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tuesday, february 9, 2010

dth photo illustration/andrew johnson

race to STUDENT
student body president candidates:

the finisH
Six SBP candidates face o≠ in today’s election
monique Hardin Nash keune Joe levin-manning

By Courtney Tye
Staff Writer PAGE 10-11: Read our voting guide
It hasn’t been a typical election season. before you cast your ballot to learn more
With giant castle-shaped plywood signs and about each of the candidates and what they
calls for narwhals and a Google revolution, the identify as their main goals if elected. hogan medlin shruti shah Greg strompolos
last month has been characterized by a set of
polarizing and unusual characters.
But it will end today like any other election
season — with a vote.
With six candidates and no obvious frontrun-
ner, it is unlikely that one candidate will garner
how to vote: Fees on the ballot:
And because of the oddities of this year’s cam- a majority. Who Students will vote whether to increase these
paign season, the election seems to be anybody’s The runoff would be held a week from today, All registered students with a PID and Onyen fees for the 2010-11 school year.
game. giving the two highest vote-getters another week
While the outcome seems unpredictable, the to campaign before the students vote again.
can vote. Student activities fee
stakes are high. Next year’s president could help Last year’s election saw the highest voter turn- when Increase: $6 / Potential new fee: $45
decide how the school addresses everything out in history, driven by six diverse candidates
Today, between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. Description: Mainly to account for inflation
from Greek relations and budget matters to and a contentious fee referendum. This election since the last fee increases.
grading policy and a new academic vision for sees many of the same characteristics, and offi-
the school. cials say they are ready for the rush.
where Student legal services fee
The student body president will represent stu- “Everything is all set to go — it’s been done Online, at, or at voting
booths set up in the Pit and at Rams Head Increase: 85 cents / Potential new fee: $13.85
dents in a variety of ways once he or she takes for a week now,” said Pete Gillooly, chairman of Description: Would help cover the increase in
office in April, serving on numerous board and the Board of Elections. “I feel pretty calm. The Plaza by the Board of Elections.
committees — including the Board of Trustees only thing is the weather. There will be a polling accounting and auditing costs of services.
— and will oversee an organization of dozens of
committees and projects.
station in the Pit, so that could be a problem if
it’s raining all day, but other than that we’re all Watch the results: safety and security fee
He or she will also be given a number of perks, set to go.” Increase: 7 cents / Potential new fee: $2.27
including a parking pass for anywhere on cam- Beginning at 7 a.m., students can log on to
when Description: Mainly to account for inflation
pus, basketball tickets, a stipend and a laptop for Student Central to cast their votes. Polls will 11 p.m. tonight since the last fee increases.
the year. close at 10 p.m, and the results are scheduled to
Today’s election, which will see six candidates be announced at about 11 p.m. in Carroll 111.
See it in person in Carroll 111 or watch DTH ONLINE: Read about the campaign so
contend for the top job, will likely result in a far and watch two-minute pitches by each SBP
runoff, as the new student body president must Contact the University Editor it broadcasted live on TV on TimeWarner
candidate telling why you should vote for them.
gather 50 percent of the vote to take office. at Channel 24 or campus cable channel 2 or 25.

state | page 3
A newly released poll shows
U.S. Senate kicks o≠ with primary filing
that the rivalry between UNC Three Dems vying to challenge Burr Poll results show key issues in North Carolina
and Duke University might According to a survey issued
By Emily Stephenson enough money to get on TV and Health care
be tamer than it’s often Senior Writer get their name ID high enough by Public Policy Polling, the 12%
given credit for. U.S. Senate hopefuls in North will probably win the primary,” most pressing issue North
Carolina can now officially declare said Chris Hayes, a senior analyst
with the conservative John W. Pope
Carolinians feel the state 55% 10%
Moral and family values
candidacy in a race that political
reader contest observers say hasn’t yet made the Civitas Institute.
faces today is the economy Economy Education
and jobs. Other top issues 10%
public’s radar. None of the three Democratic and Jobs
LOOKING FOR A COACH Three Democratic frontrunners candidates are well known in North include health care, family War in Iraq
are expected to sign on to challenge Carolina, Hayes said. Marshall, values and education. 5%
UNC employees: Tell us why you 5% Taxes
incumbent U.S. Sen. Richard Burr, who has been secretary of state
should get a shot at helping R-N.C., first elected in 2004. since she defeated NASCAR legend 2% Immigration
Sylvia Hatchell coach the N.C. Secretary of State Elaine Richard Petty in 1996, is the only SOURCE: WWW.PUBLICPOLICYPOLLING.COM 1% Protecting Environment
Marshall, Iraq one who has held statewide office.
women Tar Heels to victory this PG. 7: Political experts say that a
War veteran
and former
SENATE Cunningham, a former UNC
student body president, served recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on
Richard Burr
Thursday against Boston corporate campaign contributions will
N.C. Sen. Cal just one term in the state Senate. will compete Kenneth
College. Make your case in a Cunningham, Lewis worked for President Barack shake up this year’s Senate race. against the Lewis worked
and Durham Obama’s 2008 campaign but has
wall post at winner of the on President
attorney never held office. public profile.
Democratic Obama’s 2008
dailytarheel by noon Tuesday. K e n n e t h In a Civitas poll of state Democrats Hayes said that the poll showed
Burr at about 35 percent approval
primary. campaign.
Lewis have said they plan to run released in January, 75 percent of
in a primary that is still wide open, respondents said they weren’t sure and that about half of those polled
had no opinion of him.
this day in black according to polls of N.C. voters.
To m Je n s e n , d i r e c t o r o f
which candidate they preferred.
Burr has a decisive lead in fund- And in an election cycle that is
Marshall is the
Former UNC
student body
history Democratic polling firm Public raising — his campaign reported expected to be tough on incumbent
Democrats, Burr has been called
only Democratic president Cal
Policy Polling, said the most more than $4.3 million on hand primary Cunningham
FEB. 9, 1995 … important thing for all four can- at the end of the year, compared one of the Senate’s few vulnerable candidate has served one
didates will be to raise money and with about $300,000 or less for Republicans.
Bernard A. Harris Jr. becomes who has held term in the
attract public attention. the Democrats — but isn’t faring
statewide office. state Senate.
the first black astronaut to “The first one who can raise particularly well in terms of his See SEnate, Page 4
take a space walk during a

Credit card rules to tighten

joint Russian and American The Credit CARD Act
space program’s first flight. Changes to the act that will affect those under age 21 starting Feb. 22 include:

1. Limited credit: Students in fees to make purchases beyond

Today’s weather
Age limit to get most credit rises to 21 “I think it’s really under 21 will not be able to obtain
credit cards in their own names
their credit limits.
4. Limited upfront fees:
Votin’ in the rain
H 40, L 26
important to have without proof of income. If a Upfront fees will be capped at 25
student wants a card, he or she
By caroline Dye
Staff Writer
president in May — companies will
be prohibited from issuing cards to
some form of credit must have someone 21 or older act
percent of the cardholder’s credit
limit during the first year of a new
Tuesday’s weather In less than two weeks, no one many students under 21 without a upon graduation.” as a cosigner. account.
under 21 will be able to apply for a cosigner 21 or older. The previous 2. Interest rate protection: 5. Fixed due dates for bills:
Don’t blow away credit card under their own name age was 18. allison chin, junior The Credit CARD act limits when Monthly payments must be due
H 40, L 26 unless they can provide proof of It also bars credit card compa- credit card companies can on the same day each month.
income. nies from increasing rates on exist- Companies also will no lon- retroactively increase rates. Payments won’t be considered late
The new rule is part of federal ing balances and limits initial fees ger be allowed to solicit younger 3. Over-limit fee opt-in: unless they are received after 5
index legislation designed to prevent
young people from getting into
on new accounts.
“Students can expect to see
adults by mailing them credit
cards or attracting them with
Consumers must agree to pay opt- p.m. on the due date.
police log ......................... 2 debt. The changes could have a sig- fewer card offers in the future,” freebies on college campuses,
calendar ........................... 2 nificant effect on college students’ said Ben Woolsey, director of mar- Woolsey said. “Lack of capital and credit card credit limit and late payments.
nation/world . .................. 4 relationship with credit. keting and consumer research for Lawmakers hope that the leg- debt that cannot be paid off before Wachovia is making changes
crossword ...................... 13 Under the Credit Card, in an e-mail. The islation will make it harder for graduation are probably the big- to all of its consumer credit card
sports . ........................... 13 Accountability, Responsibility, Web site allows consumers to com- students to spend more than they gest problems,” Woolsey said.
opinion .......................... 14 and Disclosure Act — signed by the pare card offers. have. Others include exceeding the See credit cards, Page 4
2 tuesday, february 9, 2010 News The Daily Tar Heel


ta ke
dai l y
today Heels Cooking Class. You will be explore “Engaging Men in Gender able to create cinnamon french toast Equality: Rights, Policy and Change.”
Established 1893
My doggie or my darling?
United Nations lecture: Mr. with cream cheese and strawberry Barker is internationally recognized
116 years of Johnny Moloto will speak on preserves, banana couscous, banana and has authored numerous training
editorial freedom “Making the United Nations More muffins with banana chips and choc- materials. Lunch will be provided.

From staff and wire reports
Andrew Dunn katy Relevant: Making the Case for a olate mousse. There will be a brief Time: Noon to 1 p.m.
EDITOR-in-chief doll Different Security Council.” Lunch demo, then you are free to create. Location: McGavran Greenberg ne-fifth of adults would rather spend
962-4086 Arts Editor will be provided. Space is limited to sign up quickly at Hall, Room 2301
amdunn@email. 843-4529
Time: noon to 1 p.m. Valentine’s Day with their pet instead
OFFICE HOURS: Location: UNC Law School, Room Time: 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Lunch With One: Bring your of their significant other, according to a
mon., wed. 2 p.m. Andrew
to 3 p.m. 4085 Location: 241 Rosenau Hall lunch and enjoy an hour of inspi- Reuters/Ipsos world poll.
photo EDITOR ration and information with the
Kellen moore
dthphoto@gmail. Anti-violence speech: As part Blog talk: Come out and see Ackland Museum Educator Leslie The poll found that younger and poorer people were
Managing editor, com
Newsroom of Project Dinah’s “Take Back the Christian Lander and Elon James Balkany on a work of art. She will more likely to opt for Fido. No gender gap was found.
962-0750 jordan Night” program, Dorothy Edwards White, the creators of the blogs be discussing Julie Heffernan’s
mkellen@email. lawrence Citizens of Turkey were more likely to choose the will be speaking on the steps “Stuff White People Like” and “This “Self-Portrait as Dirty Princess.”
diversions editor
of Wilson Library (rain location: Week in Blackness,” as they team up Admission is free to members ($5 pet (49 percent), while the French were least likely
Sara gregory
Managing editor,
Pressley Baird,
Student Union Cabaret). Edwards to bring us “Life in Black and White.” for non-members). (10 percent).
Jennifer will take the floor to deliver a call Admission is free. Time: 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.
gsara@email.unc. Kessinger to action against violence, espe- Time: 7 p.m. Location: Ackland Art Museum
edu copy co-EDITORs cially interpersonal and sexual Location: Student Union, Great Hall NOTED. Beer could be a QUOTED. “You could not see
violence. source of a valuable mineral, the grass for bottles and cans.”
Kevin Kiley, Jarrard Cole
Andrew Multimedia EDITOR Time: 6:30 p.m. Wednesday To make a calendar submission, new scientific research says. — Neighbor of a 16-year-old
Harrell jarrardC@email. Location: Wilson Library e-mail A study in the Journal British boy who used Facebook
Gender equality lecture: The Events will be published in the of the Science of Food and to organize a massive party
Carter McCall Cooking class: Learn four fun and Student Global Health Committee’s newspaper on either the day or the Agriculture looked at how just hours after his parents left
healthy recipes that you can easily Health and Human Rights Series will
day before they take place. much silicon is generated by home for the weekend.
cfmcall@email. Submissions must be sent in by using different ingredients Six cop cars and two ambu-
Sarah Frier make in any kitchen at this Healthy host a lecture by Gary Barker. He will noon the preceding publication date.
and brewing methods. lances were called in to break
Ashley Health experts said they up the more than 100-person
Bennett, Anne
Krisulewicz The Daily Tar Heel are skeptical of a link between barnburner, The Daily Mail
Ariel design co-editors
beer silicon and bone health. reported.
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The Daily Tar Heel Top News tuesday, february 9, 2010 3

Due to an editing error, the head-
line on Friday’s pg. 3 story, “‘This
American Life’ on a UNC stage:
Tenants say charges are bogus Black,
NPR’s Ira Glass to speak Saturday”
incorrectly stated which public
Meadowmont merchants banding footage of the tenant’s lease.

