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Things learned:

1 I have the wrong Calipers for bodyfat TestingOops.

2 The cheek and the chin should be measured with bodyfat. These sites are non-essential fat and are
typically one of the first places that you can notice fat loss.
3 Androgen sites are the Chest and Triceps ~ They should be 3mm and 4mm or less on males, respectively. If
theyre not, youre a girly man (Add Arnold accent at your own amusement).
4 Triceps is the Mother site
5 Subscapular bodyfat helps to determine how well you handle carbohydrates.
6 I have been taking body fat testing wrongmy hand was not always pronated.
7 Normal ranges for Blood Sugar and Optimal vary greatly and that variance can predict a huge difference in
health risk factors.
8 I did know this, but now I know why a bit more. Fish Oil is the Shiiiiiiiiit.!!!
9 Theres an inverse relationship with Vitamin D3 and insulin levels.
10 Almost everyone in the metro area is deficient in Vitamin D3
11 EPA is important for inflammation, DHA is important for brain function. Therefore if you have
12 Protein is AWESOMEwait, I knew that. What I did learn, is that I still need more protein in my diet.
13 If you want to succeed on a low-carb, high protein diet make sure you produce enough Hydrochloric acid. In
fact, if you want to make any dietary/supplementation changes, get that right.
14 - If you want to help people make positive changes, give information that they are ready to use, no matter how
much you actually know.
15 Change only 1 or 2 behaviors at a time.
16 Zinc helps to improve testosterone in 2 ways. By preventing testosterone from turning into estrogen and by
aiding in testosterone production.
17 Low Testosterone is linked to aggression. Ive heard this before, but I still want to see the research on it.
Intriguing indeed none-the-less.
18 Flax seed oil sucks. Bottom line. Go ahead, ask me why.
19 Fish oil and green tea are good for you, BUT if you buy from certain companies, they are tainted with
solvents that increase cancer risk.
20 Adding lime or lemon juice lowers the glycemic index of do pickles and green olives.

21 Bananas and Grapes are good for post workout carbs. Oranges and apples are good for pre-workout carbs.
22 Omega 3s help to increase serotonin levels (which is made in the gut, but used by the brain) and therefore
also helps with depression symptoms.
23 Stress Sucks!
24 There are two phases of detox that the body uses to get rid of about 500 chemicals a day. Phase 1 of detox
has a lot of vitamins and minerals as co-factors, whereas Phase 2 uses a lot of Amino Acids for co-factors.
Therefore, take your Multi-Vitamin.
25 Genes are the gun, but the environment is the finger on the trigger.
26 Krill Oil is bad for Canadas ecosystem
27 People have traveled FAR to come to this event. The person Im sitting next to is from New Zealand, but
living in Hong Kong and all of the people behind me are from Toronto.
28 If you want a 3 month average of your blood glucose levels, take the Hemoglobin A1C test.
29 Note to self, my calf body fat can go up significantly with a drinking binge.
30 And most importantly, drinking heavily suppresses Testosterone levels for 5 days.
I left out about half of the things I learned because my brain is fried and my laptop is about to die. Stay Tuned for
Day 2s recapwhich I might add, recaps are a great memorization technique.