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Issue 7-May 22, 2015

ACLU v. Podhorsky?

The Battle for Free Speech at La Jolla High School, Part 2
By Ryan Robson
News Editor Elect
The Hi-Tide has learned that
two letters have been delivered
to the administration of La Jolla
High School (LJHS) and to the
General Counsel of the San Diego
Unified School District (SDUSD)
concerning LJHS’s Free Speech
Bulletin Board (FSBB).
The letters were jointly written
by lawyers David Loy and JeanPaul Jassy and detail how they
believe that California and federal laws regarding free speech are
being violated at LJHS.
The letters, dated March 25
and April 27, address a number
of issues related to the FSBB and
free speech at LJHS, including:
(a) an apparent attempt on
the part of the administration of
LJHS to illegally rewrite a 2012
legal agreement between the
American Civil Liberties Union
(ACLU) and the SDUSD concerning postings on the FSBB and
on the senior benches;
(b) a string of California and
federal laws that the ACLU believes that the administration of
LJHS has violated, specifically
in the manner in which it has
addressed issues related to the
(c) a request by the ACLU for
video footage of cameras directed
at the FSBB to determine if LJHS
officials improperly removed
postings from the FSBB; in this

particular request, specifically in
the days before the WASC visit
on April 22; and
(d) a warning that litigation
may ensue “to enforce the right
[of LJHS students] to engage in
speech that is protected by Cali-

the posting date. The rapid removal of the Eric Garner posters
violated this policy. After being
made aware of their removal,
the administration ran bulletin
notices on December 12 and 17
that read in part:

“The mere fact that expressive activity causes hurt feelings, offense, or
resentment does not render the expression unprotected.”
- Sypniewski v. Warren Hills Reg’l Bd. of Educ.

fornia and federal law.”
Mr. Loy, the legal director of
the ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties, and Mr. Jassy,
a LJHS graduate and lawyer in
private practice who was named
“First Amendment Lawyer of
the Year for 2015,” successfully
litigated a prior free speech lawsuit against the administration
of LJHS and the SDUSD in 2012.
Wide use of the FSBB began
in December 2014 when posters titled “I Can’t Breathe” were
posted on the FSBB and on other bulletin boards around LJHS
in response to the death of Eric
Garner, an African-American
man from New York.
The policy that Messrs. Loy
and Jassy hammered out with
lawyers from the SDUSD states
that posters posted on the FSBB
must stay up for two weeks past

(Dec 12): “Students may display messages on the bulletin
board... consistent with AP 6210.
All postings... must display the
date of posting and may be removed after two weeks from that
date,” and
(Dec 17): “The bulletin board
on the east facing wall of the Admin. Building adjacent to the senior benches is considered a free
speech bulletin board. Please do
not remove items place [sic] on
this board.”
The Eric Garner posters and
the bulletin notices made students more familiar with their
long-held free speech rights and
sparked a wide range of new
content from December to the
present time. Many of the higher
profile postings during this time
frame have either been critical
of and/or satirized the adminis-

tration and some teachers. Many
of these critical/satirical posters
were removed well before the twoweek time period mandated by the
ACLU/SDUSD agreement, some of
them within 1 to 2 days and others
still within hours of being posted.
On January 12, the administration posted a number of oversized blue posters on the FSBB that
made modifications to the Free
Speech Policy found in the student
handbook and on the LJHS website. In the days before the posting
of these modifications, however,
screen shots of the LJHS web-site,
retained by the Hi-Tide, show that
the student handbook with the
legally agreed upon Free Speech
Policy had been removed from the
school’s web-site without explanation.
These modifications to the Free
Speech Policy were made without
consulting the ACLU, which is in
part what prompted the March
25th letter from Messrs. Loy and
Jassy. The administration had been
previously warned of the potential
of the ACLU’s involvement with
the FSBB at the February 2 Governance/SSC meeting. Those in
attendance, including a LJHS vice
principal, teachers, and parents,
were told that imposing limitations
on the FSBB had the potential to
expand into ACLU contact, especially given that the ACLU had
dealt with the issue of free speech
at LJHS once before.
Although Dr. Podhorsky was

not present at this meeting, he told
faculty through an e-mail update
shortly afterwards that “[I] continue to work with our district legal
team to stay within the legal parameters of this board.”
The March 25th ACLU letter
was addressed to Dr. Podhorsky
and outlined in detail why the
ACLU believed that California and
federal laws had been violated by
the administration in its handling
of the FSBB. Each believed violation was explained in detail and
included citations of case law to
support the ACLU’s claims.
The edited Free Speech Policy
posted on the FSBB on January
12 stated that examples of content
prohibited on the FSBB included
“violent images”, “racial, misogynistic, anti-sematic [sic], inciting
hate” messages, and “language that
is bullying,” among other things.
The latter echoes sentiments articulated at the March 6 PTA meeting, at which Dr. Podhorsky in his
Principal’s Report said that students were being actively encouraged to remove posters from the
FSBB that they felt were “bullying.”.
In its March 25th letter, the
ACLU argued that “standing alone,
the term ‘bullying’ is vague and
unenforceable. Though of course
the school need not tolerate true
threats or harassment that is severe
or pervasive, ‘it is certainly not
enough’ to justify censorship ‘that
the speech is merely offensive to
Please see “ACLU,” page 10

Tension Increases Between Police Officers and Citizens Across America

By Vivi Bonomie &
Ryan Robson
News Editors Elect
“Where’s Brian?” queried a
man placing a call to his son on a
Saturday evening.
“Brian’s been shot,” came the
sobering reply. “In the face.”
New York Police Department Officers Brian Moore and
Erik Jansen had been patrolling
a Queens neighborhood on Saturday, May 2, in an unmarked
Crown Victoria when they saw a
man, Demetrius Blackwell, give
his waistband a suspicious tug.
According to The Wall Street
Journal (WSJ), Officer Moore
asked, “Do you have something
in your waistband?”, to which the
35-year-old male replied, “Yeah, I
got something,” and fired a handgun three times at the officers.
Moore’s father, a retired NYPD
sergeant, called his son’s phone

that night and received the
shocking news that he was dead.
A police officer with NYPD’s
anticrime unit, Moore died at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
two days later, just a few weeks
before his father’s wedding.
Moore’s May 8th funeral drew
a crowd of 27,000 mourners,
many of them law enforcement
officers from across America,
whom the NYPD affectionately referred to as a “#SeaOfBlue.”
JetBlue waived the ticket price
for officers who wished to attend
the event in New York.
New York City Mayor Bill de
Blasio’s support for the NYPD
was praised by Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President
Patrick Lynch. According to the
WSJ, Lynch said, “The mayor’s
recent words are measured and
careful ... There’s support and
that’s important.” The two men
recently locked horns over com-

ments Mayor de Blasio made
regarding a grand jury’s decision
not to indict the officer who put
Eric Garner in a fatal chokehold
despite his now-famous cry, “I
can’t breathe.”
Violent interactions between
police and citizens in America
appear to have reached critical
mass this year, with shootings
sprawling across the nation and
accusations flying.
Over a month ago, in Baltimore, Maryland, twenty-fiveyear-old Freddie Gray was pronounced dead from injuries
sustained while in police custody. Gray and a friend were walking down the street with a knife
when they saw several police officers on a corner. The Baltimore
Sun reported that Gray and his
companion fled, unprovoked,
and were pursued by police until
they were arrested a few blocks

After Gray was arrested, the officers requested a van to transport
him. The van ride, which included
several stops on the way to the station nearby, lasted approximately
40 minutes. Police stated that no
force had been used to detain Gray;
although he was slightly dragged
into the van (as shown in a citizen
video), he was able to use his legs
and speak.
Baltimore Deputy Police Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez said,
“When Mr. Gray was placed inside
the van, he was able to talk… and
when Mr. Gray was taken out of
that van, he could not talk and he
could not breathe.”
Gray’s death sparked large-scale
protests in Baltimore as well as violent rioting which was primarily
fueled by cries of police brutality
and inequality.
Some involved in the riots were
upset about the negative coverage
they have been receiving from

A protest at a Baltimore Police
Dept. building on April 25, following
the death of Freddie Gray.
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

media outlets. Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera was confronted
in Baltimore by a young protester who said, “I want you and Fox
News to get out of Baltimore city
because you’re not here reporting on the boarded up homes and
the homeless people on the MLK.
You’re not reporting about the poverty levels up and down North Avenue. You’re not here for the death
of Freddie Gray. You’re here for a
Please see “Police Crisis,” page 10



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May 22, 2015

Blurred Lines Between Rioting and Protesting

Friend or Foe?

In recent times, there have
been a multitude of protests
and riots within our home
country. Most of these have revolved around the issue of the
lack of fair treatment for all citizens by police.
Now, more than ever, the
lines between peaceful protest and rioting have become
blurred. It is hard to say for
sure whether the intentions of
these people were for the purpose of productively protesting or causing a disturbance.
When you try to look at a
protest that goes partially violent or to dangerous levels
of violence (including rioting,
looting, and setting buildings on fire), it is very easy to
categorize it and say that the
protesters involved are causing unnecessary negativity. It
would be illogical, however, to
generalize a protest like this in
such a manner.
The reason people decided to protest was to highlight
something they believe is out of
line or immoral. Furthermore,
if the original out-of-the-door
intentions were to cause harm
to others and destroy things, it
would have been so from the
start. Also if there were groups
of both non-violent and violent protesters, it would be juvenile to assume that the protest could be considered a riot,
but should be seen, instead,
was a mixture of both peaceful
activism and violence.

