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The mission of SIS is to help each child reach his or her full potential by providing a positive
environment that fosters academic, emotional, and social growth.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Once a Gecko, Always a Gecko!

Congratulations Seniors!


The school year has come to an end and the senior class of Saipan International
School are up and ready to continue their journey to a new life. The dreams to
become civil servants, business owners, engineers, teachers, architects, etc. are
slowly becoming a reality for many of the students. College is a big step to
achieving these dreams and the majority, if not all, of the senior students have
decided on what college/university they will attend. Please Congratulate the
students who have been admitted to their colleges.

Colleges come in many shapes and sizes, populated with multiple different
ethnic groups. As the senior class enters a new world and new environment,
they will learn a whole new different aspect in life. Already having plans for
the future and already decided on a college, the seniors are up and ready to
become adults.
Nicole Arenovski

University of Nevada, Reno

Hatsuko Bearden

Norwich University

Chris Cepeda

Northern Marianas College

Victoria Chentsova

Williams College

William Fong

Santa Clara University

Phalai Frink

University of Portland

Da Hae Han

University of Portland

Andrew Johnson

California Polytechnic State University

Jehn Joyner

University of San Francisco

Hwan Ho Kim

SUNY: Stony Brook University

Nam Ki Kim

University of Portland

Yong Kwang Kim

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Yuta Kitami

University of Hawaii at

Byung Chan Lee

Korea University

Seoung Hyun Lee

Northern Marianas College

Chris Park

University of Portland

Tiana Ranjo

Temple University in Tokyo, Japan

Sophia Tenorio

University of Washington

Lynette Vasquez

Lynn University

Yuqing Xing

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Jiabao Xu

Northern Marianas College

Li Zhou Xu

Northern Marianas College

Fusheng Yang

University of Massachusetts

Jiny Yang

Union College

Minori Yoshida

Barnard College

Joey Nigh

Providence University, Taichung

Congratulations to the
senior class of 2015
The Board of
Headmaster and
Faculty of Saipan
School proudly announce
the Commencement
exercises of the Class of 2015 at
the Taga Ballroom, Saipan World
Resort 7pm. today, Friday, May
22, 2015.

Memorial Day/Holiday

Upcoming events…
‣ 5/25 Memorial Day/
‣ 6/5 8th Grade
‣ 6/10 Typhoon Make
up day (Half Day)"
‣ 6/11 Summer
Holiday Begins

Saipan International School- MP, 96950

Typhoon Make-up Day
June 10th will be our typhoon make-up day. If
you have already made travel plans and
cannot attend school that day, please inform the
office. Thanks!

Math Court
This Saturday, May 23rd there will be the MathCourt
State Competition and will feature 1st grader Eric
Hwang and 3rd graders Claire Park, Andrew Chung and
SeoHee Lee. The venue is Dandan Middle School at
9am. Good luck to all participants!

National Math Competition
Congratulations to
Myung Jae and DongGu
for the excellent
performance on the
National Math
Competition. Myoung
Jae placed 10th in the
nation and the CNMI
Team placed 5th in the
nation. Woohoo!

track & Field
Track and field today 4:30pm at Hopwood. Tomorrow
the track and field will be at Hopwood as well.

Good luck to all members of the Track and Field Team.
We will have a list of awards in next week’s Scoop!



Ms Marianas
Congratulations to Jian Joyner, Miss
Marianas 2015. The teary-eyed, 20year-old Jian said she was so happy to
win the crown. “I didn’t expect it after
I went blank for a moment at the final
question and answer,” she added. “My
message to aspiring beauty queens out
there is never to quit, just keep going.
Thank you to all who supported me. A
sophomore majoring in liberal arts at
Northern Marianas College and a tutor
at Salty Saipan
Corporation, Jian
Joyner also won the
Stellar Star Best in
National Costume and
Best in Swimsuit awards. (To read more
of the article, scan the QR Code)

HS MISO Soccer
The high school soccer team made it to the finals which
is today at 3:30 at Ada field. Come cheer them on if you
have the chance.

Congratulations to Luther Lizama, Colin Ramsey, Julia
Ishikawa, Tania Tan, Isabel Heras, Michael Ren, Ami
Tsukagoshi, Malika Miyawaki and Clayton Izuka for
their participation in the International Tennis Federation
Tournaments in Guam and Saipan.

Pennies for Peace

The 8th Grade Class, in partnership with the Central Asia Institute, have culminated today the
Pennies for Peace Program in commemoration of World Diversity Day. The Pennies for Peace
Program encourages any individual or group of individuals in building peace, one penny at a time.
The proceeds of the collected pennies from our school will help the literacy program for children
caught in the middle of the war zone in Middle East. Thank you #sisgeckos for your generosity.

Saipan International School- MP, 96950


Educational Tax Credit(ETC)

คุณ ขอบคุณ

Si Yu’us ma’ase

ETC’s are very important to us. If you own a business on
Saipan, you have an opportunity to directly help any school
on the island through Public Law 10-73. Please consider
giving your ETC to SIS to help purchase new books,
materials and technology for our students. It is a simple three step process:
1. Write a check to SIS between $10 and $5,000.
2. SIS will give you a receipt.
3. Attach the receipt to your monthly or yearly tax return.
SIS is one of only a few schools on Saipan that operate without regular
funding from a religious or corporate organization. Please help continue the
SIS tradition of excellence in education. Donate if you can or kindly help
spread the word about ETC donations to friends with businesses. Please
contact the office should if you need more information. We have ETC
information packets in English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese or Russian.

Salamat Po


G3 Parents who
chaperoned the class to
PIC last Thursday.







Shane Kim

Brandon Lee





MONDAY, 5/25




FRIDAY, 5/29

No School




A Day

*3:00 – 5:00 ASK
*3:00-3:30 Staff

* SAT 10

Italian Lasagna
Wheat Dinner Roll
Garden Side Salad
with Dressing


*3:00 – 5:00 ASK
*Spanish w/ Ms. Mili

!* SAT 10

Korean Beef Bulgogi
Steamed Rice
Cucumber Kimchee

*3:00 – 5:00 ASK

* SAT 10

Hawaiian Cheese
Pizza Bean Salad
Broccoli Salad

*3:00 – 5:00 ASK

* SAT 10

Seasoned Fish Stir
Fried Vegetables
Steamed Rice


Saipan International School- MP, 96950



Gallery- Week#18



2 3
5 6



10 11

1. Ruth Park & Panisa
2. Tony Kim(6)"
3. Renee Kiser(4)"
4. Ricky Wang(8)"
5. Hannah Chae(K5)"
6. Noa BuntsAnderson(9)

7. Esther Joo(12)"
8. Bob Kim(12)"
9. Kayla Park(2)"
10. Alex Park(2)"
11. Will Sosa(2)"
12. Hyeon Joon Park(8)

Saipan International School PO Box. 503121, Saipan, MP, 96950
Tel: 670 2889660


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