Fordham Boulevard
radio station produces the show. “A lot of us are having to depend
“This American Life” is produced on ancillary funding,” she said.

by Public Radio International. BY matt bewley Community Association, said the Annette Girman, co-owner of the ne
vast majority of merchants have Studio 91 art gallery and lounge, Meadowmont

owmont La
Due to an editing error, an incor- staff writer
rect photo ran with the story, “Ffriend Shop owners at Meadowmont issues with the realty corporation. said she and her husband are mov- Village
overcomes doubles loss vs. Elon.” Village will be billed $1,056 for “The fees are excessive compared ing their store from Meadowmont

to meet
The Daily Tar Heel apologizes “background music” this year. with the previous two owners,” he Village to Glen Lennox Shopping

The problem: Tenants said said. Center. Ral
for the errors. eig
they’ve never heard a note outside Store owners are now contacting She said the realty corporation has oad

their stores. Chapel Hill town officials. sent letters to tenants threatening
Campus Briefs The background music is one of A meeting between Developers eviction if they refuse to pay fees.
Deadline for Chancellor’s

Chapel Roa
several fees some tenants are call- Diversified Realty representa- “We felt like we needed to make
Awards extended to Feb. 12 ing erroneous and excessive, causing
many of them to complain and others
tives and Chapel Hill Mayor Mark
Kleinschmidt is in the works, said
a move, and it solely was due to
what the landlord is doing to busi- 1000 ft.
Stereotypes to
fall with comedy

The deadline to nominate a stu- to consider leaving the development. Dwight Bassett, the town economic ness owners,” she said. “My husband
dent or professor for one of the 20 SOURCE: GOOGLE MAPS
The expenses, in part, are for development officer. and I live here in Meadowmont, and
annual Chancellor’s Awards has services that the shopping center’s A private tenants’ meeting is when we moved here five years ago,
been extended to 5 p.m. Feb. 12. landlord, Developers Diversified scheduled for Thursday to discuss we fell in love with this area. It was
tried to buy the shopping center ATTEND THE TALK
The awards are presented to stu- Realty Corp., says it provided for the excess fees. a hard decision to make.” from the realty company, and would Time: 7 p.m. today
dents who make substantial contri- the development’s grounds. Along with the background Girman said the problems with thestill like to, but they have been unre-
butions to the University commu- Location: Great Hall in the Union
Yet many tenants say they have music, store owners are also being fees began two and a half years ago.sponsive to his propositions.
nity through exemplary service. Info:
not seen evidence of what they’ve charged for awning repairs and Tenants tried to remedy the situation He said he tried to tell the com-
It is intended to honor the most paid for. snow removal that several tenants by contacting the company, but when pany that the development needs
impressive and outstanding accom- Developers Diversified Realty, said never happened. a lot of attention from its manage- By Kelly Blessing
they couldn’t negotiate a resolution,
plishments by students in a variety of based in Ohio, owns about 660 staff writer
Ruthann Thomas, owner of they hired a lawyer, she said. ment.
disciplines, from academic depart- shopping centers across the clothing store Scout and Molly’s, After initial success, she said, the“I quickly figured out that it In Chapel Hill this morning,
ments to public service, and from Americas. The company did not said she paid for the expenses out problems returned. wasn’t going to get it,” he said. slews of white people are open-
Greek life to student government. return multiple calls for comment. of her pocket. She said the fees can East West Partners president ing up their copy of The Daily Tar
A full list and description of James White, president of total tens of thousands of dollars Roger Perry, whose company devel- Contact the City Editor Heel with their Mac sitting next to
the awards being given and the the board of the Meadowmont annually, depending on the square oped Meadowmont, said he has at them, indie music running through
nomination form are available at their headphones and a nonfat chai tea latte in front of them, thinking
Questions should be directed to they’re unique.
Jon Curtis, associate director at the In reality, they are playing into
Carolina Union, at 962-1461. the stereotype Christian Lander
Each award recipient will be rec- exploits in his well-known blog-
ognized April 14 at the Chancellor’s turned-book “Stuff White People
Awards Ceremony. Like.”
“A very good summary of the
Carolina Chiron award now Caucasian mind set,” junior Ben
Ivey said of the blog. “Anyone who
taking faculty nominations thinks it isn’t completely accurate
The Carolina Chiron award, is lying to themselves.”
inspired by Randy Pausch’s “last Lander, who is white, and anoth-
lecture,” honors a professor at the er famous blogger, Elon James
University for his or her impressive White, who is black, are speaking
character and service at UNC. about politics, pop culture and race
The professor honored with the at 7 p.m. tonight in the Great Hall.
award will be given the opportunity The event is free and open to the
to present a lecture as though it is public.
his or her last, and share the infor- White, who has made guest
mation he or she thinks is most use- appearances on Comedy Central
ful to students seeking to live life to and VH1, has his own Web site
the fullest, using the subject matter entitled “This Week In Blackness.”
he or she teaches as an example. While Lander pokes fun at the
The professor will be given stereotypical Bohemian white cul-
the opportunity to give a lecture ture that aptly describes many lib-
and reception. He or she will eral arts college students, White’s
also receive a monetary award to site satirizes racial perceptions in
be split between the professor’s the United States.
department and philanthropy or The pair have spoken together
project of his or her choice. in what they call a “Post-Racial
The award will be given to a Comedy Tour.”
professor who demonstrates self- Emily Carey, the music and
lessness and commitment to the media chairwoman for the Carolina
subject matter, extensive connec- Union Activities Board, said CUAB
tions with students, strong pub- wanted to bring the touring duo to
lic speaking skills, passion for UNC after seeing their show at
education and interaction with Duke University last semester.
undergraduates. “Not only was the program
The lecture and gala will be held hilarious because it pokes fun at
April 11. For more information, stereotypes, but it also challenges
dth/Helen Woolard
visit people to think a little more about
The Psalm 100 a cappella group performs during “1 Voice 4 Haiti,” a benefit concert for victims of the Haiti earthquake. To show these stereotypes we rarely think
support for the victims, members of the nine student performance groups dressed in red and black, and some wore red ribbons. about but live with,” Carey wrote
Director of Sierra Club’s coal in an e-mail.

campaign to visit UNC today “Although it is a lot of comedy,
it also has a deeper meaning about
Bruce Nilles, the national direc- how we think about others and
tor of the Sierra Club’s Beyond play off stereotypes.”
Coal campaign, will be making Lander will also be speak-
a brief visit to the UNC campus
Wednesday to speak at the first
A cappella groups join to raise money for Haiti Ways to donate: ing about how his blog and book
became so successful, which Carey
Energy Task Force meeting. Visit to find upcoming believes may hold an appeal to
Nilles will have lunch with stu- BY Kelsey Finn tunity to share and celebrate the voices of events and make a secure gift through the students interested in writing and
dents involved in the Coal-Free UNC Staff writer Haitian children with UNC. Make A Gift tab communications studies.
Campaign from noon to 1 p.m. in the UNC’s nine a cappella groups came “The orphans I spent time with in Haiti
Fill out a form at a PID drive to make After the talks, there will be a
Student Union, Room 3515. together to sing as “1 Voice 4 Haiti” in a taught me what it really means to be joyful,”
a donation through your UNC expense question and answer session. This
The Energy Task Force’s first benefit concert Monday night at Memorial Brantmeyer said.
account element has the potential to spur
meeting will be from 2 p.m. to 4 Hall. “Despite suffering, and despite what the
some interesting social commen-
p.m. today in Steele Building Room The event raised more than $5,000 for world may currently perceive, there is hope Drop spare change into white buckets
tary on pop culture and race rela-
3020. Architecture for Humanity, a nonprofit orga- and beauty in Haiti.” marked “Pennies for Haiti” throughout
tions, Carey said.
nization that brings development efforts to The nine a cappella groups typically per- campus
The event has an appeal to
areas in need, to support its reconstruction form together in only two events per year,
City Briefs efforts in Haiti. both sponsored by the General Alumni
Make a direct donation to one of the 25 many different groups of students,
relief organizations listed on the Center for and the Facebook group already
Filing period begins in the “When we heard about the devastation in Association. Public Service Web site has 361 guests listed as “attend-
county commissioner race Haiti, we agreed that there was no better time “This is the first-ever event happening as
ing” as of Monday evening. The
than the present to get together,” said Andrew a result of the a cappella community them-
Three people so far have filed for exact turnout is hard to gauge in
Simpson, a member of the Clef Hangers. selves,” said Will Thomason, a member of covered by Covenant Gives Back, Carolina
Board of County Commissioners advance, though, because the show
“Everyone loves a cappella, and we knew Psalm 100. Leadership Development, the Black Student
seats. does not require tickets.
that a unified effort would bring out a lot of The groups dressed in red and black, and Movement and Top of the Hill. The GAA
Incumbent Alice Gordon will Many students said they are
kids and raise a lot of money.” some wore red ribbons to honor Haiti. also joined the effort, funding the printing
run for re-election as a Democrat excited about the coming of Lander
A slide show of pictures of Haitian chil- In addition to the money from ticket of the programs and advertising.
in District 1. Earl McKee will seek and are familiar with his blog.
dren played as people found their seats, sales, donations were collected in buckets Walt Peters, a member of the Walk-Ons,
office as a Democrat in District 2. “As a typical white man, I enjoy
and the concert opened with a recording of at the end of the concert. said the event offered the a cappella groups
Incumbent Barry Jacobs will run at this blog. I actually don’t like cof-
Haitian orphans singing. Architecture for Humanity has already the chance to celebrate the people of Haiti
large as a Democrat. fee, which is number 1, but who
Homecoming queen Carly Brantmeyer, laid out a five-year reconstruction plan for through song.
Elected commissioners will serve doesn’t love St. Patrick’s Day, the
who emceed with Homecoming king devastated areas in Haiti. This includes plans “It was really collaborative from start to
four year terms. Duties include Ivy League and, most importantly,
Desmond Rowe, was able to take pictures to build sustainable housing, educate com- end,” Peters said.
establishing the county’s property hating people who wear Ed Hardy,”
of and record the children when she visited munities about earthquake-proof construc-
tax rates, appointing officials to freshman Brennan Fox said.
Haiti in November. tion and develop schools and hospitals. Contact the University Editor
advisory boards and commissions, She said the concert provided an oppor- The costs to reserve Memorial Hall were at
planning for county needs and Contact the Arts Editor
enacting local ordinances. at

