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April 17, 2015

Mr. Douglas Greene, City Planner
Planning and Permitting
City of Auburn
60 Court Street
Auburn, ME 04210

Omni Associates I
33 Omni Circle

Dear Mr. Greene:

On behalf of Omni Associates I (Omni), I am pleased to submit this letter
and attachments to secure your approvals for expansion of their existing building
located at 33 Omni Circle in the Auburn Lewiston Airpark subdivision. The parcel
is identified as 143-008 on the City GIS system and is located in the Industrial
District where the proposed use is a permitted use. The property has frontage on
Omni Circle, Aviation Avenue and along the private road portion of Flight Line
Drive. The parcel contains 3.28 acres and exceeds the minimum lot width and
depth requirements. Tax records indicate that the existing building was built in
1986 and includes about 20,000 square feet.
The building is currently leased to Wellness Connection of Maine. The
existing building provides space for growing, processing and distribution of medical
cannabis. Wellness Connection of Maine operates four Maine-licensed medical
marijuana dispensaries located in Brewer, Gardiner, Portland and Thomaston and
this building serves as their production center. There are currently 25 employees
working at this location. Hours are typically 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through
Friday with occasional work on Saturdays.

April 17, 2015

Douglas Greene
RE: 33 Omni Circle
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Omni plans to construct two building expansions in several construction

phases. The north building expansion will include 3 stories with a full basement
area. The third floor level will be used as a mechanic equipment room, which will
only include about 5,150 square feet. With a footprint of about 6,000 square feet,
this addition will add about 23,150 square feet of growing, processing, storage and
mechanical room space. Total building height will be under 50.
The south building expansion will be constructed in two phases. The first
phase will include about 14,000 square feet of floor space and the building will be
about 32 high. The building height will allow for two mezzanine areas above the
first floor level with a total of about 7,667 square feet of floor area. This phase
will also include a full basement area of 6,000 square feet. The second phase of
the south expansion will include about 8,500 square feet of floor area with an equal
area at the mezzanine level above the first floor level. There will be no full
basement area in this last expansion.
The construction sequence has not yet been set, but construction will start
with the first phase of the south addition. A full remodel of the existing building
interior, the north addition and remaining south addition area will follow as soon as
market conditions and cash flow allow. Employment will increase to about 38 once
the first phase is completed. It is unclear how many new jobs may be required
with full construction, but we have shown 95 parking spaces to accommodate
future growth.
In total, the expansions will add 67,817 square feet of usable space to the
existing 20,000 square foot structure. Maximum height will be under 50. Most of
this space will provide additional area for growing and processing. Basement areas
will provide space for nutrient storage and mechanical area. The mezzanine levels
will provide storage area or flexible space to meet changes in this growing industry.
Total existing impervious area on the property includes 102,092 square feet
(2.3 acres). The proposed impervious area will be 98,317 square feet or 3,775
square feet less impervious area. No additional stormwater improvements are
proposed with this project. New sewer and water services will be extended to
each building addition area. The proposed project will include installation of
additional lighting for the new parking lot including building wall lights. The power

April 17, 2015

Douglas Greene
RE: 33 Omni Circle
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for the site lights will be extended from the building, underground to the light pole
locations shown on the site plans. All new exterior light fixtures will be full cut off
The first phase of this project is expected to cost $2.5 million and will be
funded through operating funds on hand. Construction will begin in a couple of
weeks and the first phase will be ready for occupancy by the Fall of 2015. The
remaining construction will depend upon market conditions, but will likely be
completed within 5 years. I trust you will find this information suitable to process
this application. If you have questions or need additional information, please do
not hesitate to call. We look forward to your review and approval.

Respectfully yours,

Michael F. Gotto


John Gendron

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