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BioSense for OWLS 120

Data Acquisition and Evaluation Software

Bio Sense is a MS Windo ws co mpatible applicatio n so ftware that pro vides flexible co ntro l o f meas-
urement o n OWLS 120 instrument, data acquisitio n, analysis and sto rage.
Chemical and bio -chemical interactio ns can be followed and quantified in real time, thus revealing
the specificity, the dynamics and the strength o f the reactio n and/o r the binding. The measure-
ment and analysis are rapid and co nvenient.
The co mprehensive database structure o f BioSense software o ffers passwo rd pro tected user-
hierarchy and pro file. Each measurement can be classified in projects and experiments. Several
keywo rds, text fields allo w detailed descriptio n o f the measurement co nditio ns. Senso r related
data are also implemented in the database. All these measurement-, senso r– and user-related data
can serve as search conditio n in the database.

BioSense provides evaluation of sensing parameters from the
Real time, high speed chemical or bio-molecular interaction
measured incoupling angles by using appropriate optical models.
The calculated parameters are:
BioSense software completes full control of OWLS 120
instrument: stepping motor control, auto-range control of • Refractive index (nF), and thickness (dF)of the waveguiding
photocurrent measurement, temperature measurement, film, self calibration of the sensor parameters
timing, auto-calibration of angle reference point etc.
• Refractive indices of the cover medium (ncTE, ncTM)
Three measurement modes are available:

• PEAK: Measurement of incoupled light intensity versus angle • Refractive index (nA) and thickness (dA) of the adsorbed
of incidence of the laser light material

• RIM: Continuous measurement of incoupling parameters, • Mass per square centimeter of the adsorbed layer
temperature, refractive index of cover medium,
time resolution 1-3 sec.
• Qualitative kinetic information (dM/dt versus M)

• FLUCTUATION: Continuous photocurrent measurement at a

fix angle of incidence of the laser light.
OPTIONS: EC-BioSense—Electrochemical software module Password protected user profiles for personalized access and
setting of measurements.
Fluoro-BioSense— Fluorescence software module
Control of Automatic refractometer
Control of Syringe Pump
Measurement results and calculated values can be exported to
popular charting and spreadsheet formats (Excel, Origin, etc.)
Password protected user profiles for personalized access and
Built-in graphing tool for continuous visualization of measure- setting of measurements.


• Adsorption of proteins at surfaces • Food quality monitoring
• Ligand/receptor binding • Bio compatibility
• Immunosensing • Drug screening
• Protein—lipid bilayer interactions • Molecular self-assembly & nanoscience
• Protein—DNA interactions
• Growth and spread of living cells at surfaces
Vörös, J. J. Ramsden, G. Csucs, I. Szendrõ, S.M. De Paul,
• Cell assays M. Textor, N. D. Spencer “Optical Grating Coupler Biosen-
• Analysis of association and dissociation kinetics sors”, Biomaterials 23 (2002) 3699-3710

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