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The Seven Wonders of our Region

Year 2 Volume 6 May 2015

Most important person

Each of the seven schools in our project have been busy visiting places, researching and making posters, paintings and crafts about the most important person of their region.

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Turkey - The Sixth Mobility

From 21st to 26th March , teachers from 5 countries visited the Emek
Primary School within the framework of the Comenius - eTwinning project
The seven wonders of our region. During this time teachers from
Slovakia, Czech Republic, Greece, Cyprus and Poland took part in the
varied educational program..

The Seven Countries in

our project announce the
winners of the
Sixth Wonder of our Region, The Most Important

In This Issue

Read about what the

teachers did when
they visited Turkey.

Read about how the

seven countries went
about finding the
most important person of their region.

The Winner

Peter Trnk

However, he continues in cooperation with

another Slovak theatres - The Theatre of
J. Palrik in Trnava, The Theatre of J.G.
Tajovks in Zvolen, The Theatre of Andrej
Bagar in Nitra or in Bratislava. He has
played in a successful Slovak hip-hop musical called The Story of Street. Since
2008 he works as a teacher in the area of
acting creation at the Academy of Art in
Bansk Bystrica. He has been awarded by
the Award of Jn Chaladaj from the International Festival of Theatres in Wroclaw.

Slovakia has got the most important person of our

Peter Trnk
Actor of the Slovak National Theatre
Teacher of the dramatics

After finishing the study at the Academy of Performing Arts ,

he became a member of the Theatre of Jon Zborsk in
Preov in 1992 and it was his first profession during studying. thanks to his talent, he got into the Slovak elite of actors
in the Slovak National Theatre where he has worked up to

The Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava


Nejvznamnj osobnost naeho kraje

N kraj je znm mnoha vznamnmi

osobnostmi. Dti si nejprve vybraly deset
oblbennch a znmch obnost.
Zpracovaly informace a vypracovaly
projekty. Tak jsme uspodaly vstavu a
besedu. Nakonec dti hodnotily a vybraly
znmho spisovatele Karla apka. Na
druhm mst skonil n oblben prvn
prezident Tom G.Masaryk.

The Winner

Karel apek

Czech Republic
The sixth wonder in Sivice -Czech
The most important person of the region
Our region is famous for many important personalities. Children
initially selected ten popular and well-known personalities. Process
information and develop projects. We also organize exhibitions and
meetings. Finally, the children evaluated and selected the famous
writer Karel Capek. The second place was our favorite first president
Tom G.Masaryk.

The winner: Karel apek famous Czech writer

Pupils, teachers and parents went to the theatre to see

a play about his life. We watched a video with an interview he gave, painted his portrait and the images of his
songs, made lots of different kites and posters about
his life and work, sang some of his songs and finally
wrote him a letter .

The Winner Mikis theodorakis

Most important person
Mikis Theodorakis is the most important person in our region He was
born on 29 July 1925 and lived in Nea Smyrni for several years. He is a
Greek songwriter of over 1000 songs and a composer. He is viewed as
Greece's best-known living composer. He studied music in Greece and in
Paris. He has written symphonic music, operas, oratorios and music for
the cinema

The project announcement board

His most significant and influential works are

based on Greek and world poetry. The
Kites are a very famous piece of music he
has written.
Politically, he identified with the left and was
jailed and exiled several times, during World
War II, the Civil War and the Dictatorship. He
was elected to the Parliament twice and also
became a minister.
Today he lives in retirement, reading, writing,
publishing arrangements of his scores and
texts about culture and politics.

The Winner



Students watched a cartoon about an important person who was born

in our town: Aziz Mahmud Hdayi Hazretleri. He was a wise man with
great Islam religion information and Muslim sacred book. We have no
photo about him as he lived between 1541 and 1628 years.

AL BABACAN, Deputy Prime Minister

Our students wanted to collect some information about

important vocations and they did brainstorming activities
and they showed their output on the board.

And we have visited a Religious school which is named after him.

searched information about
Ali Babacan, Deputy Prime
formerly) who was born in
our town and educated in
Ankara. Students watched
videos about him. The
headmaster of our school
contacted some authorities
to have a short visit to his
Office and we may visit him
soon in his Office.

You can have some info about him on

Famous people from Brodnica

The Winner

Piotr Grawski

We started the work on the next wonder at the
teachers meeting. We decided on the next steps and
assigned the tasks.

We also created a board, showing the students and teachers work, at our school.

We started the work, following our plan. Class IIB visited the
Brama Chemiska Muzeum to see the exhibition and to meet a
professional photographer, Andrzej Iwanowski. He comes from
Brodnica and he presents the beauty of our area and its nature in
his photographs.
Next, classes II b, Ic and Ib worked on the subject Famous person. They created posters and other materials and prepared a
list of nominees to this title in our region.