By Mary Dentz
Staff Writer

A non-violent protest in support of Baltimore (Philadelphia, April 30, 2015)
Photo Courtesy of Robert Horvath

In a different situation,
one that would be clearly violent and has no productive
aim, one can safely categorize
the situation as a riot. It causes no harm to generalize an
event like this because of the
circumstances. It is more productive because those involved
can move the focus away from
violence and more towards
peaceful activism. The reason
it’s okay to make observations
more quickly in this situation
is because there is a clear demeanor; in most real life situations it is best to wait until it
has passed to make the most
accurate judgment of whether
it was a riot, protest, or mix.
In the case of both Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore,
Maryland, there was no clear
deviation from one side to another. During the Ferguson
turmoil, many African Americans, and people of other races
as well, took to the streets to
show their discontent with the
death of Michael Brown by a
police officer. During the legal process to decide whether

the officer involved should be
tried, looting and violence ensued around the town.
In Baltimore, Freddie Gray
died while in police custody.
This also caused many to take
to the streets and call for justice. This modern, urban social
struggle is a dynamic forum for
change that will continue to be
confused with other phenomena, like in these cases of protesting or rioting.
In order to better represent this modern, urban social
struggle, there should be a new
term created to describe the
instances of productive nonviolence and radical violence. A
more neutral and fitting word
or phrase such as “turmoil” or
possibly “public outcry” would
better represent the mixed feelings displayed by the people
involved in both incidents.
All in all, it is not simple,
nor will it ever be, to describe
the world around us in a balanced and accurate way, especially when events are disputed
and people adhere strongly to
one side or another.

The War on ISIS
By Kieran Bauman
International News Editor Elect

The Hi-Tide, an open forum, is
the official student newspaper
of La Jolla High School. Unless
otherwise noted, opinions being
voiced in the Hi-Tide belong to
the individual author. The HiTide welcomes letters and opinions from students and staff
members. If you have a letter to
the editor, please drop it off in
Room 514, or give it to any HiTide editor. You may also email
submissions to Submissions should
be typed and cannot be anonymous. The Hi-Tide reserves
the right to refuse any material.
Advertisements are measured
per column inch. To advertise
with the Hi-Tide or to purchase
a subscription, please email us
or call (858) 454-3081, extension 4514. Issues are distributed every four weeks. No part of
the Hi-Tide may be reproduced
without written permission.


By Tristan Macelli
Photojournalism Editor Elect

These past few months, national news has been deluged
with stories about ISIS, everything from bombings to arrests
and even beheadings. There
have been accounts of local
militants fighting back against
the terrorist force. There are
many Americans who believe
that the USA should launch
a full assault on the forces of
As of now, the only involvement is supplying resistance
groups, and most likely some
involvement that the American public is not aware of. If
the U.S.A were to formally
declare war on the organization (as was done to Al-Qaeda
in 2001), ground troops, air
units, mobilized armor, and all
matter of drones would be sent
into the Middle East to fight
the ensuing battles.
Some Americans think that
taking action is necessary. This
year, ISIS has released a hit list
against American soldiers liv-

ing in America, hoping that an
ISIS supporter will kill them.
FBI director James Comey has
said that “ISIS is present in all
50 states.” Others worry about
a full involvement, as it has
the potential to sap economic
resources, increase debt, and
turn into another Iraq War.
America should begin an assault, but only if our forces are
backed by the United Nations
(which includes world powers
like Britain, France, Germany,
China, Japan, etc.)
Both sides have reason behind them, yet there is a problem with not engaging at all.
Even here in San Diego, ISIS
is present. Mohamad Saeed
Kodaimati was arrested in
Rancho Bernardo this past
Wednesday for being suspected of ISIS connections. In another case, 6 men (including
one from San Diego) were arrested for suspected involvement and intentions of traveling to the Middle East to fight
for ISIS. Whether you like it or
not, ISIS is a prominent threat.
The USA should engage

them in an effective way.
America should not have to go
in alone; many other nations
including Britain, France, Israel, and Japan have all felt the
sting of terrorism at the hands
of ISIS at some point. It should
be a joint operation, organized
by the United Nations, instead
of just America rolling in by
itself. The combined efforts
would make the proceeding ordeal result in fewer casualties,
and take less time due to more
involvement. A front being led
by only a single nation would
be far less effective then combined forces.
If intervention does not occur, the situation will only grow
worse as ISIS gains a bigger following. Rebel groups are currently fighting ISIS in the Middle East, but that simply isn’t
enough. In just two years, ISIS
has gone from a small terrorist
network smaller than Al-Qaeda to a full blown global threat.
The sooner the action is taken,
the faster this terrorist group
will be diminished, along with
the violence and destruction.

Is the risk and inevitable
permanent displacement of
water in California worth watering grass over? Must all of
our houses mimic the white
picket fence and pristine lawns
that permeate the east and
Midwest of the United States?
To me, that just seems ridiculous. I implore you, go
out into the bush or a hiking
trail around San Diego with
your parents and take note of
the landscape that will inevitably surround you. Notice all
of the dry brush, gravel, lazing
lizards in the sun, the cacti,
succulents, and wild flowers.
Ask your parents what they
see. Does this system look
healthy? Are the plants starving for water? Or, do they look
like they’ve been there for centuries and have adapted to the
sparse rainfall that is normal
for southern California?
Also, do you think you
would see any green grass in a
desert? Now, I’m not referring
to tall, bushy grass. But, green
grass that one could picture
spanning over a golf course.
You don’t see it on the trails or
in the desert meadows deep
in the hills east of central San
Diego because it is not native.
Native, by definition, means
plants and/or animals that
are of indigenous origin or
growth. Green grass is not native to Southern California, yet
it’s present in suburban homes.
Because grass is a foreign
plant to our desert state, California shouldn’t have nice
green lawns, but somehow
we still pull it off, even in a
drought. According to the Association of California Water
Agencies, as of right now, San
Diego has entered a “Level
2” Drought Alert. This calls
for the watering of grass and
plants only “two to three days
per week”, with certain, other regulations for watering
during the summer and winter. Due to the drought we are
in, grass is becoming the enemy to all local residents.
And so, we may ask ourselves: what can I put on my
lawn instead of grass (or even
tacky fake-grass)? You can put
a number of different succulents, cacti, wild flowers, and
arrange them around gravel
walkways or stepping stones to
give your garden a quaint and
aesthetically pleasing feel. You
will not only save money on
your water bill, but also take
those first steps forward to becoming a more advanced and
environmentally conscious individual. Grass is whack, especially in Southern California.


May 22, 2015



the Essence
Summertime Sadness Forgetting
of Cultural Meaning

College Prep Taking Up Too Much Time
By Sophia Dorfsman
Student Focus Editor Elect
These days, our teenage
lives seem to be consumed by
non-stop work towards our
prospects. Guided by a cookie-cutter system, we are all on
this path to make a great future
for ourselves.
Everything we do seems to
be done to improve our resume
and impress colleges. Since
schoolwork takes up most of
our time between September
and June, summer break is
the time for us to expand our
horizons through other mediums than school. Sure, there
may be a road trip or family
vacation thrown in the mix,
but summer plans are geared
towards getting ahead.
When it comes to thinking
about the two and half month
long break from school we
have, most of us plan to improve our scores on the SAT or
ACT through educational programs; sign up for expensive,

programs; intend to pursue internship positions; or go on college tours. Studying abroad for
a month or taking a course in a
hobby you’re passionate about
are also options. But what really
happened to summer “break”?
Whatever the reason is,
summer seems to no longer be
about solely relaxing and releasing your mind of all the stress.
It’s great to keep your mind going when school is not in session; however, we are all going
to burn out if we don’t have a
substantial, true break from it
all. I need time to regenerate.
You need time to regenerate.
There is more pressure on
us now to succeed farther than
previous generations. The expectations have become so high
and absurd that it seems like
when someone chooses to not
do productive, educative activities during the summer, they
are automatically behind others
who did. It feels like a competition, when it should feel more

like we are in this together.
Society needs to realize that
there is an extremely heavy
weight being put on all of our
shoulders that will eventually
cause us to collapse.
We need to realize that we
are all headed towards the
same goal: we want to succeed
in life, but we all have different definitions of success. I
wish it didn’t need to feel like
a competition about personal
success in life, but it too often
does. I mean, so what if you
spend most of your summer
days laying out under the sun
at the beach?
You’re enjoying this stage in
your life where you have that
freedom and are awaiting the
full-time working days. But if
doing a whole lot of nothing
isn’t your thing, enrolling in a
summer program, internship
or getting a job probably is
the path you’ll take. Both options are perfect. I just wish
there wasn’t so much pressure
to do the latter.


