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Translation from the godlike Goa'uld to the slavery Tau'ri language

(words in angular brackets is the pronounciation of the words)

Ai'emain: Stand up!/ Rise! (Kasuf/Stargate Movie)

Aray Kree: stay where you are (Teal'c/There but by the Grace of God)
A'roush [a roosh]: (pron. a roosh) village (Daniel/Children of the Gods)
Ash'rak: assasin; elite assasin that carries out the orders of
System Lords;
also means hunter (Teal'c/Jolinar/Sam/In the Line of Duty)
Ba'ja'kakma'te: I greet you too (Kasuf/Secrets)
Bashaak: the training ritual of Jaffa (Bra'tac/Family)
Bon'iqua? [boneequa]: Why? (Stargate movie)
Bi'bo: Do you want? / Take! (when u give somethink to
someone) (Kasuf/Stargate Movie)
Bonniewae: very good; tasteful (Kasuf/Original movie)
Bradio: Come on! /Hurry!/ Now go! (Kasuf/Stargate Movie)
Cal mah: Sanctuary (Daniel/Serpent's Song)
Cham'ka Groves: place on Chulak where Teal'c would take Rya'c to play
Chaapa'ai: Stargate (Martouf/The Tok'ra)
Cord'ai Plains: hometown of Drey'auc on Chulak (Drey'auc/Family)
Di'bro, das weiafei, doo'wa!: People, welcome them, the gods have come!
(Kasuf/Stargate Movie)
Di'dak'dida: You dare?! (Stargate movie)
Dis'tra: master (Shak'l/The Nox)
Fi nu [finoo]: Finish! (Stargate movie)
Hassac/Ha'shak: fool (Bra'tac/Bloodlines & Serpent's Lair)
Ha'taaka: exact meaning unknown, but definitely a derogatory word
Harsesis: the child of two Goa'uld (Maternal Instincts)
Hi'ato [Heeato]: walk on! (Jaffa/Stargate movie)
Ihn'tar: weapon that changes it's appearance into others, used to
train Jaffa (Rules of Engagement)
I'jaji'biai: May I have that? (Skaara/Stargate Movie)
I ra be'bju?: Is this for me? (Kasuf/Stargate Movie)
Jaffa: generally a word for the servants of the Goa'uld
Jankin: search or tell at once (Apophis/The Nox)
Ju'iu [joo joo]: See! (Kasuf/Stargate Movie)
Kalash: one's soul (Teal'c/Need)
Kegalo!: Silence! (Stargate movie)
Ke'i! [key]: Kneel! (Jaffa/Stargate movie)
Kel'sha: it will be so (Jaffa/Within the Serpent's Grasp)
Kel mar tokeem: "revenge by the wearer of the horn" (Bra'tac/Family)
Kelnoreem: deep medative state where a Jaffa can communicate with
Goa'uld larvae. (Shan'auc/Crossroads)
Ki'banja'swei! [keebunjaswai]: We must hide! (Skaara/Stargate movie)
Kree: stop (Apophis/Children of the Gods)
Kree'ta: stop that; go away from there (Klorel/Serpent's Lair)
Kresh'taa: outcasts (Bra'tac/Bloodlines)
Korush-nai: turn back (Teal'c/There but by the Grace of God)
Lek tol: goodbye (Apophis/Within the Serpent's Grasp)
Mai'tac: damn (Apophis)
Mid'cha [midsha]: Pay attention. (Stargate movie)
Mi'la tu'tu? [meela tootoo]: Is everything all right? (Kasuf/Stargate Movie)
Na'binim!: What`s that? (Skaara/Stargate Movie)
Nafi! [nufee]: Right! (Shar'ure/Stargate movie)
Nanb'tu'qua: How are you?
Na'noweia si'taia: You are here to destroy me! (Ra/Stargate movie)
Ne'nai: not; don't (Klorel/Within the Serpent's Grasp)
Niush nio [niush nioo]: Everyone, look!
Noc: no (Klorel/Within the Serpent's Grasp)
Noc'ri'ton: help me out of here (Klorel/Serpent's Lair)
Nowe: Here (when givin' something back) (Klorel/Stargate
Oma Desala: Mother Nature (Maternal Instincts)
Pa'kree: so what's up now?/what's up? (Apophis/The Nox)
Pel'tak: control room on a Cheops Warship (Klorel/Within The
Serpent's Grasp)
Prim'ta: the Goa'uld symbiote carried by each Jaffa. Also the name
of the
ceremony of implantation (Teal'c/Bloodlines)
Quellshak: advice us (Teal'c/Bloodlies)
Re'sapai?: Is this yours? (Stargate movie)
Rhe'u: Stay back! (Kasuf/Stargate Movie)
Rin'tel'noc: go away from me (Hathor/Hathor)
Ris'vi he'u [reeswee he-u]: Close the doors (Kasuf/Stargate Movie)
Satta-cakes: a kind of food; desert/treat (Teal'c/Family)
Se'biu? [sebjoo]: Come with us? (Kasuf/Stargate Movie)
Shak'ti'qua: what do you think you are doing? (Bra'tac/Serpent's
Sha'lokma'kor: get 'em/kill 'em (Klorel/Serpent's Lair)
Shes'ta: Goa'uld currency (Apophis/Family)
Shibio diu! [shibio dioo]: Strangers! (Klorel/Stargate Movie)
Shol'va: traitor (Teal'c/Family)
Shor'wai'e! Yas! Yas!: Hurry up! Now! Now! (Klorel/Stargate movie)
Si'nu [seenoo]: Wait!
Swaic: understood? (Bra'tac/Bloodlines)
Tak'uni'taga'mu'teron: small ball which fires at movin' targets / defense
device (Teal'c/Deadman's Switch)
Tal'chak'amel: I won't do that (Teal'c/The Nox)
Tal'shak: come on/ do it (Apophis/Serpent's Lair)
Tal'mac: I am/ my name is (Teal'c/Secrets)
Tal mal'tiak mal we'ia: I am honored (Teal'c/Secrets)
Tao've'nu: you won't believe it/it's unbelieveable (Shak'l/The Nox)
Tau'ri: Earth; also a reference to humans (Fro'tac/R'yac/Family)
Teal'c: Strength; also the name of a member of SG1.
Tec'ma'te: Hello (Teal'c/Serpent's Lair)
Ti'bia [Tibja]: this is Yours (Skaara/Stargate Movie)
Ti'u [tiu]: Yes! (Sha'ure/Stargate Movie)
Tok: against
Tok'ra: against Ra; resistance (Jolinar/Sam/In the Line of Duty)
Tuat: the underworld (Daniel/Serpent's Song)
Tun'cma'le: great/super
Unas: The first ones; a species that was the first host for
the Goauld (Daniel/Serpent's Song)
Vi'toi [witoi]: Give me that (Klorel/Stargate movie)
Vo'cume: small sphere that records and plays messages (Rules of
Ya'isid ma'gue: We must leave! (Klorel/Stargate movie)
Ya'ol'wa [Shaol'wa]: What is the matter? (Teal'c/Apophis/The Nox)
Y�: Stop listen! (The Nox)
Zat'n'ktel: gun that discharges energy; the first shot causes
great pain, the
second kills, the third disintegrates the victim.
(Teal'c/Within the Serpent's