Bradford Conservation Commission Meeting February 04, 2010 Minutes

Members present - Ed Wendell, Gary Tillotson, Nancy Jones, Barbara Kulczyk, Brent Bartlett, Dick Bolander Guest present - Gerhard Postpischil, Bradford representative to CVSWMD Meeting called to order by Nancy Jones, Chair, at 18:40. Recycling Depot Update Gerhard Postpischil provided insights into background, status, and impacts of the CVSWMD (CV) decision to close the Bradford Recycling Depot. The CV district was the first established by the state and the first to offer depots. CV will now provide very little for $8200, but leaving the district will require a Town referendum and a penalty of approximately $9200. North East Kingdom Waste Management District (NEKWMD) offers the same services we now have, but with no capitation fee. Dick Bolander reviewed discussions with prospective contractors in terms of near term and long term solutions. To form our own district, or an alliance with Newbury and/or Fairlee would require a significant burden of document development. Barbara Kulczyk stressed the importance of tire recycling and will investigate additional options. Dick shared details of meeting Tuesday and Thursday morning among himself, Selectboard Chair Unkeles, and a representative of Earth Waste (Tues.) and with Steve Rogers (Thurs.) The District has agreed to leave their containers at the Depot for Earth Waste to use, as Earth Waste has the capacity to haul them, and some of them actually belong to Earth Waste. It was voted to support a recommendation that Rogers continue with trash hauling while Earth Waste takes up the recycling aspect until the end of June. This should ensure no interruption of services to the community and provide greater continuity. It will also allow time to develop a definitive longer term plan. Minutes of January 20, 2010 meeting - approved with correction that Brent Bartlett was not present at meeting.(AI) Financials – Bills to Pay:
Payable to
Zero by Degrees, LLC Nancy Jones Journal Opinion Bridge Weekly



Payable from
LEAF account BCC Budget Conservation Fund Conservation Fund

Approved Approved Approved Approved

$900.00 2nd half of Energy Audit Services $133.96 Printing supplies for Energy Audit & Calendar Supper $69.85 Printing of Card of Thanks $71.50 Printing of Card of Thanks

CD Renewals:
Conservation Fund FOWM

Guaranty Bank # 721354 Guaranty Bank # 721355

Maturity Date
03/02/10 03/02/10

Value as of 1/27/10
$17,114.61 $13,691.66

Renew for 6 mos. at best rate found by Town Treasurer Transfer $2000 to FOWM TLYNX account. Renew balance for 6 mos. at best rate found by

Approved Approved

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Bradford Conservation Commission Meeting February 04, 2010 Minutes
Town Treasurer

Energy Audit Results • Final report received. Ed Wendell was tasked to ask Jon Haehnel of Zero by Degrees to brief the Selectboard before Town Meeting on March 3.(AI) Action Items Update #
4 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Letter on VHCB placed on list-serve on 1/21/10; Item closed Donation received from Local Buzz; Item closed Lasagnas will be made for Calendar Dinner; Item will remain “Open” until 2/13/10 Donation received from JM Landscaping; Item closed No report; Open Cashew Brittle will be made for Calendar Dinner; Item will remain “Open” until 2/13/10 No contact made; Open Review continues; Item is Ongoing Guest 2/04/10 met with BCC; Item Closed

Updates • VTrans/Park & Ride: Nancy Jones related an email from Sandy Price that Act 250 paperwork has been applied for. • Waits River Study: Nancy Jones met with Redstart representatives to begin next phase and has received a copy of the Phase 1 report. Several tasks are implied: a) disparities between report maps and FEMA maps need to be reconciled, b) results should go to Zoning Board an Planning Board to re-asses flood vulnerable areas c) work with landowners to explain river corridor easements and benefits of riverbank stabilization d) Redstart will re-do maps to reflect current property ownership • Nancy Jones to schedule and invite Planning Board, Selectboard and Zoning Board representatives to a Redstart presentation hosted by the BCC (AI). Development of 2010 Priorities • Tabulation of candidate priorities was distributed by Nancy Jones as a “Take Home” exercise. Commission members are requested to rate importance and feasibility for each item and return completed pages to Nancy before next meeting. Other • Costs for appraisal of Bradford Forest property: ◦ Motion: Bradford Conservation Commission believes we have already contributed significantly to facilitate this transaction. [Approved by all present] • Discussion of VHCB funding postponed Upcoming Events • 2/12 5 pm setup for Calendar Supper & Auction [ Page 2 of 4 ]

Bradford Conservation Commission Meeting February 04, 2010 Minutes
• • • • 2/13 2/24 2/25 3/9 Calendar Supper at 5 pm Legislative Day – Statehouse UVLT-sponsored Conservation Comm. Gathering – Bugbee Senior Ctr. Joint meeting with Newbury Energy Committee

Next BCC Meeting: Wednesday, February 17, 6:30 pm Action Item List attached. Closed at 20:57 Respectfully submitted, Richard Bolander

Action Item summary
# Description Assignee Planned Completio n
01/20/10 01/13/10 01/18/10 01/22/10 01/20/10 01/20/10 01/20/10 02/04/10 02/04/10 02/04/10 02/13/10 02/04/10 02/04/10 02/04/10 02/04/10 02/04/10


Actual Completion
01/20/10 01/20/10 01/20/10 1/21/10 01/20/10 01/20/10 01/20/10

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Inquire about EECB Grant criteria Nancy Jones and Bradford deficiencies Draft and distribute letter on VHCB dissolution Update and distribute Item #2 letter Place Item #3 letter on Bradford list-serve Price canopy options and report back Ask about Colatina use for film series Ask about OESC use for film series Fact find “Beaver “Baffles Price LCD projectors and report back Nancy Jones Nancy Jones Barbara Kulczyk Barbara Kulczyk Ed Wendell Dick Bolander Nancy Jones Dick Bolander Monique Priestley S. Price/B. Kulczyk Monique Priestley Sandy Price Barbara Kulczyk Nancy Jones Dick Bolander

Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Open Closed Closed Open Closed Open Open Open Ongoing [ Page 3 of 4 ]

02/04/10 N/A Due 02/13/10 N/A Due 02/13/10

10 Ask Local Buzz for donation 11 Make lasagnas for Calendar Dinner 12 Ask JM Landscaping for donation 13 Ask Chippers for donation 14 Make “world-famous cashew brittle 15 Contact railroad about Sweet property access 16 Review available Selectboard

Bradford Conservation Commission Meeting February 04, 2010 Minutes
# Description Assignee Planned Completio n Status Actual Completion

documentation on recycling depot closure 17 Invite Bradford CVSWMD rep to meet with BCC 18 Correct 1/20 minutes for Bartlett 19 Arrange for Jon Haehnel to brief Selectboard 20 Arrange for Redstart to brief Town Boards Dick Bolander Dick Bolander Ed Wendell Nancy Jones 02/04/10 02/05/10 03/03/10 Unspecified Closed New New New 02/04/10

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