Summer Jobs!!

• No experience needed
• Part-time seasonal no problem!
• $9.00 / hour (plus tips) to start
• Open noon-midnight, lots of flexibility
• Employee discounts!

4130 La Jolla Village Drive, Suite 102
Go to and click on “Apply”. Complete the
application and you’re done……that was easy!

Photo Courtesy of Sophia Ketring

Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons

By Andrea Albanez
Opinions Editor Elect

the culture or believe in its
traditions. This could be due
largely to the fact that people
are not educated in what these
customs mean beforehand.
Many people just follow the
crowd in what everyone else
is doing. If people are wearing
bindis or getting the box braid
hairstyle and it starts to become a popular trend, people
will instantly want to and will
follow those trends, not realizing how people can be offended by it.
In some cases, though, people might not be offended.
Some view what people call
“cultural appropriations” as
just another culture adopting
it and evolving it. In an article posted by the Huffington
Post, Anjali Joshi explained
how cultural appropriation is
being taken too literally. “Culture evolves. Indians appreciated the beauty of a bindi and
brought it into the world of
fashion several decades ago.
The single red dot that once
was transformed into a multitude of colors and shapes…
Hindus accepted the evolution of this cultural symbol.”
It is only when the true significance of a symbolic item
is stripped from its “religious,
historical, and cultural context” that makes it offensive to
the people that practice a culture.
So, what can we actually say
is cultural appropriation? Is it
now so common that we all see
and physically participate in
cultural appropriation without
realizing it? To everyone, it is
interpreted differently. Some
may see it as offensive to wear
something that is symbolic to
a culture, even if it is just for a
party or just for fun.
Others may be more lenient
on their opinion as to what is
cultural appropriation as long
as it doesn’t take away the valued meaning of the item. All
in all, cultural appropriation
shouldn’t be regularly practiced on all items that are from
a specific culture, but if it is, it
should not be stripped away
from its true valued meaning.

We all come from different
cultures, races, and ethnicities
that define us as who we are.
Our ideologies and beliefs can
shape our everyday life and
what we believe in. When cultural practices, traditions, or
customs are misused, it can
offend many who believe in
the importance of being respectful to their practices and
traditions. Nowadays, cultural practices and customs are
being used as an accessory or
style, setting aside their genuine significance.
Now, more than ever, people are wearing jewelry, clothing, designs, and hair styles
that can be seen as “hip and
cool”, but have great meaning
for a certain culture.
The holy cross, a universal symbol for the religion of
Christianity, is now worn by
girls on their neck or ear, not
as a religious symbol for God
but as a weird looking “T”.
Headdresses and Native
American-printed or beaded
clothing are seen as hipster by
teenage girls, but are still symbolic to the culture of Native
Americans; each symbol in
Native American patterns are
symbolic in some way to their
native culture and head dresses were only worn by the most
influential and powerful member in a tribe.
Box braids, a hairstyle that
is predominantly worn by
women in the black community, is now being embraced
by other people from different
races as a cool hairstyle.
The infamous bindi that
women wore at Coachella this
year was worn as an accessory,
when it has been used by many
religions for thousands of
years as a symbol of femininity, wisdom, and being a Hindu
woman of Islam.
All of the examples listed
above show how badly our
modern age is disregarding the
fact that these cultural customs
still have significance even if
you personally don’t practice




May 22, 2015

What’s Your Horoscope?

By Vivi Bonomie, Yenitzia Lopez, Zoe Hildebrand, and Sara Espinosa
News Editor Elect, Features Editor Elect, Editor-in-Chief, and Editor-in-Chief Elect

Aquarius: January 21 February 18

Directly after graduation, you are stuffed into the
car with your family for a roadtrip to the Midwest.
You will spend your afternoons dodging questions
about college and trying to get your tan on in 100
precent humidity and mosquito swarmed skies. Cell
signal is as nonexistent as nutritious food. You steal
the car to drive to the big mall a few towns away and
nap in the AC cold comfort of the WalMart housing

Taurus: April 21 - May 20

Disclamer: Horoscopes are not real predictions of the future.
Please read all for maximum humor effect.

Pisces: February 19 - March 19

You are officially a counselor at the summer camp
you so fondly spent summers at through your childhood. Your excitment is slowly chipped away as every afternoon you must take being chewed out by all
the moms in their luxury cars for not remembering
to re-apply their kids’ sunscreen or reminding you
of their “baby’s” special diet. Your manager will then
yell at you for leaving the kids unattended. Better
keep a stick of zinc in your back pocket at all times
and take deep breaths.

Gemini May 21 - June 20

Aries: March 20 - April 20

Since you can’t seem to stay in one spot for more
than two seconds, you will most likely be bumming it
around from bonfire to bonfire meeting new people
from schools all around San Diego and having a blast
while doing so. Meanwhile, your friends will be worried sick looking for you because you’re not answering anyone’s call and when they finally do find you,
you won’t have a clue as to why they are all mad at
you. So, keep the marshmallows close but keep your
friends closer.

Cancer: June 21 - July 22

You are going to be wasting away in your bedroom
while watching all the latest chick-flicks on Netflix
and eating spoonfuls out of the Nutella tub while
you begin waiting for “mister right”, while all your
friends are having summer flings with mister wrong.
Each time they beg you to come out and hang out
with them, you give them the same old “I can’t, I’m
really busy” excuse. In reality, you are definitely not
“getting busy” in the same pajamas you’ve had on for
three days.

You will be spending the scorching hot summer
days stuck in the small back office of your dad’s very
prestigious job, which reeks of dust and old books,
making coffee runs up and down the unfamiliar
halls, trying to learn the ropes of your not so “soonto-be business.” You slowly walk back into your closet of an office, only to check your phone and find
100-second long SnapChat stories of your friends
jumping off of the Sunset Cliffs and submerging into
the ocean. Don’t lose faith.

This summer will be spent bingewatching Orange
is the New Black for seventy two hours straight. You
will become so absorbed that you will actually start
to believe you are incarcerated in Litchfield. You are
officially grounded when Grandma drops by for a
visit and walks in on you trying to draw in teardrop
tattoos surrounding the curve of your hands while
donning an orange jumpsuit—and you didn’t even
get time to come up with a cool backstory to explain

Leo: July 23 - August 22

Virgo: August 23 - September 23

Libra: September 24 October 22

You will spend your summer trying to impress that
“special one”, whether it be driving down their street
for the 100th time, hoping they will finally turn their
head and notice you passing by and hopefully saying,
“What a coincidence”, or bathing yourself in your
brand new cheap perfume/cologne, so they can later
compliment you on your new sexy scent while gazing
into your eyes.

Scorpio: October 23 November 21

Your summer will be a never-ending adventure
in search of the perfect Instagram post. Perfected filters and timed for the prime hours of the evening for
checking your feed, you keep them rolling in every
week. Your crush seems to ignore every post, but his
Snapchat story says he’s on an African safari, which
means he probably doesn’t have any Internet access,

You might love spending time galavanting around,
but your parking karma will be no good. You will get
so many parking tickets for lingering too long in the
90 minute zones, even though you only went a minute
over the time. Your parents will call you irresponsible
and sell the car. Have no fear: your neighbor leaving
for college will give you his vintage and in great condition beach cruiser. Don’t forget your helmet.

Summer will be a perfect combination of parties
and shows. When your parents leave for Europe without you, you will throw a party. People from all parts
of San Diego will flock to your house only to leave
you alone in bed surrounded by suspicious stains and
Dorito bags filled with vomit. Your true friends will
stay to clean in the morning.

Sagittarius: November 22 December 22

Capricorn: December 23 January 21

Summer will be full of delights for you. You will
not have to chase the ice cream truck anymore, the
ice cream truck will come to you. Summer also means
more time to munch on hot cheetos and pretend you
play soccer, we all know you don’t. Do not miss the
finale of your “telenovela”. SPOILER ALERT: she gets
the man. A piece of advice: do not make your mother
angry. She just got a new pair of “chanclas”.

You will begin this summer by getting prepped
nonstop for school in the fall before even being able
to breathe in the salty Windansea airs. If it’s not SAT
prep or an English summer reading essay, it’s charter
school courses to get ahead in the upcoming school
year. You’d much rather be spending your time with
your books than actual people. The early bird gets the
worm, not a tan. Am I right?