Rivalry between UNC, Duke not that heated

Council discusses impact of
Carolina North on traffic
Carolina North won’t function
unless people can get to and from By JEREMIAH GREGG said they would use the word “hate” him unfavorably.
it safely and conveniently, accord- STAFF WRITER in reference to their rivals. UNC fans Duke basketball head coach UNC vs. Duke: a heated rivalry?
ing to a presentation given to town UNC and Duke University fans were slightly more hospitable, with Mike Krzyzewski is viewed favor- Out of 678 North Carolina voters polled, only 17 percent actually hate their
leaders Monday. don’t really hate each other, accord- 17 percent willing to use “hate.” ably by 44 percent of the state, sports team’s rival. More than 40 percent do not care which team wins.
ing to a Public Policy Polling press
At the current rate, analysts said, “I feel like we love to hate each with 13 percent viewing him unfa-
release distributed Monday.
half of the intersections will get “F” other because of mutual respect,” vorably. Duke fans have the same Don’t Care
grades by 2030. In fact, they even respect each said Laura Hartley, a junior music appreciation of their coach as UNC 44%
The Transportation Impact
Analysis, presented at Tuesday’s
other’s coaches.
In Wednesday’s Duke vs. UNC
The poll implies that North
fans — 72 percent view him favor-
ably and 4 percent unfavorably.
Chapel Hill Town Council meeting, matchup, 35 percent of North Carolinians even seem to hold the Forty-six percent of UNC fans
concluded that much work has to be Carolinians are rooting for UNC. coaches of the opposing schools in like Krzyzewski, versus 26 percent Duke
Twenty-one percent will be pull-
done on the future satellite campus. high regard. who view him negatively. 21%
ing for Duke. The other 44 per-
Ways to get to the site, which is Thirty-nine percent of residents “I strongly dislike Duke,” said No
two miles north from UNC, lack turncent polled said they don’t care view UNC basketball head coach Caitlin Zoghby, a junior psychology 81%
lanes, sidewalks and bike access towho wins. Roy Williams favorably. Only 10 major. “The people at Duke aren’t
accommodate increased traffic on “I think the hatred is just played percent view him unfavorably. as nice as the people here.”
the roadways, the analysis found. up because it gives you a reason Among Tar Heel fans, Williams The survey of 678 people was con-
Read the full story at to cheer louder at the basketball has a 72 percent favorable and 3 ducted between Jan. 15 and Jan. 18. Do you hate your school’s rival? Who do you root for, games,” said Brian Wielicki, a UNC percent unfavorable rating. Among UNC or Duke?
junior communications major. Duke fans, 27 percent view him Contact the State & National
— From staff and wire reports. Only 20 percent of Duke fans favorably while 24 percent view Editor at SOURCE: WWW.PUBLICPOLICYPOLLING.COM DTH/LENNON DODSON
4 tuesday, february 9, 2010 News The Daily Tar Heel

credit cards
National and World News from page 1

accounts this month to comply

with the new law, said Christine
Shuttle launched Democratic U.S. Jackson’s doctor Shaw, corporate communications
successfully again Rep. Murtha dies charged in death manager for the company, in an
But many students say regula-
CAPE CANAVERAL , WASHINGTON D.C. (MCT) LOS ANGELES (MCT) — tions are not the best way to fix
Fla. (MCT) — Space shuttle — John Murtha, the Democratic Prosecutors on Monday charged credit issues among young people.
Endeavour brought an early congressman from Pennsylvania Michael Jackson’s personal physi- Jason Sutton, spokesman for
dawn to Kennedy Space Center and former Marine whose fierce cian with involuntary manslaugh- the N.C. Federation of College
on Monday to kick off the final opposition to the Iraq war helped ter in connection with adminis- Republicans and a UNC junior
year of liftoffs for the aging catalyze public sentiment against tering a combination of surgical political science major, said the law
orbiter fleet. the war, died Monday. He was anesthetic and sedatives blamed protects irresponsible people at the
Low cloud cover almost scrubbed 77. in the music legend’s death last expense of those capable of manag-
the attempt for the second straight Murtha died at Virginia summer. ing their credit.
morning. Only four shuttle flights Hospital Center in Arlington, The complaint filed in Superior “What about the people who
now remain — all scheduled day- Va. He had been hospitalized for Court accused Dr. Conrad Murray, need a credit card and won’t be
time launches — before NASA a little more than a week with a cardiologist caring for the able to get one?” he asked.
retires the orbiters. The 13-day mis- complications from gallbladder 50-year-old pop icon during an Allison Chin, a junior econom-
sion is the first of the final five, a fate surgery. ambitious comeback attempt, of ics major from New York, applied
realized last week when President Murtha was known inside causing Jackson’s June 25 death for five or six student credit cards
Barack Obama released his 2011 Washington for decades as the by acting “without due caution online last semester before get-
budget ruling out any further consummate behind-the-scenes and circumspection.” ting approved for one by Bank of
orbiter flights. deal maker, an old-line power Los Angeles County Superior America. She was 20 when she
The main goal of Endeavour’s broker and physically imposing Court Judge Keith L. Schwartz applied for the cards.
mission is to add a final com- figure who unrepentantly deliv- set bail for Conrad Murray at “I think it’s really important to
partment to the station. Named ered billions of federal dollars to $75,000 — three times the stan- have some form of credit upon
Tranquility, the module will pro- his home state. dard for involuntary manslaugh- graduation because it’ll increase
vide astronauts additional room In his later years, Murtha ter cases. The judge also forbade your chances of getting approved
to work and a windowed dome, became a favorite target of critics Murray from prescribing heavy for leases and loans,” she said.
or cupola, that will afford them demanding an end to Congress’ sedatives, including propofol, to Chin said she makes a couple of
an unparalleled view outside. earmarking largesse. his patients. small purchases on her card each
month, so she is always able to pay
the balance in full.
While she said she understands
the reasoning behind the new
rules, she thinks they might be a
bit restrictive.
“I think having a credit card with
a reasonable limit is a great way to
choosING A MAjor? learn how to manage one’s finances
responsibly,” she said.
Think Information Science “I think it would be more effec-
tive for the government to regu-
Two $1,000 scholarships will go to newly admitted students! late the credit limit and number
of credit cards people under 21 are
allowed to have, rather than requir-
Be part of one of the fastest ing cosigners.”
Students under 21 can still apply
growing fields in the nation. for a card without a cosigner if they
Apply for our BSIS program do so before the law takes effect.
today! dth/Ben Pierce
Contact the State & National Sophomore Zach Chapman uses his card at UNC Student Stores. New
Editor at rules will make it harder for people younger than 21 to get a credit card.
Applications for North Carolina’s only Bachelor
of Science in Information Science (BSIS) and
the minor in Information Systems are now being senate in Congress, Hayes said.
In 2008, U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan,
a black candidate in a state that
Obama won,” Guillory said.
from page 1
accepted. The application deadline for Fall 2010 is D - N. C . , o u s t e d i n c u m b e n t “To some extent, the field of
Wednesday, March 3, 2010. Ferrel Guillory, a UNC jour- Republican Elizabeth Dole with Democratic candidates is symbol-
nalism professor who specializes considerable fundraising assistance ic of where the Democratic party
in Southern politics, said a com- from the Democratic Senatorial in this state is right now. It’s not
Our graduates go into positions of: Some of the exciting, emerging and growing fields bination of factors contribute to Campaign Committee. dominated by any one well-known
of information science students may wish to explore Burr’s low profile and potential Guillory said that the committee person.”
• Project Managers include: vulnerability. has been paying some attention to Jensen predicted that the gen-
• Social Media Manager “One is that he’s in his first term; Cunningham but that each candi- eral election will focus on issues
• Web Masters • Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) this is his first re-election,” Guillory date still must prove that they can such as the struggling national
• Knowledge Management Analysts • Market, Business and Competitive Intelligence said. “Second, this is a state that connect with voters. economy and health overhaul leg-
• Information Technology Analysts • Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine since Sen. (Jesse) Helms died … “You have a female candidate, a islation now before Congress.
• Risk Management: Vulnerability Analysis, Optimization we’ve not had a senator stay up young up-and-coming Democratic
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuation • Cyber and Internet Security there very long recently.” candidate with a little bit of sol- Contact the State & National
• Research Assistants • Open Culture: Open Source Software, Open Burr has kept a fairly low profile dier experience, and then you have Editor at
• Software Quality Engineers Access

Take 15/501 South towards Pittsboro

Exit Market St. / Southern Village
Undergraduate students who have completed at least the first semester of
DEAR JOHN J . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1:20-4:10-7:20-9:45
their sophomore year may apply for admission to either the major or minor
EDGE OF DARKNESS K . . . . . . . . . . . . .1:10-4:05-7:10-9:40
program. For more information, contact us at 919-962-8366 or by sending THE TOOTH FAIRY I . . . . . . . . . . 12:45-2:55-5:05-7:15-9:35
e-mail to or or visit the Web at: SHERLOCK HOMES J . . . . . . . . . . . .1:15-4:00-7:15-9:55
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instructors who are LNC practitioners. The
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email today! This continuing nursing education activity was approved
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The Daily Tar Heel tuesday, february 9, 2010 5

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6 tuesday, february 9, 2010 Arts The Daily Tar Heel The Daily Tar Heel State & National tuesday, february 9, 2010 7

