Multi-Jurisdiction Banking Introduction - the banking transaction of Multi-Jurisdiction is a term that it relates to deposit countries in two

or more different. The advantages of this can be substantial. The general idea is to have customers, customers, associates, deep of the wire of the businesses etc. in what we will call the first banking account, that is an incorporated banking account in the first country. The lots of the peoples would know on this banking account as soon as some would think that it is imprudent to keep deep substantial in this debt of customer to the potential exposition and the risk. What following it is made corporaçõ is one another one is given form in one another country and the second incorporated banking account is opened in as the country. The deep ones of the first banking account are moved then in the second banking account under a different incorporated name in a different bank in a different country. Thus nobody knows where its deep substantial ones are being thus kept to all soften the risk of the disputes of the business, the legal processes etc. As he works, first lúpulo - you can move the money for the wire of its bank of the native country in what we will call an intermediate banking account or the first banking account that is in the first country. The customers or the customers can equally emit wires in this banking account also. The money would go to a customer incorporated in the first bank. There the money will be allowed to sit down a little of when not alarming the bank. The deep ones are left the position per 30 days and moved then for it are slowly during 60 days, 90 days in the total. If the money goes in one day and then in one day or two more been slow they leave its customer will be probably closed. This would be the case with the 99,9% of the banks in the world. If you inside have a relationship with the bank for some hour this luck of the money, to follow the right of the money for it are is allowed generally but never with a new foreigner with one corporaçõ and a new customer of the banking account. You do not want to give the appearance of a person who tries to around move the money when remaining one lúpulo before Interpol. Later that approximately 30 the money are moved slowly for it are in the parts. As lúpulo - the money has sat down now in the first country for a enough time, at least 30 days. Thus what it is made is the deep ones is moved in as the country, another time for international wire transference. This of course is better made with one corporaçõ of Panama or a foundation of Panama with a different name or the form to one corporaçõ in a different country to make the things that confuse so that one follows. If he is same corporaçõ or foundation creates one opened and distinct it drags. To use corporaçõs of the part of carrier of Panama or different foundations anónimas of Panama confuses editions extremely because nobody the proprietors of these entities can determine who are. The bank knows but that one is covered by the secretismo of the bank. We only use countries with secretismo of the bank. The law company knows who possesss corporaçõ or the foundation but this is covered by the privilege of the customer of the lawyer. The names of proprietor of corporaçõ and the foundation do not appear in no public register or the database and the government of Panama do not know possess who exactly it. That's why we like to use corporaçõs and foundations of Panama but he has other jurisdictions that are equally good also. The money is thus arrested the first country to as the country. Then the deep ones can sit down in the second banking account of the safe country with the spirit peace to know its customers, customers and the business associates do not know on this banking account. Third lúpulo optional - that is for the majority of individual of the conscience of the security with very protecting. Basically it is a repetition of what he is made with the approach of the two-jurisdiction. The money in this stage rolls above in a banking account in a country third with the secretismo of the bank that uses another time one third foundation or corporaçõ. After such escape it could take a time long think years. You would know that something is erroneamente when you detected the problem with the first banking account and could then take the measure still more of defense even so nenhuns you were demanded very probable. One-way to intimidate a financial enemy is to leave a banking account with little money that hangs for is back in the wind for it to the attack. When it spends very and começ very little will be not so enthusiastic on the expense of more money to take it handle. Setting of the price for a banking transaction of two jurisdictions - we can use a foundation of Panama and one corporaçõ of Panama or two foundations or two corporaçõs. We could equally use corporaçõs of Belize or corporaçõs of Anguila (we anónimos them to both). All the combination could be mixed together for the confusion. You can choose to deposit in Panama,

Saint Vincent or Belize (some two). The tax is $3995.00. The requirements of the original are same a not to be that if you do not desire to use Panama you do not have none apostille any thing of the necessity. It does not have no necessity to visit some of the countries. The banks have customers multi-currency and on-line banking transaction. The stated period is the 15 days of work of the receipt of demanded originals and deep. Setting of the price for a banking transaction of three jurisdictions - you can use all inside the combination of Panama mixed Fundações and Corporaçõs with the Belize Corporaçõ or Anguila Corporaçõs that you like. The three countries for the banking transaction would be Belize, Saint Vincent and Panama. The stated period is the 15 days of work of the time where we receive the originals and the deep ones. The tax is $5495. Additional protection of the assassin of the escape - the end to cut the escape is it starts before it can have the deep ones arrested to the reliable customer of the customer of the lawyer of the company of law of the branch office in Guatemala. Then of the deep ones it can there be emitted to the first banking account of the jurisdiction. International a reliable agreement setup between you and the company of law. The taxes are $2000 more 5% of the incoming taxes, a tax of the time only, no load in taxes that has left. The dinheiros can be ordered of the customer of the customer of the lawyer in the stated period of 30 days. This is in the page of the order as international the banking transaction of the reliable agreement for $2000. It inquires please regarding this service. Either prepared to say us that the country its passport is of, the country the deep ones is inside, the nature of the source of the deep ones, the size of the deep ones, the asked for synchronism and describes all the financial enemies who will be asset that could affect the deep ones that you arrest now. Questions - these are complicated stages and you it is waited to order questions thus to feel free to ask for. We are experienced and capable to create structures to find its necessities. Debtor.

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