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Chapter III


T he following timeline provides an overview of family. He has serious health problems from
the events leading up to the tragedy on April 9 months to 3 years old, is frail, and after
16, and then the actions taken on April 16. The unpleasant medical procedures does not
time scale switches from years to months to days want to be touched.
and even to minutes as appropriate. This infor-
1992 Cho’s family emigrates to Mary-
mation is a reference source to use as one reads
land when he is 8 years old.
the chapters.
1993 The Cho family moves to Fairfax
The information here was drawn from numerous
County, Virginia, when he is 9 years old.
interviews and written sources. The Cho family
They work long hours in a dry-cleaning
and Seung Hui Cho’s school administrators,
counselors, teachers, and medical and school
records are the prime sources for his history 1997 Seung Hui in the 6th grade con-
prior to attending Virginia Tech. tinues to be very withdrawn. Teachers meet
with his parents about this behavior. In the
Information obtained on his university years
summer before he enters 7th grade, he
before the shootings came from interviews with
begins receiving counseling at the Center for
faculty, counselors, administrators, police,
Multi-cultural Human Services to address
courts, psychological evaluators, suitemates, and
his shy, introverted
others. The panel also had access to many uni-
nature, which is diagnosed as “selective
versity, medical, and court records and to e-mails
mutism.” Parents try to socialize him more
and other written materials involving Cho.
by encouraging extracurricular activities
The timeline for the events of April 16 relied pri- and friends, but he stays withdrawn.
marily on state and campus police reports and
1999 During the 8th grade, suicidal
interviews, supplemented by interviews with
and homicidal ideations are identified by
survivors, university officials, emergency medical
Cho’s middle school teachers in his writing.
responders, hospitals and others.
It is connected to the Columbine shootings
The information on the aftermath drew on medi- this year. (He references Columbine in
cal examiner records, interviews with families, school writings.) The school requests that
and other sources. his parents ask a counselor to intervene,
which leads to a psychiatric evaluation at
Each aspect of the timeline is discussed further the Multicultural Center for Human Ser-
in the following chapters, with an evaluation as vices. He is prescribed antidepressant medi-
well as narration of events. cation. He responds well and is taken off the
medication approximately one year later.
2000–2003 (High School)
Fall 2000 Cho starts Westfield High School
1984 Seung Hui Cho is born to a in Fairfax County as a sophomore, after at-
family living in a small two-room apartment tending another high school at Centreville
in Seoul, South Korea. He is an inordinately for a year. After review by the “local screen-
shy, quiet child, but no problem to his ing committee,” he is enrolled in an


self of it. according to his fam- pointments. He has a difficult time with his record that could lead to removing Cho from roommate over neatness issues and changes her class. is less enthusiastic. Cho complains of Center. but never avails him. rooms. had made “annoying” contact with her on the Internet. Dr. office in school and the therapist feel he was Fall 2005 Cho starts junior year and moves successful. Both the guidance other than his quietness. When Cho refuses to go to coun- Fall 2004 Cho begins his sophomore year. the mites in the apartment. He Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. He gets ily. who think that it is too large a school improving attitude. Serious problems begin June 2003 Cho graduates from Westfield to surface. She also asks him to stop taking pictures of classmates from a camera held August 2003 Cho enters Virginia Tech as a under the desk. by phone. and the College of it is acne and prescribe minocycline. He is Giovanni’s class and tutors him one-on-one excited about college. At school. His parents make weekly trips to visit him. His sister notes that he is writing High School with a 3. Cho’s becomes interested in writing and decides to problems are discussed with the university’s switch his major to English beginning his Care Team that reviews students with junior year. with assistance from Professor Frederick D’Aguiar. back into the dorms. keeps his ap. Roy notifies the Division of Cho moves off campus to room with a senior Student Affairs. Department Chair Lucinda Roy to create a man year. his enthusiasm for writing and reversed his selors. is concerned about violence in his 2003–2004 (Virginia Tech) writing. Little another class and writes a letter to English attention is drawn to him during his fresh. He decides to attend Virginia Tech ders if the publisher’s rejection letter curbed against the advice of his parents and coun. TIMELINE OF EVENTS Individual Educational Program (IEP) to 2005 (Virginia Tech) deal with his shyness and lack of respon- siveness in a classroom setting. and exhibits no behavioral problems school environment. He stabs at the name of a contact at the high school if he carpet in a girl’s room with a knife in the needs help in college. He does not Dr. that sophomore year. Cho’s poetry pro- fessor. The idea for a book sent to a New Human Services through his junior year. seems to depress him. but doctors tell him Virginia Tech police. Professor Nikki Giovanni. He submits the paperwork late problems. Therapy Spring 2005 Cho requests a change of major to continues with the Multicultural Center for English.5 GPA in the Honors less at home. November 27 A female resident of WAJ files a mer break. Cho submits a book idea to a pub. She offers to get him into business information systems major. though he is secretive about its report with the Virginia Tech Police content. His sister notes a growing passion for writing over the sum. to some parties by his suitemates at the quate individual attention. seling. and in person. He is given the start of the fall semester. He still sees no counselor at school or good grades and adjusts reasonably to the home. presence of his suitemates. The 22 . This has no behavior problems. His grades are good. the Schiffert Health Center. He York publishing house is rejected. CHAPTER III. the Cook Counseling who is rarely at home. Department (VTPD) indicating that Cho lishing house. Roy removes Cho from Professor see a counselor at school or home. and makes no threats. Cho is taken for him and that he will not receive ade. and won- Program.

