We do not handle PS and ES Srs. If you come across such Srs inform TL and get it moved to relavent que.Ask for his convinient time to come on c all to get credentials.instaed ask his convinient way to provide credentials.6 pm).