Opera singer to perform tonight

By FAbiana Brown ognized and widely praised opera her is her attention not only to the The program contains six differ-
Supreme Court case to shake up elections
Staff Writer
With Valentine’s Day approaching
A mezzo-soprano is the sec-
singing but to the complete charac-
ter,” Martin said.
ent acts including “Love: in all its
melancholy and angst!” “Love of
Corporate spending to impact Senate even the playing field. benefit Republicans, but
W i t h c a n d i d a t e s SENATE it’s been shown that when
worried about the threat of wealthy
donors,” he said. “The whole deci- “It basically changes
spending less from their corporations spend money sion makes you think this Supreme how the election
quickly, many recognize the myriad
emotions—joy, angst, melancholy
ond highest voice part for women.
Though most people refer to Larmore
This performance displays the
expansion of Larmore’s repertoire
Life!” “The Femme Fatale of Love,”
“Storybook Love,” “Love in its guis- By seth cline
staff writer
Burr, R-N.C., first elected in 2004.
Burr is seeking his second
campaign’s pockets, Burr’s
huge campaign treasury
RACE on campaigns in the past
it’s been split pretty even-
Court lives in a fantasy world.”
It’s clear Burr would benefit most laws have been
and humor—that love incorporates. as a mezzo-soprano, she can perform to include more modern songs.
es” and “Love of the stage!”
A U.S. Supreme Court ruling term in office. Durham attorney will be less of an issue for ly,” he said. if that materializes, Hall said.
Opera singer Jennifer Larmore will
perform tonight with a program that
pieces beyond that range too, said
Melissa Martin, a member of the
Previously, she focused on songs in
the classical bel canto, or beautiful
In these scenes Larmore explores
the wonder and the anguish of love banning restrictions on corpora- Kenneth Lewis, N.C. Secretary of his Democratic challeng- “If it appears Burr is According to the Center for administered for
takes the audience through the fasci-
nating journey of love.
UNC department of music.
“She has much more to offer as
singing, style.
She and Palloc performed “The
through songs by composers from
the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.
tions’ political spending is expected
to shake up the upcoming 2010 U.S.
State Elaine Marshall and former
N.C. Sen. Cal Cunningham have all
ers, said Thomas Mills, Marshall’s vulnerable, then (corporate donors)
political consultant. will be willing to put the money in
Responsive Politics, Burr has raised
$6.7 million this campaign season. well over 20 years.”
Larmore will perform “The an artist. She has an extension on Art of Love” across Europe before In addition to this performance, Senate race in North Carolina. announced their intentions to run “General Electric may go out to beat him.” None of his unofficial challeng-
Candidates with less money
Gary Bartlett, N.C. BOE
Art of Love” at 7:30 p.m. tonight the top of her voice that allows her this tour, but Larmore adjusted Larmore will be teaching a master as Burr’s Democratic challenger. and decide they want a particular But Bob Hall, executive director ers — Marshall, Cunningham and
in Memorial Hall as part of the to do a lot of the higher repertoire, the repertoire for the concert for class to UNC students at 2 p.m. could have a better chance at win- “It basically changes how the elec- issue or a candidate to win and can of the voter advocacy organization Lewis — have topped $400,000. Center for Responsive Politics.
Carolina Performing Arts series. which many other mezzo-soprano American audiences. Wednesday in Person Recital Hall. ning, or corporations could unfair- tion laws have been administered buy ads and spend money to make Democracy North Carolina, said Duke Energy and Progress “The speculation that this means
In tonight’s performance, she artists cannot achieve,” Martin said, “Earlier she performed more Larmore has a passion for educa- ly influence the elections, political for well over 20 years,” said Gary that happen,” he said. the changes caused by the ruling Energy, two of the state’s largest companies spending millions and
will be accompanied by pianist of her ability to hit the high notes. foreign works, but Larmore revised tion, which is emphasized through experts said. Bartlett, executive director of the Leroy Towns, a UNC journal- will give corporations the power to political contributors, said that the millions to invest in the political pro-
Antoine Palloc. The two will per- Larmore is well-known for her the show to include more modern her willingness to work with stu- The ruling, handed down in N.C. Board of Elections. ism professor, believes unrestricted unfairly influence elections. ruling will have little effect on their cess is ludicrous,” said Mike Hughes,
form a series of love songs from attention to the audience, and she pieces as well as to feature more dents, Martin said. January, comes at the outset of an If corporations use their money corporate spending will make the “I think the ruling will poison political donations. spokesman for Progress Energy.
America, France and Spain. strives to communicate with them American works,” said Harry election season with 34 Senate seats to influence public opinion on spe- race fairer. the election process and create a Both corporations rank among
Courtesy of Carolina Performing Arts
An American mezzo-soprano, in each of her performances. Kaplowitz, marketing manager for Contact the Arts Editor up for grabs across the country, cific issues, rather than for individ- “It’s usually thought that if cor- ‘pay-to- play’ kind of politics where the five largest contributors to Contact the State & National
Jennifer Larmore, a mezzo-soprano, is scheduled to perform tonight in including that of U.S. Sen. Richard ual candidates, some say it could porations spend more money it will everybody is seeking the blessing or Burr’s campaign, according to the Editor at
Larmore is an internationally rec- “Something really special about the Carolina Performing Arts. at Memorial Hall. Larmore sings the second-highest voice part for women.

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8 tuesday, february 9, 2010 The Daily Tar Heel
The Daily Tar Heel Campus tuesday, february 9, 2010 9

Haven seeks to stop Women’s Week seeks to

sexual crime at UNC define, reclaim feminism Leaders say program is inclusive films enacted various definitions
of feminism.
Training program popular on campus How to register for Fogle said using members of the
Haven training: BY Brittany Johnson Hillel, the LGBTQ Center and the community not only helped to cre-
By Melvin backman bian, gay, bisexual, transgender Student trainings (choose one Staff writer Men at Carolina living community. ate a more locally focused event but
Staff writer and queer students. Both deal with date) Feminism is not a bad word. Terri Phoenix, director of the also reduced costs.
In 2008, 10 sexual assaults were helping participants to discuss sen- That is the central message of the LGBTQ Center, said Women’s Week The festivities will conclude
Wed., Feb. 3, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Carolina Women’s Center’s annual provides an opportunity to discuss Thursday with a dinner hosted by
reported in Chapel Hill, including sitive issues such as sexual assault,
four on UNC’s campus. The Haven and focus on the social forces Mon., Feb. 15, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Women’s Week, this year titled gender identity and expression. the women’s affairs committee of
Program is attempting to reduce behind them, Fogle said. Wed., March 3, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. “Take Back the F-word,” which is In hopes of maintaining its focus student government. That event
those numbers to zero. Although women make up the intended to promote a campus- on the University community, the will be followed by a viewing of
Tues., March 30, 5 p.m. to 9 wide discussion of feminism. committee decided to use local “Whip It,” a film about a teenager
Haven is a program dedicated majority of the participants at the
p.m. “What we are trying to do is not talent for the week’s festivities. who becomes involved in a roller
to educating students, faculty and training sessions, the programs are
staff about issues dealing with sometimes as much as one-third To register, e-mail Hillary define feminism but to really start Chancellor Holden Thorp will be derby league. The film is intended
sexual assault. It is operated by the male, Manning said. Winter at a conversation,” said Ashley Fogle, among those conducting tonight’s to reimagine the meaning and pos-
Carolina Women’s Center, the Office The trainings work to teach par- Haven trainings are four hours associate director of the Women’s fireside chat on creating a more sibilities of feminism using humor
of the Dean of Students and the ticipants how to spot the differenc- long. Center. inclusive University. as a lens.
Duke University Women’s Center. es between good, bad and abusive Fogle said this program is gen- The week-long celebration of Phoenix said these events are
Participants are required to arrive
The program has been highly relationships. They also help teach der-inclusive in hopes of reaching feminism kicked off at 3:30 p.m. designed to target everyone, includ-
on time and stay for the entire
popular at UNC among students in people to avoid potentially harm- a broader audience. Monday with an awards ceremony ing those who don’t identify them-
its first five years, program leaders ful situations and how to provide The Women’s Center is also look- honoring women who have made selves as women or feminists.
said. support for people who have been For more information, visit ing to incorporate student groups significant contributions to UNC. “Women’s issues are everybody’s
Melinda Manning, assistant dean through such situations. throughout campus to bring a At 8 p.m., members of the UNC issues,” Phoenix said.
of students, received a University The program offers sessions for diverse range of perspectives. It community presented perfor-
Award for the Advancement of students, faculty and staff. The stu- the program is working on a shorter organized a planning committee mances and screened entries in Contact the University Editor
Women on Monday for her work dent sessions, which take place four online training module. including representatives from N.C. the Feminist Film Festival. The at
with the program, which she times a semester, sometimes have Winter dealt with sexual violence
helped found in 2005. 40-person-long waiting lists. Fogle in her own life before beginning
The award ceremony was the said that the number of trainings work with Haven. She said the train-
kickoff for Women’s Week 2010, a “doesn’t even remotely keep up ings provide essential support.
week designed to raise awareness with demand.” “I’ve seen so many men and
of women’s issues on campus. The faculty and staff sessions, women dealing with sexual vio-
Ashley Fogle, associate director
of the Carolina Women’s Center,
which take place twice per semester,
have not been as popular as the stu-
lence, and the only way they have
been able to deal with it is by talk-
If you’ve been busy
said the program’s aims are not only dent programs, said senior Hillary ing about it,” she said. “The key of
helping survivors of sexual assault,
but preventing new victims as well.
Winter, an office assistant in the
dean of students office.
Haven is creating places for people
to talk about it.”
and have no flowers yet,
The Haven program is mod-
elled on UNC’s Safe Zone program,
which seeks to create allies for les-
She said some faculty members
have complained about the length of
time associated with the trainings, so
Contact the University Editor
Come see us ‘till Sunday,
there’s no need to fret!
l l

157 E. ROSEMARY ST. (UPSTAIRS) 942-6903

We are open on
FAT TUESDAY Sunday, February 14th!!
u February 16th u Come in today
to choose flowers for
Proceeds donated your special sweetheart
Prizes to
and Chiari or order online.
Giveaways! Research 919-929-1119 • 124 E. Franklin Street •

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10 tuesday, february 9, 2010 Student Elections 2010 The Daily Tar Heel

whom will you

2010 2010

Weeks of dormstorming, forums, petitions and you to administrators, state government and the
signs have come down to this. Today, you have community at large. And your choices will surely
the power to choose who will be your voice resonate. Read below to learn how each candidate
in the next year. These students will represent described what they’d do with the job if elected.

THE candidates Student body president

monique “mo” Hardin
goals: “I have been exposed to the workload of an SBP
Office hours in the PIt through working for Jasmin as her executive
Online textbook exchange assistant, and I have feasible goals that I have
Review supplemental education
already begun to implement here at Carolina.”
Increase the amount of buses en — on Why You should vote for her over the other candidates
route during peak hours
Strengthen partnerships with Her greatest strength: “Multitasking, singing.”
University services Her greatest weakness: “Wanting to do everything.”
Hometown: Charlotte
Class: Junior
Major: Public policy and economics
favorites: Class: JAPN 203 - Intermediate Japanese Fun facts: She was a UNC student for Halloween last year.
Alpine bagel: BLT on an everything bagel Superhero: Catwoman She learned to Thai box in a gym in Bangkok, Thailand this summer.
Place on Campus: Campus Y lounge Dance move: The Butterfly

nash keune
goals: “When I think of myself, I include every student at
Change the name of “Chapel UNC in that. And when I think of you, I include
Hill” to “Unaffiliated House of
Worship and Secular Community myself in that too. Your interests are my interests.
Temple Mosque Center Hill.” Your hopes are my hopes. And your dreams?
Abolish tuition. They’re my dreams too … This campaign is about
Grade hyperinflation.
electing yourself. In a way, voting for any other
Narwhal tank in Davis Library.
Rename the Dean E. Smith
candidate would be voting against yourself.”
Center the “Roy Dome.” — on Why You should vote for him over the other candidates
Hometown: Germantown, Md.
Class: Junior His greatest talent: “Empathy.”
His greatest weakness: “Probably a combination of being
Major: Economics and history Web Site: too passionate, caring too much and working too hard.”.
favorites: Class: ENGL 225 - Shakespeare. Alpine Bagel: John Wayne. Fun facts: He was a hipster for Halloween last year.
Superhero: Aquaman. Place on Campus: “Wherever I meet you.” “I used to be a very serious, competitive basketball player. I was good on the court but I wasn’t so great at
Dance Move: Cabbage Patch. the little rituals that surrounded the game. For instance, I was forbidden from trash-talking, mostly because I
once accidentally used the word ‘lugubrious’ in one of my ill-conceived taunts.”
Joe levin-manning
goals: “I am devoted to making student government
Tuition chart work for the students. I know what it takes to be
Supporting student the student body representative, and I will do
Finishing the umbrella nonprofit
everything in my power to make sure that life for
organization students gets better.”
More family-friendly events — on Why You should vote for him over the other candidates
Increasing student involvement
His greatest talent: “Magnetic personality”
with planning of major projects
His greatest weakness: “Not sleeping.”
Hometown: Bridgeport, Conn.
Class: Junior
Major: Russian and East European studies Web Site:
favorites: Class: MUSC 211: Men’s Glee Club Fun facts: He was a “girl/biker” for Halloween last year.
Alpine Bagel: John Wayne on cracked wheat Superhero: Captain Planet “People are surprised to find that I am a black, gay Jew because of the improbability. I guess you can say I’m
Place on Campus: McCorkle Place Dance Move: Aidi in International Rumba one improbable man.”

