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Case Study

Porsche and Xbox LIVE Shift Brand Engagement

into Overdrive
Marketing challenge
For the launch of its new Panamera sports car, Porsche
wanted to use gaming as a way to connect with male,
25-54 hard-core motorsport enthusiasts and virtual
Porsche drivers and fans. Capturing this target
audience requires delivering relevant, engaging
content in a way that resonates with these consumers.

To engage avid gaming enthusiasts, Porsches
campaign offered Xbox LIVE members exclusive,
free content including Porsche branded theme-packs,
videos, gamer pics and even mobile tags
(Microsoft-Tag) where users could get content for
their mobile devices. Incorporating rich imagery and
sound, the branded destination experience (BDE)
encouraged users to learn more about Panamera and
to visit the Porsche website where they could upload
personal stories and pictures to be part of the Porsche
Family Tree. For this unique program, Porsche also
partnered with EAs Need for Speed franchise,
inviting users to race custom cars against each other
for a chance to win prizes and race head-to-head
against legendary driver Hurley Haywood.

The campaign allowed us to connect our virtual drivers

and our real drivers in an exciting environment where
we can demonstrate the racing heritage of Porsche in a
new and innovative way.
Joshua Cherfoli , Porsche North America

The campaign was a phenomenal success. With over 70,000
participants in the Need for Speed contest and a higher than average
6.14% CTR,2 Porsche was able to engage with fans and consumers like
never before. An ad effectiveness study shows the campaign was also
effective in encouraging users to take post ad actions:
75% of Xbox LIVE members who saw the ad took a post-ad action:
39% said they visited the Porsche website
21% said they sought information on the Porsche
driving school
19% said they visited a Porsche dealership thats
205,500 potential new auto buyers3
Porsches integrative ad campaign was very successful in raising
brand metrics:
Brand rating improved significantly: among those
who saw the ad, the brands excellent
rating grew by 22%.

Research Methodology
Xbox LIVE worked with research company,
Interpret LLC, to recruit 800 active Xbox LIVE
gamers (25-54) through an online questionnaire.
Metrics were measured among 400 Xbox LIVE
users who were not exposed to the campaign
(Pre Group) and they were measured against
responses from 400 Post Group Xbox LIVE
members who had an opportunity to be
exposed to the campaign.

Brand consideration and recommendation both rose

significantly. Amongst the recall group, those who
would definitely consider buying rose 48% and
those who would definitely recommend the brand
rose by 55%.
All brand attributes rose considerably. Those strongly
agreeing with makes cars that are right for you and
offers the first true sports cars for four, grew by 33%
and 31% respectively.

An interactive campaign on Xbox LIVE proved to be the perfect

vehicle for this high-end automaker. It was a win across the board:
users loved what they saw as seamless integration with the Xbox LIVE
service and Porsches campaign performance drove results with their
target audience.


CTR from Xbox LIVE Games Marketplace to BDE

Based on Interprets New Media Measure, 25-54 yr old Xbox LIVE members who play 1+ hours a week
and actively use their Xbox 360.

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