May 22, 2015



A New Twist on Music Sharing

By Yenitzia Lopez
Features Editor Elect

Before Music Messenger,
the only way to share music
was through sending YouTube
links or via email. The new
buzzing app allows users to
search just about any song in
the world, create playlists, and
send them to any friend on
their contacts list via text message.
The song(s) will then be
stored in their Music Messenger library, where the person
who received the message will
be able to go back and listen to
that song at any time.
The app also introduces its
users to the top music charts,
genres, and current playlists.
Not only is this app super con-

By Ana Gimber
Staff Writer

venient, but it is also available in
10 different languages.
The app that first started off
as a small business in Israel is
now valued as a $100 million
app that works wonders.
Nearly seven months after
the app was launched, it was
able to successfully complete
two rounds of $35 million in
funding. With the help of internet entrepreneur Kobo,
who in only months after its
launch sold his previous startup
(Pheed), Music Messenger was
introduced to the world.
Pheed, which was another
social media app, sold for $40
million to Mobile Media, only
18 months after its release.
Kobo along with his co-founders Shai Azran and Uzi Refaeli,
began to create Music Messen-

ger together.
With the help of other
internet sources such as Yahoo!, SoundCloud, YouTube,
Baidu, and several others,
Music Messenger is able to
provide users with a wide variety of music.
Unlike other free music
providers, Music Messenger also has a “Download
on iTunes” window that is
shown every time you click
on a song.
The business model intends to prompt users to purchase songs to benefit artist
earnings, so everyone is happy.
This summer, the app is
planning to expand to China,
and soon after to Brazil, India, Asia, and Latin America.

addictive disorders.
Stigma surrounding mental
illness is the single factor that
prevents teens from asking for
help. They fear being perceived
as weak or “crazy”, and becoming an outcast by both friends
and classmates.
In most cases, the longer
a student goes untreated, the
worse the consequences. Just
like a fire that is easy to put
out in its early stages, a mental
health condition is much easier to treat and manage when
symptoms first appear.
Imagine that the student
next to you has ADHD, and

think about how difficult it
must be for that student who
has trouble staying focused to
succeed academically. They
also may get in trouble a lot
because they simply can not
control their outbursts or impulsive behavior.
Students battling with depression, anxiety, or bipolar
disorder also carry a heavy
burden. They undoubtedly
keep their painful depression,
deep, uncontrollable anxiety,
and dramatic mood swings to
themselves as well.
Sometimes the pain and
loneliness is too great, and the

Photo Courtesy of Camille Furby

Since not everyone can afford
a monthly subscription fee for
music streaming devices such
as Spotify or Tidal, Music Messenger is the app that will allow
you to listen to all your favorite songs without having to pay
any additional fee.
According to, Ash Pournouri Manager of Avicii, said, “Music

Messenger showcases the next
era for music sharing and promotion.
“It is the first app that properly addresses the need and
wish to communicate through
music and listening to it in a lucid, organic way with friends.”
Music Messenger is the new
music messaging service and
it’s at the tips of your fingers.

Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health
Awareness Month, so we are
invited and urged to turn our
attention to the plight of the
33% of individuals in America
who suffer from a mental illness.
On our La Jolla High School
campus alone, 1 in 4 teens suffers from a diagnosable mental
health condition. That means
there are approximately 400
students at LJHS who suffer
from ADHD, mood disorders
(depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder), self-harm, or

The Next in Line
The Newest Addition to the Royal Family
By Vivi Bonomie
News Editor Elect
Saturday, May 2nd, brought
the birth of Princess Charlotte
Elizabeth Diana, fourth in line
for the throne, into the royal
family. The birth of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s
baby girl has been highly anticipated since the announcement on September 8th that
the Duchess of Cambridge was
pregnant with the royal couple’s second child.
The Duchess went into labor Saturday morning around
6 a.m. at London’s St. Mary’s
Hospital and gave birth to
Princess Charlotte almost two
and half hours later. She was
accompanied by Prince William and her two trusty midwives.
Less than twelve hours after
delivering her baby, Kate and
William left the hospital to be
monitored at home.
The Duchess received heavy
criticism after leaving the hos-

pital, with critics claiming that
she appeared to look “too perfect” for someone who had just
given birth.
On Twitter, people began
to write comments exclaiming
that it was impossible for anyone to look so put-together after being in labor.
Middleton left the hospital
in a yellow dress and Jimmy
Choo high-heels, her hair flowing perfectly in the wind and
her makeup flawless.
seemed to be shocking to the
world, the people of London
could not have been happier
as they celebrated the birth of
Princess Charlotte.

Being a teenager, and getting through high school
alone, is a difficult task for anybody. But add debilitating depression, anxiety, addiction, or
self-harm to the picture, and
you have a perfect storm. Fear
of what others might think,
and of being “different” keeps
adolescents from reaching out
for help.
La Jolla High students
are diligent, compassionate,
bright, and socially aware. We
owe it to our fellow students
and friends to become educated about mental health.

Recipe of the Month

By Sophia Dorfsman
Student Focus Editor Elect

Makes 7 pies
Cook time: about 2½ hours

Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons

support too weak. The tragic
result is the death of our classmate, friend, or loved one by
It is important to know the
signs that your peer may have
a mental illness.
Signs include: Prolonged
depression, extreme highs and
lows in their mood, excessive
worries and anxieties, social
withdrawal, dramatic changes
in eating or sleeping habits,
and suicidal thoughts.
If you recognize any of
these signs in a person, make
it a point to ask them how they
are doing and show your con-

For the Dough:
2 cups flour, plus more for
1 tbsp. sugar
1 tsp. kosher salt
16 tbsp. unsalted butter,
cubed and chilled
2 tbsp. whole milk
2 eggs
For the Filling:
1 tbsp. unsalted butter
5 oz. strawberries, hulled and
roughly chopped
2 oz. rhubarb, peeled and
roughly chopped
3 tbsp. sugar
½ tbsp. rice wine vinegar
¼ tsp. freshly ground black
¼ tsp. fresh lemon juice
Pinch kosher salt

Make the dough: Whisk flour,
sugar, and salt in a bowl. Using
a dough blender, two forks, or
your fingers, cut butter into
flour mixture, forming peasize crumbles.
Whisk milk and 1 egg in a
separate bowl and add to flour
mixture; work dough until
smooth but with visible flecks
of butter. (Alternatively, pulse
ingredients in a food processor.)
Flatten dough into a disk
and wrap in plastic wrap; chill
at least 1 hour before using.
Make the filling: Melt butter
in a 2-qt. saucepan over medium. Cook strawberries and
rhubarb until soft and jam like,
6–8 minutes.
Stir in sugar, vinegar, pepper, lemon juice, and salt; cook
3 minutes more. Let cool to
room temperature, then cover
and chill at least 30 minutes
before using.
Assemble and bake the pies:

On a lightly floured surface,
roll dough ¼″ thick. Trim
edges to make a 10” x 12” rectangle. Cut dough into six 4”
x 5” rectangles; gather dough
scraps, re-roll, and cut one
more rectangle. Place 2 tbsp.
filling in center of each rectangle.
Whisk remaining egg in a
bowl and brush edges of rectangles; fold one short side of
dough over the other, encasing
the filling. Crimp edges using a
Transfer pies to parchment
paper-lined baking sheets and
chill 20 minutes. Beat remaining egg; cover and chill.
Heat oven to 400°. Using a
fork, prick tops of pies; brush
tops with the remaining beaten egg.
Bake pies until golden,
about 20 minutes; let cool
slightly before serving.
(Recipe courtesy of Saveur



May 22, 2015



May 22, 2015

Before I die...


By Joseph Carroll, Creekstar Allan, Vivi Bonomie,
Yenitzia Lopez, and Georgie Morris

“Before I Die is a global public art project that invites people to reflect on their lives and share their personal aspirations in public space.”
Visit to see where these chalkboard walls are located.

Before I die I want to________________________________.
sleep for 36 hours straight - Raquel Brown

visit every country in the world or learn as many languages as I can,
Before I die I want to________________________________.
at least be bilingual or trilingual - Shealie Brew

Before I die I want to________________________________.
write a book, maybe historical fiction. - Adina Keeling

Before I die I want to________________________________.
“Summertime Sadness” while she caresses my cheek - Ross Shepherd

Before I die I want to________________________________.
take a flight into space - Dominick Sokotov

Before I die I want to________________________________.
get my pilot’s license - Joseph D’Angelo

Before I die I want to________________________________.
travel the world - Shayna Kobrinetz

Before I die I want to________________________________.
bungee jump off a bridge - Stefan Do

Before I die I want to________________________________.
eat as many unique foods as I can - Nikta Asadollahi

be one of those people walking in the background in an action
Before I die I want to________________________________.
movie, with Tom Cruise on a motorcycle - Julia Albanez

Before I die I want to________________________________.
become a doctor because I want to help people - Pauline Losay

Before I die I want to________________________________.
run a marathon, visit all the national parks, and skydive - Brent Eaton

Eat a burger from Harry’s while Lana Del Rey sings me

go cage diving with great white sharks ... because I find big sharks
utterly fascinating - Alexandra Bacall

Before I die I want to________________________________.
jump off a big cliff with a wing man suit - Kai Movellan

Before I die I want

Before I die I want to________________________________.
have a family - Kiana Middaugh

Before I die I want to________________________________.
be able to take a picture in every country in the world - Basma Abdellaoui

Before I die I want to________________________________.
graduate college - Matthew Romero

Before I die I want to________________________________.
save someone’s life - Robert Freeman

Before I die I want to________________________________.
travel to Thailand - Elise Roberts

Before I die I want

pull a big bank heist and steal one hundred thousand
dollars and get away with it - Anonymous

Before I die I want to________________________________.
go to Greece - Odalys Gonzalez

Before I die I want to________________________________.
Have a nice career and get married - Bryan Rosenthal

