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This Retainer Agreement sets the terms of representation between Samuel C. Hasler
(Attorney) and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( C l i en t ) in the m at t e r of
___________________________________________________. This Agreement covers no other services
than what is specified in this agreement. .

1. THIS AGREEMENT TAKES EFFECT when Client returns a signed copy of this Retainer
Agreement and pays the retainer amount specified below. Attorney is not obligated to begin legal
services until Client meets these conditions.

2. FEE. Attorney shall provide the following services:

___ Preparation of petition to modify
___ Preparation of Affidavit for Contempt
___ Preparation of Notice of Hearing
___ Preparation of Discovery
___ Review of opposing parties’ Discovery
___ Calculation of child support/Arrears
___ Communicating with Client and opposing counsel
___ Settlement negotiations
___ Hearing
__ Preparing a wage assignment or income withholding order.

G FLAT FEE. Attorney estimates the fee will be $_____________ which is based on the following
schedule. Client shall pay a down payment on this fee of $_____________. It may be that additional
work will be required that was not foreseen at the time this agreement was executed.

The following schedule covers the general types of work in a generic case. Based on the information

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given by Client at the initial meeting, certain items are checked and form the basis for the estimated
fee. Any work not checked but included below will be billed to the client at the rate shown after
consultation with the Client. Work not included below shall be in addition to the fee quoted above
and shall be based on an hourly basis and will require an additional fee agreement.

9 Attorney's Appearance $75.00

9 Petition for Modification of Child $175.00
9 Affidavit for Contempt of Court $175.00
9 Request for Production of Docu- $90.00
9 Interrogatories $100.00
9 Response to Request to Produce $200.00
9 Third Party Motion to Produce $175.00
9 Notice of Compliance $75.00
9 Motion to Compel $100.00
9 Order on Motion to Compel $50.00
9 Response to Motion to Compel $175.00
9 Order Response to Motion to Com- $50.00
9 Motion for Summary Judgment and $400.00
Designation of Evidentiary Materials
9 Support Card Set-up Sheet $175.00
9 Submission of Child Support $75.00
9 Wage Assignment $100.00

9 Support Card Set-up Sheet $175.00

9 Submission of Child Support $75.00

9 Wage Assignment $100.00

9 Praecipe for Hearing $100.00

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Calculating Child support - current $175.00

Calculating child Support Arrears $175.00

Preparation for Hearing $200.00

Hearing @$200.00/hour

Unless paid in full at the time of signing this contract, the balance of the fee shall be paid as
follows: __________________________________________________________________________________
with the balance due 30 days before a hearing in this case.


If paying by credit card, the Client authorizes further payments to made by credit card on the
schedule above without further approval from the Client.

The client agrees to pay a retainer of $______________. Attorney’s hourly rate is $200.00 for
court appearances and trial preparation, and $175.00 for all other services including the following:

a. Communications with Client - whether by telephone, e-mail or regular mail.

b. Communications with opposing counsel - whether by telephone, e-mail or
regular mail.
c. Meetings with Client.
d. Communications with any other persons connected with the case - whether
by telephone, e-mail or regular mail.
e. Preparation of any documents related to the case.
f. Travel time

If the original retainer is used up prior to any court date, there shall be an additional retainer
in the amount of time estimated for court time and will be paid no less one week prior to any such

Additional retainers and/or statements will be paid within 28 days of billing date unless

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otherwise agreed. Hourly fees may be increased every six months or more; hourly billing will be
to the tenth (1/10) of an hour; and that the Client agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees and court
costs for the collection of any unpaid fees.

Failing to pay the fee at the time due will result in Attorney withdrawing his Appearance
for the Client. Until the fee is paid, the Attorney is not required to take further action on the case
until payment is received by the Attorney.

If the client requests the Attorney to withdraw, any reimbursement shall be based on the
work paid for but not completed, and the Client will not be responsible for any work not done and
not paid for at the time of the withdrawal request to the Attorney.

3. COSTS. Not every case shall include costs. In those cases where court costs, depositions, or
other expenses of the case will need to be paid, the client shall pay these costs when notified they
are due. If Attorney pays any expenses, the Client shall be responsible for the amount due plus
interest at an annual interest rate of 12% beginning ten days after the billing for expense.

4 COURT ORDERED FEES. Client is responsible for paying Attorney's fees and costs even
if the Court orders the other party to pay Client's costs and fees. Any award of attorney fees
reimburses Client, and Client may attempt collection from the other party. If the Court orders
Client to pay another party's fees and costs, that payment is separate from this fee agreement.

If the client has no outstanding balance on the fees, then the client will receive out of any
court awarded fees reimbursement on the retainer as those court awarded fees are collected.

Attorney’s Lien: Client gives the attorney a continuing lien on any claim/cause of action an
any and all property (including personal papers and legal documents of client(s) in attorney's
possession, and an all funds realized by a settlement or recovered by a judgment as security for the
payment of fees and out-of-pocket expenses advanced by the attorney until attorney is fully paid.

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5. ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP. Our Attorney-Client relationship is privileged.
Communications between Client and Attorney concerning this matter are confidential. However,
Client understands that Attorney may consult with other attorneys and other professionals
regarding this matter. Client understands that, if Client brings a third party to any meeting, Client
understands that s/he waives the privilege for that third party at that meeting unless the third
party is also bound by confidentiality.

Client agrees to furnish all relevant documents, witnesses, and other evidence, and will
cooperate with Attorney in resolving this matter. Client understands that, according to the Rules
of Professional Conduct, opposing counsel may not contact Client if Client is represented by an
attorney, therefore Client will not talk with opposing counsel in this matter. Client will notify
Attorney if opposing counsel contacts Client or attempts to talk with Client.

Client understands that Attorney cannot guarantee the results of settlement negotiations or
litigation, and does not make any promises concerning the outcome of the matter. Attorney will
work diligently toward a favorable outcome but is not obligated to follow Client's proposed course
of action. Attorney will not settle or compromise this matter without Client's approval. Likewise,
Client will not settle or compromise this matter without Attorney's approval. Attorney will
periodically inform Client of the progress of the case, and will provide copies of all relevant
documents as the matter proceeds.

6. ENDING THE CONTRACT. Client may end this agreement any time for any reason. By
signing this Retainer Agreement, Client agrees to pay any outstanding balance when the contract
ends. Client agrees that Attorney is not obligated to release Client’s file to Client or new counsel
until Client pays the balance due.

Attorney may withdraw as counsel if, among other reasons:

a. Attorney cannot find Client or Client fails to respond to Attorney’s requests within a
reasonable time;

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b. Client fails to follow Attorney’s advice and Attorney believes that Client's course of
action is seriously detrimental to Client’s best interests;
c. Client lies to Attorney or falsifies information about this matter;
d. For any reason that suggests Client and Attorney cannot work together to achieve a
good result for Client, including Client's failure to abide by the terms of this Agreement
or Client's failure to timely pay costs and fees;
e. If the case involves children or parenting plan issues, and Client demands that
Attorney advocate a position that Attorney believes is detrimental to the child’s best

7. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. Client and Attorney agree that this is the entire agreement
between them. Client and Attorney have not made any other agreements except those agreements
that are in writing, signed by Client and Attorney, and attached to this Agreement. Client read this
Agreement, had an opportunity to discuss it with Attorney, understands its terms, and agrees to all
of the terms.

______________________________________ ______________________________________
Samuel C. Hasler Client
Date: ____________________________ Date: ________________________________

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