Client Case Studies

Business Performance Improvement

SEARCH ENGINE annual revenue $35M with 75 employees Fast-growth track pressured top executives into promoting underqualified frontline staff into management positions, without proper development. Client churn rose. Profitability fell.

HEALTH & WELLNESS annual revenue $350k with 3 employees Lacking foundation for growth. Over-complex systems limiting performance. Management processes didn't evolve with growth of business. Entering into large distribution agreements. Founder burnout coming on.

CUSTOM VEHICLES annual revenue $9M with 40 employees Growth stalled 12 months prior to engagement when key customer switched vendors. Business operating at a loss. Leadership weakness creating doubt among managers. Morale on shop floor in sharp decline.

size Challenges


Develop young, new managers into effective leaders using CONDUCTOR, TVG's proprietary suite of performance management tools.

Define shared goals. Clarifiy roles and responsibilities. Improve outcomes when delegation occurs. Increase accountability and strengthen performance-based business culture. Annual growth rate tripled. Owner gained highfunctioning management tools & skills. Business performance and marketshare grew throughout 2009 despite economic climate. CONDUCTOR adopted as toolset for performance reporting and analysis

Define 3-year target. Develop clear goals, Share timely and truthful business performance data. Increased accountability. Engage eimployees with inclusiveness and transparency.


This client became 2009's 5th fastest growing business in LA. Once client turnover stabilized their profitability increased 2%. CFO awarded top-10 status by 2009 Los Angeles Business Journal. Client payback on engaging The Vector Group achieved in in 2 months.

Revenues tripled over 24 months. Profitability per vehicle increased 5%. Increased satisfaction and engagement from frontline employees and managers. Shrinkage and waste significantly reduced. Production turnaround time reduced. Customer complaints reduced .


"TVG substantially enhanced the capabilities of our management team and broadened their skills in a way that we couldn't have done without your help. Now we're better at anticipating and resolving issues before they become problems."

"The Vector Group helped our business rise to new heights while preparing us to fly even higher. I'm fascinated by the way they wove our environmental and social concerns to our performance measures and reporting. Jeff, thanks for being our Make-It-Happen Guy!"

“TVG helped us to grow our market share, which now includes major homeland security buying centers around the world. Our revenues have tripled and our manufacturing process has been significantly streamlined – the production time of our most complex product has been cut in half.”

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