Before I die I want to________________________________.
go to Hawaii because it’s beautiful - Steven Le

Before I die I want to________________________________.
travel the world in 100 days - Kendra Salo

Before I die I want to________________________________.
be part of a movie or T.V show - Rahmina Arbabi

Before I die I want to________________________________.
learn to be in a one-man band - Juntai Zheng

Before I die I want to________________________________.
sail around the world - Lauren Matich

Before I die I want to________________________________.
a marine biologist wouldn’t hurt either - Maddie Bolinger

travel the world and experience everything I can. Becoming

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” - James Dean




Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

Andrea Albanez
Opinions Editor Elect

Two World-Renowned Boxers Face Off in the “Fight of the Century”

This past month we have
had a lot of great sporting
events. The NFL Draft and the
141st Kentucky Derby brought
the usual excitement that occurs this time of year, but
many were amped and focused
on “the fight of the century”
between Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. The hype accompanying the event brought much
speculation as to how it would
play out, but many were disap-

Photos Courtesy of Wikicommons

pointed with the outcome.
The build up to the fight was
what caused the fight to get so
much attention. Many people
were buzzing on social media,
choosing if they were on Team
Pacman (Pacquiao supporters)
or The Money Team (Mayweather supporters).
The overall money spent on
the fight and bidding on a winner was enormous. According to CNN, $180,000 is the
estimated cost of the ringside

seats on the night of the fight;
$100 was the fee pay-per-view
subscribers had to pay in order to watch the fight; and $1.5
million was the net worth of
Pacquiao’s shorts alone after
the fight. And, according to
The Guardian, a $500,000 bet
on Pacquiao to win was the
biggest wager that the MGM
Grand ever had for a fight. The
event that took place on April
23rd became a $300 million
dollar fight that many were excited to watch.
The fight itself had unexpected outcomes. Mayweather threw 435 total punches
in the match, with Pacquiao
close behind with a total of
429 punches. This was below
Pacquiao’s usual average of
thrown punches. Though they
both had a similar amount
of punches, Pacquiao only
landed 81 of those punches,
while Mayweather landed 134
Based on the statistics, the
three judges scored the fight as
116-112, 116-112, and 118-110
in Mayweather’s favor, resulting in Mayweather winning
the fight by a unanimous decision.
At the end of the fight, many

Deflategate Update

By Stephanie Buchbinder
Sports Editor

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been
punished with a four-game
suspension without pay in relation to his probable involvement in the “Deflategate” scandal, which saw the Patriots
using under-inflated footballs
to gain an advantage in the
playoffs against the Indianapolis Colts in January. The teams
were competing for a spot in
Super Bowl XLIX, which the
Patriots went on to win.
In addition to Brady’s suspension, the NFL announced
on May 11 that the Patriots
were also being fined $1 million and would forfeit their
first-round draft pick in 2016
and their fourth-round draft
pick in 2017.
Attorney Ted Wells was
hired by the NFL to investigate
the scandal, and his findings
confirmed that the team did,
in fact, use deflated footballs
to gain an unfair advantage
against the Colts. Although it
was not found that Brady had
direct involvement with the
deflation of the footballs, the
report stated that “it is more
probable than not” that Brady
was “at least generally aware of

the inappropriate activities” of
equipment assistant John Jastremski and locker room attendant Jim McNally. Jastremski
has been with the team for 14
years and, according to CNN,
has been in charge of preparation of game day footballs
“for the past three years.” The
league said that Jastremski and
McNally have been indefinitely suspended without pay since
May 6 and cannot be reinstated without NFL approval.
Due to his suspension,
Brady will not play in the first
four regular season games of
2015 but will still be allowed
to participate in training camp
and other preseason activities.
Controversy has arisen out
of the decisions, as some believe that Brady is not being
punished in a harsh enough
manner, while others believe
he should not be punished at
all. Brady’s agent Tom Yee defended Brady, saying that, “the
discipline is ridiculous and has
no legitimate basis.”
The NFL Players Association has appealed the decision,
claiming, in part, that there is
“insufficient evidence” to punish Brady.

were upset by the fact that
Mayweather won, but many
more were more upset about
the controversy that arose after the fight. According to The
National, just an hour after
the fight, Pacquiao was complaining about an injury in
his right shoulder during the
fight; since he did not come
forward with the injury before
the fight, he is “likely to face
disciplinary action for failing
to disclose a previous shoul-

der injury.”
Viewers watching the fight
at the arena or pay-per-view
who felt that the end result
was “cheated” from them have
considered suing.
The fight that was supposed
to be a mega-hit turned out to
be an average fight between
two great boxers that many
felt were beyond their prime.
We will just have to wait again
until we have the next big boxing match to see if it is all that
we hope it to be.

May 22, 2015

Aim to Please

By Joseph Carroll
Staff Writer

“The Archery Team Currently Has Four
Nationally Ranked Players”

The La Jolla High School Unlike some sports that
Archery Team has done very require physical endurance,
well this season. The team quick reaction skills, and phystook first place in the regional ical contact, Archery requires
tournament and will be going mental discipline and relaxing
to the state tournament at the the body to stay as concenOlympic Training Center in trated as possible. Xiao Bao,
Chula Vis- Photo courtesy of Kieran Bauman
a junior on
ta. One high
the La Jolla
High School
team is lookArchery
ing forward
team, says,
to facing is
chery team
is great beHigh School
in Los Angefun when
you’re being
Accordwatched by
ing to team
member Gilwhen you’re
lian Franks,
“If our team
shoot, and
did have a
you but also
would be Glendale because makes you tense because you
they are a pretty skilled team, don’t want to miss the target.”
but we are better.” After the LJHS is very privileged to
previous coach passed away have an archery team as many
mid-season, the team was schools do not offer a program
saved when ex-Archery coach like this. Junior Aaron Garcia
Mr. Teachworth volunteered said, “I like getting to know
to take over the position. The everyone on the team and also
team currently practices in the getting to be a part of a sport
cafeteria after school.
that other schools don’t have.”

May 22, 2015

Born to Win

How Young is Too Young To start Training for the Olympics?
By Jordan Beary
Staff Writer
Many people have the
dream of becoming an Olympic medalist. The journey to
get there is different in every
country and there have been
many controversies about
whether or not children should
be trained at a young age to
compete in the Olympics.
China is well known for their
ruthless training of young children to compete for the gold
medal. Many have wondered
how Chinese competitors are
so much stronger, faster and
fitter, than their rivals.
The sport that this crucial
technique is most commonly found is gymnastics. Children as young as the age of
four train in the gym for up
to eight hours a day, six days
a week. While training techniques appear to be extreme
to other eyes, it provides insight and explanation to why
China is winning so many of
these events. Parents of these
promising athletes, some of
whom are poor, are often given a home in their hometowns
by the local sports department.
Others just want a decent education for their children. Gymnastics is the main event where
this occurs, but it isn’t the only
sport. Figure Skating, Diving
and also swimming are some

of the sports that China excel in
due to early training.
Chinese also excel in the following sports; canoeing, swimming, speed skating, American
football, Badminton, Bandy,
also known as Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Chess,
Cricket, Curling, Figure skating, Football, Golf, Motor racing, Rugby Union, Snooker, also
known as pool, Speed skating,
Table tennis, also known as ping
pong, Tennis, Volleyball and
Weightlifting. Not all of those
sports require training at such a
young age but are all taken very
There has been an escalating amount of anger and disagreement these past years
over the conditions of these
children, who are forced to
live and breathe their sport,
many of whom are boarded at
the training center away from
their families. Although China
is the most involved with training these kids early in their life,
other countries such as Russia
and European countries are in
on the technique as well. Just
like China, they take the kids
at a young age and competitively train them at a sport. You
have to be sixteen years of age
to compete in the Olympics so
clearly you need to start early,
but is being forced at the age of
four too early?

Field Update
Mr. Hawthorne Gives an Update on the Field Reconstruction

By Creekstar Allan
Sports Editor Elect
Many students at La Jolla
High school have been aware
of the field reconstruction
since it was proposed, and now
that the construction is well
underway Mr. Hawthorne has
agreed to update the student
body on the progress of the
There are still many decisions to be made about the
outcome of the field. Mr. Hawthorne announced that while
the field is under construction,
the teams that normally practice on the field would find alternative sites to practice and
compete, provided through
the efforts of our athletic director, coach Conway.
There is a possibility that
some field hockey games will
still be played home at Muirlands as normal, but sports like
soccer and football may not be
so fortunate to play that close

to home.
One thing that is being constructed is a tennis pavilion that
is going to be put next to the
current tennis courts with storage and office space as well as
outdoor seating covered by an
awning. Other alterations to the
field include replacing the press
box, remaking both the turf
and field, repainting the home
bleachers, installing permanent
away bleachers, a new weight
room, and rebuilding coaches’
offices. Also, a new entrance by
the archway near the 500 building will be turned into a functioning funneling point into the
Overall, it’s going to be a
challenge. However, we can
use it as motivation and give
us the opportunity to rally together, believing that we can
win no matter where we play.
The whole process is estimated
to be completed in a total of 18
months beginning to end.