Barnett ter and is triaged (i. Spring Cho writes a paper for Professor pendent evaluator. and Cho is transported to Carilion St. suggests that Cho drop his class as “an imminent danger to self or others. E-mails also report his evaluation summary that “there is no that he went in disguise to a female stu. prescreener from the New River Valley April 17 Cho’s technical writing professor. The person assigned as an inde. Before 11 a. them again by phone that afternoon. dent in Cochrane residence hall regarding instant messages (IMs) from Cho sent under Noon The staff psychiatrist dictates in various strange aliases. IM from Cho stating. suicidal or dent’s room (the event of November 27). concludes he is not a danger gating officer refers Cho to the school’s dis.m. The writing contains a number of parallels 23 . delusions.” The suitemate alerts VTPD.m. none.m. Cho’s suitemate receives an receives a psychiatric summary from St. writing assignments.…Followup and aftercare to be Hall files a report with the VTPD complain- arranged with the counseling center at ing of “disturbing” IMs from Cho. Cho follows the profes- Albans Psychiatric Hospital for an overnight sor to his office. rules in accordance with the independent tion with VTPD police.” A after repeated efforts to address shortcom- magistrate issues a temporary detaining ings in class and inappropriate choice of order. given a preliminary conducts Cho’s commitment hearing and screening) by phone at following his interac. 3:00 p.” Cho is requests that Cho have no further contact released. the Office of Judicial tient counseling. Bean does not report this December 14 incident to university officials. Community Services Board evaluates him Carl Bean. with her. She Virginia Tech. raises his voice angrily. Hicok’s creative writing class concerning a evaluates Cho and concludes that he does young man who hates the students at his not present an imminent danger to himself. 11-11:30 a. evaluator. indication of psychosis. After cam. but orders follow-up treatment as an outpatient. homicidal ideation. December 13 VTPD notifies Cho that he is to 2006 have no further contact with the second female student who complained. and stay and mental evaluation. Special Justice Paul M. January The Cook Counseling Center pus police leave.” The psychiatrist finds that “his insight and judgment are nor- December 12 A female student from Campbell mal. formation. ing Center or the Care Team to follow up on The police take Cho to the VTPD where a Cho. CHAPTER III. The investi.. but the female stu. November 30 Cho calls Cook Counseling Cen. medications.m. Cho is triaged in person at the Cho does not keep a 2:00 p. evaluates Cho. Cho then makes and keeps December 6 E-mails among resident advisors an appointment with the campus Cook (RAs) reflect complaints by a female resi- Counseling Center. psychologist Roy Crouse. is asked to leave. appointment Cook Counseling Center for the third time at Cook Counseling Center but is triaged by in 15 days. A staff psychiatrist at Carilion dent declines to press charges. TIMELINE OF EVENTS VTPD interviews Cho. “I might as well kill Albans.e.m. and recommends outpa- ciplinary system. to himself or others. No action is taken by Cook Counsel- myself now. He gathers no collateral in- Affairs. 7 a. school and plans to kill them and himself.

