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The The Ministry of People's Security and the Ministry of State Security of the DPRK released

the following joint statement Monday [8 February] as regards the South Korean authorities' anti-
Republic attempt to bring down the system overthrow attempts have in the DPRK, which has
recently surpassedgone beyond the danger level.

Maneuvers toline: The South Korean authorities are more persistently pursuing their moves to
force the DPRK to "dismantle its nukes first abolish nuclear [weapons], an attempt to remove
our self-defensive" in a bid to deprive it of its nuclear deterrent by servilelyfor self-defence, while
following the outside forcesoutsiders in utter disregard of the nation's dignity and security, are
being carried out all the more obstinately. Military of the nation. Their military provocations
against our sacredfor intruding into the inviolable territorial waters, territorial airspace, and
territory and commotionsland of the DPRK and espionage and plotting aimed at overthrowing
[the DPRK]conspiratorial plots to topple its system have reached an extreme. phase.

RepresentativeTypical examples of thesethem are indeed the adventurous, insidious military

maneuvers the South Korean military moves of the warmongers are carrying out in Korea's
West Sea to defend of the South Korean military to preserve the illegal and unlawful Northern
Limit Line"northern limit line" in the West Sea of Korea and the reckless "operations to disturb
the North's inside, which they are daring to carry outdestabilize the north" being staged by them
via the frontline and the coastal and border areas.

For one, the act of The daily escalating scattering anti-Republic of leaflets, which is becoming
severer by day, is expanding over areas of the DPRK has escalated into its depth from the
frontline to the depth,areas and the foolish maneuversoperations to overthrowbring down the
system, to which all kinds of espionage capabilities involving all spy forces and means have
been committed, span from our county's outskirtsfind their way to the depths of the deep inland
areas.of the DPRK, after going beyond the boundary of areas around it.

Here, highly infamous espionage and plotting organizations, such as South Korea's The
"National Intelligence Service and ", the "Defense Security Command, are setting out as shock
brigades. The authorities' organs," and other ill-famed espionage and plot-breeding
organizations of South Korea are acting a shock brigade for carrying them out. Involved in them
are government institutions including the Ministry of National "Defense, Ministry", the "Ministry of
Unification," and the "Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade; the military's belligerent" and trigger-
happy groups of the military and ultra-right conservative forces, who areconservatives under
their [the authorities' organs]the direct control and command; and even human scum who gave
up living of those institutions as well as human beings and have been shoved off to a dump are
being mobilized.scum.

All these moves go to clearly showprove that the South Korean authorities have entered a
pathinto the phase of carrying outputting the already perfected rounded off "OPLAN 5029" and
the "Emergency RuleRuling Plan-Puhu'ngPuhung" into practice while deliberately encouraging
our so-called creating the fiction of "emergency situation, which cannot exist" in the DPRK.

The South Korean authorities' reckless maneuver of trying to dare toy with our invincible
system, which is united single-heartedly and is mighty with military-first, multiplies by a hundred
fold our army and people's soaring hatred and wrath.

With respect toUnder the currentprevailing situation, which we cannot look on with folded
arms,should not be overlooked the DPRK Ministry of People's Security and the Ministry of State
Security clarifies at home and abroadof the DPRK clarify their principled positions,stand as

1. OurThe People's Security and State Security forces of the DPRK will take full-scale all-out
strong measures to squashfoil the riffraff's anti-nationaltreacherous, anti-reunification, and anti-
peaceful maneuvers aimed at overthrowingpeace moves of the highlyriff-raffs to bring down the
dignified socialist system and disintegratingin the inside.DPRK and destabilize it.

There is no place anywhere in this country or in this worldroom for the gangsgroup of traitors
who turn to stay in Korea and on the earth as they bring harm to the country with their back
turned on the nation and drive in disasters to the country to live and breathe..

2. Not only will the gun barrel of the powerfulthe revolutionary strong army of Mt. Paektu, but
also all the capacitiespeople's security and means of the People's Security and State
Securitystate security forces and all their means will be mobilized for a the sacred struggle to
safeguard defend our socialist system and the country's security of the country from the moves
of all kinds of the hostile forces' insidious maneuversforces.

We have state-of-the-art, world-class strike capabilitieslevel ultra-modern striking force and

means of defendingfor protecting security, not all of which we have neither yet talked about or
madebeen mentioned nor opened to the public in total.

3. .

3. IfThe South Korean authorities should immediately disband all the plot-breeding machines
and bodies of the authorities going against national reconciliation, cooperation, peaceful
reunification and prosperity and take due measures to eliminate the main culprits in the joint
name of the nation, if they do not wishwant to followmeet the mostsame bitter end ofas the
successive anti-RepublicDPRK confrontation fanatics and traitors to the nation, they must
immediately disband all plotting organizations and organs of the authorities that run counter to
national reconciliation and cooperation, peace and reunification, and prosperity and take due
steps to bury their ringleaders in the joint name of the nationdid.

A There has already started a nationwide just retaliatory sacred war of justness aimed at wiping
out all kinds of impurebattle to make a clean sweep of all the unsavory forces who are running
amokhell-bent on the moves to blockstem the trend of the times has already begun.

It is our People's Security and State Security forces' foremostan invariable primary mission and
duty which will not change for a hundred million years tofor our people's security and state
security forces to devotedly defend with their lives the nerve centerheadquarters of ourthe
revolution and to defend the country'sensure security of the country and the people's happiness.

If they do not wish to become the modern-day Five Traitors of U'lsa [1905] and be tried in the
court of the nation on that day of a reunified fatherland, theThe South Korean authorities should
would be well advised to behave themselves sensibly, before it isbeing too late. if they do not
want to be judged by the nation on the day of national reunification for being "modern type of
five traitors of 1905."

8 February Chuch'e 99, 2010, Pyongyang