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Sun City Festival Community Association

June 2015

26501 West Desert Vista Boulevard, Buckeye, Arizona 85396

Saturday, June 6
7:00 PM Celebration Hall
$20.00 / Person

Register at Member Services
Cash Bar Available

Sunday, June 28
Renowned linguistics
professor Alice Howland
fights to stay connected
to her family, friends,
and herself after being
diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.


The Secret Service

Sunday, July 19
The story centers on a
secret agent who recruits
a juvenile delinquent into
a top-secret spy organization. Together, they battle a
tech genius with diabolical

1:00 PM
Celebration Hall

Per Movie Showing
popcorn, soda,
candy bar
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Member Services


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Tuesday, June 9: Ft. McDowell Casino

- Includes $10 Slot Play, bus transportation

Tuesday, June 23: Vee Quiva Casino

- $14/Person, includes bus transportation,
lunch at Cafe 247, $10 Slot Play

Wednesday, July 8: Wild Horse Pass Casino

- $14/Person, includes bus transportation,
lunch at Cafe 247, $10 Slot Play

Tuesday, July 21: Harrah’s AK-CHIN Casino

- Includes $10 Slot Play, bus transportation





June 11-12: Southern Arizona Old West & Wine Tasting

June 14-18: Sierra Nevada Journey

July 2-6: Best of San Francisco & Wine Country

July 9: An Evening with the Stars in Flagstaff

July 14-17: Pageant of the Masters & Queen Mary

August 4-7: Durango & Silverton

August 14 -16: Del Mar Horse Racing

& Seminars

RIS Medicare Seminar
10 am Sable Room


Greatest Hits of Broadway
7 pm Celebration Hall


For Extended Travel Tours, Contact


9 am -12 pm
Sage Center Parking Lot
Solar Topps Seminar
5 pm Celebration Hall West


Sun Valley Solar Seminar
10 am Sable Room


Events For Your Calendar!

August 7: Dinner & A Movie

August 15: Breakfast BINGO

August 29: “Teen Idols” Show

September 10: “The Spouse Whisperer” Comedy Show

October 3: “Love Boat” Variety Show

October 9: Concert In The Park

October 17: Oktoberfest / Chartered Club Expo

October 24: Del Webb Goes Pink Annual Fundraiser

Dive-In Movie,
American Sniper
7:30 pm Sage Center Pool/Patio


9 am -12 pm
Sage Center Parking Lot


BINGO & Pizza Night
6 pm Celebration Hall


Sunday Movie Matinee,
Still Alice
1 pm Celebration Hall


Anke Vanderdrift
Born in the Netherlands and
having lived in England and
France, Anke Vanderdrift
was a flight attendant for
KLM when she married and
started a new life in New
York and New England.

Southwest. As she approached retirement, she
searched for a golfing community that had a
young-ish feel and lots of activities. Sun City
Festival is perfect, she loves that the beautiful golf
course is playable for all skill levels, and she
appreciates the ease of getting there on her golf

An accomplished athlete, Anke had always enjoyed
sports, especially tennis, sailing and skiing. At age
37, the end of an unhappy marriage and a diagnosis
of muscular dystrophy prompted a move to Boston.
But cold weather aggravated her condition, so at her
doctors’ recommendation, she moved to Florida.

Since her arrival in 2007, Anke has become a
Festival golf icon, identifiable in her leg braces on
the links at least four times a week. She is a
member of the Women’s Golf Association, she has
made a hole-in-one, and has led four successful fundraising golf tournaments. The residents of Festival
have donated more than $50,000 to the Muscular
Dystrophy Association’s children’s camp over the

Despite several years of university education in
Europe, she had difficulty finding a job because of
her illness. At 55, she earned a degree in Human
Development from Eckerd College and worked as a
case manager/rehab instructor at The Lighthouse
for the Blind in St. Petersburg. That’s when she took
up golf, a sport she continues to enjoy.
On a Canyon Tour in 2002, she fell in love with the

Anke loves classical music, nature, playing games,
and reading; she has started two book clubs here.
She also enjoys Barrel Buddies, where she has been
known to win contests by correctly identifying wines
with concealed labels.

