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Jazzmin Angel R.

Prof. Marilyn M. Ubaldo
Evaluation to Quezon City General Hospital, Surgery ward, and the staff
Quezon City General Hospital
It was our third exposure on the institution, the first one was when we were at the
Obstetrics ward when we were still 2 nd year students, next was at the NICU and delivery
room then surgery ward then repeated on the trauma ward recently. My first reaction on
the institution was very helpful to the patients in need the fact that it is also a
government hospital. I also found the institution very innovative for it was remodeled
and was designed to its latest technology to enhance the capabilities of helping the
patients. I was aspired to the fact that they have the goal of receiving the International
Standard Organization (ISO) at January 2014 but they still hope for the best and we
wish to them for their success.
Surgery-Trauma Ward
I must say that my exposure at the surgery-trauma ward of Quezon City general
hospital was one of the productive and skillful exposures I ever had. I honestly must say
that the exposure to the surgery-trauma ward completed my skills experience. Only the
surgery-trauma ward of QCGH allowed nursing students like us to administer and
prepare intravenous medications. The time when I prepared my first IV medication and
administered it or as we call the IV push, I really felt that I was a fully-pledged nurse.
Even on one of the most crucial skills of being a nurse is to insert an IV cannula
successfully to a patients vein. With the guidance of our loving clinical instructor, my
first IV insertion felt priceless, it made me feel like I really am a nurse. I am hoping that
they continue to help nursing students to motivate them to be more skillful nurses.

Staff of the Surgery-Trauma Ward

In order to render effective nursing to the patient, one of the traits that must be
developed to a nurse is to collaborate effectively with the members of the healthcare
team, and also considering ones self as the member of the healthcare team, that skill
was developed during our exposure in the surgery-trauma ward. The head nurse of the
ward, Maam Miguel was known to us, she was our clinical instructor at our exposure on
the NICE and Delivery room when we were 3 rd year students, and she was quite skillful
too. Most of the staff nurses were approachable and kind to us, they guided us on the
interventions we performed and even gave us the chances to perform skills that were
crucial for a nursing student, but it was all worth it. My goals for this exposure were met
with the help of our skillful and loving clinical instructor and the staff nurses of the