about him. police that one of her students had told her (Cho videotapes some of his subsequently the doors were chained. another of Cho’s writing professors. videotaping segments for his manifesto-like Roy and Norris. Mary Ann Lewis. pus. The store ini- that Cho said nothing that caused them con- tiates the required background check by cern. Norris encourages Cho to go to counseling with her. but he declines. no evidence is found link- ing these threats to Cho’s later bomb threat February 9 Cho picks up the handgun from in Norris Hall. Durham. She later (after April 16) tells port. Torgersen. March 23 Cho purchases three additional corded messages later sent to NBC. another of Cho’s April 8 Cho spends the night at the writing instructors. September 6–12 Professor Lisa Norris. police. He also buys more ammunition. and the buildings evacuated. confers with Professors Hampton Inn in Christiansburg. is awake and at his computer. He buys chains from Home issues or police reports” on Cho. Fall Professor Falco. in the form of an anonymous note. which he keeps for almost a month. 2007 and the re. night call to his family in Fairfax County. and a hunt- Sciences. April 7 Cho purchases more ammunition. THE INCIDENTS March 22 Cho goes to PSS Range and Training.22 caliber Walther or cancellation of classes elsewhere on cam- P22 handgun online from TGSCOM. CHAPTER III. In Cho’s suite in Harper Hall March 22 Cho purchases two 10-round (2121). 10-round magazines from another eBay seller. about Cho. 24 . one of Cho’s suitemates notices Cho magazines for the Walther P22 on eBay. the street from the university. alerted the Associate Dean of Students. handgun and a box of 50 9mm full metal April 15 Cho places his weekly Sunday jacket practice rounds at Roanoke Firearms. who tell him that Dr. an indoor pistol range. 5:00 a. and Whittemore halls. There is no lockdown February 2 Cho orders a . Roy in Fall 2005 and Professor Norris in 2006 diatribe. who find no record of mental health issues. The 2007 threats are assessed by the VTPD. Professor Depot. alerts the Associ. ammunition. In retrospect. but ing knife from Wal-Mart and Dick’s Sport- the dean finds “no mention of mental health ing Goods.m. Cho buys yet more ammuni- March 13 Cho purchases a 9mm Glock 19 tion. April 14 An Asian male wearing a hooded March 12 Cho rents a van from Enterprise garment is seen by a faculty member in Rent-A-Car at the Roanoke Regional Air- Norris Hall. April 13 Bomb threats are made to Mary Ann Lewis. TIMELINE OF EVENTS to the events of April 16. March 31 Cho purchases additional ammu- ate Dean of Liberal Arts and Human nition magazines. Inc. and spends April 16. 2007 an hour practicing. He has waited the 30 days between gun pur- They report the conversation as normal and chases as required in Virginia.) Cho practicing. Virginia. This may have been released diatribe in the van. based in part on handwriting J-N-D Pawnbrokers in Blacksburg. across analysis.

The VTPD officer arrives at WAJ underway.m. 7:30 a. A friend of Hilscher’s arrives at (4040) at WAJ. 25 . gets 7:29 a. The VTPD dispatcher notifies the 7:57 a. He also shoots Ryan Chris.m.m.m. his room to change out of his bloody clothes. Policy Group regarding progress made in He erases his files and the account.m. Cho accesses his university information via phone to the Virginia Tech e-mail account (based on computer records). No 7:02 a. which is next door to his. room 4040 at WAJ to accompany the Vir- 8:00 a. TIMELINE OF EVENTS About 5:30 a.m. Cho is spotted by a student wait- ing outside the West Ambler Johnston arriving at room 4040. and leaves. A local special agent of the state room 4040. Interviews of residents find them has his mailbox. detectives on the scene and the investigation 7:24 a. finds two people shot inside the police has been contacted and is responding room. Clark. A VTPD officer is dispatched to meeting of the university’s Policy Group.m. VTPD Chief Flinchum is notified 7:20 a. class. Chief Flinchum notifies the Virginia Tech Rescue Squad that a female Virginia Tech Office of the Executive Vice student had possibly fallen from her loft bed President of the shootings. She is questioned by detectives and most likely came to investigate noises in explains that on Monday mornings Hil- Hilscher’s room.m. scher’s boyfriend would drop her off and go Both of the victims’ wounds prove to be back to Radford University where he was a fatal. VT Rescue Squad 3 arrives at room 4040. Chief Flinchum ginia Tech Rescue Squad.m. One of Cho’s other suitemates 7:26 a. Chief Flinchum contacts the possibly fallen from her loft bed. VT Rescue Squad 3 arrives on- notices Cho clad in boxer shorts and a shirt scene outside WAJ. Cho shoots Hilscher in her room 7:30–8:00 a.m. WAJ to join her for the walk to chemistry topher Clark. unable to provide a suspect description. Cho’s access card is swiped at gun. They secure the (WAJ) residential hall entrance. dressed.m. administrative telephone line advising that a female student in room 4040 of WAJ had 7:51 a. Chief Flinchum provides updated 7:25 a.m.m.m. He goes to “person of interest” and potential suspect. Cho returns from the bathroom. which is also dis- arrives at WAJ and finds VTPD and BPD patched (per standard protocol). brushing his teeth and applying acne cream. About 7:15 a. where he crime scene and start preliminary investiga- tion. CHAPTER III.m. VTPD resources.m. 8:10 –9:25 a. it is thought. Emily Hilscher enters the dorm one on Hilscher’s floor in WAJ saw anyone after being dropped off by her boyfriend (the leave room 4040 after the initial noise was time is based on her swipe card record). student. This triggers a in WAJ. Additional VTPD officers begin 6:47 a. 7:21 a.m. The VTPD receives a call on their by phone of the WAJ shootings.m. heard. tion. She tells police that the boyfriend is an avid gun user and practices using the 7:17 a. Classes begin. The caller Blacksburg Police Department (BPD) and was given this information by another WAJ requests a BPD evidence technician and resident near room 4040 who heard the BPD detective to assist with the investiga- noise. 7:40 a. and immediately requests additional to the scene. This leads the police to seek him as a Harper Hall (his residence hall). an RA.