Cox Expands Home Security and Automation
in Sun City Festival.
Cox is continuing its expansion of home security and automation services.
Cox Home Security is now Cox Homelife - which offers a multifaceted solution
to help keep loved ones and homes safe and enhance home management.
Cox Homelife provides a wide array of security and advanced smart home
features not found in most traditional alarm systems. It also has time-saving,
cost-saving, and worry-saving features to help you automate your home. The
reliable, 24/7 secure monitoring and home management system allows you:
• Remote access to control the system away from home through
a secure website or Smartphone app
• Smart Door Locks that can be locked & unlocked from your
smart phone app, and can be opened with a code or key
• Intrusion and home safety monitoring (includes fire, gas & flood)
• Secure video monitoring so you can check on your home while
• Control of home functions such as lighting, temperature and door


For more information about Cox Homelife call 866-961-0445
or visit

Mosquitos & Other Insects
Monsoon season is right around
the corner. The monsoon rains
and high humidity levels provide
ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes, gnats, and
other flying insects. The Community Association’s
landscape maintenance partner, as well as the Golf
Course maintenance team work diligently to remove
standing water from the common areas and golf
course in an attempt to mitigate the growth of these
flying insects, but the weather conditions and
surrounding open desert provides ample breeding
conditions for them as well.
Residents are encouraged to make every effort to
remove standing water from the exterior of their
If anyone notices a site that they believe has
become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, they are
asked to notify Maricopa County’s Vector Control
at (602) 506-6616. This is the governmental entity
responsible for addressing mosquito concerns in our
area. If Vector Control receives enough complaints
about a specific area, they will inspect the site, set
traps to determine the significance of the mosquito
breeding, and take the appropriate action to mitigate
the problem.

Ladies Doubles Tennis 8:00am
Fine Arts 8:30am
Pickleball 9:00am
Mah Jongg 9:00am
Knit One & Crochet Too 9:00am
Pickleball Women’s Rotational Play 12:00pm
Dealer’s Choice Poker 12:30pm
Chess or Scrabble 12:30pm
Lady Putters 12:30pm
Woodcrafters 5:30pm
Euchre 6:30pm
Social Dance - Ballroom Lessons 6:30pm
Desert Harmony Rehearsals 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm
Pickleball 9:00am
Mixed Doubles Drop-In Tennis 9:00am
Players Club -Play Anything 9:00am
Paper Crafts & More 9:30am
Contract Bridge 1:00pm
Water Volleyball 1:00pm
Knit One & Crochet Too 1:00pm
Tx Hold Em Poker Trn (1st & 3rd Tue) 5:30pm
Omaha Poker (2nd,4th,5th Tue) 5:30am
Ponytail Canasta 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm
Wood Carving Class 8:00am
Fine Arts 8:30am
Pickleball 9:00am
Men’s Doubles Tennis 9:00am
Crafty Scrappers 9:00am
Players Club -Open Play 9:00am
Mah Jongg Marathon (2nd) 9am-4:00pm
Mah Jongg 12:30pm
Texas Hold’Em Poker 12:30pm
Lady Putters 12:30pm
Ladies’ Doubles Drop-In Tennis 1:30pm
Don’t Worry Bead Happy 2:00pm
Single Deck Pinochle 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm


Men’s Doubles Tennis Ladder 9:00am
Pickleball 9:00am
Contract Bridge 9:00am
Quilting Bees 9:00am
FAB’s Luncheon 11:30am
Mah Jongg 12:30pm
Bunco 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm


Pickleball 9:00am
Mixed Doubles Drop-in Tennis 9:00am
Fine Arts 9:00am
Beginner Bridge/Mah Jongg 9:00am
Lady Putters 9:30am
Line Dancing Beginner Lessons 10:30am
Line Dancing Intermediate Lessons 11:15am
Duplicate Bridge 12:00pm
Water Volleyball 1:00pm
Knit One & Crochet Too 1:00pm
Dealer’s Choice Poker 5:00pm
Partners Pinochle 6:30pm
Pickleball 6:30pm

Mixed Doubles 3.0/3.5 Tennis 8:00am
Pickleball 9:00am
Don’t Worry Bead Happy 12:00pm
Texas Hold’Em 12:30pm
Couples Contract Bridge 6:00pm
Pickleball 6:30pm