THE candidates senior class officers

tyler Aiken / justin webb liz deane / justin tyler Sean ryan kiernan / elizabeth monier
Hometown: Asheville / Saratoga, Tenn. Hometown: St. Louis / Valdese, Tenn. Hometown: Raleigh / San Antonio
Class: Juniors Class: Juniors Class: Juniors
Major: Peace, war and defense / History Major: Peace, war and defense / Communication studies Major: Art history / Biology and Spanish

Get seniors information on higher education opportunities Provide direct service opportunities for seniors by working Strengthen the relationship of the senior class with the
and job fairs with existing on- and off-campus service organizations Chapel Hill community through meaningful service projects
Get an amazing commencement speaker Work with the GAA and Career Services to make finding a Give back to Carolina with 100% participation in the Senior
Give back to the school and the community through service. job or applying for graduate school as stress free as possible Campaign
Find senior marshals that are as excited about serving the Create senior-only opportunities, such as senior-only APPLES Prepare students for their lives “Beyond Carolina” through more
senior class as they are trips and a senior-only advisory committee to the chancellor accessible advising, career services and life skills preparation

“We will always reflect the opinions and “Our platform is feasible and well- “We know how to give you the tools for
thoughts of the seniors … We will listen to researched. We’re a great team that can the future while making sure you live
you and adapt our plans accordingly.” make this an awesome year!” in the moment.”
— on why You should vote for them — on why You should vote for them — on why You should vote for THEM
The Daily Tar Heel Student Elections 2010 tuesday, february 9, 2010 11

how to vote: All registered students with a PID and Onyen can vote.
when how DTH ONLINE: Hear
Between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. today To vote online, first log in to Student Central with straight from the
your Onyen and password. Click on the “Vote in candidates about their
where student elections” button, which will appear on top priorities. Visit daily
Online, at, or at the left-hand side of the page.
voting booths set up in the Pit and at Rams Head body-elections to read
To vote in person, find a booth manned by the about the campaign
Plaza by the Board of Elections. Board of Elections. so far and watch each
why candidate make a two
These offices represent students in many administra- minute pitch for why you
tive capacities, for example, on the Board of Trustees. should give them your
They also control a significant amount of money from vote.
student fees — more than $1 million.

hogan medlin
goals: My experiences both in and out of
Make student government more sessions, advising systems and student government help me connect
more accessible online tools.
accessible and visible to you, the
student body. and engage with students most
Streamline many student gov-
Connect students to campus ernment initiatives with existing e≠ectively while also preparing me
organizations/centers to better
events and student organizations to to serve as the strongest liason to the
support and serve the student body
help them tailor their own Carolina
experiences through the Carolinaand student organizations. University administration.”
Monthly Look. Spearhead project from the — on Why You should vote for him over the other
Work with departments to makeplatform yearlong while also candidates
Hometown: Eden their academic resources more remaining flexible to the student
personalized with orientation body’s needs and concerns. His greatest talent: “Singing”
Class: Junior
Major: Political Science Web Site: His greatest weakness: “Diet Coke”

favorites: Class: AMST 256 - Anti-Fifties Alpine Bagel: Butch’s Mile High Fun facts: He was the Monopoly Man for Halloween last year.
Superhero: The Human Torch Place on Campus: The Pit Dance move: “The Hogan” He has seven siblings: three biological and four step-siblings.

shruti shah
goals: “I have extensive experience in
Restructure student government Implement the goals outlined in student government, and I am really
so that we can become more my platform for each Cabinet
supportive of students and student committee. excited and passionate about my
organizations by working with Make student government platform ideas and the opportunity
them instead of competing with
leaders more visible and accessible to restructure student government so
enrollment growth.
Work to improve student that it can better serve students.”
government’s relationship with the
— on Why You should vote for her over the other
town of Chapel Hill and the state candidates
of North Carolina.
Hometown: Memphis, Tenn.
Her greatest talent: “Laughing like a seal.”
Class: Junior Her greatest weakness: “Occasional passive-aggressiveness.”
Major: Political science Web Site:
favorites: Class: ANTH 499H - Globalization and the U.S. South Alpine Bagel: Hummus Fun facts: She was the cookie from “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” for Halloween last year.
is Among Us with veggies on cracked wheat Superhero: Quail Man Place on Campus: the She loves Montana, national parks and bell peppers.
seventh floor of Davis Library in the room that overlooks the Pit Dance Move: The Pancake

greg strompolos
goals: “I represent the real students at UNC
Ensure that bonfires remain on spikes by ensuring that each and am willing to stand up for them.
Franklin Street during post-game student knows what s/he will pay
celebrations. each year. Most of my opponents are establishment
Create a free teacher-course Centralize technological candidates who represent the status quo,
rating system that is independent infrastructure by using Google and I am worried that they will be
from the administration. Students applications like Gmail, Google
will be incentivized to rate their Calendar and Google Documents. puppets of the administration.”
classes accurately and only Elevate our global reputation — on why You should vote for him over the other
students who rate their classes will by holding a global summit so candidates
be granted access to the site. that careers services are positively
Hometown: Denver His greatest talent: “360 flips on the skate, also my ability
Eliminate surprises in tuition impacted. to connect with a wide range of people on a wide range of
Class: Junior
interests, cultures, languages and backgrounds”
Major: International studies and global economics Web Site: His greatest weakness: “I have a bad perception of time.”
favorites: Class: INTS 390 - Critical perspectives on developing China Fun facts: He was Rufio from “Hook” for Halloween last year.
Alpine Bagel: Lox and cream cheese Superhero: Mystique Place on Campus: Dey Hall He can speak Greek, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese and English.
Dance move: Windmills and head-kicks (breakdance moves)

THE candidates caa president other races

gpsf President: laura blue
Hometown: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Class: Third-year Major: Analytical chemistry
GOAL: Work with administrators to establish defined criteria for
gaining in-state residency and transparent continuous
enrollment policies.

rha President: Ryan Collins

Hometown: State Road
Class: Junior Major: Political science and economics
GOAL: Increase the representative nature of RHA by working with
Brandon finch Tom Kuell the Department of Housing to ensure residents concerns are taken
Hometown: Apex Hometown: Davie County into consideration on major decisions.
Class: Junior Class: Junior
Major: Health policy and management Major: Business
congress ballot options
District 1: North Campus, 3 seats: District 6: Off-campus housing,
Create a student task force to help decide the 2010-11 Students decide: one ticket, two tickets or group seating W. McKinney Brown IV, Kristian 10 seats: Robert Ackerman, Scott
men’s basketball ticket policy Doty, Austin Gilmore, Holly Freedenberg, Alexander Lopez,
Blue-White spring football experience Holbrook, Adam J. Horowitz, Todd Michalske, Thomas Myrick, Lee
Conduct intensive recycling and energy audits at athletic venues A culture more conducive to tailgating Habib Maya, Melinda Roth, Marc Storrow
Restructure the CAA Cabinet to allow for better, stronger Connect premier Division-I student athletic leaders across the Seelinger District 7: Auxillary housing,
relationships with other student organizations nation District 2: Middle Campus, 1 seat: 2 seats: Chelsea Miller, Kristen
Reach my $10,000 philanthropy goal No candidates Johnson, Beth Lawrence
Stadium and tailgating recycling initiatives District 3: South Campus, 6 seats: District 8: Graduate, 5 seats:
Host an all-student tailgating lot for football games Blake Aiken, Adam Jutha, Dan Alex Mills, Serena Witzke
“I have the proven experience, vision, Peterson, Evan Ross, Greg Steele District 9: Graduate, 5 seats:
“I promise to include you in every and leadership to meet the student District 4: Granville Towers, 2
seats: Deanna Santoro
Carrington Skinner, Lace Leilani
aspect of Carolina athletics!” body’s needs.” District 5: Greek housing, 1 seat: District 10: Graduate, 6 seats:
Taylor Ann Holgate, Luke Woodcock Lisa Heimbach, Matt Skancke
— on why You should vote for him — on why You should vote for him
12 tuesday, february 9, 2010 City The Daily Tar Heel

Three charged with shoplifting from businesses

By Seth Crawford a way to tamper with the electron- When police stopped the three A child was also in the car with police reports. where she works at the in-patient
Staff Writer ic security system in three stores, people, they only expected to find those involved in the shoplifting. Between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m., pharmacy.
Three Virginia residents were sneaking items out of the stores the items reported missing from Rein had an outstanding $1,600 of property was stolen, and She said she never has had any
arrested last night for shoplifting undetected. the RadioShack that caused Ellis to fugitive warrant for a previous $1,350 in damage to the cars was trouble before, but admits that the
from three businesses, Chapel Hill Po l i c e s a i d t h e y w e r e i n call in about the incident, Gunter crime. Churchya and Eastman reported. break-ins on Friday have made
police reports state. the process of stealing about said. were charged with misdemeanor There are currently no leads and her wary about using the lot in the
Christopher Parise Churchya, $3,000 worth of goods from the But upon searching the vehicle, child abuse for bringing the child no one has reported seeing any future.
Angela Marie Eastman and RadioShack on East Franklin police discovered stolen items from along, according to reports and suspicious persons in the parking “I’m kind of nervous to park
Christopher Lee Rein were arrest- Street when the manager, Harold another RadioShack in Mebane, Gunter. lot at the time that the break-ins there again,” Park said.
ed on Scarlett Drive in Chapel Hill Ellis, saw them tampering with N.C., and the GameStop located in occurred, Gunter said. “There is not a lot of parking
on Sunday night. TVs, Chapel Hill police Lt. Kevin University Mall, Gunter said. Parking lot break-ins N.C. State alumna Hanna Park around campus, and I don’t really
Each was charged with larceny, Gunter said. Police also found marijuana in lost a laptop computer valued at know where to park right now,
possession of stolen goods and con- When Ellis asked them what the car, reports state. Churchya Seven cars parked in the N.C. 54 $900 in the break-in. honestly.”
spiracy to commit a felony, reports they were doing, the three fled and Eastman were charged with Park and Ride and Friday Center She has been using the PR lot for
state. the scene with the goods, Gunter possession with intent to sell or lots were broken into on Friday more than a year as a go-between Contact the City Desk Editor
Police said the shoplifters found said. distribute. afternoon, according to Chapel Hill from her car to UNC Hospitals at

Place a Classified: or Call 919-962-0252

DTH Classifieds DTH office is open Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm

Line Classified Ad Rates Deadlines
Private Party (Non-Profit) Commercial (For-Profit) To Place a Line Classified Ad Log onto Line Ads: Noon, one business day prior to publication
25 Words ......... $15.00/week 25 Words ......... $35.50/week
Extra words ....25¢/word/day Extra words ....25¢/word/day or Call 919-962-0252 Display Classified Advertising:
EXTRAS: Box Your Ad: $1/day • Bold Your Ad: $3/day BR = Bedroom • BA = Bath • mo = month • hr = hour • wk = week • W/D = washer/dryer • OBO = or best offer • AC = air conditioning • w/ = with • lR = living room 3pm, two business days prior to publication

