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Section A
Questions 1– 8
For each of the questions, read the question first and then study the information given to find the best
answer. Then circle the answer A, B, C or D on the answer sheet provided.

1. Which of the following answers

best describes the sign?

The water tap is leaking
There is no water supply
There is no glass provided
The water cannot be drunk

2. The ‘warning sign’ in the comic strip is directed towards everyone except

the visitors
the children
the hawkers
the zookeeper

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The last line of the notice is meant to A.30 p.m. till 5. This is the cover of a A B C D recipe book gardening book motivational book information technology book Choral Speaking practice for the National Level Date: 3 May 2012 Time: 3. C. B. D. Venue: School Hall Attendance is compulsory! Those who skip the practice will be punished!! 4. Karate Corner Women Judo Centre Silat Training Centre Wushu Training Spot Excited Scared Dissappointed 12/1 © 2012 Hak Cipta SAMTKKB Kuala Kubu Bharu SULIT .m.30 p. He wants to join a martial art training centre which trains only local martial art. B. warn advise remind reward Suhaimi is 14 years old.SULIT3 12/1 3. C. 5. D. Which one of the followings would Suhaimi join? A.

What do you understand from the above comic strips? A A great book provides tasty snacks to be eaten B Reading while munching can help to reduce weight C Knowledge is meaningless if it is not being practiced D Sneaking snacks while reading is perfect to lose weight 12/1 © 2012 Hak Cipta SAMTKKB Kuala Kubu Bharu SULIT . choose the most suitable answer from the situations given below A B C D Abdullah is stressed out because he has lost his beloved car this afternoon Mimi is a great student because she always put an extra effort in her work Nor Zulaikha hardly believes anybody before he knows them well enough Ah Choong finds that he is now more comfortable with his new workplace 8.SULIT4 12/1 6. Based on your understanding of the idiom above. The list of words above are related to A seasons B feelings C ceremony D competition “Don’t count the chickens before they hatch” 7.

choose the best answer from the options A. Provide funds Help abused kids Provide counselling Help homeless kids Section B Questions 11– 20 Each question in the text below refers to a numbered blank. The road ________(12) also narrow and bumpy. We helped ________(16) to a variety of cookies before us. my father decided to visit his old friend who lived about 40 kilometres away ________(11) my home. In some places.SULIT5 12/1 9. D. we finally ________(13) Uncle Leong’s bungalow. Library School Hospital Hypermarket TALIAN PENGASIH Know of any cases of abuse among children? Wish to report about it? Call our 24-hour hotline at 1 800 111 222 10. B. After about an hour. They ________(17) not met each other for about ten years. C. There were many types of flowers in ________(19) garden such as orchids. The bungalow was magnificent with a beautiful garden. hibiscuses and 12/1 © 2012 Hak Cipta SAMTKKB Kuala Kubu Bharu SULIT . B. This advertisement is probably placed in a A. B. Later in the afternoon. Last Wednesday. What does Talian Pengasih do? A. Uncle Leong was already outside ________(14) for us. We had to go very slowly as there were deep potholes. C. His wife ________(15) us tea and cookies. Uncle Leong’s wife took my mother and I for a ________(18) in her garden. the thick mud made driving very difficult. D. C and D to fit the numbered blank. Father and Uncle Leong were chattering and laughing. For each question.

C. B. I had a bad stomachache and needed to use the toilet. B. C. C. D. D. officer! Please don’t give me a ticket. A. herself himself ourselves themselves 12. D. A. Uncle Leong’s wife gave Mother a ________(20) of orchid as a souvenir for our visit on that day. is are was were 17. C. wait waits waited waiting 19. B. D. Ten minutes later. Salmah : Hey. D. D. B. B. C. A. Policeman : All right. D. A. Salmah : Ouch! My stomach hurts. 11. gave grilled served distributed 20. B. to by over from 16 A. outside the coffeshop. run tour journey explore 14. I’d better pull over (19) and use the toilet in that coffeshop. I won’t do it again. A. D. I’ll let you off (20) this time. Salmah is driving in her car.SULIT6 12/1 bougainvilleas. A. C. B. a an the - 15. C. reach reaches reached reaching 18. B. D. Salmah : Thanks a lot. C. A. Policeman : You can’t park here. officer. has had have having 13. But I’m taking down (21) your registration number for my record. A. C. B. A. B. C. Didn’t you see this sign? Salmah : I’m sorry officer. D. 12/1 © 2012 Hak Cipta SAMTKKB Kuala Kubu Bharu SULIT . pot pan bowl glass Section C Questions 21– 23 Read the conversation below and choose the best meaning for the phrases underlined.

