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Topic: The Industry of Urban Planners and the Economic Trends that Contribute to its

Progression in Canada

Why I aspire to be an urban planner

A description of the occupation and the industry of Architects, urban planners and

Surveyors (Land Development)

Recent Statistics (Canadian Job Bank): 41,162 total workers within the industry and

of them are urban planners

Brief explanation on the economic trends that impact urban planners

Objective/Purpose of Research Paper:

To describe and analyze the job market of urban planning and expose any
inequalities that may exist between workers

Provide an example of an urban planning company and associated institutions

in Canada. Use them to help determine if the job is either precarious or secure

To explain how Neo-Liberalism is impacting my chosen profession

To explain how other economic trends may be effecting urban planners, such
as urban sprawl, the rapid population growth, and scarcity of earths resources


Background and Research of an urban planner:

Description of urban planning

Description of the Architect, urban planners and Land Surveyor industry

Using the statistics (Canadian Job Bank) of workers within the industry and
determining the percentage of workers that are women vs men, migrated
workers vs. Canadian born workers, and part-time vs. full-time workers

Further using results to determine whether there is a gender-based

division of labor, or any pay inequalities between urban planners.

Explain the projected outcome of the occupation to justify whether it is a

secure or precarious job. Also I will explain different institutions and trends,
that helps urban planning be a secure job

How urban planners are doing in Toronto, Ontario compared to other

provinces and cities. Using example of an urban planning company in Toronto
and seeing how it is doing within the Canadian economy

Economic trends that impact urban planners

Explain how the condition of an economy can affect the employment and
demand of urban planners

Describe how scarcity of land and resources effects urban planners

Describe how price inflation of land and resources effects urban planners

Explain how these economic trends effects the demand and supply of the

How Neo-Liberalism effects urban planners

Explain how neo-liberalism and neo-liberalists can shift the need for urban
planners from both the public and private sector to strictly the private sector

Possible approaches in resolving the negative effects that neo-liberalism has

cause for urban planners.

Urban planning is considered a secure job in the Canadian economy. The economic trends
including neo-liberalism may contribute in its downfall. However, they currently dont have a
significant impact upon the occupation, which could be a reason why the job is projected and is
in excess demand.