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100 SPOTTING ERROR Questions (Answers Below) : like emoticon

Every sentence is divided into three sections marked A, B and C. Read the sentence carefully and mark the
section that contains an error. If there is no error in the sentence, mark (D).
1. Although it was hot (A)/but Mohan was wearing (B)/ a woolen suit. (C)/No error. (D)
2. We were all very happy (A)/at Mr. Khurana being awarded (B)/the Nobel Prize. (C)/No error. (D).
3. The Bible preaches (A)/that we should (B)/love each other. (C)/No error. (D).
4. I saw him leaning over the wall (A)/with a cigarette (B)/between his lips. (C)/No error. (D).
5. The matter has been discussed (A)/both in the press (B)/and the platform. (C)/No error. (D).
6. Pratibha Patil (A)/is elected (B)/the President of India. (C)/No error. (D).
7. Because it rained (A)/in torrents (B)/therefore, there were heavy floods. (C)/No error. (D).
8. Not only he beat me (A)/but (B)/abused me also. (C)/No error. (D).
9. I never have (A)/and will never disobey (B)/my elders. (C)/No error. (D).
10. One must put it (A)/in exactly the right place (B)/in relation with the other words. (C)/No error. (D).
11. He never goes (A)/in an arrows flight (B)/of her. (C)/No error. (D).
12. Good night! (A)/I am very glad to see (B)/you again after along time. (C)/No error. (D).
13. I asked him (A)/that why he was (B)/beating about the bush. (C)/No error. (D). 14. Intelligent people
(A)/always avail of (B)/the opportunity. (C)/No error. (D).
15. Money has become (A)/modern God (B)/which every man is hankering. (C)/No error. (D).
16. The patient died (A)/before (B)/the doctor arrived. (C)/No error. (D).
17. Each of these books (A)/are very useful (B)/to college students. (C)/N error. (D). 18. She is more beautiful
(A)/than (B)/anyone of her two sisters. (C)/No eroor. (D). 19. He is the same man (A)/who has helped us (B)/in
our work. (C)/No error. (D).
20. He was taking exercise for three hours (A)/before he (B)/was called by his father. (C)/No error. (D).
21. He sat in darkness (A)/for the light (B)/went out. (C)/No error. (D).
22. He as well they (A)/were here (B)/for their dinner. (C)/No error. (D).
23. He was very(A)/fond of her;(B)/he thought of marrying her more than once.(C)/No error. (D).
24. This institution was set up in memory of Alfred (A)/who was (B)/by accident shot by his son. (C)/No error. (D).
25. Due to carelessness, (A)/he failed (B)/in the examination. (C)/No error. (D).
26. Everyone says (A)/that his folly has brought (B)/his ruins. (C)/No error. (D).
27. The Indian farmers have been reeling (A)/under the weight of poverty (B)/since time immemorial. (C)/No error.
28. I do not see a fun (A)/in (B)/practical joking. (C)/No error. (D).
29. He showed courage (A)/worthy of (B)/an older man. (C)/No error. (D).
30. No less than fifty dacoits (A)/were killed (B)/in an encounter with the police. (C)/No error. (D).
31. He is the kindest (A)/and (B)/generous man. (C)/No error. (D).
32. I work much (A)/on Sundays (B)/than on other days. (C)/No error. (D).
33. Kalidas is greater (A)/than any dramatist (B)/of the world. (C)/No error. (D).
34. No country of the world (A)/is as beautiful as (B)/India. (C)/No error. (D).
35. I am too glad (A)/to see you looking (B)/well today. (C)/No error. (D).
36. It is too long (A)/a journey (B)/to make in one day. (C)/No error. (D).
37. I declared (A)/that all will go wrong (B)/without her. (C)/No error. (D).
38. I respect him (A)/as (B)/he is my father. (C)/No error. (D).
39. Make hay (A)/when (B)/the sun shines. (C)/No error. (D).
40. No sooner does he see his mother (A)/when (B)/he touches her feet. (C)/No error. (D).
41. Hardly had he stepped out (A)/than (B)/it started raining heavily. (C)/No error. (D).
42. I believe that the persons engaged in the teaching line (A)/are doing (B)/the best services to the nation.
(C)/No error. (D).
43. Work hard (A)/lest (B)/you may not fail. (C)/No error. (D).
44. I have come to the final conclusion (A)/that students should not take part (B)/in politics. (C)/No error. (D).
45. The police would not allow (A)/anyone (B)/to enter into the hall (C)/No error. (D). 46. He came on (A)/a very

interesting advertisement (B)/in the newspaper. (C)/No error. (D).