Announcements Child Care Wanted For Rent Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Travel/Vacation
teens in Chapel Hill. Start dinner, pickup
Residential Services, Inc.
Deadlines are NOON one business day prior
and drop off kids. $10/hr. Own car required.
to publication for classified ads. We publish
Monday thru Friday when classes are in ses-
- sion. A university holiday is a DTH holiday too
(i.e. this affects deadlines). We reserve the
right to reject, edit, or reclassify any ad. Ac- For Rent • 11⁄2 miles to UNC
Want to earn extra money & make a difference?
o ceptance of ad copy or prepayment does not • 2BR/11⁄2 BA with 900 sq/ft
f imply agreement to publish an ad. You may FAIR HOUSINg $630/month & up Work with children and adults with Autism and other
- stop your ad at any time, but NO REFUNDS All REAl ESTATE AND RENTAl advertising in • 3BR/2BA with 1200 sq/ft developmental disabilities, helping them achieve their
d or credits for stopped ads will be provided. this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair $700/month & up
r No advertising for housing or employment, personal goals. Earn extra money and gain valuable
Housing Act of 1968 which makes it illegal to • Rent includes water
g in accordance with federal law, can state advertise “any preference, limitation, or dis- experience! Various shifts available including
e a preference based on sex, race, creed, • Very QUIET complex on
d color, religion, national origin, handicap,
crimination based on race, color, religion, sex, weekends. $10.10/hr.
marital status.
handicap, familial status, or national origin, or “N” busline
l an intention to make any such preference, limi- APPLY ONLINE by visiting us at:
Real Estate Associates
tation, or discrimination.” This newspaper will
Child Care Wanted not knowingly accept any advertising which is
in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby
informed that all dwellings advertised in this
FUll-TiME BABYSiTTER needed for June thru newspaper are available on an equal opportu-
August for 6 and 3 year-old girls in Chapel nity basis in accordance with the law. To com-
Hill. Car required. Hoping for 1 full-time but
will consider 2 part-time babysitters. annal-
plain of discrimination, call the U. S. Department
of Housing and Urban Development housing
For Rent Help Wanted Help Wanted Lost & Found, 919-321-4381. discrimination hotline: 1-800-669-9777.
WAlk TO CAMPUS. 5BR/3.5BA duplex WOMEN’S WEllNESS CliNiC is conducting a lOST: BElOvED DUCk UMBREllA. Yellow
PART-TiME NANNY for 2 boys (7 and 4) in 2BR/1BA CONDO in triplex. Hillsborough with W/D, dishwasher, central air and heat. research study. if you are female and 12-18 EGG DONORS NEEDED. UNC Health with orange bill sticking out front. Answers
fun neighborhood near campus, M/W/F 12- Street. Completely remodeled, hardwoods, Available June. $2,400/mo. 933-8143, years old, have regular periods, requesting Care seeking healthy, non-smok- to “Sir Quacks-A-lot.” Baked goods, possi-
5pm, $12/hr, start February 15. 929-4888. tile throughout, new appliances, W/D, birth control pills for any reason (OR you can ing females 20-32 to become egg bly hugs as a reward.,
CHilD CARE NEEDED: looking for a caring, near bus stop, $800/mo. No pets, avail- be part of a control group that does not take donors. $2,500 compensation for 828-779-8730.
able June1, 2010. Email WAlk TO CAMPUS. 2BR/1BA with W/D, any pills) you may be eligible to participate
experienced and fun individual to care for my dishwasher, central air and heat. Avail- COMPlETED cycle. All visits and pro- lOST: SET OF kEYS on campus Friday
2 little ones (ages 2.5 years and 7 months). in this study. Participants under the age of cedures to be done local to campus.
able immediately. $750/mo. 933-8143, night with Ford key, leather key ornament,
Must have references, non-smoker. 10
hrs/wk, M/W/F mornings. Competitive pay.
2BR/2BA TOWNHOUSE. Mill Creek. Walk
18 must have parental consent. Study par-
ticipants will receive at no cost: birth control
For written information, please call
919-966-1150 ext. 5 and leave your
flex pass, room key, blue carabiner. 919- Travel/Vacation
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off Mason Farm Road. This sublet is through policy, sociology, library science or similar). located in Finley Forrest. On multiple buslines
Dina for more information, dina@hillsong. 7/31/2010. W/D in the basement. Rent is house on busline. large bedrooms, part-time. Andrew Bryan, 929-9913. to UNC, $500/mo +half utilities. dldaniel@ choice of thirteen resorts. Appalachia Travel.
org, 919-967-3056. hardwood floors, outside wooden To work part-time with a biomedical fac- www., 800-867-5018.
$1,000/mo +utilities. Call 919-995-2553 for ulty member on a research project. Schedule SUMMER CAMP STAFF WANTED. No week-, 478-997-9272.
appointment. deck, W/D, dishwasher, all applianc-
PiTTSBORO. UNC student wanted to watch and compensation negotiable. R Juliano, end work. The City of Raleigh Parks and
es. Free parking, storage and trash
our 3 year-old in home, 9am-noon, twice a
week. 10 miles south UNC hospital. $10/hr. UNivERSiTY COMMONS 4BR/4BA.
pick up. $400/BR. Available May or
August 2010. 933-0983, 451-8140, Recreation Department is seeking applicants
18 and older that are interested in work- Sublets Wheels for Sale
Experience, references required. 942-4527. kARATE ASSiSTANT: Assistant instructor in ing with campers ages 6-11 this upcoming
$1,600/mo. Grads? Undergrads? or youth karate class. Tuesday and Thursday summer in a recreational setting. Experi- 1969 CHEvY CAMERO Z-28. Orange with
No pets, sorry. includes: parking, 1BR/1BA APARTMENT next to Univer-
7-8pm. Black Belt in Tang Soo Do required. ence working with children or in a summer black interior. Manual transmission. v8 en-
utilities, internet and some furni- sity Mall. large living, dining area, spa-
Announcements ture. On J, D buslines. Shared com- AvAilABlE JUlY 1. Will also lease August
2010 to May 2011. 4BR/3BA Chapel Hill
Membership in CkC preferred. Membership
in iTF related school considered. Ability to
camp environment is a plus, but not neces-
sary. Pay range is $8.25/hr and up. Position
cious bedroom, hardwood floors, new gine. Mileage 80k. Great condition. $10,000.
mon area. Available August 1. Call kitchen, W/D, parking. Available immedi-
house. Furnished? $1,700/mo. includes 3 assist with large group of diverse ranked begins in late May and ends in mid-August.
919-767-1778, ately. $675/mo. Call 919-923-3461, email
parking spaces, all utilities, cable, inter- students, ages 6-11 years-old. Must be Please contact Tiffany Hiller by email, tiffany. RECYCLE ME PLEASE!
able to demonstrate and teach the 18 Tang
net access. 3 blocks from Foster’s Market. or by phone, 919-
WAlk TO UNC. NEW RENNOvATiONS. On busline. Call 704-210-8356 or email Soo Do qup katas and 10 Red Belt Soo Do 831-6165. The City of Raleigh is an Equal
209 North Roberson. 3BR/2BA with W/D, il deh ryan and have working knowledge Opportunity Employer.
dishwasher, central air and heat. Avail-
of the 20 CkC one steps, 10 hapkidos and
A HElPiNG HAND, a non-profit organization
Find where to live by distance from the Pit
able immediately. $1,700/mo. 933-8143, 10 ho sin sul suitable to each of 11 group Help Wanted ranks. Send resume and application found on
our web site to nchan@
recognized for its service learning opportuni-
ties, has paid and unpaid internships working
OFFiCE SPACE DOWNTOWN. 1 room, 260 with older adults in the home setting and/or or bring to Chapel Hill Branch
square feet. 1 parking space. lease required. LEgAL ASSISTANT assisting in the office. Excellent training and

890 Mlk Blvd.
$500/mo, includes electricity, gas, water. experience for all majors, but particularly for 919-929-2102. Duties include typing, filing, reception, book-
SURvEY TAkERS NEEDED: Make $5-$25 per those pursuing careers in health care. Please
keeping and legal research. knowledge of
survey. send letter of interest to servicelearning@
FURNiSHED APARTMENT. Private entrance, Microsoft Office is a must. knowledge of Ma-
bedroom and living room combination, cintosh computers and website development PART-TiME lEASiNG AGENT: Apartment or call 919-493-3244.
kitchen, bathroom. On busline (at the door). is helpful but not required. This is a full-time complex in Chapel Hill is looking for an en- THE lABORATORY OF Angelique Whitehu-
$450/mo, includes utilities. 967-8115. Ask position, M-F 8:30am-5pm, starting May 17, ergetic, self motivated individual to join our rst, PhD. is seeking a temporary, full-time If February 9th is Your Birthday...
for Mrs. Albert. 2010 and ending on June 30, 2011. Perfect team. Must be available during the week research technician to assist in the cancer re-
for a May graduate who wants to step out and weekends. Please fax or email resume search program. The position requires an in- This is the year for you to develop internal
3BR/1BA HOME 4 MilES SOUTH of campus.
Beautiful hardwood floors, central heat and
before law school. Mail resume with cover to 919-361-2448 or office@berkeleysouth- dividual who is highly motivated, organized mechanisms for accomplishing your goals. You
letter as soon as possible but no later than and a quick learner with previous laboratory already know something about adapting to the
air, W/D hookups, nice yard, no pets. Avail- March 15, 2010 to Dorothy Bernholz, Direc-
able immediately. $750/mo. leave message SMOkERS WANTED FOR STUDY: Participants experience outside of coursework. Duties will world. Now, utilize your creative mind so that
tor; Carolina Student legal Services, inc., PO include extensive work with mammalian cell
at 919-933-1162. Box 1312, Chapel Hill, NC 27514. CSlS inc. is must be cigarette smokers, drug free, right the world bends more to your wishes. Use your
handed, and 18-45 years old. Study consists of culture and transfect ion of cells. The position
2BR/2BA, TYlER CREEk. W/D, stove, refrig- an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.
2 functional magnetic resonance imaging vis- requires a detail oriented individual who can excitement to motivate friends and family.
erator, dishwasher. New carpet, paint. Water work closely with others in the laboratory.
its (fMRi) at Duke. Compensation: $300. For
included. 2nd floor. Bus route. inspector@ NEED A PLACE TO LIVE? more information call 919-684-1377 or email: Minimum requirements: BS/BA in scientific To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. 919-810-6972. http://willettprop- (01640). dispute with practical laboratory experience
beyond standard coursework. Please send Aries (March 21-April 19) Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Cv resume plus references to Angelique Today is an 8 - Today gives new mean- Today is a 7 - Work closely with a female
Announcements Announcements Announcements Whitehurst: ing to “nose to the grindstone.” Plan on
productivity, with a female making the
associate to bring fresh energy to a dull
project. A dismal beginning turns into
lOvE DRAMA AND kiDS? Newhope Church
in Durham looking for children’s ministry dra- final adjustments. steady progress. Mull over discrepancies.
ma director to oversee large group worship Taurus (April 20-May 20) Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
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help make it happen! Sunday morning hours doesn’t want to do it your way. Explain
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ground. Practical matters demand close
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boy, 14, with complex psychiatric profile.
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The Daily Tar Heel Sports tuesday, february 9, 2010 13