Tanner Ford

By Joseph Carroll
Staff Writer
As the year comes to a
close, so do the spring sports,
as they wrap up the end of
their season by participating
in CIF’s.
Men’s Ten n i s
According to senior Sasha
Kovacevic the men’s tennis
team made it all the way to
the semi finals of CIF, where
they lost to Torrey Pines.
L a c ro ss e
The men’s lacrosse team
is still in season and made it
into CIF as the 7th seed. Unfortunately, the women’s lacrosse team lost to La Costa
Canyon in the first round of
Ba s eb a l l
According to senior Luke
Bucon, “We are currently the
number one seed and just
have a couple of games left in
the season. If all goes well we
will win CIF.”
Men’s G ol f
The men’s golf team has
not started their CIF matches yet; they, however, had an
important match on 5/14.
Senior Holden Ward said,
“It’s been fun playing on the
team this year and hopefully
we will win our next couple of
B a d mi nton
In speaking of their record,
senior Caris Wei said, “Our
record right now is 7-2, and
we will be deciding to see the
next team we play for CIF.”
According to senior Katja
Sarajan, the softball team’s record is 12-11, and they are in
their final week of league play.
Their senior night took place
on May 14.
Sw i m
The swim team had preliminaries on May 13 and
finals on May 16, with many
of the varsity team members
competing. After the finals on
Saturday, qualifying swimmers will go to the next level,
which is state. Jack Chapman
remarked, “We’re second
seed to Torrey Pines with
our first game of CIF against
East Lake. We’re all hoping
to move far and win as many
games as possible.”
Tr a c k &Fi el d
The track team had their
qualifying meet on 5/15 and
CIF is on May 23 at Mt. Carmel High School. Junior Satori Robertson is one of the
members of the team who
qualified for CIF in pole

Photos Courtesy Chance Baldwin

Tanner Ford

Maddie Perreault

L a Jo l l a Hi g h S c h o o l S u r f Te a m
C o m p e t i n g i n S t ate C h a m p i o n s h i p s
C h u r c h’s B e a c h , S a n O n o f r e , C A
Chance Baldwin

Photo Courtesy Dane Hartman

Kyle Crompton

Photo Courtesy Dane Hartman

Remy Juboori

Photo Courtesy Chance Baldwin

Men’s Varsity Lacrosse
Western League Champs

The men’s varsity lacrosse team, led by six seniors, went 9-0 during their
league season and took the title of Western League Champions.

Photo Courtesy of Rolanda Jetter



By Tristan Macelli &
Andrea Albanez
Photojournalism Editor Elect &
Opinions Editor Elect

On April 20th, construction
of the new La Jolla High School
football field began. This is the
start of a major endeavor that
was put into place to beautify the
campus and bring LJHS’s football
field up to code in terms of things
like wheelchair accessibility, etc.
The major focus of the construction includes improvements
to both the stadium and the men’s
locker room. The current progress of this project can be seen in
the lower parking lot outside the
gymnasium. The workers have
begun to make the temporary
locker room. It is the first step in
a large-scale construction project
that is intended to take around
eighteen months.
Although this initial step is
will end up with something beautiful for LJHS, it has caused quite
a disruption to everyone who
parks at school. Since nearly all of
the lower parking is occupied by
construction, many of the teachers and students who were regularly parking in that area are now
forced to park elsewhere. The lack
of ample parking near and around
the school makes finding a spot
even harder for everyone who
normally parks on the west side

Photo Courtesy of Tristan Macelli

of the school.
When it comes to handicapped
spots, the situation is even worse
because of accessibility concerns.
According to the Americans with
Disabilities Act and Title 24, “Accessible parking spaces serving a
particular building shall be located on the shortest accessible route
of travel from adjacent parking to
an accessible entrance” (
The parking lot next to the administration office and gym had
the accessible handicapped parking, the spaces that legally fit the
requirement above, but construction has blocked this area off. The
other handicapped parking spots
are located at the pool and at the
cafeteria, but, because of their distances from the main office, this
will prove a burden to those who
most need accessible parking and
are trying to get to the main office.

This construction has also
caused a rise in noise level over
the entirety of the day and, especially when jackhammers
were being used to break apart
cement, could be heard at least
halfway across the campus in the
500 Building.
During any other time of the
year these construction noises
would be bothersome but probably bearable, but the construction
and its loud noises conflicted with
the annual Advanced Placement
(AP) testing schedule. Some AP
test-takers were subjected to the
noise of the construction, including loud jackhammers, during
their testing.
Gary Stanford, the projects’
director, said this construction
disruption will only affect the AP
testing schedule this year.
The demolition is slated to
continue through August.

The motive for this shooting
does not appear to have any connection to last year’s occurrence.
The victims of these two
shooters were two University of
California Santa Barbara [UCSB]
students who had some previous
relations with the two alleged
gang members. Initially, the interactions between Gutierrez, Taylor, and the students were calm,
but they quickly escalated into a
physical altercation.
A violent scene unfolded and
eventually the alleged gang members robbed the UCSB students at
gunpoint and then shot them.

Neither of the students sustained life-threatening injuries
but they nonetheless ended up
at the hospital. Before the alleged
gang members escaped, the students managed to catch Taylor.
Gutierrez got away.
Gutierrez was tracked down
after being admitted to Goleta
Valley Cottage Hospital, where
he was soon after placed into police custody with Taylor.
Although there is no connection to previous shootings, this
event has reopened old wounds
for residents in the area who were
afflicted by the Isla Vista incident.

Year After the Isla Vista Shootings, Gunmen Strike at UCSB.
By Tristan Macelli
Photojournalism Editor Elect
Following a rant posted on
YouTube about rejection, Roger
Elliot went on a shooting spree in
Isla Vista. He killed 6 people and
injured 14 others. That was a year
ago. But history repeated itself
with another shooting that took
place in Santa Barbara this past
May 11th.
This shooting, which was less
harmful, involved two perpetrators, Jose Gutierrez and James
Taylor, both of whom are allegedly gang members.

ACLU (cont.)

some listener.’” (Saxe v. State Coll.
Area Sch. Dist.). The ACLU continued with: “The mere fact that
expressive activity causes hurt
feelings, offense, or resentment
does not render the expression
unprotected.” (Sypniewski v. Warren Hills Reg’l Bd. Of Educ.).
As for messages involving
race, etc., the ACLU argued that
“the term ‘[r]acial, misogynistic,
anti-sematic [sic], inciting hate’ is
an unlawful restriction on speech
by itself. Under § 48907, ‘a school
may not prohibit student speech
simply because it presents controversial ideas and opponents of the
speech are likely to cause disruption.’ (Smith v. Novate Unified Sch.
“The Supreme Court has held
time and again, both within and
outside of the school context,
that the mere fact that someone
might take offense at the content
of speech is not sufficient justifi-

cation for prohibiting it.” (Saxe)
The March 25th letter concludes that “[t]o the extent LJHS
has concerns about the mere
content of speech on the bulletin
board, it may respond with its
own speech or advocacy rather
than the blunt instrument of unlawful censorship… We appreciate your prompt attention to the
matters raised in this letter, in the
hope of avoiding litigation that
would otherwise be necessary
to enforce the right to engage in
speech protected by California
and federal law.”
When no response was apparently given by either Dr. Podhorsky or the SDUSD, the ACLU
sent the April 27th letter, which
was addressed to the SDUSD’s
General Counsel and specifically made two requests. “First, we
would appreciate an investigation
by your office and/or other appropriate District staff into whether

LJHS officials are improperly removing postings from the student bulletin board. Given the
history of free speech problems at
LJHS, we believe such an investigation is appropriate.”
The ACLU also made a California Public Records Act request
for video camera footage from
12:00 AM on Monday, April 20
to 11:59 PM on Friday, April 24,
which covers a week-long time
frame when many student posters were removed from the FSSB
during the instructional day before LJHS’ WASC Accreditation
visit on April 22. Hi-Tide records
show these posters were dated
4/16 and 4/17, and should not
have been taken down until 4/30
and 5/1.
The ACLU’s involvement in
free speech at LJHS stems from
a 2011 lawsuit. In February 2010,
the LJHS Persian Club utilized
the school’s senior benches,
which are typically spray-painted with birthday messages and
prom proposals, by painting the

Police Crisis (cont.)