WAJ for possible witnesses. Blacksburg in the event an arrest is needed or a search warrant is to be executed. He alludes to a coming securing WAJ entrances and with the inves. Virginia Tech Policy Group as police liaison and provides updates as information 8:20 a. tribe. Virginia Tech administration 8:25 a. report is issued to BPD and the Montgomery He chains the doors shut on the three main County Sheriff’s Office for his vehicle. CHAPTER III. formed on him and the result is negative. Chief Flinchum requests addi. 8:52 a.m. No one reports Meanwhile. Blacksburg public schools lock 9:31–9:48 a. 8:19 a.m.m.m. who is probably off campus. Cho also mails 8:15 a. the BPD in anticipation of executing search fident that he has left the campus. who him. VTPD. A person fitting Cho’s description becomes available. an engineering building. A VSP trooper arrives at the traf- their outer doors upon hearing of the inci. BPD Chief Kim Crannis arrives ing weapons. 8:16–9:24 a. VTPD warrants or making an arrest. entrances from the inside. Detectives are sent to assist with the questioning. he is 9:15–9:30 a.m.m.m.m.m. an 1. A gunpowder residue field test is per- had heard of the incident on police radio. officers continue canvassing seeing him do this. 9:26 a. 9:05 a. BPD. Cho prepared this material in the tigation.m. Both police ERTs are staged at parking lots. and a desire to get even tional VTPD and BPD officers to assist with with oppressors.800-word rambling dia- on scene.m. Cho is seen outside and then not found.m. and BPD officers are sent to his home.m. truck. His vehicle is not found in campus 9:15 a. The videos are a perform- ance of the enclosed writings. is seen near the Duck Pond on campus.m. fic stop of the boyfriend and helps question dent at WAJ from their security chief. shooting. Classes begin for the second period in Norris Hall. with whom he pre- respond to the scene and then to stage in viously argued. resentment. and meets to plan on how to notify students of students informing them of the dormitory the homicides. A BOLO (be on the lookout) inside Norris Hall. faculty. and the Virginia State Police (VSP) continue 9:24 a. and video clips in which he expresses 8:13 a. 26 . Chief Crannis requests BPD ERT to respond for the same reason as the VTPD 9:25 a. and officers become more con.m. previous weeks. A Montgomery County. TIMELINE OF EVENTS the investigation. Cho mails a package from the sible suspect. The Policy Group is briefed on the latest events in the ongoing dormitory homicide investigation by the VTPD. Chief Flinchum requests the a letter to the English Department attack- VTPD Emergency Response Team (ERT) to ing Professor Carl Bean. Investigators secure Hilsher’s boyfriend off campus in his pickup identification of the victims. massacre. Blacksburg post office to NBC News in New York that contains pictures of himself hold- 8:11 a.m. The Virginia Tech Policy Group sends e-mail to campus staff.m. 9:01 a. rage. A VTPD police captain joins the ERT. 9:00 a. He informs them of a pos. Officers search for Hilscher’s boy- friend. Virginia processing the room 4040 crime scene and deputy sheriff initiates a traffic stop of gathering evidence.