47. The manager brought forward (A)/his many arguments (B)/in support of his scheme. (C)/No error. (D).
48. When she parted with her parents, (A)/there were tears (B)/in her eyes. (C)/No error. (D).
49. I will stand by you (A)/in (B)/thick and thin. (C)/No error. (D).
50. Many people go without (A)/two square meal (B)/in India. (C)/No error. (D).
51. You can hang the picture (A)/wherever (B)/you will like. (C)/No error. (D).
52. Had you been to Kolkata, (A)/I would also go (B)/with you. (C)/No error. (D)
53. I liked to see the newspaper (A)/as soon as (B)/you have seen it. (C)/No error. (D). 54. Had you worked hard
in time, (A)/you would certainly succeed (B)/in the examination. (C)/No error. (D).
55. He ran so fastly (A)/that he was able to overtake (B)/the escaping thief. (C)/No error. (D).
56. The two friends were (A)/hand and glove (B)/with each other. (C)/No error. (D). 57. I must admit (A)/that I do
not feel quite in home (B)/in your company. (C)/No error. (D).
58. The speaker would have cut a sorry figure (A)/if he did not come (B)/well prepared. (C)/No error. (D).
59. I would overpower the thief (A)/if he had not jumped (B)/over the wall. (C)/No error. (D).
60. We cannot take the politicians seriously (A)/because they blow hot and cold (B)/in the same breath. (C)/No
error. (D).
61. India and Pakistan have always been (A)/at loggerheads (B)/with one another on the Kashmir issue. (C)/No
error. (D).
62. The division of their fathers property (A)/proved an apple of discord (B)/among the two brothers. (C)/No error.
63. The alleged murderer of the innocent children (A)/are stillat large in (B)/spite of the best efforts of the police.
(C)/No error. (D).
64. You will get (A)/the right of vote (B)/when you come of age. (C)/No error. (D).
65. The question of NPT (A)/is still (B)/hanging in the fire. (C)/No error. (D).
66. He keeps himself (A)/abreast with (B)/what is happening in the world. (C)/No error. (D).
67. It is no use learning by wrote (A)/any phrase (B)/which you do not understand. (C)/No error. (D).
68. Can you lain aside (A)/your work for some time (B)/to talk to me? (C)/No error. (D).
69. He talks (A)/as if (B)/he was my boss. (C)/No error. (D)
70. If he will apologize, (A)/he will (B)/be excused. (C)/No error. (D).
71. I shall be very angry (A)/if you will break (B)/any more plates. (C)/No error. (D). 72. Much of your success and
prosperity in life (A)/depend upon (B)/your own efforts. (C)/No error. (D).
73. Many a men have fallen (A)/a victim(B)/to his temptation. (C)/No error. (D).
74. I who is (A)/at your service (B)/ should not be ignored. (C)/No error. (D).
75 Most children remain (A) at school (B) at the age of six and sixteen. (C)/No error. (D).
76. I saw the teacher sitting (A)/ on a desk (B)/ in the class. (C)/No error. (D).
77. I revenged on Subhash (A)/ for the wrong (B)/he had done to me. (C)/No error. (D).
78. The Times of India (A)/has the largest circulation (B)/of any daily paper. (C)/No error. (D).
79. He is (A)/the most ablest man (B)/of the town. (C)/No error. (D).
80. The thief was arrested (A)/and his pockets (B)/searched. (C)/No error. (D).
81. The patient will die (A)/before (B)/the doctor comes. (C)/No error. (D).
82. The young man (A)/refused (B)/having stolen the watch. (C)/No error. (D).
83. She met me five days ago (A)/but she never told me (B)/about her fathers death. (C)/No error. (D).
84. This room is (A)/too much small (B)/for six persons. (C)/No error. (D).
85. Why should the rich (A)/look down (B)/the poor. (C)/No error. (D).
86. This pen is (A)/as bad (B)/if not worse than that. (C)/No error. (D).
87. There are six hundred seventy (A)/students (B)/in our college. (C)/No error. (D). 88. Although I have the work
with me (A)/yet (B)/I will not submit it to the office. (C)/No error. (D).
89. Tilak and Sudhas books (A)/are (B)/worth praising. (C)/No error. (D).
90. Not only the principal (A)/but also the students (B)/was playing. (C)/No error. (D).
91. These news were broadcasted (A)/from All India Radio (B)/only yesterday. (C)/No error. (D).
92. Both Mohan (A)/as well as Sohan (B)/are intelligent. (C)/No error. (D).
93. The murderer (A)/was ordered (B)/to be hanged by the judge. (C)/No error. (D). 94. Chand loved Sangeeta
more than anything else in the world (A)/and wanted to marry her (B)/several times. (C)/No error. (D).
95. All (A)/his family members (B)/are settled in Europe. (C)/No error. (D).

96. He has written (A)/an autobiography (B)/of his father. (C)/No error. (D).
97. I saw the tigress was weak (A)/and was badly wounded (B)/but still she runs fast. (C)/No error. (D).
98. Unless you do not (A)/labour hard, (B)/you will not pass. (C)/No error. (D).
99. She is more beautiful (A)/but not so intelligent (B)/as her sister. (C)/No error. (D).
100. What to speak of English (A)/he cannot read even (B)/Hindi. (C)/No error. (D).
ANSWERS :--1.(B) 2. (D) 3. (C) 4. (A) 5. (C) 6. (B) 7. (C) 8. (A) 9. (A) 10. (C) 11. (B) 12. (A) 13. (B) 14. (B) 15. (C) 16. (A) 17.
(B) 18. (C) 19. (B) 20. (A) 21. (C) 22. (B) 23. (C) 24. (C) 25. (A) 26. (B) 27. (C) 28. (A) 29. (C) 30. (A) 31. (C) 32.
(A)33. (B) 34. (A) 35. (A) 36. (D) 37. (B) 38. (B) 39. (B) 40. (B) 41. (B) 42. (A) 43. (C) 44. (A) 45. (C) 46. (A) 47.
(B) 48. (A) 49. (B) 50. (B) 51. (C) 52. (B) 53. (C) 54. (B) 55. (A) 56. (D) 57. (B) 58. (B) 59. (A) 60. (D) 61. (C) 62.
(C) 63. (B) 64. (B) 65. (C) 66. (B) 67. (A) 68. (A) 69. (C) 70. (A) 71. (B) 72. (B) 73. (A) 74. (A) 75. (C) 76. (B) 77.
(A) 78. (C) 79. (B) 80. (C) 81. (A) 82. (B) 83. (B) 84. (B) 85. (B) 86. (B) 87. (A) 88. (A) 89. (A) 90. (C) 91. (A) 92.
(B) 93. (C) 94. (B) 95. (B) 96. (B) 97. (C) 98. (A) 99. (A) 100. (A)