May 22, 2015

different story.” Other protesters
have questioned why mass media
coverage came only when the riots
had started, and not when Freddie
Gray initially died.
In a polarizing piece titled
“Why Everyone in Baltimore
Hates the Media,” Gawker reporter Andy Cush attempted to justify
the riots and explain the rioters’
outburst, writing, “A few days of
chaos in the streets is a pittance
compared to a few generations of
poverty and violence at the hands
of the state.”
As of now, the six police officers have been charged with the
death of Gray, which has been
called a homicide.
Questions have been raised
over the speed at which the prosecutors pressed charges, and
whether the switchblade Gray
was carrying was in compliance
with state law. Attorney William
Murphy told CNN that Gray had
a “pocket knife of legal size.”
According a story
from April 29, “There were more
than 20 criminal court cases in
Maryland against Gray, and five
of those cases were still active at
the time of his death. The cases involve mostly drug-related charges,
but there are charges from March
for second-degree assault and destruction of property.”
Questions about use of reasonable force by police have been
raised near San Diego as well.
On April 9 in San Bernardino,
eleven police officers pursued and
beat a man riding a stolen horse.
The suspect, Francis Jared Pusok of Apple Valley, allegedly fled
by car when police arrived at his
house with a search warrant for an
identity theft investigation.
When police next located Pusok, he was riding a horse he was
suspected of having stolen. When
he was thrown by the animal, officers deployed a Taser, which they
claimed was ineffective because of
Pusok’s loose clothing.
The full encounter was captured on video by the helicopter of
a local NBC affiliate, whose analysis determined that two officers
immediately delivered a punch to
the head and a knee to the groin.
Sheriff ’s deputies continued to

rush the scene, with the officers
surrounding Pusok swelling to
eleven men.
KNBC’s reporting concluded
that the officers had “kicked him
17 times, punched him 37 times,
and struck him with batons four
times,” with thirteen of those
blows appearing to be taken “to
the head.”
Although several deputies received medical attention, Pusok
did not. After the attack concluded, Pusok remained unmoving for
45 minutes.
Pusok had previously been
convicted for resisting arrest, animal cruelty, disturbing the peace,
attempted robbery, and failure to
provide evidence of financial responsibility.
Many argued that the Taser
should have been enough to subdue Pusok for arrest. His mother, Anne Clemenson, stated, “He
didn’t deserve something like that.
To tase him, the beatings that I see
them doing to him - it’s uncalled
for. You see him lying down, and
they continue to kick him, hitting
him and punching him. Why?”
The officers involved were immediately suspended. San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner
John McMahon said, “The video
surrounding this arrest is disturbing and I have ordered an internal
investigation be conducted immediately.”
On April 21, Pusok reached a
$650,000 settlement with San Bernardino County lawyers. “With
this situation behind us, we can
move forward with protecting our
residents and ensuring that local
[law] enforcement is responsive,
effective and restrained,” County
Supervisor Curt Hagman said.
With at least 65% of Americans
owning smartphones, citizens
have become more empowered to
record police activity or become
catalysts for change. Many of the
Baltimore riots involving high
school students were organized
via Snapchat with references to
the blockbuster “Purge” films.
If citizen-police violence continues to increase, Americans will
be watching to see if a major restructuring of police operations is

words “Freedom for Iran.”
After LJHS administrators, in
the words of the ACLU, “whitewashed” the benches, students
Yumehiko Hoshijima and Wilson
Mokiao painted another message
on the benches, “Freedom for Iran
and LJHS.”
When that message was also
painted over by administrators,
Hoshijima filed suit in San Diego
Superior Court for violation of the
First Amendment. Hoshijima was
represented by David Loy of the
ACLU and Jean-Paul Jassy of the
Bostwick & Jassy law firm.
At the time, former principal
Dana Shelburne told the La Jolla
Light, “Those benches are to carry
positive, school-related messages — birthdays, athletic events,
dances … If it’s negative: We
paint it out. If it doesn’t pertain
to school or school functions: We
paint it out.”
The suit was settled over a year
later in February 2012, leading to
the creation of the current Free
Speech Policy in LJHS student

planners. “This is a major victory
for not only La Jolla High School
students, but for all students
throughout the district,” Loy said
at the time. “This updated free
speech policy will allow students
across San Diego to exercise their
free speech rights, unfettered by
administrative censorship.”
Now, both Messrs. Loy and
Jassy have returned to the site of
the Hoshijima v. Shelburne case,
with Dr. Podhorsky now holding
the reins.
Jassy, a class of 1992 LJHS
graduate, said in 2012, “It riled
me to see my alma mater turn its
back on the First Amendment …
While students (at LJHS) understood the meaning of free speech,
sadly, the administration needed
to be educated in what our First
Amendment actually means.”
(Note: The lawyers involved do
not consider their two letters confidential).
For additional reporting and
photos, please visit:


May 22, 2015


By Yenitzia Lopez
Features Editor Elect

Anais Bordier and Samantha Futerman were both born
on November 19, 1987, in Busan, South Korea, and were
both adopted by separate families. Anais is now a designer
raised in Paris, France, while
Samantha is an American actress and director who was
raised in New Jersey. The two
have been separated by 5,000
miles for 25 years and neither
of them had a clue that the
other existed.
And then that changed.
“It was weird, but I feel like
there was a strange calm, and
comfort as well, and something
that I can't really explain,” Futerman said to
“We talked for three hours.”
The two first met over the
Internet in 2013. Anais was
watching one of Samantha’s

Youtube videos and noticed
that she looked and sounded
exactly like her.
After looking further into
Samantha’s whereabouts, such
as her occupation, her date of
birth, etc., Anais approached
Samantha by sending her a
message on Facebook explaining how she, too, was born on
the same day in Busan, South
The two planned a one hour
Skype call, which quickly
turned into three hours, in order to further get to know each
other. They then formally met
in London and then again in
Los Angeles.
At the start of the adventure, the two started a campaign with Kickstarter to raise
funds to produce a documentary entailing their journey of
discovering whether they were
twins or not.
The documentary, titled

Is Music Losing its Meaning?
By Shane Lynch
Staff Writer
There was a time when
music was about the message,
about conveying passion and
ideas in an intelligent and poetic way through meaningful
lyrics. These days, however, it
seems that the soul in music
has been replaced with a desire
to make songs with catchy and
simplistic beats with ignorant
and lazy lyrics. This is a bit of
a sweeping generalization, as
there are still plenty of bands
out there who make quality
music with thoughtful lyrics; though in the case of the
most popular bands and those
which appear on radio stations
these days, it would seem that
writing songs with catchy lyrics rather than meaningful
ones has essentially become
the norm.
This seems to be most evident in today’s pop music and
hip hop, which seem to favor
commercial appeal over hav-

ing an actual message. Lyrics
in today’s music can be plain
trashy, as well as promoting
misogynistic ideas and youthful entitlement. There was a
time when hip hop actually
meant something, and chronicled the struggles of growing
up in an impoverished environment while surrounded by
crime. These days, the majority
of hip hop seems to glamorize
a lifestyle of excess achieved by
making money through music, and promotes having a self
righteous and greedy persona.
Despite this, there are still
some artists in different genres
who value good songwriting
these days, including The Foo
Fighters, Mac Demarco, Kid
Cudi, and Slightly Stoopid, to
name a few.
Bad music has existed in
every decade, and it will be
interesting to see if this trend
of trashy lyrics will become
the norm for future artists or
if there will be a return to the
days of quality songwriting.

Twinsters, was released on
March 15, 2015, at the SXSW
Film Festival. Exactly one year
and one DNA test later, the
two were confirmed to indeed
be identical twin sisters. They
now speak on the phone everyday and have co-written a
book titled Separated @ Birth:
A True Love Story of Twin Sisters Reunited.
For Christmas, Futerman
got necklaces that say “Best
Friends Forever” for her and
her sister.
“It sounds really cheesy,
but I think we need those little kid's moments and those
cheesy moments together,”
Bordier said.
Futerman described finding her sister like “that feeling
on Christmas when you open
up the presents, the one you
were asking for, it's that pure
feeling of joy - that's how I always feel.”


La Jolla
Film Festival
By Sophia Ketring
A&E Editor Elect
This summer, La Jolla is
hosting the 6th annual La Jolla International Fashion Film
Fest. This festival honors the
best of the best fashion film
makers and gives the public a
chance to view screenings of
some of their films.
This is the first international
fashion film festival created in
North America, therefore it is
showing the public a relatively knew type of film that focuses on fashion. Fashion film
makers are now able to receive
more credit and exposure to
the industry of fashion because
of the festivals that are popping

up around the world.
The festival is from July 24
to July 25. You are able to purchase tickets to the festival at For $25, you can
buy a ticket to an afternoon
screening of some of the films
on July 24. For $50, you are
able to go to the actual festival
award night on July 25 and for
$70 you are able to buy a pass
that allows you to see all of the
If you are interested in fashion and film, this is a fantastic
opportunity to be exposed to
certain people in the industry and gives you an ability to
see the interesting people who
came up with the idea for such
unique films.