Blue Devils blow past UNC Tar Heels manhandled on glass

BY Louie Horvath go to war.”
Tar Heels unable Senior Writer The Tar Heels’ 28 rebounds
DURHAM — One frustration- mark a new season low for them,
to mount late run filled possession doubled as the falling short of the previous low
story of the game. of 32 rebounds, which they tallied
BY Chris Hempson After North Carolina seemed against Florida State two games
Senior Writer to have finally grabbed some ago.
DURHAM — Their expressions momentum, No. 8 Duke grabbed North Carolina was 3-3 going
told it all. three offensive rebounds and into the game in contests where
North Carolina’s usually exu- nailed a 3-pointer to squelch the the other team grabbed more
berant assistant coach Andrew last hopes the No. 18 Tar Heels rebounds, with the three losses
Calder stood stone-faced before had of getting back into the coming to Michigan State, Florida
a timeout with 3:53 left in the game. State and Connecticut.
second half. Freshman Tierra The deficit never again got as “At halftime, rebounding was 17-
Ruffin-Pratt buried her face in a close as 11 and grew as large as 30 16, and in the second half they out-
towel. Team leaders Italee Lucas in Duke’s 79-51 win on Monday rebounded us 35-12, so I thought
and Cetera DeGraffenreid stared night. that was a big key to start the sec-
blankly ahead. “(Duke) deserves all the credit ond half,” Hatchell said.
They all knew. It was over. for that,” Duke head coach Joanne Rebounding is paramount to
Only minutes before, though, a McCallie said. “That’s players going the Tar Heels’ winning formula,
sliver of hope remained with UNC’s and getting after it, and totally con- and when they are unable to con-
fortunes. trolling the boards.” trol the boards, the stress on the dth/phong dinh
After Lucas came off a screen The offensive rebounding clinic defense to force turnovers increas- Duke’s Krystal Thomas sends
and nailed a 3 at the top of the key was brought to an end by Duke es in order to create fast-break away a shot attempt by Martina
with 12:29 remaining, even with the senior Keturah Jackson — who was opportunities. Wood. The Blue Devils owned the
Tar Heels still trailing by 11, North actually subbed in during a stop- The second half was the most painted area in the second half.
Carolina’s bench and student section page during the possession. lopsided, both on the boards and
sensed a change of momentum. That wasn’t the only three- on the scoreboard. are tremendous rebounders, and
It seemed that Lucas— as she rebound possession of the game. On Duke’s side, the Blue Devils it’s probably more the size of the
had so many times before — might Three separate times the Blue grabbed 17 of their own misses, heart.”
will this team back from a seem- Devils corralled three or more while UNC could only corral 10 So when questioned after
ingly insurmountable deficit. rebounds in a single possession. defensive rebounds, despite the the game about what frustrated
A s s i s t a n t c o a c h Tr a c e y All three times ended with Duke fact that the defense is tradition- her most about a 28-point loss,
Williams-Johnson stood up and scores. ally in better rebounding position Hatchell had little else to say but
yelled at Lucas. “Like we do with all the games, than the offense. the obvious about her team’s 28
“Be strong,” she said. dth/phong dinh we’ll go back and watch the film 10 “Rebounding is not all size rebound performance.
But her words fell on deaf ears. No. 8 Duke outrebounded No. 18 North Carolina 52-28 Monday night in times and try to figure things out,” — well, it is size,” Hatchell said. “Rebounding,” Hatchell said.
No. 18 North Carolina lost to its UNC head coach Sylvia Hatchell “But it’s not the size of your body, “Wouldn’t you be, if you were the
its dominant 79-51 victory. UNC is now on a three-game losing streak.
archrivals from Duke, 79-51, and said. it’s the size of your heart. That’s head coach?”
it wasn’t even that close. WOMEN’S BASKETBALL committed a push-off foul. “Sometimes maybe instead pretty much what it’s all about.
“We’re doing basically a lot of DeGraffenreid continued her of trying to figure things out so Sometimes it is physical size, Contact the Sports Editor
UNC 51
the same things we’ve been doing,” poor performances of late with a much, you gotta go out there and but I’ve seen smaller players that at
coach Sylvia Hatchell said. “I don’t Duke  79 0-for-8 night. And Lucas man-
know (what’s wrong).” aged just six points while turning
After entering the game with The Blue Devils used a full-court the ball over six times.
two straight losses, the Tar Heels press, and North Carolina pan- “(Keturah Jackson) spent 34
(16-6, 4-4 ACC) picked up right icked. Duke went zone at points, minutes on 50 (Lucas),” Duke
where they left off. and UNC found itself trapped in coach Joanne McCallie said. “That
The No. 8 Blue Devils (19-4, 7-1) corners by double teams. Yet even was pretty intense defense.”
began the game on a 10-0 run, and so, the Tar Heels trailed by just By the 9:13 mark, the Blue Devils’
it took a timeout from Hatchell nine points at halftime, 42-33. lead stretched to 62-43. And at one
to calm a team that started the It wasn’t enough. Hatchell had juncture, they pushed it to 30.
half with turnovers from Lucas, several pointed words for her vet- Hatchell lambasted her team’s
DeGraffenreid and Waltiea Rolle. erans. rebounding performance after-
At the 17:15 mark, sophomore “We’ve got to get Italee Lucas ward. UNC managed just 28
Laura Broomfield painstakingly and Cetera DeGraffenreid play- boards, allowing Duke 22 second-
ended UNC’s woes with a layup, ing better, or they’re going to have chance points.
but things continued to devolve to get to the bench,” she said. “It’s No North Carolina players were
throughout the evening. not like we don’t have experienced available for postgame interviews to
It took close to nine minutes guards, they’re just making really comment on their play, but Hatchell
for the Tar Heels to hit a double- poor decisions. I’m gonna keep summed up any lingering feelings.
digit point total. Sophomore She’la changing things up until I find “It’s like we got a little plague
White committed several fouls and something that works.” or something over in Chapel Hill.
turnovers. Granted, she still was one Hatchell certainly didn’t find I don’t know what it is (with us),”
of UNC’s bright spots — especially it in the second half. Within 71 Hatchell said.
in the first half — as she chipped seconds, one of her point guards,
in 10 points with two enormous White, had turned over her first Contact the Sports Editor
3-pointers. possession, missed a jumper and at

With one voice

Nine a cappella groups banded
together to raise money for Haiti.
games See pg. 3 for story.

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Level: 1 2 3 4 “Stuff White People Like” teams
up with “This Week in Blackness”
tonight. See pg. 3 for story.
Complete the grid
so each row, column Money and power
and 3-by-3 box (in
bold borders) con- A recent U.S. Supreme Court
tains every digit 1 case could Tar Heels
shake upinthis
Europe DTH Ad v2 RSZD:Layout 1 1/29/10 11:42 AM Page 1
to 9. Senate race. See pg. 7 for story.
Solution to
Redefining feminism
Monday’s puzzle
Women’s Week on campus kicked
off Monday with a comprehensive
agenda. See pg. 9 for story. EXPLORE
Business thefts
Three Virginians were arrested
and charged with shoplifting from
local stores. See pg. 12 for story.


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May 15– June 8, 2010

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
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All rights reserved. EXPERIENCE THE...
Across theme in this puzzle’s four project 42 Munitions center Pomp and pageantry of London
1 Part of DMV longest answers 26 Resting on 44 Bermuda
6 Need a backrub, say 62 Many MP-3 player 27 Trifling rentals Beauty of Paris
10 “__-daisy!” batteries 28 Old-time breaking news 45 University of Oregon city
14 Nobel Peace Prize winner 63 Game with six colorful cry 46 Museo hangings History and majesty of Rome
Root characters 29 Bambi’s aunt 47 Eyelashes
15 Walk like a drunk 64 Google alternative 30 Actress Adams of 49 The Star Wars films, e.g. Sun-kissed beaches of Greece
16 Entre __ (between us) “Enchanted” 50 “Squawk Box” network
17 Using a treadmill, e.g. Down 34 Marquee name 51 Bush advisor Rove
20 29-Down, for one 1 Honeyed liquor 35 Gasp 53 Brass component
21 The Beatles’ “__ Loser” 2 Land O’Lakes product 37 Org. with Senators and 54 Prefix with China I N F O R M AT I O N S E S S I O N
22 Relating to flight 3 Run out of gas Capitals 55 Awfully long time
technology 4 “I’ve got you now!” 38 Québécois’s approval 57 Fraternity letter Feb. 9 / 6–8 p.m.
23 Laurel and Getz 5 Add insult to injury 39 Queens tennis stadium 58 Word before break or care
25 Medicine amount to take 6 Major or Minor tarot card 41 Civil rights activist Chávez Royall Room
26 Regional air travel brand group
since 1984 7 So-so mark George Watts Hill Alumni Center
31 Either Bush, e.g. 8 Penta- plus one
32 Round-buyer’s words 9 Mt. Fuji statistic Free pizza (while supplies last)!
33 Baker’s meas. 10 Dweebish
36 Leftover bits 11 Leaves for the holidays?
37 “I don’t think so!” 12 Sleeping girl in an Everly
39 “__ boy!” Brothers hit
40 On the authority of 13 “Hang on __”
41 Friend 18 All-in-one Apple computer
42 Vietnamese, e.g. 19 Crest
43 Aviator who said “the lure 23 Mmes., in Madrid
of flying is the lure of 24 Kids’ outdoor winter
47 Corp. heads
48 Hospital staffer
49 Beer unit
52 Former telecom giant
53 Former Pakistani president
56 Movie DVD special
feature, perhaps
59 Encircle
60 Fiber-rich food
61 “Dog the Bounty Hunter” General Alumni Association
network, and a hint to the
14 tuesday, february 9, 2010 Opinion The Daily Tar Heel

andrew dunn
The Daily Tar Heel EDITOR, 962-4086
EDITorial BOARD members

Harrison Jobe meredith engelen

Patrick Fleming
cameron parker
pat ryan
“I think the hatred is just played up
Established 1893, Opinion EDITOR
116 years
of editorial freedom
Nathaniel Haines
houston hawley
steve kwon
christian yoder because it gives you a reason to cheer
ahna hendrix
associate opinion EDITOR
GREG_MARGOLIS@UNC.EDU louder at the basketball games.”
Brian Wielicki, junior, on the UNC-duke rivalry

Featured online reader comment:

“YOU all need to band together
Laura Glish, M.P.H. like back in the wild wild west ...
Contributing columnist
Laura Glish, UNC ‘09, is currently and form a search party.”
working as a sexual health educator
E-mail: “The Undertaker,” addressing UNC men’s
basketball fans and the team’s coaching
Be your Small legal services fee Article was not neutral

own sex
can do immense good in examining gender gap
Within two weeks of moving I am writing in response to

educator to Chapel Hill to begin a Ph.D.

program at UNC, I found myself
asking friends for a “good lawyer”
The New York Times article
about dating on college cam-
puses where women outnumber
instead of a “good restaurant.” men. So far, most of the respons-

A dispute with my landlord es to the Times article (includ-
he only thing I remem- had turned into a full-blown law- ing that of The Daily Tar Heel)
ber from high school sex Daily tar heel endorsements suit, and I was in need of some have focused on the content, i.e.,
ed, taught by my health

