Day 1: What are 3 words to describe your story so far?

(TL); What was your strategy to ‘read’ this on day 1 – and did it change as you
went along?
Day 2: What do you think of the story so far?(TL); If you were to give a tip to next year's readers what would it be?
Day 3: If you had to write a brief 2-3 sentence review of the story today what would you write? (TL); What are two grammar elements
you've discovered in reading that you know you will use in future TL conversations/writing?
Day 4: Who are your main characters, what are they like and how would someone describe them? (TL); Write a blurb to put on the
English translation of this story to encourage others to read.
Day 5: Do you recommend this story to future readers and why/why not? (TL); You were the first class to do this story unit. Should I
do this again - why or why not?

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