the call is Advanced Hydrology is underway. and goes up one aisle and down another. enters room 207. Professor G. He shoots teacher Christopher James 9:45 a. standing the location of the shooting. Cho walks down the rows of desks beats on the door and opens it an inch and fires shots around the door handle. ning toward Norris Hall.m. then shooting people. again twice more. CHAPTER III. The first 9-1-1 call reporting shots fired reaches the VTPD. Ten room next door to recognize that the sounds being heard were gunshots. Within 2 minutes. V. A BPD dispatcher receives a call ing professor Liviu Librescu is teaching regarding the shooting in Norris Hall. Cho 27 . He is shot through the door. The police inform the admini- stration that there has been another shoot- fessor that day. then another. Cho kills transferred to VTPD. hurry. hear Cho’s gunshots. Student Emily Haas picks up the cell phone gives up trying to get in. and then make the call to 9-1-1.) Cho tries to enter room 204 where engineer- 9:41 a. Attempts to shoot open Cheng’s class on Issues in Scientific Com. to be dead survive.m. two Couture-Nowak is teaching French. then rush to one entrance. in room 211 Madame Jocelyne Back in room 207. then students near the front of the Norris Hall. ing. and she asks stu. though keeping the phone cra. until about 9:51 a.m. classroom and starts down the aisle shoot- ing others. Cho returns. He by Cho. She and her class hear the shots. The next two students trying to escape are shot. he flees downstairs. Cho leaves the classroom to go they pause briefly to check whether they are being fired upon. Meanwhile. (Cheng was a graduate assistant substituting for the pro. students escape this way. the French class. Cho hears Haas and shoots her. keeping their bodies tells the teacher to put the desk in front of the door. Loganathan and other stu- dents in the class. dled under her head and the line open.m. killing 9 and wounding 3 9:42 a. About 9:45 a. TIMELINE OF EVENTS 1 About 9:40 a. a three-minute response time from their receipt of the call. ing her twice in the head. back into the hall. the locks fail. A student dents go to the door and hold it shut with their feet and hands. Once where a graduate engineering class in identified as being on campus. an Elementary German class.m. She falls and shooting people again. Goddard is shot in the leg. attending Haiyan three chained shut. The first police officers arrive at Bishop. University President Steger hears sounds like gunshots. Stu- 1The panel estimates that the shooting began at this time dents push out screens and jump or drop to based on the time it took for the students and faculty in the grass or bushes below the window. uninjured students and two injured stu- dent Colin Goddard to call 9-1-1. and then a third but find all Students in room 205. (Three students who pretend floor loading his gun. The Mechanics. Cho says nothing on entering the room or during A janitor sees Cho in the hall on the second the shooting. Cho dispatcher initially has difficulty under- begins shooting in room 206 in Norris Hall. A message is of the 13 students. Librescu braces his body against the door yelling for students to head for the window. and sees police run- ing at them through the door. Cho shoots Goddard plays dead.m. the German class. sent to all county EMS units to staff and Cho goes across the hall from room 206 and respond. She begs the police to Cho returns to room 211.) The students barricade the door and prevent Cho’s entry despite his fir. which is done but it is nudged open away. graz. puting. Goddard dropped. Hearing shots.

