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ABSRACT Computers that have Internet access will never escaped from dangerous treats such as viruses, spy ware, trojans, even hackers who intend to hijack computer. There is a way to prevent and protect your computer by using firewall. Firewall decreases chances of computer to be infected by viruses and others dangerous treat. However, people need to choose the right firewall for their computer to maximize the protection.

Firewall was first appeared in the late 1980s shaped like a router device that is use to separate a network into a smaller local area network. The use of firewall is only to reduce the problem of overloaded data from LAN to entire network. This is to avoid problems of error in network management. Security firewall the early 1990s, a specific filter very difficult to rules. was first used in a router’s IP with rule. Often, it is use proper filter

INTRODUCTION Firewall is a system or device that allows network traffic that is considered safe to go through and prevent network traffic that is not safe. Generally, a firewall applied in a dedicated machine, which runs on the gateway between the local network and other networks. Firewall is generally also used to control access for anyone who can access to a private network from outside parties. Currently, the term firewall is a common term that refers to systems that manage the communication between two different networks.

The next generation of firewall is more flexible than before in the form of firewall that was built from what is called “bastion hosts”. This generation uses filter and gateway application or proxies, which is a product from Digital Equipment Corporation (DEP). This firewall became the first firewall that was being commercial and using by other company. Trusted Information System Firewall Toolkit (FWTK) was launched on 1st October 1993 in form of source code to the community if Internet. This provides the basis of commercial firewall, which later called Gauntlet. FWTK still used for experimental and for industry and government as the basic of network security for their Internet access.


TYPES OF FIREWALL Packet Filter This type of firewall doing packet filtering based on address and specified options. It works in the level of IP packet data and makes decision for further action based on the conditions of the packets. 3 MAIN FIREWALL FUNCTIONS OF

First, a firewall manages and controls the traffic between different networks with level of trust. It is part of the front-line defense of a network and should run on security on related network Second, do authentication to access. A firewall is a good place to support strong user authentication as strong as private communication between two firewalls. A firewall also a good place to focusing on decision about security and to carry on security’s rules. Third, is to protect resources in the private network. If an organization connected to Internet without using firewall, then any host on the private network can directly access into every resource in the Internet. In this case, every host in Internet can attack any host on the private network. Firewall protects this kind of case in your computer.

Application Gateways This type of firewall also called a proxy-based firewall. It operates on application level and can learn information at the level of application data. Filtering is done based on data application, such as FTP commands or URL that accessed via HTTP. We could declare that this type of firewall “break client-server model”. Circuit Gateway This type of firewall operates at the transport layer on the network where connections are authorized by address. As packet filtering, circuit gateway usually cannot monitors data traffics that flows between one network with other networks. But it prevents straight connection between networks. Proxy Server This type of firewall use elements from one or more types of firewall. The first commercial firewall, DEC SEAL, is a proxy server firewall. The proxy server effectively hides the true network addresses. This firewall type has functions to keep machines behind anonymous as purpose to protect it and security. Second, is to speed up access to a resource. It is commonly used to cache web pages from web server.

However, it does not mean that firewall can fully protect your computer and be fully relied on matters in security. Firewall cannot detect packet data with improper content. Firewall also cannot protect network attack from inside (insider attack). In the other word, if someone connects through the Internet via modem or phone line, then there is nothing that firewalls can do. Firewall only provides little protection for some type of attacks that did not recognize previously, and even firewall has

poor protection against computer viruses.

FUTURE OF FIREWALL Firewall was predicted to be the center of control on network and internetwork. All this time, firewall components are seen as a first large-scale security that has ever known and security tools most widely used. But the firewall itself is still not fully adequate to secure a network. A firewall is just one of the mechanisms used to secure computer from treats. Firewall is required to be able to communicate and interact with other device. Firewall has to be able to connect with network security control system, reporting conditions also active events, and allows configuration sensor control systems and overall system response.

Today, several products have been made based on firewall technologies. Now on, firewall technology continues to evolve into a more advanced form. Firewall now plays an important role in security strategy that is multilayer and multilevel. With the rise of Internet and intranet usage, the use of firewalls on these services is also growing. It is no longer the only security mechanism, but will cooperate with other security systems. In the future, the firewall is likely to grow by utilizing more advanced technology, but it would still be an integral part of the method and network security mechanisms.

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