Chartered Club Activities

Mah Jongg 1:00pm
Bocce Ball 2:00pm
Double Deck Pinochle 6:30pm
Mexican Train 6:30pm

Chartered Club News
Sun City Festival actively promotes over 30 Chartered Clubs managed
by residents who passionately share a variety of simiar interests.
A separate listing introducing each club, a brief description about
each, and contact information is available at Member Services and
online at under Community Newsletters
as well as under the Clubs & Interest Groups sections.
Below are a few upcoming club activities and/or events. All Sun City
Festival residents are encouraged to participate in any or all clubs.
Learn more about club opportunities by visiting the community
website under the Clubs & Interest Groups section.
Wood Shop & Craft Studios Facility Hours:
Monday - Saturday 7 am - 9 pm
Sunday 12 pm - 9 pm

Festival Bytes Computer Club
Festival Bytes Computer Club will be
holding casual workshops on the
second and fourth Mondays at 3 pm
in the ASU Classroom of the Sage
Recreation Center. Summer workshops are free and open to all Sun
City Festival residents. New computer
users and seasoned veteran users
are welcome. Bring your covered iced
tea, bottled water or iced coffee and,
of course, your laptops, tablets, etc. and check us out. More information is available on our website:

Woodcrafters Club
The Festival Woodcrafters Club is now
operating on “summer hours.”
Anyone new who is interested in
joining the club should contact Dave
Dietz at 928-252-2610, or Russ
Bishop at 253-670-4834.



Sun City Festival Community Association


Maintaining the Circulation

by Chuck Eier, M.S. C.S.C.S.,
Fitness/Wellness Director

Most people are aware of coronary artery disease (CAD)-blockage of the arteries
which supply blood to the heart. And, we know the consequences of CAD-heart
attack, congestive heart failure and others. Many are unaware of the same
problems in the veins and arteries of the rest of the body, also known as peripheral artery disease (PAD). PAD is a narrowing of the arteries supplying blood
to the arms, stomach, head and legs. PAD occurs most frequently in the legs.
Plaque, made up of deposits of cholesterol, fats and other substances can build
up in an artery and cause significant blockage limiting blood flow to a portion of,
or an entire limb. Restricted blood flow to the brain or limbs can lead to stroke,
recurring, slow-to-heal infections, blood clots, tissue death and gangrene.
Symptoms of PAD include decreased
temperature of the leg or foot when
compared to the other limb, leg pain which
starts during exercise/activity and only disappears slowly when exercise stops and
/or toe or foot wounds which won’t heal
or are slow to heal. This cramp-like pain
is brought on when a working muscle is
starved for oxygen. Also, PAD can lead to
changes in skin color and difficulty walking.
Leg pain due to PAD is often dismissed as typical of aging, arthritis or just stiffness. In addition, a diabetic person might assume the pain is due to neuropathy.
PAD testing and diagnosis is often simple and painless. Tests include a measurement of blood pressure in the foot/ankle region and compare that to blood
pressure measured in the arm. The ankle blood pressure should be about 90%
of the arm blood pressure. The other common test is ultrasound and Doppler
imaging of the legs or other affected areas.
Most risk factors for PAD can be controlled. They include cigarette smoking,
obesity, physical inactivity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure as well as
unmanaged diabetes. Uncontrollable risk factors include age (risk increases
with age) and family history of PAD.

Flow Yoga 8:45 am
Pilates 8:45 am (ballroom)
Body Sculpting & Balance 10:00 am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am
ZUMBA 11:00 am
Interval Blast 12:00 pm


S.E.T. 8:00 am
Cardio Burn 9:15 am
Strength, Stretch, Balance 10:30 am
Yoga 5:30 pm


Body Sculpting & Balance 8:00 am
Flow Yoga 8:45 am (ballroom)
ZUMBA 9:00 am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am
Pilates 10:15 am (ballroom)
T’ai Chi (sign up only) 10:15 am


S.E.T. 8:00 am
Cardio Burn 9:15 am
Strength, Stretch, Balance 10:30 am
Equipment Orientation 3:00 pm
Yoga 5:30 pm


Flow Yoga 8:00 am
Pilates 8:00 am (ballroom)
Body Sculpting & Balance 9:15 am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am
ZUMBA 10:15 am
Dance Movement 11:15 am
(sign up only)


If you are at risk for, or have symptoms of PAD consult your physician. Also,
increased activity, and medications to control the other symptoms can lessen
any risk for complications due to PAD.

