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Architecture Guide

Development of Contemporary Architecture:

Development and impact on society since industrial revolution, influence of modern art on architecture,
works of national and international architects, post-modernism in architecture.


1. Alvar Aalto- Finnish architect
Building Designed
Tuberculosis sanatorium, Finland
Baker House, M.I.T
House of culture
University of Jyvaskyla
Finland hall, Helinsiki
2. Geoffrey Bawa- Srilankan
3. Panlel Hudson Buonham- American Architect and pioneer city/planner
Building Designed
Plan for Chicago
Reliance Building, Chicago
4. Felix Candela- Pioneer in shelled concrete roofs and vaults. R.C.C structure evolved from
mathematical analysis.
Building Designed
Restaurant, Xochimilco
Stock Exchange, Mexico City
5. Lucio Costa- Brazil
Building Designed
Master Plan for Brsilia
Restoration of important Historic buildings in Brazil (SPHAN)
6. Anatole De Bandot- Pioneer of R.C.C
7. B.V. DoshiBuilding Designed
Tagore memorial theater, Ahmedabad
Institue of Indology
CEPT (with D.C. Panchaat)
Industrial townships at Baroda, Hyderabad, Kalol
Housing at Kota
NIFT, Delhi
IIM, Bangalore
Yashwant Rao Chauhan Academy of Development Administration, Pune, Bharat
Diamond Bou'se, Bombay, INTACH, Delhi (Associate Architect- Rajeev Kathpalia),
Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Administration building Ahemdabad, Sawai Gandharva
Smarak, Pune
8. Gustave Eiffel: Steel beams braced by lattice girders

Architecture Guide
Building Designed- Eiffel Tower
9. Arthur Charles Frickson- Canadian
Building Designed- Canadian Pavilion at Osaka Exhibition.
10. Eugene Freyssinet- Pioneer in use of prescribed reinforced cone.
11. Richard Buck Minister Fuller- Structural Technology and writings.
Development of machine efficient. Dymxion House, Prototype, Geodesic domes.
Building Designed
US pavilion Montrea exhibition 1967 (Geodesic)
Pavilion in Seattle and New York word fairs (Geodesic)
12. Jean Louis Charles Carrier French Classical- Opera House, Paris
13. Tony Garner
Building Designed- Cite industrelle
14. Louis Kahn
Building designed
Yale art Gallery, Connecticut Post-modernism
15. Michel Graves
Building Designed Portland public services building
16. C.P Kukreja- J. N.U
- Township of IFFCO
- Management Development Institute Campus
- Amba Deep, New Delhi
- Hailey Road Apartment, New Delhi
- MDI Library, New Delhi
- Sun Breeze Apartment, New Delhi
- Heritage city Apartments, New Delhi
- South City plus, New Delhi
17. Satish Grover- Talkatora Indore Swimming pool, Delhi
- Himachal Bhavan
- Pavilion for national small industries Corp., Delhi
- Oberai Hotel, Bhubaneshwar
- Gwalior Airport, Gwalior
- Indian High Commission, Kuala Lumpur
Books Arch of India- Buddhist and Hindu
Arch of India- Islamic
Building Beyond Borders
18. A. P. Kanvinde IIT, Delhi
National Science Center, Delhi
National Insurance Academy, Pune
19. Hasmukh C. Patel- Patang Revolving restaurant
International Stadium, Cochin
20. Raj Rewal- CIET, Delhi ( Central Institute of Educational World Bank, Delhi)
Hall of nations, Pragathi maidan, New Delhi
21. Mohit Gujral- Administration block, Goa University
- Belgian Embassy, New Delhi

Architecture Guide
- Indian Embassy- Katmandu
C.M.C, Hyderabad
ISBT Delhi Conical shell footing plan
22. Design Group- Indian Embassy, Kuwait
23. Uppal Ghosh Associate- Sanskriti Kendra, Delhi
24. Rajiv Khanna- Shilpa gram, Jaipur

Explain the crux of New Brutalsim

New Brutalism- Use of materials as found that is rough concrete, unplastered brick work, internally
vaulted timber, exposed pipework and unpainted gravanized.
Important Notes:
Holocaust memorial museum in Washington was designed by James Ingo Fred.
Building in the Garden, the book is written by Stephen white.
K . T. Ravindran was the Architect of Shri Rajiv Gandhi Kendra Sri Perambudur.
Albert Kahn was of designer of Industrial Buildings.
Swiss Engineer Rober Mallist is famous for Design of bridges.
PREVI Experimental Housing Project in Peru.
C.R. Narayana Rao designed Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, Madras.
Mies Ven Der Rohe designed the German Pavilion at Barcelona in the De Stjil style.
Pier Luigi Nervi designed Turin Exhibition Hall.
Felix Candela popularized the use of Hyperbolic Parabola for the structural purposes.
Erci C to made use of transport tensile structures.
Promenade Architecture means an Architecture to walk through.
Raj Rewal designed Nehru Centre in Delhi.
Edward Stone designed US Embassy in Delhi.
Fathepur Sikri was called The city of sun and the waters by Attilo Petruccioli.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed Illinois Institute of Technology.
Hennebique patented system for R.C.C.