Shruti Shah for SBP

serious legal help. A private attor- the student quotes and the ways
teacher, who was also my driver’s ney I met with quoted a $500 an in which they misrepresent the
ed teacher, is: Don’t double-bag hour fee that I couldn’t afford, at attitudes of female students on
or you’ll have to go fishing. which point he suggested Student UNC’s campus.
Wise words to be sure, yet how Legal Services (SLS). What in my opinion is far
do we expect a few classes of gross
slide shows of STDs. And if you’re Shah’s experience, honest perspective are impressive Because I had paid the Student
Legal Services fee, I was able to
more incredulous is the overall
structure and framing of the

lucky, putting a condom on a use SLS for no additional charge. article. It is extremely telling of
banana, to prepare the youth for a
hruti Shah should be that an all-encompassing plat- Why not Levin-Manning
UNC’s next student body form was not always the key to The SLS attorney filed a counter- contemporary gender relations
lifetime of good sexual health? that an article in the Times
president. a successful administration. While Joe Levin-Manning claim, prepared me for the trial,
I went to high school in a and even represented me in about the increasing number
school system with so-called com- Next year’s leader needs an As many years of student has had significant experience in
student government, he simply court. After cross-examination of of women on college campuses
prehensive sex education, so if my independent perspective to rec- body president elections have would choose to angle this issue
has too much baggage to func- the landlord by my attorney, the
memories of sex ed only conjure ognize student government’s illustrated, large platforms judge not only dropped the case in such a way as to emphasize
up a confused bag boy at Harris faults but also the institutional do not necessarily predict an tion effectively as the student
but even ordered the landlord to the (erroneous) increased power
Teeter, I wonder what comes to knowledge to effect change. effective administration. body’s chief representative. of men and thus assuage male
pay me money instead.
mind for my abstinence-only Shah has both the vision In the end, a candidate’s His tendency to polarize, I have learned that an 85-cent anxieties about loss of power in
counterparts? and experience necessary to temperament and approach as demonstrated during his student increase for SLS fees is the social sphere.
North Carolina recently passed do this. to solving problems are more tenure as speaker of Congress, up for a student referendum. I This article could have been
the Healthy Youth Act, which would be a major liability in am strongly urging every student structured as a more neutral
She has been involved with important than the bullet
allows parents to decide whether trying to build compromise to carefully consider the implica- exploration of changing gender
a child will opt out of the “com- student government since her points listed in a platform.
freshman year. But she’s avoid- Shah’s interview revealed within student government. tions of voting against it. relations on college campuses or
prehensive” part of sex education. Students tend to be young and as a look at how the “new” demo-
Now driver’s ed teachers around ed drinking the institutional an engaging personality. She
Kool-Aid. defended her ideas with candor. Why not Strompolis on their own, which makes them graphics have ushered in an era
the state will have to brush up on legally vulnerable, and legal of increasing power and new
their knowledge of sexual health. She acknowledged that the In this year’s field, Shah stands Greg Strompolis focused his problems can sneak up on them roles for women at UNC.
Not to suggest that teachers are bloated cabinet hinders student out as the clear choice for SBP. attention largely on two issues: when they least expect it. SLS is Equally important, as
incapable of educating our youth, government’s effectiveness and improving the University’s use committed not only to fighting Stephen Farmer points out on
but expecting anyone to prepare stressed that restructuring the Why not Hardin of technology and increasing for justice but also to empow- the UNC Admissions blog, is
young people for such a major part executive branch will be her ering students through legal the idea that there is nothing
of their lives in one or two class Monique Hardin has had its global standing .
No. 1 priority. However, he was unable to knowledge and awareness. “new” about these demograph-
periods is laughable. nearly a year’s experience as ics whatsoever.
Under her administration, articulate the major challeng- For these reasons I am advo-
The vast majority of people will current Student Body President cating that the students approve Women have outnumbered
have sex at some point in their
student government would be es that will inevitably present
Jasmin Jones’ executive assis- the 85-cent increase in our stu- men at Carolina for the last 30
lives. If you haven’t had sex yet, more accountable and more themselves next year and how
tant. She knows firsthand what dent legal service fee. years, so this fallacious aura
chances are you will. While sci- connected to the student body. he will confront them — most
the workload entails. of newness exposes the sexism
ence today has made it unneces- Further, she aptly recognizes glaringly tuition and budgetary
She knows the structure of the Kumi Smith inherent in the very premise of
sary to actually have sex to repro- that student government is “not issues. the story.
University and its problems, but Graduate Student
duce, I’m betting it will remain a an events planning organiza- Strompolis is an engag- Epidemiology
we’re concerned that she doesn’t
popular means of procreation for tion” but rather one that directs ing person, but the position of Lauren Brenner
years to come. It’s a great way to have the necessary executive
and implements policy. student body president is not UNC ’08
exercise without having to leave On tuition, arguably the most
leadership experience. Interviewed women do
the house and a good stress reliev- While she is not ready for where his energy should be not represent all females
important issue a student body directed. UNC should retain right to
er, as well as a way to connect prime time, any candidate would
president deals with, Shah elu- TO THE EDITOR: choose necessary classes
with an intimate partner. (Not be foolish not to ensure that she
cidated a practical approach. Why not Keune A rather inflammatory article
to play down the complications hold a significant position in TO THE EDITOR:
involved with sex, of course.) She would work to engage was published in The New York
next year’s executive branch. I sympathize with Olivia
But what do you really know students in the process earlier, Nash Keune ran an unusual Times over the weekend, show-
with town hall meetings dur- campaign, to say the least. casing the unspoken issues of Blanchard in her argument
about sexual health? Why not Medlin having a majority of females on against lifetime fitness course
When you’re ready to take that ing the fall semester to educate Throughout the past month,
UNC’s campus. requirements in her column
step, whose voice do you hear them on the tuition situation. Hogan Medlin has run a he has maintained the same “Just focus on mind exercise,
in your head? Your driver’s ed And next year will be par- formidable campaign and farcical persona to highlight I would like to bring to light
the disturbing message that the UNC” (Feb. 5).
teacher’s? Your parents’? Your ticularly important for tuition. clearly has both a strong grasp the often frivolous aspects of But although I agree that the
religious leader’s? Your friends’? article brought forth. The women
There is speculation among of the University’s structure the election cycle and false that were interviewed from gradual erosion of personal liber-
Your doctor’s? Ron Jeremy’s? administrators that the trend and wide-ranging contacts belief that student government ties is a grave problem facing every
Chances are only one of those UNC’s campus said some things
of smaller increases might no — and his extensive platform can be a panacea for the world’s that made me, as a woman, quite person in this country, I oppose
people has any medical train-
longer be sustainable. illustrated this. problems. uncomfortable. Ms. Blanchard’s sentiments.
ing. Even if your parents sat you By committing herself to an
down for “the talk,” are they up to
Shah also takes a pragmatic But lengthy platforms do not While we might agree in The quotes showed the blatant-
stance on grade inflation — an a candidate make. Being SBP is principle with some of his ly shallow thoughts of women who institute of higher education to
date on the three new methods of receive a diploma, it is assumed
birth control that have come out issue the student body presi- about prioritizing and not get- sentiments about the election have succumbed to societal pres-
dent will address early in the sures that idealize the need for a that she is willing to fulfill the
in the past 10 years? Or that it’s ting caught up in every single process, his desire to serve as
boyfriend, and I’d like to speak out requirements that the institution
no longer recommended to use term — by recognizing that it campus issue, including many student body president was
for the rest of the female popula- deems necessary for the acquisi-
spermicide with condoms? is not an isolated problem and things that are simply not under clearly absent. tion of said diploma.
One of the many great things must be addressed along with tion at UNC. Although this won’t
an SBP’s purview. Electing Keune would strip This is a valid assumption
about sexual health is that you be nationally read, it needs to
peer institutions. Medlin has answers for every even the most basic credibility since by paying for the service,
don’t have to be a doctor to know be said that the vast majority of
In her inter view, Shah question, but they seem intend- from student government — the women at UNC can validate she has implicitly (and probably
the basics. Try Cosmo for new sex stressed the need to set definite ed to placate voting blocs rather something the student body explicitly within some docu-
positions, but if you’re wondering themselves with or without a boy-
objectives, and she recognized than to make a statement. can’t afford. friend. The article reflected poorly ment) granted UNC the right to
about contraception or your risk decide the classes needed to pro-
for different STDs or the newest on our University, and it devalued
the degrees for which all of us have duce a graduate fitting of a UNC

Finch for CAA

developments in the world of pap diploma. She has given consent
smears, there are several ways to worked hard.
The quotes highlighted in the to be governed in the realm of
educate yourself. course requirements.
n  The Internet. For better or for Times were a blatant reminder of
the days when women attended Despite this, she should still
worse, this is where many people
get their sex info. Check out these Best to connect CAA to a broader audience school only for their Mrs. degree
that were a reality not too long
strive to influence change in
illogical course requirements.

reputable Web sites for info on This is a noble pursuit. But to
STIs, contraception and sexual ra n d o n F i n c h s h o u l d advocated a ticket policy task average Carolina student, nor did ago. I urge the women of UNC
get your vote today for force, made up of undergradu- we find original, concrete ideas in not to allow these outdated and argue that UNC has no role in
health: www.goaskalice.columbia. students’ physical fitness is tan-
edu, www.managingcontraception. president of the Carolina ates and graduates representing his platform. sexist stereotypes to define who
Athletic Association. students from every corner of CAA President John Russell they are; the focus of college tamount to claiming that the
com or brain functions exclusive of the
n  The library. Searching for He has a broad, encompassing campus. has failed to adequately respond should always be an education,
vision for how the organization Finch is clearly an avid to harsh ticket policy criticisms, not finding a boyfriend. state of the rest of the body.
“sex” in the UNC online cata-
logue gives you 35,929 results, should serve students. Carolina basketball fan, but he favoring a minority of zealous
And he understands that while also understands fan commitment basketball fans over the needs of Sarah Sheffield Graham Clay
so try being a little more specific. Freshman
Remember to check the publish- the hard-core fans might be the to other teams. From advocating the student body at large. Junior
loudest on campus, just catering P2P shuttles for softball games And like Russell, Kuell’s ticket Biology, Geology Philosophy, Economics
ing date! Information on contra-
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➤ Edit: The DTH edits for space,
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STDs and sexual health? To make This year, he worked as sec- sive, but manageable, platform. still be based on single ticket ➤ Please type: Handwritten Limit letters to 250 words.
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Health Education Counselor of two people should sign letters. ➤ Drop-off: at our office at Suite
Sexuality, call 919-966-3658. perspective on the inner workings He knows what it takes to revive In short, it will not fill the Dean 2409 in the Student Union.
and management of the CAA. the Carolina spirit here on cam- Dome, and his call for a campus- ➤ Students: Include your year,
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your own sex educator! solid ideas to fix it. Simply put, Tom Kuell is an but Finch offers a broader range ions of The Daily Tar Heel or its staff. Editorials reflect the opinions of The Daily Tar Heel
And remember, don’t double While suggesting solutions to extension of the current adminis- of ideas that will appeal to the editorial board. The board consists of 9 board members, the associate opinion editor, the
bag … or you’ll have to go fishing. the current policy, Finch strongly tration. He does not represent the general student body. opinion editor and the editor.