HIIT 8:15 am
Interval Blast 9:30 am
Aqua Aerobics 10:00 am


* Most classes have a $2 or $4 fee

Fitness/Wellness Services
Massage Therapy: 1-hr $60, 90-Minutes $90
Fitness Assessment: Complete Fitness Assessment with a personal exercise
program including one lesson = $40
Equipment Orientation: Free 60-minute group session on effective and safe exercise
with demonstrations.


Personal Training: One-on-one personal training session $35/hr

Free Blood Pressure
June 5 at 2 pm
June 15 at 9 am
in the Fitness Center

Dining Hours:

Sat & Sun 8 am - 8 pm
Mon- Fri 11 am - 8 pm
Breakfast: Sat & Sun 8 am - 12 pm
Happy Hour: Daily 3 pm - 6 pm

Wine &Dine
Tuesday, June 30th

Wine Tasting Begins at 4 pm

Enjoy an Array of Fine Wines to Taste, Imported &
Domestic Cheese Plate, Bread, Crackers & Seasonal Fruit

Bob Marotta
& Friends

Three-Course Dinner Begins at 5 pm
Appetizer: Portabella Napoleon
Main Course: French Pork Chop Au Poivre
Dessert: Chocolate Souffle

June 12

$28.00 Inclusive

4:00 - 6:00 pm

Reservations Required, Call 928-252-6445 ext 209

live entertainment
live entertainment



Copper Canyon

June 20

June 26

4:00 - 6:00 pm

SCF Women’s Golf Group
Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays
Sun City Festival Men’s Golf Group
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

Horse Race / Shootout

Thursday, June 11 & June 25 at 5:00 PM
Cost: $5 per person
This event is a great time! It’s almost full contact
golf as your competitors egg you on, sometimes
in your backswing.
Two-person teams alternate their shots while the
high-scoring teams are eliminated on each hole
until there are only three teams left. Out of those
three teams, we will award a “Win” (1st Place),
“Place” (2nd Place), and a “Show” (3rd Place).
Serious golfers should leave their sensitive side
at home for this event; we like to have fun!

Peg ‘N Keg

Monday, June 15 at 4:00 PM
Only $5 per person
This putting contest is a favorite among our residents.
Test your putting skills on our ever changing 9-hole
course and quench your thirst by sharing a keg of beer.

4:00 - 600 pm

Golf Skills Challenge
Monday, June 1 & June 29 at 5:00 pm
Sign up in the Golf Shop. Cost TBD

The Skills Challenge Contest will be on the driving range and
will feature 1 skill challenge at a time.
Skills Challenge to include: Putting, Chipping, Pitch Shots, Flop
Shots, Bunker Shots, Straightest Drives, etc. There will be a
winner for each skill as well as an overall winner for the series
of skills. Let’s call it Big Break Copper Canyon!

Golf Rate Change: June 1 - October 4
Residents: $28


Resident’s Guests:




before 11am
11am - 1 pm
after 1 pm
before 11am
11am - 1pm
after 1pm

For a complete list of our rates, please visit


Marketplace Partners
Contact Lisa at or 928-252-2133 for more information, or to advertise
on our Business Listings posted on the community website at

Contact Information
Brad Lundmark
Community Manager
& Community Standards
Pat Cassidy
Facilities Director
Tracy Citrano
Lifestyle Director
Chuck Eier
Fitness & Wellness Director
Lisa Annett
George Jeffers, Ed. D.
Lifelong Learning Coord.
Caring Neighbors
Copper Canyon Golf Club/
Indigo Grille
Sales Center
Del Webb Customer Service

Sage Recreation Center
Fax: 928-252-2102

Monday - Friday
5:30 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday
7:00 am - 10:00 pm

Wood Shop & Craft Studios

Monday - Saturday
7:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm