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Kellie just finished her third year at GRCC. In 2014, she received her Associates in
Arts with the MACRAO. She worked as an Orientation Ambassador last summer
as well. Since then, Kellie has been working as a Student Employee in the
Enrollment Center. In her spare time, Kellie enjoys hanging out with friends and
family. She also enjoys listening to a variety of music (there are too many genres
to list). She always loves a good cup of coffee from the local small businesses
around Downtown Grand Rapids.
Kellie will be attending Michigan State University in fall. She will be working to
obtain her Bachelors in Interior Design. After her bachelors degree, she plans to
earn another degree in Business.

I just graduated from GRCC with an associate's in Web Design &
Development. I plan on transferring to GVSU to get my
bachelor's in Spanish. This is my third year working on campus.
In my spare time I repair and ride road bicycles.

My name is Ashley DeVries and I've just completed my first
successful year at GRCC. I am studying Network Administration.
If I decide to transfer, I would like to go to New York University
or Ferris State University. My favorite hobby is singing - I
auditioned for The Voice a few years back. A few other hobbies
I have are video gaming and watching anime. I also have two
cats that I love dearly.

Hey everyone! My name is Kaitlyn Gibbs. I am 20 years old and
just completed my second year at GRCC. I am majoring in Nursing
and plan on completing the Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN)
program and Associates Degree of Nursing (ADN) program while
at GRCC. After completing both programs, I hope to transfer to
either GVSU or MSU for my BSN. I am beyond excited to be an
orientation ambassador for the first time this summer. As well as
having this new opportunity, I have recently become part of our
Phi Theta Kappa chapter on campus - called Alpha Upsilon Kappa.
Being a student at GRCC has offered so many beautiful
opportunities for me to grow academically and personally. I truly
hope you all make the most of the wonderful things GRCC has to
offer! Most importantly - Congratulations and Welcome to Grand
Rapids Community College!

The thing I love most is learning. If I had the money, I would
travel and learn all there is to know about the world. I like to
paint, although I'm not the best. I am pursuing mathematics in
hopes of becoming a teacher, maybe I'll go on to High School
Administration. It would be cool if I were to work at my old high
school, Grandville. Also, I have two pet rats named Snagglepuss
and Cinderella.


Hey! My name is Shanyne (that's sha-neen). I graduated from
Grand Rapids Community College this year and am transferring
to Grand Valley State University for my bachelors in Athletic
Training. My ultimate goal is to get my Doctorate in Physical
Therapy. Other than that, I am a pretty chill person, I like
rock climbing and longboarding and someday I will own a house
on a mountain. Enjoy orientation and I cannot wait to get to
know you! :)

My name is Erendida E. Erazo-Alas. I'm from El Salvador. I've been
living in Grand Rapids for seven years. In fact this is the only state
I've been. I finished my ESL program last semester and am taking
EN101 this summer. I like to work out to make my go away. I really
enjoy jogging. I'm married. My husband's name is Franky Calix, and
he came to the United States in 2013. Both of us are studying and
working. My native language is Spanish and I love learning English.

My name is Nic and I am originally from Traverse City. I
graduated from GRCC. I graduated from GRCC this
semester with my Associates in Arts and will be
transferring to GVSU in the fall to pursue my Bachelors
in Non-Profit Administration with a minor in Community
Health/changing the world, etc. I play 1,000 instruments
including: Piano, saxophone, ukulele, and drums. Im a
fan of anything that allows me to be loud.

Hi, my name is Charissa Elmer. I recently graduated with
my associate's degree in Office Administration and am
working towards completing my bachelor's degree in
Business Administration. I enjoy being able to help
others, volunteering, and playing sports.

Hello, my name is Jordan Cauvel. I graduated from Northview High
school. Prior to graduating high school, I enlisted in the United States
Marine Corps as an infantryman. Upon graduation from Northview
high school I was sent to boot camp where I began my training. After
I completed my three years in the Marines, I was discharged in order
to attend school. I recently completed my first year here at Grand
Rapids Community college. I plan to attend Grand Rapids Community
College for another year and a half until I can transfer to my
perspective 4 year institution. My goal is to achieve my Bachelors in
Zoology and work with various exotic animals. Traveling the world
and studying its extensive wildlife is my ultimate dream.

My name is Jadei D. Mcpeak. I am in my second year at Grand
Rapids Community College and I plan to transfer with an
Associates of Arts to Western Michigan University. There I plan
to pursue a degree in political science. I like to work out, and
physical sports like wrestling and mixed martial arts. I am also a
licensed minister in the Church of God in Christ!

My current major is Pre- Dentistry. I am going to college to
become an Orthodontist. I plan to attend the University of
Michigan to obtain my Doctorate of Dental Surgery D.D.S. Some
of my hobbies are going to the beach, playing the piano, guitar,
and tennis. :)

My name is Samuel Cho and I am a second year graduate student
in the College Student Affairs and Leadership program at GVSU. I
earned my Bachelors of Science degree from GVSU where I
majored in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Currently I am a
graduate assistant at GVSU and an Alumni Advisor for GVSU
Asian Student Union. I enjoying playing tennis, soccer, board
games, video games, and hanging out with friends and family.

I am a graduate student in the College Student Affairs Leadership program at
Grand Valley State University. I am excited to be working with student
orientations at Grand Rapids Community College this summer! I am originally
from Livonia, Michigan and graduated from Madonna University with a doublemajor in English and Communication. While at Madonna I enjoyed working with
students in the admissions office and financial aid, and serving as a peer mentor
helping to lead freshman orientations. I enjoying living in Grand Rapids so far and
experiencing West Michigan. I love reading, traveling, and spending time in the
sun. I am happy to continue working in a college and eager to help students
through their orientation experience.

Evan has been working at the college as a full-time employee since 2009
and was a student employee prior to that. He is currently in his last year
of the Master of Education graduate program at Grand Valley State
University. During his free time he enjoys watching and playing sports,
especially basketball. His favorite NBA team is the Cleveland Cavaliers for
now (it all depends on where LeBron James plays) and his favorite
collegiate team is Notre Dame. Evan is a native of Grand Rapids.

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