Coco Cookie Company called Fatimah to see if she would sell them her famous cookie recipe. oh. All of her friends would beg her to make her famous chocolate chip cookies almost every week. Father : Done. 24. Removing D. Punish you C. Fatimah sold them her oatmeal raisin recipe for twenty thousand ringgit and her pudding cookie recipe for fifty thousand ringgit. Then one day a local reporter wrote a story about her and her famous cookies. disappoint me D. son. delight me A. reduce B. you’ll study every day and pitch in (24) with the chores. In return. top up 25. so please top up (22) my pocket money. Stop immediately A. I think I’m quite happy with the pocket money I’m getting right now. Typing B. Scribbling Questions 24– 26 Read the conversation below and choose the best meaning for the phrases underlined. take over Section D Questions 27– 32 Read the passage below and choose the best answer for the questions that follow. do B.SULIT7 12/1 21. decrease D. but she refused to sell them 12/1 © 2012 Hak Cipta SAMTKKB Kuala Kubu Bharu SULIT . you are a good father. Fatimah started baking cookies when she was in primary school. help C. Forget you B. Noting C. let me down 26. Aiman : Really? You’re great! You never let me down (23). You know. let you off 23. her cookies were locally famous. Move away from the side of the road D. Enter a parking lot B. Aiman : Dad. taking down A. increase C. Help you A. Aiman : Oh. By the time she reached secondary school. Move to the side of the road C. Excuse you D. Father : My pleasure. pitch in A. support me B. stop A. The story talked about the number of different recipes Fatimah could make and how tasty her cookies were. dad. avoid D. pull over 22. Upon seeing the story. displease me C. Father : I thought so. The story was later picked up by National Television news.

She decided to keep this recipe and start her own company. When did Fatimah began to bake cookies? A B C D Form six Form one Kindergarten Standard four A B C D 28. A special offer not to be missed! Only valid till 30 June 2012. What news story really leads to her big success? A B C D 30. Call: 03-3920 2300 SULIT .Coffee with caramel topping RM20++ per person for adults and. THE COCONUT TREE We are celebrating Father’s Day for the whole week! A special dinner menu to cater for the whole family: . The word refused can best be replaced with A B C D 29.Fruit pudding . Bhd. The best value-for-money dining experience. 27.000 31.000 RM 65.Char kuey teow .000 RM 40. she started Fatimah Boom Cookies Sdn. How much money did Fatimah make from selling two of her recipes? erased pushed declined eliminated 32.. Questions 33– 40 are based on the following poster. What cookie recipe was Fatimah's most famous for? A B C D Raisin cookies Sugar cookies Oatmeal cookies Chocolate chip cookies RM 20. 12/1 © 2012 Hak Cipta SAMTKKB Kuala Kubu Bharu Reservations necessary.SULIT8 12/1 her chocolate chip recipe.Beef / chicken / rabbit satay . On August 2008.Thai steamed fish . RM10++ per person for children below 12. Which of the following is not true about Fatimah’s story of success? A she loves baking cookies B she is now a businesswoman C her cookies are well-known throughout the country D she started baking cookies since she was 14 years old State news Local news District news School news The best Asian cuisine .000 RM 70.

The word cuisine refers to A B C D 35. Just come anytime they like.SULIT9 12/1 33. What will happen if people want to go here after 30 June 2012? A B C D They will be chased away. 38. What is The Coconut Tree? A B C D A stall A hotel A restaurant A coffee shop 34. This promotion is best suited for A B C D dates reunions family outings farewell functions 36. Call in to do reservation. If a family wants to dine at The Coconut Tree. They will need to order a lot of food. Order only three types of food. They will not get the special Father’s Day offer. They will get a better discount. This advertisement could not be found in music culture cooking tradition A B C D novels magazines mail boxes newspapers 37. 12/1 © 2012 Hak Cipta SAMTKKB Kuala Kubu Bharu SULIT . what should they do? A B C D Just call in and hang up.

Who should you call to make a reservation? A B C D The father The adults The children The restaurant KERTAS SOALAN TAMAT 12/1 © 2012 Hak Cipta SAMTKKB Kuala Kubu Bharu SULIT . Each adult has to pay more than RM18.SULIT10 12/1 39. 40. Which of the following is not true of the advertisement? A B C D The Coconut Tree is renowned. The special offer is time limited. Walk-in customers are welcome.