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Assessment Three is a written report on KFCs new concept store called KFC

Urban. This new store will be selling alcohol as part of its product offering.

Inside the report included:

Information about KFC and its positioning

Academic theory about brand image and positioning, Marco Environment and
SWOT analysis,

Your creative design of brand image and positioning statement

Primary and secondary market research about consumers

Segmentation theory and a target profile market (using your market

research) for the new store

Five recommendations for KFC Urban

How to complete Assessment Three

KFC is planning to launch of a "high-end" pilot store operating under the name KFC
Urban. At this restaurant, KFC will add spirits, wine, beer and cider to its menu. See
the links below for a discussion of the concept stores.

Imagine you are now working for KFC Australia and it is your role to help define the
concept stores new brand image and positioning statement as well as identify and
justify the primary target audience. Your boss has asked you to write a report
explaining the theoretical concepts and your creative ideas for the brand image and
positioning statement. You also need to include a discussion of the macro
environment and a SWOT analysis showing the impact these factors will have on the
store. You need to include market research about potential segments and your
target market profile. Finally, your boss also wants five specific recommendations
for KFC Urban: (1) promotion, (2) price, (3) staff (4) processes (5) product choices
(i.e. what kind of alcohol?)

Step 1 Academic research

You need to include at least three journal articles to define and describe the
concept of brand image and repositioning a product with a new brand. When you
write the report, use the theory of branding and positioning to provide the evidence

to justify your brand image design choices. Use the resources from Assessment One
to ensure that you find relevant articles to support your ideas.

In the business market you also need to be aware of the impact of the macro
environmental factors. As part the plan for KFC Urban you need to specifically
highlight how these factors (Elliott et al. 2014 Chapter 1) will affect KFC. (For
example, research laws related to insurance, clean food, alcohol service and minors
serving alcohol, social issues- such as encouraging alcohol consumption etc). You
should also consider a brief SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats)
analysis here. Be sure to define and describe all macro environmental factors as
part of your discussion even though some may not be relevant. Some relevant
sources to help you find your evidence to support your argument may be
government departments, media stories and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Step 2 Research organization and consumer market data

Research KFC and its parent company Yum

Find and summarise in no more that 300 words KFCs

Mission statement, values

Policies for customers and staff

Positioning statement

Now you need some data about consumers attitudes towards your product

Primary data:
Develop a very brief (maybe three or four questions) questionnaire (see Chapter 3
and module topic on market research) and asking a few people that you know, find
out about the attitudes consumers have for the product- KFC and alcohol. There is
a forum task related to gathering data in the modules task on Market Researchusing free services like survey monkey to help you get data - everyone is welcome
to request their fellow students to complete their online survey (no promises that
they will, but I hope that you can support each other).

Secondary data:

You need to include secondary data help to explain your consumer segments. You
need to research data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics on the Australia
population including the following segmentation variables:

Geographic- the KFC Urban store is only located in Parramatta (postcode

2124)- so search ABS for information about this area only (i.e. population,
climate, etc)

Demographic -i.e. age, income, family types etc,

Behavioural- i.e. consumption rates of dining out etc,

Lifestyle- Use the Roy Morgan Values Segments model to identify the lifestyle
variable (see Elliott et al. 2014 p197 for this model, and research for more

You should be focusing on the consumers you think are likely to use the KFC Urban
restaurant and how they might react to the brand image you are going to design.
You need to include evidence of the target market (TM) from the data you have
researched - you can use tables and figures to illustrate- then draw out the
implications of your data for KFC (for example, because the TM enjoy relaxing with
friends with alcohol, they may be willing to go to KFC's new restaurant environment
etc). Other useful sources for this section include media stories and restaurant

Application to Market and theory

Step 3 Design a new brand image for KFC Urban

You need to design the new brand image for KFC Urban- make sure you justify your
design with the theory from the brand image literature in Step 1. You can use the
existing KFC brand image as a starting point- but you need to include a new image
for your assessment. You need to include the words KFC Urban in your image.