The above mentioned classes also took part in a meeting

with sailors, who worked on a ship called Brodnica. The
sailors talked about their work on the ship and how they
could popularize our region all around the world. Children
also interviewed these interesting people. The meeting
was organized by the project coordinator and the Town

An article about this event was prepared for the local

newspaper and the local information websites.
Next, the students took part in another meeting, this
time with Mr Piotr Grawski, who is the author of
many legends about Brodnica and our region. He gave
an interesting talk about his work. The meeting was organized at our school.

After all these experiences, the students voted on-line and chose the
most interesting person of the region.
The winner was Piotr Grawski.

After all these experiences, the students voted on-line

and chose the most interesting person of the region.
The winner was Piotr Grawski.

Born in Aradippou in 1918. He arrived until

the fifth grade and thrown into the struggle
for survival and doing various jobs such as
shepherd, builder, laborer in the quarries
and marmaradika of Aradippou.

The Winner

Andreas Mappouras


His poems were inspired by severe human

accidents that was reading in newspapers
but he also wrote love poems and some didactic ones giving advices to younger people, to parents and to all the world. The poems commenting reality and current events
[murders, accidents, holy miracles, erotic
stories about life and death of Makarios, religious or political issues, for the match and
the heroes of EOKA, the refugees, the antioccupation struggle ], and international
events [the first astronaut, the murder of P.
Kennedy] There is a record of 124 poems
from 1848 to 1982, while many anecdotal
come to light archival studies.

Selecting the most important person of our region was

also a difficult task as the candidates were plenty. Students from the classes 6A and 6B made a research on
their own to find out important persons and they prepared
posters in order to demonstrate their work. The pop
singer Anna Vissi, the singer Loucas Yiorkas, the teacher
and founder of the local library Yiangos Konstantinides
and the local poet Andreas Mappouras were among the
candidates. Students after voting chose the local poet Andreas Mappouras as the most important person. They
were thrilled by his life as he was a very poor man with
many children and his only occupation was to go to festivals and local feasts in order to sell his poems.

He took part in many festivals of the Flood in

Larnaca and elsewhere and was awarded
repeatedly. He holds the record of most participations in all kinds of festival competitions

Andreas Mappouras was honored in

1983 by the Municipality of Larnaca.
Also honored by the birthplace of
Aradippou, political party AKEL and
various Cypriot cultural institutions.
He died on March 17, 1997, leaving
behind valuable work, part of
which remains unpublished.
We invited his son and daughter to visit the school and students showed a powerpoint
presentation about his life. His
son is a local singer of folk music and he sang some of his
poems. The whole ceremony
was very touching and sentimental for all as we all remembered the poet and his work.
A video about Cyprus
6th wonder you can find at

Turkey the 6th mobility

We, as Emek Primary School, are very glad to our
partners at our town between 21st and 26th March. We
hope all friend have left Turkey with good memories
because they have left their marks at every corner of our
school with their participation, energy, smiling faces,
communication with the whole school and very precious
gifts for all of us.
All the students have good memories about your
participation at our meeting. They have tried to know you
and your culture and I am sure you have broadened their
horizons and contributed to them in some ways.
Ankara and Cappodocia visits were fascinating and very
enjoyable with you and we really would like to host you
again whenever you want for other culture visits aroud our
We watched the sunset together in Salt Lake and we
warmed each other with our nice chat and hot Turkish tea.
At our school, the demonstrations of our partners were
great: they painted flags, showed their traditional folk
dance, made a quiz show, made a paper flower and so
on. The traditional Turkish art EBRU and traditional game
MANGALA were much better with our partners.



Czech children in Slovakia

Blue and Yellow day in


On 5th May, we welcomed 30 Czech children and 5 teachers from our

partner school of Sivice. It was very easy to recognize who is a host
and a guest because the Slovaks were in blue and The Czechs were
in yellow colour. However, our guests were in our school just 6 hours,
we prepared a very rich programme for them. At the beginning there
was a special ceremonial connected with the idea of the 10th anniversary of eTwinning. We had balloons and a big eTwinning cake.
After the school presentation, the Czech pupils sat down at the school
desks and they learnt with the Slovak pupils. They could see how our
pupils can learn Slovak language, Maths, Biology,... In addition, we
made a connection with our Polish friends to bring the atmosphere of
our meeting further..
We were also cheering our children because there was a sport match
Slovakia - Czech Republic. Who won? All participants, because all of
them fought bravely. They had a sweet award - a big piece from a
chocolate cake.
At the end of the visit we went to discover 7 wonders of our region.
This way we have enjoyed the blue and yellow day in Trenianske


Last project meeting




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