Hollywood and
Superhero Movies
By Andrea Albanez
Opinions Editor Elect
Everyone enjoys watching
a good movie. From thrillers
to comedies, everyone has a
movie genre that they love
above all others.
The superhero genre has
gained a lot of traction with
audiences worldwide since the
introduction of the concept
of the superhuman. From the
return of Marvel to the revival
of classics like Superman, the
popularity of superhero movies is at an all time high. With
their concepts of escapism and
fantasy, it’s no wonder how
great an effect the superhero
genre has had on movies.
Many people enjoy superhero movies because of the

powerless they sometimes see
in their own lives is answered
by power on screen. And then
there are the cool special effects: web-slinging, flying,
smashing, and Batman’s gear.
Right now, Avengers: Age of
Ultron is in theaters, already
earning millions, and the next
anticipated superhero movie,
Batman v Superman: Dawn of
Justice, is expected to be a major hit. Other great superhero
movies that people enjoy include Spiderman, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, X-Men,
Hellboy, Watchmen... there are
really too many to list.
For all of these movies, the
different superheros have their
plots, superpower, and villains
that make each and every superhero movie unique, mak-

ing millions obsessed with the
Superhero movies have
also gotten a lot of attention
from how Hollywood portrays
them. A hit superhero movie
has special effects, actors, and
advertisement that turn the
movie from being just another hero movie to a worldwide
phenomenon. The revival of
the Marvel and X-Men series
have only increased due to the
buildup that Hollywood has
given them.
The era of the superhero is
here to stay. The genre of superhero movies is only getting
bigger with more original superheros being created to feed
the demand of the increasing
popularity of the resurgence of
comic book classics.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron
By Andrea Albanez and
Creekstar Allan
Opinions Editor Elect & Sports
Editor Elect
The Avengers: Age of Ultron is
the sequel to the highly praised
Marvel movie The Avengers. In
this film, the team is back in
action, fighting against a villain of Tony Stark’s own creation, Ultron.
This sequel to The Avengers
fulfilled the expectations of
many superhero enthusiasts,

Marvel and Avengers lovers,
and your average moviegoer.
Filled with intense action, each
fight scene throughout the film
had its own unique sequences
and timing that made them
more enticing as the movie went on. It also provided a
good amount of comic relief
that had the audience rolling
with laughter.
The balance between the
physical fighting and the emotional sides of all the characters
made the movie have an equal


amount of action and emotion
that made the movie enjoyable
the entire time. Being a lover
of the Avengers and of superheroes, this film was the perfect sequel to a fantastic first
film and a great buildup to the
next film in the series. I would
give this movie an 8/10 rating.
Action-packed with humor,
great effects, and memorable
moments from all of the characters, it is one movie everyone should see before school
gets out.

Photo Courtesy of WikiCommons
The cast of The Avengers at the 2014 Comic Con


May 22, 2015

Scar Tissue: The Hardship and
Triumph of Anthony Kiedis
By Shane Lynch
Staff Writer
The Red Hot Chili Peppers are considered one of the
greatest rock bands of all time
and have been making music
for over three decades now.
Their original blend of funk,
punk, rock and rap was truly
revolutionary for its time and
remains unique today. All this
success would not have been
possible without the resilience
and passion of its members,
most notably singer and front
man Anthony Kiedis.
Keidis was born in Michigan in 1962 to Margaret Noble and John Dammett, both
actors, and moved to Hollywood in 1974 to live with his
now-divorced father full-time.
Kiedis attended Fairfax High
School, where he met Michael
Balzary, aka Flea, and the two
became inseparable. "We were
drawn to each other by the
forces of mischief and love. We
were both social outcasts."
Through Flea, Keidis started to become interested in music, especially punk. The two
of them frequently snuck into
venues on the Sunset Strip,
and on one such occasion met
Hillel Slovak, who became the

third founding member of the
Red Hot Chili Peppers.
The band gained notoriety
for their wild stage antics and
released their first two albums
in 1984 and 1985. Both were
well received. Kiedis, however, developed a dependence on
heroin at this time, which affected his ability to contribute
to the band.
Hillel had also begun using
heroin and OD'd after a week of
drug abuse. The news was too
much for Kiedis, who fled to
Mexico. After weeks of hiding,
Kiedis returned to LA to face
the reality of his friend's death.
He also checked himself into rehab.
Kiedis and Flea eventually
regrouped and invited drummer Chad Smith and guitarist
John Frusciante into the band.
This newfound unity and stability allowed the Chili Peppers

to release Blood, Sugar, Sex,
Magik in 1992, which propelled the band into stardom.
John left the band but rejoined several years later,
replacing Dave Navarro. Inspired by his return, the Chili
Peppers released “Californication,” “By The Way,” and
“Stadium Arcadium”, all of
which are considered among
the band’s finest work.
Kiedis has gained a great
deal of wisdom from his experiences. “Fame is destructive… with all that I have
witnessed and endured, I
have come to realize that it
is the love of others and life
and music and your ability to
overcome that brings you true
The Red Hot Chili Peppers were recently inducted
into the Rock and Roll Hall of

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia
The Red Hot Chili Pepper’s s

Summer Concert



The Progression
of Punk
By Mary Dentz
Staff Writer
The word “punk can mean
many different things to an array of people. Some describe it
as a music genre. Others see it
as a way of life, their style, or a
rebellious movement to overthrow their suppressive adversaries. Whatever your view
may be, one cannot deny that
there is most certainly an avid
punk community right here in
San Diego.
Punk started in the late 70’s
thanks to British groups like
The Clash, The Sex Pistols,
and American bands such as
The Ramones and Black Flag.
Punk revolved around straying
from the common gradient of
society. It was meant to help
people find themselves and to
inspire people to do whatever
made them happy.
Next came a kind of thrashing called New Wave Punk.
Bands like Devo, The B-52’s,
The Cure, The Talking Heads,
and many others helped to
develop Punk music from its
rough-edged beginnings to
a more palatable and deeper
version, the New Wave Era.

Ed Sheeran
Tuesday, June 23
Valley View Casino Center

Imagine Dragons, Halsey, and
Tuesday, July 21
Viejas Arena

The rise of pop-punk, folk
punk (like Andrew Jackson
Jihad), funk and disco (like
the critically acclaimed group,
Daft Punk), indie-rock, garage
punk, and even Death-Metal
can all find a little bit of their
ancestry originating from the
Punk movement.

Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons

Sex Pistols in Paradiso

San Diego has had a couple
of punk-like bands born from
its bowels. Grand Ole Party,
a group formed of San Diego
residents, debuted their first
album, Humanimals, in 2007.
The band, Neveready, was
also formed here in San Diego. Some of its members even
went to La Jolla High.
Punk has influenced many
different genres of music and
artists and whether you care
to recognize its importance or
not, it is a portal to individualism, freedom, and acceptance.
Pierce the Veil, Mod Sun,
Black Veil Brides, and more
Wednesday, August 5
Warped Tour
Qualcomn Stadium

Tori Kelly
Friday, May 29
House of Blues San Diego

The Kooks
Tuesday, June 9
House of Blues San Diego

Best Coast
Friday, June 26
The Observatory North Park

Tokio Hotel
Friday, July 31
House of Blues San Diego

Fall Out Boy, Wiz Khalifa,
and Hoodie Allen
Saturday, August 8
Sleep Train Amphitheater

Cold War Kids, Pennywise, Atlas Genius, Modest
Mouse, and more
Sunday, June 7
Sleep Train Amphitheater

Ingrid Michaelson
Friday, June 12
Humphrey’s By The Bay

Charli XCX, Bleachers, and
Tuesday, July 21
The Observatory North Park

Milky Chance and X Ambassadors
Monday, August 3
SOMA San Diego

Taylor Swift, Vance Joy, and
Shawn Mendes
Saturday, August 29
Petco Park

No Longer Hiding
Bruce Jenner Decides to Share with the World his Life Long Struggle
By Vivi Bonomie
News Editor Elect
The media has recently
been hit with a frenzy of rumors surrounding the story of
Bruce Jenner. People appear
to be surprised that after winning a decathlon, becoming
the face of Wheaties, having
three wives and six children,
Jenner has decided to undergo the transition to become a
woman. Speculation had been
surrounding the gold-medalist
after his recent divorce with renowned “Momager” Kris Kardashian, which was finalized

March 23, 2015. The couple had
been separated for two years.
On April 24, 2015, Jenner
agreed to do an interview with
Diane Sawyer where all questions would be answered. Up
until this point, a preferred pronoun had not yet been openly
expressed, but that night, Jenner told Diane, “For all intents
and purposes, I am a woman.”
He explained that his whole life
was a constant struggle between
accepting who he was and who
he wanted to be.
As a child, Jenner admitted
to dressing in women’s clothing
but, as he got older, it was some-

thing that he continued to do.
Many people ask, how did he
keep cross-dressing a secret
from his wives? Jenner says

“’s hard enough
that they’ve lived a
whole lifetime hiding
who they truly are,
without the whole
world judging them
for it”
that it was treated as more of
a habit than a way of life.
The difficulty for many

people who grew up with Jenner as an image of the ideal
“manly man” is the difference
between sex and gender. While
Jenner may have the anatomy
of a male, he identifies his gender as female, which means
in the ever-evolving world of
gender politics, he is a woman.
In the interview, Jenner
said, “I look at it this way:
Bruce was always telling a lie.
He’s lived a lie his whole life
about who he is. And I can’t
do that any longer. My brain
is much more female than it
is male. It’s hard for people
to understand that, but that’s

what my soul is.”
Jenner’s life has been on display since long before “Keeping up with the Kardashians”
became a hit, and while it is
difficult for some people to
understand how a 65-year-old
man is becoming a woman,
others would say that what is
more important is that Jenner
receives the support and respect he deserves during this
transition. This latter group
would say that it’s hard enough
that he’s lived a whole lifetime
hiding who he truly is and
does not now the whole world
judging him for it.

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