people to stay where they are. • Coordinating rescue efforts to remove Triage and rescue of victims begin.m. A second e-mail is sent by the administra. Stay away from all windows.m. wounded 17. the first team of officers open the ordinary key lock of a fourth begins— entrance to Norris Hall that goes to a machine shop and that could not be chained. announcing that “A gunman is loose on campus. are medic with each team. sounds to the second floor. • Gathering preliminary suspect or gun- tion to all Virginia Tech e-mail addresses man descriptions. request for all EMS just as police reach the second floor. • He appears to have a self-inflicted gun- While the shootings at Norris Hall were shot wound to the head. A deceased male student is dis- alerted Cho to the arrival of the police. witnesses. and killed 30 people in Norris Hall plus himself. Using a shotgun. including one para. 9:51 a. A third e-mail from Virginia Tech • VTPD. Rescue and one from Blacksburg Rescue. Two tactical medics attached Virginia Tech and Blacksburg police ERTs to the ERTs. and VSP process the room administration cancels classes and advises 4040 crime scene and gather evidence. • Officers canvass rescue squad 10:52 a. 10:17 a. TIMELINE OF EVENTS returns again to room 206 and shoots more • Police officials assign the additional students. • Officers canvass WAJ for possible • Two weapons are found near the body. moved to a minor treatment unit.” Four exist. The police clear the second floor a similar message. He fired 174 rounds. • Officers search interior and exterior 10:51 a. BPD. loudspeakers out of doors on poles broadcast 9:52 a. shooting with multiple victims in Norris 28 . police shoot At Norris Hall. The police hear gunshots as they enter the • Triaging the 48 gunshot victims and building. A fourth e-mail from Virginia personnel for additional evidence or Tech administration warns of “a multiple information.m.m. The 9:42 a. 9:50 a. allowed to enter to start their initial triage. of Norris Hall. Cho’s covered by police team and suspected to be shooting spree in Norris Hall lasted about the gunman: 11 minutes.m.m. units is repeated. the French class. police were taking the following actions in connection with the shootings at • He is found among his victims in class- WAJ: room 211. responding law enforcement personnel.m. one medic from Virginia Tech arrive at Norris Hall. gators believe that the police shotgun blast 10:08 a. • Securing the second floor. Cho shoots himself in the head 9:53 a. They immediately follow the aiding survivors in multiple classrooms. Investi. CHAPTER III. survivors from Norris Hall. Stay in buildings until further • Determining if additional gunmen notice.m.m. occurring. All patients from Norris Hall waste containers and surrounding have been transported to a hospital or areas near WAJ for evidence. and • No identification is found on the body.

1:35 p.m. and poet and Professor Nikki centers are being established. Virginia Tech President Charles Steger.m. his writings. Bush. transported to the medical examiner’s office.m.m. and Christian communities). VT announces classes will be exercises. 11:00 a. second shooter. Buddhist. a package containing images of Cho holding Investigators continue investigating weapons.m.m.m. Autopsies on all victims are completed by the medical examiner. 2007 ing the shooting. false.m. Virginia Tech Vice President for Student 10:57 a. fatalities between the two incidents. NBC immediately submitted two crimes are not yet connected for certain. McNamee. Giovanni. responding to a “suspicious event”.m. A report of shots fired at the ten- Affairs Zenobia L. the recordings. VTPD releases the name of the killed will be granted posthumous degrees shooter as Cho Seung Hui and confirms 33 in the fields in which they were studying. The first deceased victim is Hall. this 8:45 p.m. Mark G. University President Charles vost Dr.m. alarm. Local police announce that NBC Evening A search warrant is served for News in New York received by mail this day the residence of the first victim’s boyfriend. 8:25 a. Christo- people from buildings and that counseling pher Flynn. transported to the medical examiner’s office. 4:01 p. A SWAT team enters Burruss 5:00 p. A convocation ceremony is held found no gross brain function abnormalities for the university community at the Cassell Coliseum.m. A family assistance center is established at The Inn at Virginia Tech. 2007 VT announces that all students who were 9:15 a.m. a campus building next to Norris Hall. 11:30 p. Virginia Governor Tim and that police are hunting for a possible Kaine (who had returned from Japan). The autopsy of Cho 2:00 p.) cancelled “for the remainder of the week to allow students the time they need to grieve Virginia Governor Kaine selects an inde- and seek assistance as needed. The first autopsy is completed. Jewish. CHAPTER III. A candlelight vigil is held on the near Duck Pond proves to be another false Virginia Tech drill field. TIMELINE OF EVENTS Hall. and his video whether he is linked to the first crime. 2007 April 17. A report of a possible gunshot 8:00 p. this information to the FBI. Pro- 12:42 p. The last deceased victim is proved to be a false alarm. Bush speaks to the Nation from the White House regard. Counselor Dr.” saying the shooter has been arrested George W. (The degrees are subsequently awarded to the families at the regular commencement 9:30 a. POST-INCIDENT April 19. Speakers include President 29 . Dean of Stu- Steger announces that police are releasing dents Tom Brown. Hikes. local religious nis courts near Cassell Coliseum proves leaders (representing the Muslim. President George W.” pendent Virginia Tech Review Panel to detail the April 16 shootings. A fragment of the video and pictures are widely broadcast. 4:37 p.m. April 18.

2007 that could explain the rampage. TIMELINE OF EVENTS and no toxic substances. drugs. CHAPTER III. 30 . Governor Kaine declares a statewide day of mourning. or alcohol April 20.

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