Step 4 Profile and apply potential market segments in Australia and

marketing recommendations

Given your research of the segment in Step 2, create a profile of your target market
(see Resources for an example of the profile format). The profile is an overview of
your average consumer for the target market you have described from the
research. Make sure you fully reference your sources and justify and explain why
this profile of the market is likely to buy your product. You only need one target

As part of your application section, you will need to ensure that you make marketing
strategy recommendations. This is, you need to make it clear how, through the
marketing strategies, you are fulfilling the target markets needs/wants. For
example, you have explained that your target market likes fast food and alcohol, so
brand image needs to reflect the target market, etc.

You need five specific recommendations for KFC Urban: (1) promotion, (2) price,
(3) staff (4) processes (5) product choices (i.e. what kind of alcohol?)

Writing up the report- bringing all your ideas and research together in the

In your report you need to include all the details developed in the steps above. Be
sure to include an executive summary, table of contents, introduction, conclusions
and references. A suggested structure is listed below:

Suggested Structure
Executive summary
Table of Contents
Introduction (100 words)
Current background of KFC (300 words max)
Branding and Brand image (Outline the concept of brand image using academic
definitions and descriptions (i.e. how it works in theory-issues, processes etc) to
justify and support your brand image design choices (300 words)
Macro environment (including current market issues of legal, technological, political,
socio-cultural and economic) and discuss their impact on KFC Urban include a SWOT
(600 words)
Market segments profile (600 words be sure include theory definitions of each
segmentation variable)





Overall Target Market Profile (table format) statements- the average consumer in
this target market is... (100 words)
Marketing Strategy Recommendations:









Product offerings (200 words)

Conclusions (100 words)

References (not part of word count)


Be able to outline the role of marketing in all types of business operations

Be able to define and describe the complexity and diversity of markets and
marketings response to it

Be able to apply marketing concepts and models to the market place

Be able to examine key societal and business issues related to marketing


To have skills in researching and communicating ideas about industries,

markets and marketing strategy

Marking criteria

Criterion :The
various skills to be


This is about the
punctuation, sentences were
presentation of the
concepts were clear and
work including
not clear, no complete clear
:Structure, Format,
paragraphs or structure and
formatting- no formatting using
including images
images, tables headings, and sub
or illustrations headings, some



Minor grammatical
errors, sentences were
clear and complete,
structure and format
were used to aid the
reader including
diagrams, tables and
images, that were
relevant to argument,
but were still not fully

Free of grammatical

Structure and format

were clear Sentence
were well constructe
Language was concis
Excellent use of
diagrams, images an
tables that were both
visually appealing as

Value 25%

Marks 0-6

Grade range 012.5

illustrations and explained or described well as clearly releva

diagrams, but not
and explained,
Marks 8.5-9
explained and
Marks 9.5-10.5
only decorative
Marks 6.5-8

analysis skills
This criterion is
about defining,
describing and
evaluating the
concepts that were
found when
researching the
topic Value 30%
Grade range 015

Concepts were Concepts were

Clear and relevant
not defined,
defined, there was definitions and
described or an attempt to
descriptions with
examples, some
mainly listed descriptions with attempt to develop
examples to
analysis by comparing
explain, limited
and contrasting
Marks 0- 7
Marks 10-11
Marks 7.5-9.5

There was no
or limited
This criterion is
application to
about linking
the KFC
theory to a specific Urban, no
context, explaining examples
how it relates to a provided no
product/company recommendati
and making
Marks 0-7
alue 30% Grade
range for 0- 15

KFC Urban was

KFC Urban was
described and
described and
identified. The
identified. The context
context was
was connected to
connected briefly theory with clear links.
to theory. There
There were relevant
were some
recommendations, recommendations and
but they were not supported connections
well supported by to theory
Marks 10-11
Marks 7.5-9.5

Clear definitions,
descriptions with
examples and analys
of concepts with
comparison, with cle
evaluations and
Marks 11.5-12.5

KFC Urban described

and identified and
insightful evaluations
were made. The
context was connect
to theory with clear,
creative and logical
links. The
recommendations we
relevant, well
supported with expli
connections to
theoretical argument
Marks 11.5- 12.5

There was
limited or no
This criterion was attempt at in
about the
text or end of
application of APA text
referencing Value referencing
15% Grade range
Marks 0-3

There was an
attempt to apply
referencing, but
style and
application were
Marks 3.5-4.5

There was consistent

style, but application
was not consistent
with some errors
Marks 5-5.5

The style was

consistent throughou
the text and end
list. Application was
still inconsistent with
some points remainin