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After the year 2002; when we were founded, name “MONTI” doo represents

the synonym for wholesale and retail in the area of electro material, electro
equipment, tools, maintenance equipment, etc.
Good strategy and clear vision of future, provided rapid development of
Company “MONTI”.
Today, “MONTI” is leading Company in the region in the area of trading with
electro material, electro equipment, industrial equipment, maintenance
equipment and similar; with not small number of employees, modern office
and warehouse facilities and very branched sale network, trough its own and
trough partners retail and wholesale.
With great effort and professional correlation with business activities, with
constant monitoring of newest technologies and improving the staff, the
Company continues to grow and develop. Work on constant business
improvement is the primarily task of all employees.
We are ready for the future! How about you!

“MONTI” works with phrase “the customer is always right”

weather they are “official distributor” contracts or special agreements for business cooperation. cooling supply. many more!!!!!!! . rubber hoses. Boilers. industrial or special purposes. grinding. “MONTI” with its suppliers has firm contracts about distribution. street lights. Slovenia. tools for professional and amateur work and many. melting and othercircuit breakers by producers such as: „Minel“. etc. tools. „Nopal“. Austria. In short. Germany. etc). PVC hoses. Croatia. Serbia. industrial equipment. „DEVIX“. “FISCHER” fixing systems. roof and other panels. etc! All type of switches. „Iskra“. contactor program. an all of goods related to so and all type of expandable material such as: heaters. etc! Electro porcelain. „Zdenka“. etc! and measuring and regulating equipment: „Endress Hauser“. etc! All rubber products from producer: “CONTINENTAL-Contitech” Various metal closets – cubical and control. etc (entire EU and wider). filled with mineral wool or poly styrene. pipes. tires. „Metalka Majur“. and all cable accessories! All type of circuit breakers: Automatic. sockets and other material for house or industrial installation by producers such as: “Schnaider Electric”. Business partners and suppliers of “MONTI” are well known producers of electromaterial. „INTRA lighting“. electro-equipment. OTR. from BIH. all type of tools: cutting.“ ELKO“. professional lights. „FKZ“. „Aling Conel“. etc. overhead and underground high voltage or low voltage power lines. by producers such as: „Iskra“. metal hoses. office and industrial lights and similar by producers such as: „MINEL Schreder“. „XBS“. Boilers and boiler equipment: Burners. „FKS“. Etc! Lighting: reflectors. OFFER of „MONTI“ doo includes: All type of cables by producers such as: „Kapis“. bimetals. etc!. Italy. decoration lights. all material and equipment for infrastructure objects and all equipment for water supply. protective switches and similar. we are convinced that you can find with us almost all that you need. „SMAR“ i sl. heatin supply. chanels. industrial belts. „MAINHART“. such as: All material and equipment for electro-energetic facilities. all type of material and equipment for electric installation for public. Special industrial equipment and devices and rubber products (conveyor belts. spare parts. All of these contracts are guaranteeing the high quality of products in our offer as well as the best possible prices. high pressure hoses. etc. „Končar“. insulation material. “ETI”. Façade.

commercial coverage of almost entire BIH and all other parameters which are for years satisfying the clients. concrete. It is important to mention that shipment of all material is very fast since „MONTI“d.Zvornik. Thank you in advance for shown trust!!! . we can say that our work so far resulted with high level of appreciation by some of the biggest companies in the region. LED & ZINC Mine “Sase“ – Srebrenica. and this cooperation is now going for years. etc) and so on. Power Plant and Coal mine „Gacko“ – Gacko. Etc. Construction materials (lime. Holding “Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske” AD Trebinje Alumina Factory „Birač“ . etc). alloys.Proudly. We hope that this small presentation awaken your interest and that we are looking forward to get your requests. which are also among the biggest companies in the BIH. by which you will be assured in all stated in this presentation. bricks. and all of them see in us very reliable partner with whom they are all dealing on mutual benefit and satisfaction.o. profiles. has not small number of experienced staff and well-established system Purchase-Sale. Bauxite mines „Milići“ . We would like also to mention that beside the materials mentioned in this small presentation. „CIMOS“ – Srebrenica. Mart“ – Srebrenica. we are trading with goods and materials such as: Ferrous and non ferrous materials (pipes.Milići. Our best reference is great number constant clients. Non Ferrous Foundry „11. ZINC Products factory – Srebrenica. Some of our constant clients (list is constantly expanding) are: Power Plant and Coal mine „Ugljevik“ – Ugljevik. Construction material factory „Novi Izvor“ – Zvornik.o.


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